15 Photos Of Female Wrestlers Taken By Creepy Photographers

With social media being the hot ticket at the moment, the need for steamy pictures of female wrestlers to satisfy their fans has never been greater, and has made some photographers desperate, trying to take "viral snaps". Despite the wrestling part getting much more attention than anything else in Women's Wrestling these days, the WWE is quite strict on promoting only the best-looking women who can make an impression on the audience and woo them with their charisma and appearance.

In order to ensure that their women's looks are noticed by the audience, the WWE does a lot of promoting by posting stunning photographs of the ladies on social media for everyone to see. These ladies are also part of photo shoots for magazines, and the WWE makes sure everyone notices just how stunning their women are. But there are times when certain photographers go a little too far and take candid and revealing pictures of female wrestlers, which blurred the line between steamy and downright creepy.

While the women themselves love to take stunning pictures of themselves to treat their fans, these pictures are quite creepy because of how these photographers seem intent on focusing on their "assets" during the ladies' candid moments. So let's take a look at 15 Photos Of Female Wrestlers Taken By Creepy Photographers.

15 Peeking Into Peyton Royce's In-Ring Entrance

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Peyton Royce has been quite the impressive wrestler for WWE NXT ever since she aligned with Billie Kay and the "Iconic Duo" charmed everyone with their work together. Royce is definitely a sexy woman in NXT and the duo of her and Kay often love to enter the ring together, trying to woo the audience with their own unique entrance. Royce goes through the middle rope showing her athleticism, but this picture of her is revealing a bit too much. The camera-man has definitely zoomed in a bit too far to show Royce "assets", as well as her sexy figure and wants to make sure everyone sees how good she really looks. It's creepy how the photographer closed-up so much to get a "perfect" view of her entering the ring and while Royce's entrance is quite glamorous generally, it's a bit too vivid in this picture.

14 Taking A Look At Emma's Referee Costume

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Emma may have left the WWE recently, but going by how she impressed with her arrogant heel character earlier this year in WWE, it seems like she will get many opportunities to shine in the Independent circuit. Emma looked the best as her cool heel character she found in NXT and she looked really sexy with her in-ring costume as well. She even turned up at a WWE live event as a special guest referee for a match some-time back, but this photographer seemed to be intent on showing "assets" which are seemingly popping out in this picture. It's a rather creepy candid picture because of it being at a WWE live event and probably being taken by a fan, as WWE and Emma probably wouldn't have wanted this one-time thing and her "revealing" costume to be shown to everyone on the internet.

13 Alicia Fox's Revealing Moment On Total Divas

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Alicia Fox has been quite the faithful serving wrestler for the WWE and has gained a lot of experience at the company, having been in WWE for almost a decade! Fox has recently gotten a bit of a crazy character and is mostly a mid-carder on Monday Night Raw, but she's frequently featured on WWE's reality TV show Total Divas! Fox is quite involved in the reality show which covers the non-kayfabe lives of these ladies, but this picture of her during the show in her bikini is a bit too "revealing". Fox was having a heated debate about something when this picture was taken, as the photographer creepily captures her jewels rather than anything else. It's quite shocking how even the reality TV series guy is more interested in trying to take "sexy pictures" of the divas rather than showing their candid moments and this proves just that.

12 Peeping Into Lana's Wardrobe Malfunction

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"The Ravishing Russian" Lana has quickly asserted herself as one of the sexiest women in the WWE today, as she started gaining a lot of attention when she was the smoking-hot valet for Rusev. She has now become the manager for Tamina, while she occasionally wrestles as well and is trying her best to improve in that department. Lana is also pretty photogenic and because of that, she's been part of many WWE photo-shoots with a recent one being with her and Rusev at a dairy farm. While most of the pictures of that photo-shoot show just how sexy she is, one in particular somehow caught Lana's slight wardrobe malfunction. This picture is the one where she's having a slight malfunction and is quite alarming how the photographer has taken the picture to expose and spot that nip-slip while the two share a lovely moment together.

11 Exposing Melina During Her Entrance

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Melina was quite the stunning diva for WWE many years ago when she gained popularity as the valet of the tag team "MNM" and made many fall in love for her with her iconic, sexy entrance to the ring. Melina made that her trademark and the fans loved it when she did that, as she's still quite popular in the Indy scene having left WWE a few years ago. While Melina's iconic way of entering the ring might've seemed sexy, it got a bit embarrassing for her during one event when a photographer caught her stretching her legs and wearing nothing underneath her skirt. While it was her mistake to have not worn any under-garment, it's quite creepy how the photographer caught that error and took this revealing picture and caused her a lot of embarrassment.

10 Liv Morgan's Bootyful Attire

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Liv Morgan has gained quite a lot of attention ever since making a shocking debut on the main roster as part of the "Riott Squad" with fellow NXT colleagues Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan, with the three trying to create much mischief on the main roster. Morgan is arguably the sexiest among the three ladies and has been turning quite a few heads ever since her time on NXT. Morgan had quite the terrific in-ring attire of yoga pants and a top at NXT and mostly wrestled in the live events wearing those type of attires. But in one event, this candid photo of her attire showing off her booty was revealed. It's quite creepy how the photographer took the picture at the candid moment when her "asset" was glaring out and Morgan didn't even have to pose for it.

9 Natalya And Tyson Kidd Share A Private Moment

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Natalya has been a female wrestler who is noticed more for her in-ring ability rather than looks in the WWE, where she has maintained herself really well in the past few years. The first female wrestler to come out of the Hart Dungeon has put on some amazing matches in the past, but she was also picked to be a part of Total Divas a few years ago. Her wedding was televised in the show, with her relationship with Tyson Kidd also being focused upon many times. But at times the Total Divas camera-men went a bit too far, especially with this picture of the two sharing a private moment. It shows Natalya in her lingerie and having some personal time with her husband, as the creepy photographers even captured it, proving how nothing is truly "private" when a WWE female employee signs with Total Divas.

8 Zooming In On Paige's "Assets"

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Paige has had quite the controversial year in 2017 when her private pictures were leaked on the internet and her reputation as a WWE wrestler was ruined because of it. Despite all that horror, she has returned to the WWE very strongly and looks to re-established herself with her new friends in Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, with the three causing quite a lot of trouble together. Before all her controversies recently, Paige was quite the kinky character in WWE and many loved her because of it. The fans loved to see the "sexy" part of her and one, in particular, took this picture which is focusing on how amazing her "booty" looks. It's actually quite creepy how the photographer focuses on her "assets" solely, proving how perverted some people can be when it comes to certain WWE divas.

7 Asuka's Peculiar Acts In Japan

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Asuka has been an unstoppable force in the WWE ever since making her debut at NXT over a year ago, with the "Empress of Tomorrow" being undefeated and having surpassed Goldberg's WCW winning streak as well. While she may this charismatic, dangerous wrestler in the WWE who nobody can stop, she was quite innovative and unique in Japan as well which is why the WWE signed her up so eagerly. She did some interesting things and one such included being a bit naughty in her matches with other divas. As this picture shows, Asuka is getting a bit too close to her opponent as she tries to act naughtily with her. The creepy photographer had perfectly captured this picture, showing just how "naughty" Asuka could get in her matches in Japan where she wasn't restricted by PG programming.

6 What Are You Focusing On, Cameraman?! 

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AJ Lee was definitely one of the best wrestlers in the WWE during her time in the company, as she not only played the character of a crazed, kinky character well but also proved to be excellent in the ring. Lee received a push late in her WWE career but held the Divas Championship for a record-time(before it was surpassed by Nikki Bella) and fans loved her crazy gimmick in WWE. But what the fans loved, even more, was AJ's "assets" which looked really good because of her in-ring attire and the photographers often tried to capture a perfect shot of that. This picture shows AJ in a match against Naomi as the creepy photographer has zoomed into focus on her booty with the angle he's taken the picture, proving how the divas looks and figures were more important than the in-ring skills during AJ's time at WWE.

5 Stephanie McMahon's "Assets" During Commentary

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Stephanie McMahon has been frequently featured in the WWE for almost the past few decades now, with Vince's little daughter having a lot of say on how things go on in WWE in the past few years. Before she was this evil authority figure herself in WWE, Stephanie was still a partner to Vince McMahon's cruelty during the Attitude Era and during one event, she even did commentary alongside JR and Jerry Lawler. As the match went on, the cameras were more than happy to show Stephanie because of her costume and "assets". The creepy camera-man who took this was more interested in showing off her impressive "assets" when she was doing the commentary and obviously didn't want much attention towards herself, as this obsession of the photographer taking her pictures is probably why we haven't seen Stephanie return to the commentary table after that.

4 Nikki Bella Gets Exposed

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Nikki Bella has established herself as quite the stunning mainstream star in the past few years, with the former Divas Champion helping improve WWE's name because of how well she advertises her company. The WWE loves to promote Nikki and the reality TV shows she is in, as she was kept at the top of the Divas Division a few years ago when her popularity peaked. Nikki has also been pretty impressive in the ring recently and her sexy in-ring attire gives her bonus points in terms of getting noticed by the fans, but her attire malfunctioned during one event. This picture shows Nikki getting a bit of a wardrobe malfunction with a nip-slip, which was so cunningly caught by the camera-man. It's quite creepy how accurately this mistake was caught by the person, as Nikki had to go through some embarrassment because of it.

3 Sasha Banks' Backside Getting Some Attention

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Sasha Banks has brought quite a refreshing gimmick to WWE's Women's Division in the past few years, with "The Boss" being quite popular because of her really cool gimmick. Banks' amazing in-ring ability has led her into winning many titles in her WWE career so far, while she's also shaped herself into looking sexy as well. While she doesn't reveal that much through her in-ring attire, the photographers try their best at getting some "revealing" pictures of her and one such actually managed to do it. This picture shows Banks' tush getting a lot of attention while she's inside the ring, as the photographer seems intent on getting the perfect snap of her backside. It's quite creepy as to how the photographer solely took this photo to get a "revealing look" at Banks "assets" and proves that even a terrific wrestler like her can't escape these photographers.

2 Bayley's Revealing Candid Shot

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Bayley has been a much-loved wrestler in the WWE for quite some-time now, with the former Raw Women's Champion being almost impossible to dislike because of her bubbly character in the WWE. Bayley is known as the "Huggable One" and is a really likable face who is really popular among the younger and older fans, as her in-ring ability has proved to be quite stellar as well. While most fans see Bayley as this really likable female wrestler in general, a few others try to find just how "sexy" she is and some photographers try to capture that element of her. This picture has caught that, as it shows Bayley's "assets" being revealed as she's signing some autographs for a few fans. It's quite creepy as how the photographer found the right moment to get this picture of her, proving how even lovely ladies like Bayley are sexualized.

1 Alexa Bliss Caught On Camera

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Alexa Bliss has been one of the steamiest women in the WWE ever since getting a make-over at WWE NXT, as she became so much sexier after turning heel a few years ago. The Raw Women's Champion had a fabulous 2017 where she won both the Smackdown Women's Championship and Raw Women's Championship and broke a few records in that as well. Bliss is beloved by the fans because of her exquisite looks, as the photographers try their best to get sexy snaps of her because of its popularity among the fans. This picture shows the camera-man getting the perfect snap of Alexa's booty which is looking fabulous in this revealing picture. But it's creepy how the photographer took his time to take this picture of her booty, which shows how obsessed they are in taking sexy pictures of Alexa that will become an instant hit amongst the fans.

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