15 Photos Of NXT Women Showing Their Love For WWE

Thanks to the countless hours put in by Triple H and many of the WWE's top employees, the NXT Division is home to many of the rising stars who'll be top-of-the card Superstars in no time. Greats like Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens left their marks in NXT and were promoted to becoming some of the WWE's top guys.

As we cling to hope that the Women's Division in WWE will rise to its rightful prominence, there have bene bumps in the road. And now with two separate divisions on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, talent may run thin.

Thanks to the recent Brand Spilt, many NXT Superstars have been called-up to the main roster. With Carmella, Nia Jax, and Alex Bliss leaving NXT, and Bayley likely on her way out, their Women's Division will need some fresh faces.

In this article, we will show you some of the recent call-ups, as well as some current NXT Superstars as they express their love for WWE through Instagram.

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15 Peyton Royce Loves HBK

A picture is worth a thousand words. Three is better than one.

Use any common cliche you want, but this is an admirable photo that surely impressed Triple H and Vince McMahon from their offices. Respecting a WWE legend like this is sure to go a long way.

Shawn Michaels was called the Heartbreak Kid for a reason; he simply broke people's hearts. He had the moves that drove the girls wild and was able to send chills down their spines. The lyrics of his theme song clearly appeal to the lovely Ms. Royce here. You wonder if HBK was the inspiration for her trying to become a wrestler. The 24-year-old Australian has been with the company for a year now.

Royce's first televised match was against then NXT Women's Champion, Sasha Banks. Let's keep track of her progress, but this photo has already left a great impression on most of us.

14 Nia Jax Wearing The Rock's Shirt

Found this gem @talkingkrit! Lol! Team #Boots2AForLife

A post shared by Lina Fanene (@niajaxwwe) on

Every man talks about how he wants a woman who can cook. But I personally prefer a lady who can smell what The Rock is cooking. And that's what Nia Jax has been able to do. Mind you, it does help her know what he's cooking because she happens to be The Rock's cousin. So you got a girl who's wearing a killer shirt and happens to be cousins with arguably the most electrifying superstar in sports entertainment? Say no more.

Nia Jax comes from a family with a history of wrestling; The Rock's grandfather and father were also pro wrestlers. Part of the Anoa'i family that also contains Roman Reigns and The Usos, it's great to see Jax keeping up the family tradition.

Jax was drafted to the Raw Brand just weeks ago and should instantly become a fan favourite because of her ties to current and former wrestling icons.

13 Eva Marie Loves WWE and the Fans

You sometimes hear stories about wrestlers being jerks to fans; such as Shawn Michaels refusing to sign a 10-year-old kid's photo because he wouldn't pay up $10, or Ric Flair getting telling fans to ___ off for trying to meet him.

Well, at least one photo suggests to us that Eva Marie is as approachable as it comes. Seeing her with Natalya and Big Show here is one thing, but showing her appreciation for the fans is even better. WWE's PG Era goes in the direction for nothing more than kids these days, and WWE does plenty of charity work for children as well.

Eva Marie knows the sacrifices and hard work it takes to get to the top, and doing little things like making this kid's day make her awesome. Marie was recently drafted to the SmackDown Live brand and continues to work on her craft. Let's hope she gets what she worked for and finds some success in WWE.

12 Mandy Rose With Paige

"Bonjour" 🗼 @realpaigewwe 😘 #TotalDivas #eonline #paris

A post shared by Mandy Rose (@mandysacs) on

Though Paige has been out of the WWE spotlight for a while now, she has been arguably WWE's top diva for the past several years. The British gal has done a phenomenal job playing the snarky, stuck-up diva that you all knew in high school. That doesn't matter to Mandy Rose, who posed for a great photo with Paige. The two look awesome in their matching hats here.

Rose the 25-year-old New York native, instantly made a name for himself after being runner-up in WWE Tough Enough last year. Her work landed her a gig with NXT, and it's clear how much Triple H and Mr. McMahon like her: She was signed to a long-term five-year deal with the company. That's how much faith they have in her.

11 Asuka And the Luck of the Irish

Holy smokes, seven years?

The Belfast Bruiser brought the luck of the Northern Irish into WWE, and his close friendship with the current NXT Women's Champion Asuka has surely helped her reach a high point with the company.

My only complaint about this photo is that it's lacking Hornswoggle. But other than that, I love seeing old-timers like Finlay doing his part in helping young guns like Asuka find a place in the WWE. The Osaka, Japan native has been wrestling for over a decade now, but finally joined WWE when she debuted with NXT last year.

Asuka has the incredible quick and agile in-ring ability you don't always see from competitors (of any gender). We doubt Finlay's going to train her to hit her opponents with a Club like he did. May the luck of the Northern Irish help you succeed, Asuka.

10 Billie Kay with Charlotte

One of my favourite pics from Wrestlemania weekend ❤️👯 @charlottewwe

A post shared by Billie Kay (@billiekaywwe) on

It's hard not to be jealous of Billie Kay, here.

To be honest, if there is one WWE Superstar I could meet, it would be Ric Flair. I'm sure a large portion of NXT Women look up to Charlotte, the daughter of the Nature Boy and limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheeling-dealing son of a gun. She's already became (in at least my opinion) the top female star on the WWE roster. It's pretty awesome being Kay and getting to meet the PG Era's version of Trish Stratus.

Charlotte has been amazing on the mic and is taking after her father, but her ultimate heel move was telling her father to leave, and that she wasn't "Ric Flair's daughter," but he was "Charlotte's father!" Who dare talk to the Nature Boy like that?

Kay is another NXT Superstar from Australia, and at 27-years-old, deserves her promotion to the big screen. It's a matter of when, not if at this point.

9 Bayley and The Dream

A little pep talk with Dreamy Weamy before a big night at #NXTTakeoverDallas 💜

A post shared by Bayley (@itsmebayley) on

Ah yes, Bayley has impressed us so much.

Well, this giant photo of her posing with an iconic Dusty Rhodes statue an event in Dallas makes her incredibly awesome. Don't forget all of those nostalgic WrestleMania posters standing right behind her. What more does she need to prove to you to show her love for the WWE? Dusty Rhodes was The American Dream of professional wrestling, and his impact will always be remembered as long as Goldust and Cody Rhodes (and hopefully their future children) stay in the wrestling busines

It's really cool to see Bayley sharing her love and tribute for Rhodes in this picture. It's another example of how much she loves the WWE, how hard she wants to get to the top and how much respect she has for the legends. Everybody needs an inspiration to reach the field of dreams they have. Looks like Bayley found hers.

8 Carmella and The Texas Rattlesnake

Give me a HELL YEAH!!

A post shared by Leah Van Damme (@carmellawwe) on

Okay seriously, now these NXT Superstars are making all of us jealous. Can we just be there for a day and chill with all of our favourite childhood wrestlers?

Here's Carmella with Stone Cold Steve Austin, the man that Mr. McMahon and Jim Ross believe to be the greatest and most profitable Superstar in WWE history. His character in the Attitude Era was a game-changer in helping WWE win the Monday Night Wars and put WCW out of business. Though he hasn't wrestled in over a decade, he's made sporadic appearances and continues to be a huge part of the company's success today with his Stone Cold Podcast.

Enough about Stone Cold, here's more about Carmella. She's basically the complete package with her background in cheerleading and dancing. After spending three years in NXT, she was drafted to SmackDown Live. Like most NXT Superstars on this list, hopefully her hard work will lead to great success in a Women's Division that needs new faces most.

7 Carmella with Triple H

It appears as though Carmella has learned how to play the game.

That, of course, is to show how much you love the WWE, and uploading a photo of you with the second-most powerful man in the company is one way to go about. Carmella's showing her respect to The Cerebral Assassin, who has done an absolutely remarkable job making NXT a legitimate place of producing top-notch Superstars.

Triple H hasn't been on-screen as much despite his monumental role as co-leader of The Authority. Though that may upset many of the old-time fans, it's simply for the best because of how many top stars are starting to come out of NXT. And Carmella is well on her way to great things.

The Game is a popular guy with the ladies, and  here's another photo showing just how much they all love him.

6 Nia Jax with The Rock

The caption is enough to give you goosebumps all over your body.

On the right side, you have the most electrifying name in sports entertainment who's now crushing it in Hollywood. And on the left side, you have his cousin who is trying to follow her family's footsteps of wrestling success. She seems inspired to out-do her cousin in the industry, but it's next-to-impossible for any other person on earth to do that, of course.

Nia Jax smells what The Rock is cooking, part two. It's great to learn from the best, and having a great mentor like Dwayne Johnson is sure going to help pay its dividends down the road.

5 Billie Kay And Dusty Rhodes

Ah yes, a double whammy. Two photos of this wonderful tribute to Dusty Rhodes. Once again, here's an NXT Superstar showing her respect to one of the biggest legends the industry has ever seen.

Kay may be the best NXT Superstar who hasn't cracked the WWE roster yet. But she will be on her way before too long. She's been in the NXT since 2015, and has already has begun to make waves. It appears as though Triple H and co. want her to showcase her talents more in NXT before putting her on the main card.

Billie Kay, the Australian beauty, has toured all over competing as a wrestler. Seeing her love here for Dusty Rhodes is another example of how dedicated she is to the business. Hopefully she gets her big chance soon.

4 Bayley With Triple H

😏 #tbt #NXTTakeoverTheEnd #BreakingGround #NXT

A post shared by Bayley (@itsmebayley) on

Looks like it may be Triple H who should own Shawn Michaels' theme song lyrics, because he really does seem to have the moves that drive the girls wild. Here's another photo of an NXT star showing admiration and respect for her boss. You have to love that.

Two champions. Two belts. One photo. Bayley is one of the most electrifying wrestlers we've gotten to see in recent years, and no doubt she's set to make a huge impact in the WWE. If The Game is going to pose as a champion with another champion, you know he's pleased with what he's seen from her.

She definitely has the right idols, saying the likes of The Rock, Triple H and Bret Hart are her inspirations. Bayley has been on the NXT roster since 2012, so you figure her big chance is coming before too long. She did appear in Battleground last month, but it's only the start of great things for her.

3 Bayley and Stone Cold


A post shared by Bayley (@itsmebayley) on

No caption required for Bayley and The Texas Rattlesnake.

Once again, here's one of the WWE's top-of-the-top icons with a Superstar on the rise. What more is there to complain about? It never hurts to have a leader, mentor, and idol to look up to. Assuming Bayley's always looked up to The Texas Rattlesnake, there's no reason to believe her tenure in the WWE won't be successful.

Stone Cold wasn't known as much for being a lady's man in the WWE, because he was far too much of a rule-breaker who always screwed with Mr. McMahon. Not exactly a way you want to go about in the business by supporting a man who has no regard for the boss. (Yes, it's all in storyline, we know.)

But here's another photo of Austin with a lovely lady who's going to help make women's wrestling great. Once again, a picture is worth a thousand words.

2 Nia Jax and...Triple H

Remember the old Evolution titantron of Triple H and Randy Orton hanging out with all of those beautiful women? Should Evolution come back and make a new titantron, they may as well just use photos of Triple H with these women. The man is on a roll. Oh, and so is Nia Jax with all of these connections she has.

To have all these photos with your cousin, The Rock, and one of WWE's top wrestlers ever is simply inspiring and remarkable. Nia Jax has impressed us enough with her game on Instagram and is surely going to be a fan favourite just for her connections to The Rock and the wrestling family.

Like all the other NXT Superstars who have posted photos with Triple H, she really knows how to play the game, even if his theme song says you don't want to play him. I really can't wait for her to embark as one of the top Women in WWE. It's long overdue.

1 Bayley and Charlotte

Double trouble.

Charlotte kicked her own father, Ric, out of the ring. That goes to show how much pride she has in herself. The fact she put herself above her father (in storyline) suggests it's almost impossible to please her. Not, however, if your name is Bayley. You have a photo of two great Women both showing off their title belts (back when both were champion).


Charlotte's learned everything her father has taught her, and could probably start using her experiences to train new talents. Hopefully, her and Bayley work together down the road in WWE. It'd be awesome to see Charlotte follow a similar Evolution storyline where her father, Ric, mentored and trained Randy Orton and Batista (along with triple H).

No doubt that Bayley will be a top-notch star very soon. When she arrives, you can't question her and Charlotte working as a team down the road.

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