15 People Who Have A Good Relationship With Triple H

Considering that Triple H began his career as one of WWE's Superstars, he has managed to climb the ranks and become one of the most powerful people in the entire company. While Triple H will always

Considering that Triple H began his career as one of WWE's Superstars, he has managed to climb the ranks and become one of the most powerful people in the entire company.

While Triple H will always be remembered as one of the biggest stars in the company and as a former World Champion (a title that he last won earlier this year at the Royal Rumble), he now plies his trade behind the scenes in WWE instead.

Over the past few years, Triple H has proved that he has what it takes to be the member of the McMahon family to take control over the company when Vince McMahon decides to step down, by booking and controlling all of the talent down in NXT.

NXT has become an absolute phenomenon over the past few years and that is mostly to do with the fact that Triple H knows what he is doing down there.

Obviously, this means that Triple H has made many friends with the NXT talent as they have been pushed to the top of the company. Triple H has made a lot of friends outside of WWE, with some of them quite surprising revelations.

Because wrestling throws many different personalities together, there are many friends that many of the WWE Universe wouldn't expect to actually see hanging out together. But the following list of wrestlers have actually been taken under the wing of Triple H and have actually become close friends.

15 Jamie Noble


It comes as no surprise that the former Cruiserweight is good friends with Triple H. Jamoe Noble played a big part in The Authority storyline a few years ago, which allowed him to work quite closely with Triple H.

Since that storyline ended and Jamie Noble was taken off WWE TV, he has been working alongside the COO backstage in WWE. Noble has been helping Triple H for a long time and it has been mentioned a few times that he has creative input on the show. As a former wrestler himself, it makes sense for WWE to allow Noble to help book a product that he is used to being a part of. While not surprising, we can definitely call this an unlikely friendship considering the different backgrounds of both men.

14 Kevin Owens


Kevin Owens is t he only ever NXT Champion to have been given the opportunity to appear on both the main roster and NXT. This shows how much trust Triple H has in Kevin Owens. Owens had already made a name for himself on the Independent Circuit when he was signed to WWE and it seems that Triple H has allowed him to forge his own path.

Owens has become one of the biggest stars in the company under Triple H's guidance and it comes as no surprise that he is currently the longest reigning Universal Champion and one of best things on Raw. Triple H has tweeted his support of Owens many times and it's obvious that he is proud of how far he has come.

13 Shinsuke Nakamura


The Japanese sensation has changed the face of NXT over the past few months with his Strong Style taking over right now. But there is a very big reason that Shinsuke Nakamura is already a two-time NXT Champion, and that man is Triple H.

The man who controls NXT wouldn't allow someone to be the face of his brand if he didn't believe that they were the future. Nakamura has done so much in NXT in such a short period of time. All this despite the fact that he isn't very good at promos, Triple H is still fully invested in the star and the duo have shown how close they have become many times on Social Media. It will be interesting to see how much Triple H can protect Nakamura once he is called up to the main roster,

12 Sasha Banks


Charlotte and Sasha Banks have changed the face of the Women's Division over the past few months because they have been given many opportunities in WWE. And why is that? This was mostly because Sasha is very close to Triple H backstage and Charlotte is the daughter of his hero.

Sasha, the former NXT and Raw Women's Champion has been given so many chances to make history and to prove that she is the best, that it is obvious that she has some pull with backstage, at least with Triple H (Vince is believed to not be big on Sasha). Take nothing away from Sasha, she is one of the best female wrestlers that the company have had in a while and she deserves everything that she has been given in WWE.

11 Mojo Rawley


The Hype Bro has proved himself so much in the time he's been in WWE and even though he still has a lot of doubters, Triple H is one of the main people who are pushing him forward right now. And as we all know, having the support of Triple H is not a bad thing.

Triple H posted a personal message on Twitter to the former NXT star when he was drafted up to the main roster because he was so proud of the fact that he had worked so hard and deserved a place up on the SmackDown live brand. It will be interesting to see where he goes now that his partner, Zack Ryder is out injured, but if Triple H is backing him, then he will definitely go far in WWE.

10 Seth Rollins


The former World Champion worked closely with Triple H for a very long time after he turned on The Shield. In fact, Seth Rollins has stated many times how honored he was to be the one taken under Triple H's wing.

The Game helped Rollins to transition from tag team wrestler to the wrestler he is today. The fact that the duo now have what is set to be a personal rivalry in the new year, will only make their friendship stronger, which is exactly what you would want from any main event level feud in wrestling as it usually makes for a more entertaining rivalry. Take a look at the long feud between Triple H and Shawn Michaels (best friends) for an example of this.

9 Bayley


The Huggable Superstar hasn't been given as many opportunities in WWE as the other three members of The Four Horsewomen. While she was down in NXT, Triple H was fully aware of the talent that he had at his fingertips and made sure to make the most of this.

Bayley was given the chance to compete in the first ever  female Ironman match in WWE and was the one to actually win it. She would also retain the NXT Women's Championship in the process. She was also the first woman to have beaten Nia Jax. This was all under Triple H's guidance in NXT because the former World Champion knows that Bayley is one of the stars for the future of WWE. And now it's time to watch Bayley shine.

8 Vince McMahon


There have been many rumors in WWE that have said that Vince and Triple H have a bad relationship, but they are completely wrong. If Vince didn't like Triple H then he wouldn't give him NXT and allow him the full control of it.

Vince and Triple H have become friends over the years (perhaps reluctantly). And even though when Stephanie and Triple H began dating Vince wasn't a big fan of the former World Champion, it seems that he has warmed to Triple H  and the duo have a good relationship. After all, they have to sit opposite each other every year at Christmas dinner so there needs to be some level of friendship there. At the very least tolerance, but there is no reason to believe Triple H and Vince hate each other at this point.

7 Ric Flair


The 16-time World Champion has returned and left WWE so many times over the last few years that it is obvious that he has some pull with the WWE creative team or someone backstage. Once again Ric has been brought into his daughter's WWE storyline, and it seems that he will play a part in John Cena's as he tries to equal his record.

Flair hasn't wrestled for a very long time but he still has a lot of fans and was close to Triple H during their time in Evolution. So it's obvious that Triple H wants Ric back in WWE quite a lot. Flair was even part of the Natalya vs. Charlotte match a few years ago on NXT. Ric was a hero to Triple H growing up, so it was obvious these two would become friends once they began working together.

6 Sheamus


When Sheamus became Mr. Money in the Bank last year and Triple H helped him to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, it was revealed that Triple H and the Irish Superstar are actually quite close in real life.

Triple H and Sheamus are actually training partners and often go to the gym together. They enjoyed working together when Sheamus became World Champion. When the Irish star was first brought to WWE it is thought that Triple H had a lot to do with the fact that was pushed towards the main event picture. Sheamus would even win the WWE Championship from John Cena  in a Tables match only a few months after debuting on the main roster in WWE (he was previously working for the ECW brand).

5 Roman Reigns


This one comes as no surprise to anyone. Roman Reigns has been given a lot of opportunities in WWE since The Shield split and despite the fact that Seth Rollins was the one that The Authority chose, Roman Reigns is the one that has won the Royal Rumble and main evented WrestleMania twice. One of those times was against Triple H.

While many of the WWE Universe are still not happy about Reigns, it seems that the company really want him to be the next big star in WWE and Triple H would happily allow Reigns to do this. With WrestleMania season fast approaching, we wonder if Roman Reigns will find himself in a third straight main event at the biggest show of the year.

4 Finn Balor


The former NXT Champion and the first ever Universal Champion, Finn Balor has been out injured since the night after SummerSlam this year. But he has still been a part of WWE's executive picture and even headed over to the UK recently to help the company launch the UK Championship Tournament.

Balor has only been in WWE a few years but he was already an international star and Triple H knew who he was signing when he brought Balor into the company. He was a loyal Superstar in NXT for a few years and stood up for the promotion so many times that it must have made Triple H proud to have someone of his calibre on his roster. Expect Balor to continue his rise when he is cleared to return to the ring in the new year.

3 Randy Orton


The Apex Preditor may well be one of the best wrestlers to have ever walked through a WWE curtain. But that doesn't mean that he hasn't had his fair share of issues over the past few years (Orton is considered by many to be one of the biggest jerks in the entire company).

Orton has violated WWE's Wellness Policy twice but he was the first superstar to have a strike removed after spending time in a rehab centre. It is thought that Orton has a lot of protection from backstage officials and that is one of the main reasons that he has been able to get away with so much when it comes to hazing wrestlers and Divas. Triple H and Orton have been close since the Evolution days. Teams that wrestle together, stay together.

2 Batista


The Animal and the last member of Evolution on the list has been close to Triple H for years. Batista is a former World Champion and after making a splash on the big screen WWE gave him the opportunity to return to the company, win the Royal Rumble, and main event WrestleMania.

Not many people are given this opportunity and despite the fact that right now he has stated that he wouldn't return to WWE since he has become a big film star, there is no reason to believe that his relationship with Triple H has gone south. He has maintained a good relationship with both WWE and Triple H and could very well make a return in the future when the time is right.

1 John Cena


John Cena is without a doubt, the face of the WWE. He is the biggest star in the company and Triple H himself has admitted that when Cena first walked in, he didn't think that he would amount to anything.

Cena has since become a 15-time World Champion, released a rap album, became a film star, and a TV host. Cena could leave the company right now and pursue a career outside of WWE much like The Rock did before him, but Cena values the WWE Universe too much and has made some great friends in WWE. This includes The Chairman Vince McMahon and Triple H. Even though the powerful duo control WWE, they also allow John Cena a lot of freedom. He is the only person allowed to cut promos without permission and he is one of the only stars who is allowed to say what he likes on the mic. Cena has worked hard to be given this kind of freedom and this is down to the great relationship that he has with many WWE officials backstage.

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15 People Who Have A Good Relationship With Triple H