15 Personal Photos Of John Cena And Nikki Bella You NEED To See

John Cena's messy divorce in 2012 wasn't a nice moment for the company. Unlike most of the WWE's top stars, Cena avoided trouble and controversy during his career. But allegations of him having an aff

John Cena's messy divorce in 2012 wasn't a nice moment for the company. Unlike most of the WWE's top stars, Cena avoided trouble and controversy during his career. But allegations of him having an affair with Mickie James destroyed part of his flawless good-guy image.

With his divorce, Cena was a free man and found the new love of his life in Nikki Bella. The two have been together since 2013, and all signs right now point to them tying the knot at some point. Meanwhile, Nikki's twin, Brie, is married to Daniel Bryan as they expect their first child together. All is well in Bella world.

A picture really is worth a thousand words, and we have 15 photos to show how strong the love is between Cena and Bella. Have a look and enjoy!

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15 Kiss This

Sorry for all of those that are like me and never have a date for Valentine's Day. But come on, this is a very nice photo that should remind all of you single people that there is love out there for everyone. You just have a WWE Superstar?

Cena and Bella's relationship has been widely covered for many years, now. And it's not just because they're two celebrities. It's because they actually have a very strong bond that brings the WWE Universe to its joy. You have the leader of Cenation and the other half of the gorgeous Bella Twins.

Everyone loved Cena in the Attitude Era. Everybody loves Daniel Bryan in the PG Era. This photo here reminds us that we just might see these two stars might be in-laws.

14 Hotter than the Phoenix Sun 

Why is John Cena wearing a long shirt in one of the hottest parts of the world? And how in the world is Nikki Bella able to wear all black, especially those leather pants? In all seriousness, what a beautiful photo of these two.

Cena and Bella have shown the strong love they have for one another. Cena's obviously searching for THE ONE after his marriage ended in divorce back in 2012. Plus, it's Cena. Imagine all of the WWE Divas that have had them on their to-date list. Not as cool as the List of Jericho, however.

This couple just seems to be living the dream life. They've each found someone perfect, they get to drink with a view that beautiful. Heck, the view isn't even as beautiful as Nikki. Cena, you lucky Doctor of Thuganomics.

13 Cleaning Up

ZZ Top's Hit "Sharp Dressed Man," tells a lot of truth about how a man should dress. With a clean shirt, new shoes, cause every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man. Heck, a man loves a woman that can dress a nice...dress. Cena and Bella have gotten the memo and look better than Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Grammy's.

The blue outfits go well here as they prepared for the Total Bellas season premiere. Wait a minute, is it just me or is Cena's smile kind of awkward? It's like he had something gross for dinner he's about to spit out. Then there's Nikki Bella looking more perfect than anything else in the world.

Nevermind. We're just all jealous of Cena. The smile is normal.

12 Party For Six

NYC Family | Polo Bar

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

And in a bar that looks awfully quiet, here are Cena and Bella once again just flaunting the good looks, nice outfits, and perfect lives they live. But the Total Bellas show is awesome and must-watch television. It's one of the few actually decent shows on WWE Network, so Cena and Bella do deserve a good night out for all the hard work they do.

Cena has gone a long way to finally enjoying peace in his life. He's not the WWE's top star anymore, having been that guy for nearly a full decade. This photo is a nice reminder that the man who put so much hard work into the company like no other wrestler finally found the woman of his dreams and can enjoy some peace.

11 A Picture is Worth 1,00 Words

❤️ #totalbellas #todayshow #mylove

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

My goodness, how perfect does she look in this photo. It's absolutely unfair.

John Cena is a nice example, at least, that the nice guy can get the girl. I mean he's been the WWE's top face since 2005 and has done so much charity for children and the company. If that's not being a super nice gentleman, I don't know what is. And look, he has one of the two dreamiest divas ever by his side (the other one being Nikki's twin).

Cena may not be a Certified G or Bonafide Stud like Enzo Amore, but he really is one of the coolest human beings imaginable. Just look at how thrilled he is to be with that woman. And again, that's a really nice suit.

10 Cena Means Business

Cena and Bella have become such a dynamic in the WWE, that they even got to appear on Harry Connick Jr. Meanwhile, people like me are thrilled if we have somehow ended up on television for more than two seconds of our life. Once again, here are Cena and Bella so well cleaned up. I personally love the timing of this photo. Cena, who's like the nicest guy in the world outside of the ring, actually looks like a man in charge with his gestured and million dollar suit.

It seems like Cena's been spending more time on non-WWE television than on the company himself. He and Bella are doing all the interviews and appearances on other television shows. But again, Cena deserves to be a free man. He doesn't owe the WWE much more at this point.

9 Silly Faces

This photo right here tells you when you've found the right person. That's because when you can be weird like this with someone, you know they care about you. It goes with the ol' saying that the weirder you are to someone, the closer the friend. And yeah, never date someone who's too serious and doesn't have a sense of humor like these two.

This was taken shortly after Bella needed neck surgery that has put her career in jeopardy, but Cena was right there by her side the whole time to take care of her and push Bella through it.

Cena's blue suit is super fancy, by the way. And that's one gorgeous dress by Bella. Now, I only wonder if Cena happened to be intoxicated during this photo?

8 Black and White


A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure when this photo was taken, but it does appear to be a wedding of some sort. The nice black-and-white photo really makes this pair stand out more. Maybe that's because old photos didn't have color. And real love seemed to be much stronger back in our parents' days than it is now.

Cena looks like Bond. That is one fancy tuxedo and I can totally see him replacing Daniel Craig in the 007 fanchise before too long. Sorry, Cesaro. Meanwhile. Bella has all the looks to be a dashing Bond girl. She's got the fancy black dress and the looks to be in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, does anybody else notice that guy standing behind him? Is his facial expression directed at them by chance?

7 We See You

My one and only ❤️ #datenight

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

We are in a world of selfies, where selfies are considered a word. That's right, I didn't have that word underlined when I type this. You can even buy a Selfie Stick. And yes, when you travel, you see a ton of tourists taking photos with...their selfie sticks. And we all follow people on social media that upload selfies seemingly every day.

Well, Bella and Cena's selfie here is pretty cool, minus the part where Cena looks like the bad guy from a movie who's about to double-cross a friend. Maybe it's his way of showing off to us how trophy-material his girlfriend is. But yeah, this is a super beautiful selfie by Bella. And again, I wish I had one of Cena's suits. Those things must be worth a fortune.

6  6. Date Night

Well, this is the date night we all dream of with a significant other. Us guys want to be able to wear a super fancy dress shirt and the ladies would have to wear a nice dress to a beautiful dinner with wine. This photo, as you may see in the caption, was taken during their three-year anniversary. Her caption of him seems to come from a poem written many years ago, but it's just another sign of how much this couple is in love.

Meanwhile, does anybody know why she hashtagged "miss you"? Were they not seeing each other for long periods of time? Dun dun dun. But yeah, that's a super nice place to go on a date. Hopefully I get the chance to take a girl there one day.

5 Family Time

Family fun at Toy Con! 💋💪🏽 #totalbellas

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Remember all of that talk about Cena possibly being a brother-in-law to Daniel Bryan? How cool would that be. It'd almost be like if The Rock and Hulk Hogan became related through a series of marriages. Still, it does seem inevitable at some point that Cena and Nikki Bella tie the knot, which ensure that YES and Cenation to together in one sentence.

Meanwhile, imagine if Daniel Bryan screamed "YES" during the wedding ceremony when they promise to take care of each other in good health. Hey, Cena and Bryan's relationship has been strong since the latter joined the WWE a number of years ago. They each have one of the dreamy Bella Twins. There's just no way these two can't be brothers. Please make it happen.

4 Cleaning Up Good, Again


A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Here we are, just looking at two of the best-dressed people on earth. Cena and Bella have learned a number of things during their relationship, but it appears as though dressing-to-impressing is the number one quality. Not gonna lie, not sure what they would want to attend the Teen Choice Awards, but it appears as though this fun-loving couple had some more television appearances to make outside of the company. I can only imagine how busy they are during this relationship.

Side note, does Bella look a bit like Kim Kardashian here, or is it just me? Except Bella's actually fun and worth watching on television. She's not famous for literally no reason. And there's no way Cena and Kardashian would work as a couple, right?

3 We're on TV!

Some people don't think Cena's much of a "wrestler," but more of an entertainer. His in-ring ability definitely wasn't the strongest at any point, but man his microphone skills are really up there. ESPN loves it so much, they had him most the ESPYs this past summer. Think about all of the hilarious celebrities in Hollywood. Cena out-did them all on the mic and got his shot and made the most of it.

For Cena, who donned a slick blue tie, the cameras and microphones in his face were not a bother. He stayed calm under pressure and delivered one of the greatest performances in recent memory on television. And of course, he had Nikki by his side to support him. Cena probably has an acting career ahead of him when time in the WWE ends.

2 With The Boss

As everyone knows, Vince McMahon has had a tough relationship with a handful of his wrestlers. Triple H has made a fair share of enemies as well, ranging from CM Punk to Mr. Kennedy, among others. Stephanie McMahon, one of the main bosses of the company now, has also made a handful of enemies. But don't you worry, Bella and Cena are clearly among her best friends list.

It takes a lot to impress your boss. It takes even more to impress a billionaire heiress. Cena and McMahon have worked together for over a decade, but they've enjoyed it. It's not like the Hulk Hogan-McMahon love/hate relationship. And the Bella twins cut some great promos with Stephanie, so you know the respect between all parties is at an all-time high.

1 In Sickness and in Health

Crazy to think this was 6 months ago today....

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Dear men, this is absolutely how you will treat your woman in life. Through the good and bad, you're going to be by her side every day. This is one of the most powerful images you will see on social media. Bella had to undergo neck surgery some months ago. It's possible she never wrestles again. But here was Cena right beside his woman, helping her pull through in a difficult operation.

Over six months ago, while she was in the hospital, Cena spent much of his time just looking at his woman. This is how the ladies want to be looked at by their man, so perhaps they won't date only jerks in our society. But honestly, this photo right here shows how strong the love is. Major kudos to these two for being such a model pair.


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15 Personal Photos Of John Cena And Nikki Bella You NEED To See