15 Photos Of Liv Morgan That Will Drive Enzo Amore Crazy

Liv Morgan is one of the best up-and-coming superstars in the WWE’s developmental system, but Morgan is only 23 years old and she still has a long way to go before she becomes one of the best female wrestlers in the WWE. She has only been training since 2014 and she made her in-ring debut two years ago in NXT.

Morgan got signed with the help of Enzo Amore, who is the current two-time WWE cruiserweight champion. The two are both New Jersey natives and they knew each other before becoming professional wrestlers. For those who did not know, Morgan and Amore dated for almost a year before breaking up in early September 2017.

There are several reasons why Morgan and Amore broke up, but it was mostly because of Amore’s fondness for exotic dancers. Amore has been on fire lately as he was given the keys to 205 Live. Morgan might have gotten lucky with her breakup with Amore because she could easily have garnered some of the backstage heat thrown at the Certified G.

The current winner of the breakup is Amore because he has had continued success in WWE despite his heat, but Morgan will eventually win it. This is because she is beautiful and talented, which means she can easily nab a more handsome man than Enzo and she has a great future in wrestling. Since we cannot look into the future and confirm, here are 15 images of Liv that will make Enzo regret their breakup.

15 Beautiful In Black

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Let’s start off this list with Liv Morgan in an all-black outfit showing off her beautiful legs. Liv looks incredible in this attire and it will surely make Enzo Amore regret their breakup. She’s certainly one of the hottest women in the WWE today and Amore cheating on her was obviously a bone-headed move.

Did You Know? Liv Morgan was born on June 8, 1994 in Paramus, New Jersey. Her real name is Gionna Jene Daddio and she grew up in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. She has five siblings – four older brothers and one younger sister. Her mom raised all of them as a single parent when her father died at a young age. Morgan attended Henry P. Becton Regional High School in East Rutherford.

14 Warrior Unleashed

In my own lane and that’s my favorite road 👅

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Wearing an Ultimate Warrior shirt, Liv Morgan certainly unleashed her inner warrior in this photo. Liv playing with her hair shows her playful side, as well as her obvious cuteness. However, the rest of the photo screams attractive since her abs look amazing while her legs draw the eye in her torn pants.

Did You Know? The 23-year-old NXT star was a fan of professional wrestling growing up in New Jersey. Liv Morgan fell in love with the WWE immediately after watching her first match on television. Her favourite WWE superstar growing up is Lita and she was not a fan of the Divas because of her tomboy nature. Liv’s ring gear was inspired by Lita, who wore pants and sneakers during her career.

13 Casual

Roof top self discoveries.

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Here we see Liv Morgan’s natural face and she is really a cute woman. Add the casual look of her hair and glasses, and she’s totally gorgeous. Enzo not wanting to spend the rest of his life with this woman is a questionable move. They have a lot of things in common (like their taste in sweatpants) and he won’t catch another one like Liv, that’s for sure.

Did You Know? Liv Morgan started wrestling in their backyard when she was just a kid. She and her four older brothers built a ring made of four poles, lawn chairs, industrial rope, and cushions in their backyard in New Jersey. It was very popular in their neighbourhood as her brothers’ friends wrestle in the backyard ring after school. Liv also took bumps from moves such as the Powerbomb and The Pedigree.

12 Rockin’ Jordans

As mentioned earlier, Liv Morgan and Enzo Amore have lots of things in common. One of which is their fashion sense and love for Jordan brand Nike shoes. Not only did Enzo manage to botch a lot of his moves in the ring, he also botched a shot of a lifetime at happiness. I really thought a beautiful woman rocking Jordan shoes is Enzo’s type.

Did You Know? The WWE signed Liv Morgan to a contract in 2014 after she was spotted at Joe DeFranco's gym in Wyckoff, New Jersey. She got a tryout with the help of Enzo Amore, who was also discovered at the same gym by Triple H. Liv had no prior professional wrestling training but she was a competitive cheerleader for a while.

11 Absolutely Stunning

Liv Morgan looks absolutely stunning in this recent photo and Enzo is surely kicking himself knowing what he lost. It looks like Liv has definitely been doing her squats. She’s not revealing too much but her beauty is on full display. You'll be seeing more of Liv in leggings as the list goes on.

Did You Know? Before becoming an NXT star, Liv Morgan worked and modelled for Hooters. If you don’t believe us, just search for her pictures on the Internet posing for the Hooters 2014 Calendar. She’s proud of being part of the Hooters family as she constantly posts about her history with them on social media. Side note: Enzo Amore also worked at Hooters, serving as a manager before joining the WWE.

10 Realest Gal In The Room

Enzo Amore might be calling himself the realest guy in the room but Liv Morgan is absolutely the realest gal in the room. Liv is rocking some cool ring attire, as well as her signature cool footwear. And oh, did you notice her amazing figure?

Did You Know? Liv Morgan made her first televised appearance for the WWE in February 2015 as a planted fan who jumped on Tyler Breeze. She made her in-ring debut as a jobber known as Marley in October 2015 and she lost to none other than Eva Marie. She made her debut as Liv Morgan two months later on an episode of NXT, losing to Emma. Morgan won her first ever televised singles match on the August 31, 2016 episode of NXT, defeating Aliyah.

9 Piggles

My piggy baby 🐽💗 #PiggleWiggle #Piggles #PigglyWiggly #PigglesBabe

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Who is Piggles? Piggles is Liv Morgan’s pet miniature or micro pig, a popular pet nowadays. Liv considers Piggles as her best friend. She recently lost him in Orlando and asked her followers for help. Luckily for her, the public was quick to respond as they found Piggles on the same day. She has clearly replaced Enzo as her main love interest, which may hurt his ego.

Did You Know? Liv Morgan is not the only superstar who has micro pigs for pets. Former WWE cruiserweight champion, TJ Perkins, has two pet micro pigs named Pudsey and Cupcake. Reigning Raw women’s champion, Alexa Bliss, and his fiancé Buddy Murphy also has a pet micro pig called Larry-Steve. Micro pigs are great pets and they are even considered as the smartest domesticated animal in the world.

8 Jordan Brand Clock

Enzo Amore loves Jordan shoes so much that he named his finishing move the Jordanzo. But he’s really going to regret breaking up with Liv Morgan, who also loves Jordans so much that she has a wall clock made out of them. This photo is from when they were together, but serves as a reminder of what the two could have had: an entire house full of Jordans.

Did You Know? Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan reportedly started dating in November last year after a photo of them together was posted on Instagram. The couple spent New Year’s Eve together and more photos of them surfaced online. They looked perfect for each other since they are both from New Jersey and they love Jordans. However, nothing lasts forever and the relationship only lasted for ten months after Enzo was caught cheating.

7 Naturally Beautiful

Casual Liv

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Unlike some women, Liv Morgan is still beautiful without phone filters. She’s naturally gorgeous and beautiful as they come. As Corey Graves would have said it, Enzo Amore is a total nimrod for cheating on Liv because who would not want to wake up next to a pretty girl every morning. This was posted days before their breakup, and we're sure this image still haunts Enzo.

Did You Know? Enzo Amore loves exotic dancers and he allegedly cheated on Liv Morgan with one. Amore loves them so much that he reportedly brought some of them in the locker room. One named Queen Bee even revealed that Enzo was smoking a substance banned by the WWE when he approached her back in July at The Body Shop in Buffalo, New York. Who would you choose? An exotic dancer or Liv Morgan?

6 Perfect


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Wow. Just look at the beautiful figure of Liv Morgan. She went from being a skinny model for Hooters in 2014 to a voluptuous woman in just three years. I guess perfecting those single leg squat and front squats will give anyone the kind of legs to die for. Who in their right mind would leave this woman?

Did You Know? Enzo Amore’s love for exotic dancers got him into trouble with the WWE locker room but it was one of many reasons why he has tons of backstage heat. Despite the heat from his peers, Amore managed to get a push, winning the WWE cruiserweight championship twice. Enzo is also one of the top merchandise movers in the company even though he recently turned heel.

5 Keep It Fit


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I told you earlier to watch out for Liv Morgan in leggings so here it is. Liv is rocking her pink, black and white leggings that accentuate all the effort she puts into her workouts. And yes, she’s rocking a pair of Jordans again. She clearly puts in the necessary time in the gym and it's only a matter of time before she's on the main roster.

Did You Know? Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan knew each other even before they were together in the WWE. Amore and Morgan are from the New Jersey area, and they both trained at Joe DeFranco’s gym. DeFranco is also the trainer of WWE superstar and executive Triple H as well as his wife Stephanie McMahon. He can be seen in some of The Game’s workout videos on social media.

4 Dazzling In Denim

In this photo, Liv Morgan dazzled in denim and she looks quite fabulous. She reminds us of a young Britney Spears, who was once the fantasy girlfriend of many dudes out there. Enzo Amore is no Justin Timberlake, he’s more like Kevin Federline. This photo was taken a month before the breakup, and only makes us question once more how he could have cheated on her.

Did You Know? Liv Morgan revealed in an episode of Ask The WWE PC that she had a huge crush on John Cena while growing up. Considering Cena has been around since 2002 and he became popular in 2004, it’s not surprising that a teenage Liv had a crush on him. Unlucky for her, John is already engaged to Nikki Bella and they have been dating since 2012 when Liv was just 18 years old.

3 Stunner


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While we were so busy admiring Morgan for her great physique, we forgot to talk about her beautiful eyes! She was not only rocking gorgeous makeup here, but she’s also wearing a very revealing black outfit. Liv can always continue modelling if she never makes it on the main roster.

Did You Know? Liv Morgan was off NXT television for four months from May to September. After failing to become the No. 1 contender for the NXT women’s championship on May 3, she was not seen again until the September 27 episode of NXT. She defeated Vanessa Borne in her return. If Liv continues to improve, she will surely become an NXT women’s champion and a women’s champion in the main roster.

2 Silhouette

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Oh yeah. Another picture of Liv Morgan that had us happy she's single. While the setting of the photo is not flattering, we cannot just take our eyes of Liv. I mean, just look at her silhouette. Enzo Amore might have enjoyed seeing her for a while but he is crazy if he does not regret their breakup.

Did You Know? Liv Morgan indirectly confirmed her breakup with Enzo Amore in a post on Twitter showing her relief knowing that no one is cheating on her. Just a few days later, Morgan flirted with former United Kingdom champion, Tyler Bate, on Twitter. Since then, the two have been rumoured to be dating with Bate spending more time in Florida after getting signed to NXT full time.

1 Benchwarmer

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We’ll cap it off with Liv Morgan’s most amazing photo to date. Liv shows us her gorgeous figure while she is lying on the bench (We're starting to really envy these things she leans/sits on). She is also wearing a nice one piece swimsuit that gives us a more detailed picture of just what happens when you hit the gym as much as she does.

Did You Know? While Liv Morgan was dating Enzo Amore, she was with him on the main roster several times. Liv wrestled in a few live events for Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, teaming with the likes of Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky Lynch. However, the WWE did not consider it as a call up because she was just filling in for some injured superstars.

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