15 Photos Of Natalya That Will Steal Your "Hart"

Natalya Neidhart is one of WWE's most talented women, and one of the most beautiful as seen in these photos!

Now that there is a bevy of buxom beauties brawling around the WWE locker room, the skills, poise, maturity, and legacy of Natalya is needed more than ever. The current reigning and defending Smackdown Live’s Women’s Champion finally captured the title this past summer in Brooklyn (because Hart Family + Summer Slam + New York = title glory). It was a deserved win and she is carrying the belt like a true veteran.

She's been with the company since the Divas were just pretty faces with little to no in ring skills. Nattie was one of the few who came to work not necessarily be a pinup star - although she excels at that too. While she was trained in the famous Hart family of wrestling and learned to fight like a real wrestler, she is also ravishingly beautiful. This is exactly why you’re clicking to this page - to see the Anvilette, the Queen of Harts in all her gorgeous goddess glory.

While Smackdown Live gears up for Survivor Series and Nattie herself is getting ready to defend her title at Starrcade against Charlotte (because Flairs + Cages + Starrcade = money), but in the meantime and in between time, here are 15 Pictures That Will Steal Your Hart.

15 Selfie Seduction


Nattie is part of a generation of kids that can't quite be classified as gen-xers or millenials. The last generation to actually have a landline phone, an answering machine, and a VCR. All jokes aside, Nattie (much like the rest of the world) has taken to social media like one of her cats to a saucer of milk. Shots like this one and all over this list can be found on the champ’s social media. But while most of her pics beckon you to view Nattie in all of her glory, this is just a selfie. But what a selfie it is! She’s got golden hair, pouty lips, long eyelashes that a lot of girls love. She even knows how to work in a quick but tantalizing gander at a pair of her other assets. This selfie of the Queen of Harts says a whole lot without showing that much.

14 Perfect Style

Wednesday’s! ❤️ HMU: @honeybeileen

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As if Nattie wasn’t beautiful enough! Her Instagram, like many other users is filled with all kinds of pictures that celebrate her life, loves, and other things that she likes. Pictures with friends like Renee Young, family like the Anvil, cats, fan artwork, and cats up the wazoo showcase what life is like for the Anvilette outside of the ring. We see Nattie on Smackdown every week; it’s hard to see her in a different light than just her in her tights on a weekly basis.

All dolled up and the Queen of Harts looks a little like former Pop Tart Queen, Jessica Simpson. Thankfully, all they share are just looks, Nattie surely knows the difference between chicken and tuna…but perhaps we can see her in Daisy Dukes please!

13 Use Your Imagination


With all the love Nattie shows to her Uncle Bret on WWE TV it's nice to know she loves her dad enough to rock an anvil necklace. In the PG world of the WWE, there's actually not much going here except the champ rocking killer blond and pink curls and then not much else. In today’s WWE, we won't be seeing much of Nattie or any other Diva running around in skimpy clothing. While that's a plus for the women's division; it’s kind of a bummer for fans of some of the Attitude Divas. Below that cruel frame cut-of you can see the rest of Nattie in all her glory - she works hard to look this good and should be admired for it. The girl knows how to sculpt her body and her face and knows how to leave a lot to fans leaving everything to the imagination.

12 Wanna Workout?

Deep squats | Deep thoughts. 🍔 @mogyapp #ChampLife

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As plenty of male fans would find this picture mouth-watering, some of the lazier readers might cringe knowing they can't lift nearly as much as Nattie. Nevertheless, this girl is gorgeous. Somehow the Anvil helped make this kid. Nattie is also a great role model for “real” girls out there. She's not your rail-thin, laugh-it-up bimbo that the WWE used to go for. She's a real woman with real assets and she has spent years honing her strength. What better way to show off a tight-toned hot body with killer curves in all the right places than flaunting it? How about a tantalizing teasing pic of Nattie wearing nothing but a black bathing suit with holes in a very revealing place?

11 Confidence

Sometimes just being confident is super-hot. When you're one of the biggest drawing women in the company, one of the stars of an E! Television Reality Show, a member of one of the most celebrated wrestling families ever - what doesn't Nattie have to be confident about?

For some out there, a confident woman is one of the most jaw-dropping sights you could see. She doesn't dress for attention, she already knows how to captivate a crowd and even just waiting for an opponent, she exudes appeal without even trying. It doesn't matter who her opponent is, what her role in the company is, what's going on on Total Divas, Nattie’s a dime piece and she knows it, no matter what's going in her life, she'll always have that confidence to hold onto, she knows she's phenomenal and that's all that matters.

10 Happy Hart

cuz today is #sdlive !!!! 🖤 HMU: @zac_phoenix @allyysonnicole

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With her demeanour in the ring being that super-serious #stillrealtome attitude that the Hart family is known for, It's refreshing to see the champ in a colourful tight sundresses (which is you believe How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson might be the greatest invention for women’s sex appeal since boobs), looking like she's rocking out and happy to be living life.

It's almost a shame that her character doesn't call for the Anvilette to smile a whole lot, because she's positively glowing here. Sure, she happens to coming out of her top too, but even her Hart Foundation was covered up, her demeanour in this shot is cute, attractive, and alluring. Tyson Kidd is certainly lucky to have survived his career ending mishap, but take a gander at his wife, and the guy is clearly much luckier than that.

9 Dominatrix Rumours


Here's an odd one for you? Nattie likes to rock leather and studs a lot of time in pictures like this one and sometimes she kind of looks like a dominatrix (in pics like this one), “I believe there's a little bit of a dominatrix in me,” she once said on Total Divas.  But you have to wonder if she does it as a rib on the severely unstable person who tried to extort 250,000 grand from the Anvilette by saying that he was beaten by her for over four years and was abused by her too.  Clearly this case was thrown out almost as quick as it was filed, but let that be a lesson to plenty of Divas out there to protect yourselves - as much as Nattie might look like a femdom goddess, it doesn't mean she is one or even plays one on TV.

8 Canadian Cutie


Our favourite Hart gal has sure grown up these past few years, hasn't she? The girl in this picture has the quintessential girl next door smile, not to mention some features of her body that have us thanking Jim Neidhart for giving the world such a beautiful gift. Taken just as the third generation Diva was just starting out, she knew that no matter how much she might have wanted to be seen as a true force in the ring, first she had to be seen as a model. Clearly the strategy worked. She honed her craft in Canada for both Matrats and the family’s Stampede promotion and got big in Japan, all before finally signing with the WWE in 2007. Once there, she still pranced around like a Diva (which was par for the course), but also began to help change the culture and legitimize women’s wrestling.

7 Good Gawd


Nattie worked her tail off to be seen as a phenomenal in ring performer good enough to carry the Pink and Black Attack flag of the Hart Dynasty. She put her time in being trained by her uncles in the dungeon and deserves all the respect in the world for her effort.

Yes her body is to die for and can cause salivation in some fans. Looking as good as Nattie, especially in pics like this, takes hard work. Wrestling fans have long heard about the Hindu Squats of Verne Gagne’s Hell Camp, as well as the rough and rugged wrestling to come out of the Dungeon; how many Hindu Squats would one have to to get glutes like Natalya? Vince thought it would be hilarious to have those glutes be super flatulent. The guy sure likes ribbing the Hart family doesn't he?

6 Get Your Cop Fantasies Ready


Even though the ladies of the WWE are pile-driving the image of the last generation of Divas right out of the ring, they still do a slew of pictorials for the WWE website. No matter how amazing their in-ring ability is, red-blooded male fans still enjoy admiring their beauty as well as their in ring work.

Every Halloween, the Divas get down and rock out in their favourite trick-or-treat costumes. One year, Nattie decided to show Breezango how to look good while upholding the law, just a few years earlier. Here's hoping she'll resurrect this outfit for a cameo on the upcoming “Strangerer Things.” If no cameo, at least if her gimmick stops working, Nattie could be a new version of the Mountie or the Big Boss Woman.

5 Enter At Your Own Risk


“Danger Keep Out”? Have you people met Nattie? Her father held the world record for anvil tossing, and she was born and raised in the Dungeon. The Anvilette’s laughing at danger and that sign should be warning anyone who dares to get in her way that she's the danger. Dangerous alluring smile, wild blond wavy hair, dangerous curves in all of the right places and perhaps most surprising (since they're always covered up in the ring) are legs that refuse to tap out.

The WWE likes to have a dichotomy when it comes to Nattie. She's pushed as a legitimate badass on Smackdown, but also likes to have her pose in skimpy and sexy situations. Not that they don't do this with the rest of the roster, but it does seem that behind the scenes, she is seen as just another good hand more than she's seen in this light, so it's nice when she has this platform.

4 Sheer Hart(Break Kid) Attack


Thankfully Bret Hart buried his grudge with Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, and anyone else involved in the Montreal Screwjob a long time ago. Thanks to HBK’s friendship with Nattie’s husband, Tyson Kidd, the two were able to reach out and make up and have been friendly with one another ever since.

After all the hardships the Hitman has endured over the years, seeing one of his nieces (and the only Hart family member currently working in the WWE) dressed up as a much hotter version of the Heartbreak Kid might have just sent the legendary Hall of Famer right over the edge.

3 Bridging the Diva Gap


It must be interesting to be Natalya Neidhart. It’s a running theme in this article, but also throughout her WWE career. She is consistently pushed as wrestling royalty to be respected and admired, but she also debuted during a time when Divas were to admire for a much different reason than their wrestling prowess. You had to be a model; supposedly Johnny Ace was tasked with looking through all kinds of catalogues to find statuesque dynamite ladies to bolster the roster. But bridging the gap between “twisted steal and sex appeal” was Natalya.

Whether it be photo shoots, or Total Divas, the third generation Diva is always willing to lend a helping hand and do the job, or better yet showcase that while not being statuesque, she can put a lot of the other lovely ladies to shame on the beach, as well as in the ring.

2 Halloween For The Queen


Among all of the things Nattie does, one of which is following in her Uncle Bret’s footsteps with a column in the Calgary Sun. In her latest column, she shared a great story about trick-or-treating with her sister Muffy and the Rotunda boys – aka Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas. For die-hard fans that grew up watching their fathers, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart and ‘The Taxman’ Irwin R. Scheister tear it up in the ring, it’s a treat for fans to hear about their favourite superstars as kids doing what kids do.

This year, the Queen dressed up in a costume certainly tailor-made for a woman of her talents – the DC superhero Wonder Woman. Here Nattie is dressed up as beautifully and as tastefully as she generally is, giving Gal Gadot a run for her money.

1 Total Divas


Nattie has not only been at the forefront of the women’s division for ten years strong now, she has also been front and centre of E!’s Total Divas, which of course is all about the behind-the-scenes antics and “real lives” of all our favorite ladies of the ring. This new season is the seventh year and will actually cross the 100-episode milestone.

The Queen of Harts is actually one of the few Divas that have been on the show every single season, and part of her journey has been documenting the third-generation diva's attempt to become Women’s champion. That journey finally became complete at Summer Slam, and surely will be a big part of the season and an emotional moment.

As part of the show, as with every season comes a photo shoot for E! That means showing all of the divas in some pretty slinky, sexy outfits. Nattie here might never have looked better – fulfilling the promise of “Pinup Strong” that she and Beth Phoenix started long ago.

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