15 People WWE Should NEVER Work With Again (And 5 They Should)

The WWE has been built into a multi-billion dollar company in the past few decades, as Vince McMahon has introduced and created many stars in his company to make sure to entertain the fans on a weekly basis since 1982. Vince loves inviting celebrities to his shows in order to gain some mainstream attention, bringing in many famous athletes and celebrities to host his shows or play some kind of a role which can bring in a different kind of audience to watch the product.

While there have been some really awesome celebrity appearances in the WWE in the past which had fans craving for more, there also have been some really bad ones which has led  wrestling fans to despise celebrities making appearances on WWE TV. Like the celebrities, the company has also brought in and developed some amazing wrestlers in the past who failed to show their gratitude towards the company. These wrestlers have been extremely bitter and despicable towards WWE after leaving and should never be forgiven, while some certain individuals should be brought back.

WWE may have been affiliated with some "famous" people in the past, but not everyone actually benefitted the company as we take a look at the 15 People They Should NEVER Work With Again and 5 They Should.

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20 Never Again: Zahra Schreiber

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Zahra Schreiber came to the WWE as an up and coming diva who looked impressive enough to be recruited in NXT, but she brought a lot of controversies with her. It all started when it was discovered that she was the girlfriend of Seth Rollins, who was already engaged to Leighla Schultz. The angry ex-fiancee of The Man went onto post nudes of Rollins and Zahra on Rollins' twitter which got Schreiber in hot water, but it escalated when some old twitter posts of her indicated that she was a Nazi fanatic. WWE immediately fired her upon discovering her fanaticism with Nazism and their infamous sign and she hasn't really been in the thick of things ever since as the company would never want to work with someone who has the reputation of being a Nazi sympathizer and Schreiber should've deleted her dark history before arriving at the company.

19 Never Again: Adam Rose

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Adam Rose looked like a great with great potential in the WWE with his "Party Guy" gimmick hitting off at first but slowly withering him into becoming a jobber. Rose was pretty frustrated with his position in the company and his personal life was apparently not going any good either as he was fired from WWE under many controversies. Rose got arrested in May last year for domestic violence as he had apparently threatened to assault his wife and grabbed her by the face during a violent argument. He was immediately suspended and later released by the WWE, who definitely wouldn't want to align themselves with someone who has the reputation of being an alleged wife-beater. Rose didn't really leave WWE on bad terms and although he has a decent relationship with the company, WWE would be fools to bring him back after how his personal demons were exposed.

18 Never Again: Josh Matthews

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Josh Matthews was quite the promising talent in WWE when he was building himself up as a color commentator towards his final years with the company. But Matthews had to be released in 2014 for budget cuts in the company and he has been extremely bitter about it ever since. He immediately went onto sign for their rivals in TNA, as he has been trying to insult and downgrade the WWE while commentating in TNA for a long time now. Matthews is always shooting on the "flaws" of WWE and enraged many people when he termed the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony as the "Night of Old Dudes" and stated about how nobody wants to be there. WWE should never rehire Matthews after how he's burned all bridges with them since leaving as this bitter individual should be left to act like a douche in TNA.

17 Should Work With: Stephen Amell

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There are some celebrities who are hired by the WWE to bring more eyes to the product but have no interest in wrestling itself and then there are celebrities like Stephen Amell who is actually a huge wrestling fan himself. So when Amell was taunted and forced to take action by Stardust a few years back, it actually reaped a lot of mainstream attention because of the popularity of Amell and his hit show "Arrow". Amell even trained himself and wrestled a tag team match alongside Neville to face Wade Barrett and Stardust, even pulling off some impressive moves despite not being a wrestler. He impressed many and WWE should take advantage of his popularity and bring him back yet again because fans would love to see the Green Arrow kick some evil butt in the WWE yet again!

16 Never Again: Jeff Jarrett

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Jeff Jarrett might be known by many as the creator of TNA, but he actually worked hard to get that reputation and was a promising WWE superstar in the 90s as well. Jarrett was a solid mid-carder who held the Intercontinental Championship multiple times, but he ended his relations with the WWE on a sour note. After Vince Russo left the WWE, Jarrett would have his WWE contract ending a day before the 1999 No Mercy PPV where he was scheduled to face Chyna for the IC Title. Jarrett apparently extorted Vince McMahon off $300,000 in order to work the PPV after his contract run out and was never recalled by the WWE ever again. He only worsened his relations by creating WWE's rival in TNA and WWE should never work with this heinous person who extorted and used them when they were vulnerable and only thinks about himself above anything else.

15 Never Again: Jerry Springer

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Jerry Springer has been an extremely popular talk show host in the USA for a few decades now and the WWE finally managed to get him on their TV a few years ago. Springer held an intervention between the Bella Twins who were in the midst of a heated rivalry at the time on RAW and the whole thing was an absolute bust because of how poorly it was all depicted. Springer himself looked out of sorts in this segment where he tried to "heal" their relationship but failed miserably. The fans could only cringe by watching this terrible segment which showed that Jerry is definitely not meant for the WWE and the company should never try to sign him to work another one of their shows. Springer should stick to hosting talk shows as his lack of wrestling knowledge and passion for the product was evident in that forgettable segment.

14 Never Again: Ryback

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"The Big Guy" Ryback has had a lot of opinions to give after leaving the WWE over a year back, with the former Intercontinental Champion being quite bitter about how he was released by the company. He even started his own podcast where he stated the kind of things which he invented (like the Shield's powerbomb) and how he was screwed over by Vince McMahon who promised him greater things. The fans have come to despise Ryback because of how disillusioned he has become and he's somebody the WWE would never want to work with again. Ryback has this tendency of injuring other wrestlers and is a terrible loudmouth who has been talking trash about the company for quite a while now and has become somebody with whom the WWE would never want to be associated with ever again.

13 Should Work With: Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes will always remain as the one that got away for WWE as the son of the great, late Dusty Rhodes is showing his true potential ever since leaving the company a year back. Rhodes had been given an awful gimmick of "Stardust" and no push whatsoever which forced him to leave the WWE after serving many years in it and he took the risk of trying his hand in the Independent scene. But he's doing a terrific job in the Indy scene as Cody is now a core member of Bullet Club and even won the Ring of Honor Championship recently, also getting mainstream attention by starring in the hit TV show "Arrow". WWE should definitely look to bring him back and While Rhodes isn't interested in a return right now, WWE could persuade him to work with them again in a year or so and give him the top spot he always deserved!

12 Never Again: Bill DeMott

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Bill DeMott might not have achieved much fame as a wrestler in the WWE, but he earned the reputation of becoming the head trainer of NXT and later that off WWE's Performance Center. DeMott would train the rookies in NXT before they took the plunge to the main roster, but he and WWE were rocked when some scary allegations were put out against him. A former NXT trainee named Judas Devlin put out a statement revealing how DeMott would bully and torture the NXT developmental wrestlers as he would allegedly give naked stinkfaces to them and verbally abuse them almost all the time. DeMott also apparently told Enzo Amore that "he wished he died" as more statements from wrestlers poured in after this. WWE immediately forced DeMott to step down and released him and after the harrowing allegations made against this bully and unstable man, the company will definitely not want to rehire him anymore.

11 Never Again: Rob Gronkowski

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Rob Gronkowski was the latest celebrity the WWE showcased on its platform, as the New England Patriots star was introduced as a "good friend" of WWE superstar Mojo Rawley who was participating in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33. Rawley is an ex-footballer himself and rolled through his competitions in the below-par Battle Royal at the grandest stage of them all with only him and Jinder Mahal remaining as the final participants. Gronkowski was insulted by Mahal and came inside the ring to give him a vicious tackle and helped his friend win the Battle Royal, much to the dismay of fans. While Gronkowski might be a popular guy in the field of football, he isn't that liked by wrestling fans and WWE would do a good thing by keeping him out of their TV and not push any more football players in their product anymore.

10 Never Again: Scott Steiner

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Scott Steiner was quite a big deal when he appeared in the WWE as "Big Poppa Pump" after achieving quite a lot of fame in his singles career in WCW, but he failed to make an impact in the company despite his impressive physique. Steiner barely survived a year or so in the company after which he was released and he has been extremely bitter because of how he was handled by them. Steiner has been excessively critical of WWE for years now, thrashing it for having "trashy gimmicks" and also being abusive towards Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He even allegedly threatened to "kill Hulk Hogan" for which he was banned from the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony a few years ago and WWE should definitely never rehire this madman because of how terribly he has spoken of them in all these years.

9 Should Work With: Shaquille O'Neal

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Shaquille O'Neal has to be considered as one of the most famous basketball players of his time and because of his terrifying size and height, he actually has the looks of a celebrity the WWE would've loved to use more as a wrestler. Shaq was a surprise entrant in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal last year where he teased a match against the Big Show, which sadly never happened. While not many wrestling fans would want Shaq to do anything in the ring, his match against the Big Show is still considered as a "dream match" and the WWE should definitely try their hardest at making it happen before the Giant retires. Their match couldn't happen at WrestleMania 33 for some reason, but the WWE should convince the basketball legend to step into the ring for one last time against the World's Largest Athlete for this battle of giants.

8 Never Again: Sunny

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Sunny was definitely the Hottest Diva of the mid-90s when she was a top valet in the WWE and also a controversial figure outside the ring. Her relationships with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart is what caused the heated, real-life feud between them but Sunny's days became gloomy after the turn of the century. She wasn't that "hot" anymore and had to go through some difficult years before being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. But she has been a trainwreck ever since, getting arrested numerous times for various crimes. To make her reputation even worse, Sunny recently starred in an adult film and appeared in it wearing the Hall of Fame ring! WWE should never work with a controversial character like Sunny anymore who burned all bridges with WWE despite the company helping get her back to her feet.

7 Never Again: Snooki

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Snooki is definitely up there with the worst celebrities to have stepped into a WWE ring in its history, as the Jersey Shore star was absolutely awful when she appeared in WWE in 2011. Snooki was a guest star on RAW before she got into a heated rivalry with Team LayCool and even brought back Trish Stratus for a match at WrestleMania XXVII. While it was great to see Trish back, Snooki was absolutely terrible in the match as her awful wrestling disgusted many watching it. She definitely played a part in WrestleMania XXVII being considered as one of the worst of all time and it's only baffling to remember that she even got a Slammy award later on. Snooki should never be brought back by the WWE again because she just doesn't fit into wrestling and is downright annoying for wrestling fans.


6 Never Again: Floyd Mayweather Jr

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Floyd Mayweather Jr might be one of the greatest professional boxers of all time, but his appearances in WWE have always been met with dismay from fans. Mayweather appeared in WWE the first time at No Way Out 2007, later going onto appear on RAW and even breaking the Big Show's nose. The two got into a rivalry which culminated in a match at WrestleMania XXIV in which Mayweather was the face, much to the fans disgust. Mayweather knocked out the Big Show with his brass knuckles to win the match and maintain his unbeaten record, but he only "wrestled" after being paid an incredible $20 million for the event. Mayweather is just not liked by wrestling fans and offers nothing special to the product as WWE should just distance themselves with this money-hungry, arrogant man who should stick to boxing and not intervene with pro wrestling.

5 Should Work With: CM Punk

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CM Punk leaving the WWE in 2014 was one of the most shocking incidents in recent history in the company and fans have been wanting to see their favorite back in the ring ever since. Despite not being involved with wrestling at all, Punk is still a very popular guy amongst the fans who always chant his name(much to the dismay of some). He tried his hand in UFC but doesn't seem to be ready for it and while it seems almost impossible for Punk and WWE to be in a working relationship ever again, the company should try their best to get him back. While he's not likened by either Vince McMahon nor Triple H, bringing Punk back would be "Best for Business" as the WWE should just let bygones be bygones and convince Punk to come back for one last exciting stint with the company.

4 Never Again: Kevin Federline

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One of the reasons for WCW's fall from grace in their final years is because how they brought in unnecessary celebrities to "give value" to their product like David Arquette winning the WCW Heavyweight Championship. WWE has also done this in the past as the peak of their obsessions with celebrities came in the mid-2000s when they brought in rapper Kevin Federline to feud with WWE Champion John Cena. Federline appeared in shows where he distracted Cena and let his opponents get the win before facing the champion himself in a no DQ match. But he got help from John Morrison and Umaga in it and shockingly went onto pin Cena 1-2-3, much to the disgust of fans. The Whole Federline storyline was absolutely awful and the WWE should never bring someone like him back because of how downright annoying and terrible he was on WWE all those years ago.

3 Never Again: Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio was once "Mexico's Greatest Export" for the WWE before he decided to screw up his relationship with the company in his second stint. The former WWE Champion quit the company after being suspended for violating their Wellness Policy and has been an extremely bitter individual ever since. Del Rio has been dishing out vicious, abusive rants towards the WWE ever since leaving the company where he has stated that the pay scale is low in it and off the inequality in the company. He also called Triple H a "p***y" and thrashed him and his wife Stephanie in a drunk rant, as he has burnt all bridges with the company with his terrible ranting. The WWE would be nuts to hire him back after whatever he has said about them and should continue ignoring him as he continues stating all that crap to get some attention from fans.


2 Never Again: Vince Russo

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Vince Russo might've been the star head of creative during WWE's peak in the Attitude Era where he created the Vince McMahon vs Stone Cold, Kane vs Undertaker feuds but he has become a bitter old man ever since being fired by every "big" wrestling promotion. Russo has been extremely vocal about everything that is wrong with the WWE in the past few years in his podcast Vince Russo's "The Brand" and he has become quite the irrelevant clown in front of wrestling fans. Russo loves to churn up controversies in his podcast and him being critical of some fan favorites in the past few years has really angered the fans. WWE should never even think about bringing back someone as outdated and annoying as Russo, who might've been a mastermind back in the day but has been reduced to an annoying old man in the past few years.

1 Should Work With: Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey has to be one of the most dangerous female fighters in the world right now and despite her harrowing loss to Holly Holm in 2015, Rousey is still a definite ass-kicker. Rousey has won it all in the field of MMA and should be heavily pursued by the WWE as bringing her in will increase the legitimacy of their Women's Division right now. Rousey did appear at WrestleMania 31 when she was invited to the ring by The Rock and took down both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in magnificent fashion. Rousey has teased joining the WWE many times and is ready to become a professional wrestler as the company should focus on working with her once again and sign her as their "Prized Fighter" which will bring in a lot more eyes into the product as well!

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