15 Photos Of Sable That Would Drive Brock Lesnar Crazy

Sable was once seen as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was part of WWE at a time when the term Divas was still relatively new and is considered to be one of the first women to be referred to as a WWE Diva. Sable is also a former Women's Champion and a former three-time Playboy cover girl, something that no other women who has been part of the company have been able to accomplish. Incredibly almost 20 years after it was first published, her April 1999 issue of Playboy magazine is still one of the highest selling issues in WWE history.

Ever since she left WWE back in 2004 she has settled down with her third husband who is current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and the couple have started their own family. While her Playboy magazine days are behind her, there are still a number of images of the former WWE Diva that will live long in the memory of many wrestling fans.

The following list looks at some of the most iconic images of Sable throughout her career that would definitely drive her husband mad if he knew that the public were still looking at some of her skimpiest images.

15 Blonde Beauty

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Sable is perhaps best remembered for her first run in WWE, even though she did return to the company in 2003 and was able to work with the likes of Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie and Stacy Keibler who were the women who would later take over as the main women in the company after she left.

It was announced in August 2004 that Sable had left the company but it was under much less controversial circumstances than her first departure. Sable herself later revealed that she had decided to leave the company to spend more time with her family. That being said, Sable did later make a number of appearances for New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2006 alongside her husband, but both Lesnar and Sable left the company in 2007 amidst a lawsuit with WWE following Lesnar's departure after WrestleMania XX.

14 Tiger Print Babe

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Bikini contests between the women of WWE were the norm while Sable was part of the company, which could be why the WWE Universe became so used to seeing the former Champion in these skimpy outfits.

Of course, Sable wasn't with WWE for very long, she debuted back in 1996 and walked away from the company in 1999 when it was revealed that she was using them for harassment and unsafe working conditions, seeking $110 million as part of this lawsuit. Of course, she didn't get anywhere near that much from WWE but was able to settle her lawsuit and then make amends with the company to the extent where she was actually able to return to WWE in 2003, which was where she first met her future husband Brock Lesnar.

13 Black Beauty

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Sable burst onto the scene in WWE back at WrestleMania XII back in 1996. She then stepped into a storyline with Triple H and her real-life husband Marc Mero after he witnessed Triple H treating her badly backstage.

This led to Mero attacking Triple H and taking Sable as his own manager, perhaps one of the biggest mistakes he made in his short career. Sable later went on to become one of the most popular female stars of her time which in turn is thought to be one of the reasons why Mero's career didn't reach the heights it had the potential to because she always overshadowed her husband, something that later affected their marriage as well. Looking at Sable in the above picture, you can see what it was that made her so appealing to the WWE Universe.

12 A Woman Of The World

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Sable was signed to WWE along with her real-life husband Marc Mero and the couple worked together for much of Sable's WWE career. Mero was seen as the dominant male figure who didn't want any other man looking at his wife, which could be why he forced her to wear a potato sack at one point on TV back in December 1997.

Sable didn't like this very much so she stripped off the sack and revealed that she was wearing a very small black bikini underneath. This was the moment where it was made clear just how popular Sable had become and looking at the above image of the former star in a bikini, it is easy to see why the WWE Universe were able to get behind the star.

11 Photoshoot Queen

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Sable's confidence was one of the main things that pushed her through the ranks in WWE so quickly, so it's perhaps not that much of a shock that the former Champion was a model before she ever came to WWE.

Sable started appearing in beauty pageants when she was very young and managed to win her first when she was just 12 years old. At the age of 23, she was working as a model for a number of high profile companies like L'Oreal and Pepsi, years before she ever made a name for herself in WWE. It was only after Sable met her second husband Marc Mero whom she married in 1994 that she was introduced to the world of wrestling, a place that she was able to conquer in the coming years.

10 Pretty In Pink

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Sable will always be seen as one of the best female wrestlers when it comes to her bikini photos. There is no doubting her beauty, but there were a number of occasions where Sable was able to show that she had in-ring ability as well.

When Sable entered what could be considered her first real feud with Luna Vachon, she was able to prove that there was quite a bit of aggression to her character as well. She also later went on to face her real-life husband Marc Mero in a match at Over The Edge back at 1998 where she was unable to defeat him, but she proved that she had the guts to try. It was only after this feud with Mero that Jacqueline was introduced to the company and the Women's Championship was returned to its rightful place.

9 Blonde Bombshell

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Sable was absolutely stunning which is probably why it didn't take long for her to become more popular than her real-life husband Marc Mero, which could be why WWE decided to revamp their Women's Division and build it around her.

Sable cut a promo back in 1999 which saw her refer to herself as a "Diva" for the first time, a term that would then go on to define the Women's Division in WWE over the new few decades until the term was recently removed from the WWE dictionary as part of the Women's Revolution. Sable wasn't just a Diva on-screen either, she caused a number of problems for herself and WWE off-screen and backstage, which resulted in her leaving the company under controversial circumstances back in May 1999.

8 Women's Champion

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Sable and Sunny are two of the most memorable female wrestlers of the 1990s in WWE, but unlike Sunny, Sable was able to lift the Women's Championship while she was employed by the company, but incredibly it is Sunny that is in the Hall of Fame and not Sable.

Sable won the Women's Championship just months after the Championship was reinstated after she was able to defeat Jacqueline at Survivor Series back in 1998. At that point in time, Sable was the main attraction of the Women's Division and was able to hold on to the title for almost six months before she was defeated by Debra in a controversial Evening Gown match. This was done because Sable was in a dispute with WWE at the time backstage and the company wanted to take the title from her.

7 Sable And Torrie Wilson

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The loyal WWE fans from the early 2000s will be well aware of the thing that connects these two beautiful female wrestlers. Torrie Wilson and Sable are both Playboy cover girls alone but when Sable returned to the company back in 2003 she was able to pose for the magazine once again alongside Torrie.

The duo became the first women in the company to pose on the cover of Playboy together and when their copy was released back in March 2004 it allowed them to team together against Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie as part of a below-par feud. The duo later were victorious at WrestleMania XX when they defeated Keibler and Jackie in a Tag Team Evening Gown Match that was basically more of a lingerie match. Many of the WWE Universe have fond memories of Torrie and Sable together.

6 Born To Pose

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Sable looks completely comfortable as a model because it's something she's been doing her entire life. It's hard to believe that even though Sable is now a mother and wife to Universal Champion Brock Lesnar she has actually been married three times.

Sable married her first husband Wayne W. Richardson back in 1986 which was when her first daughter Mariah was born. This marriage ended back in 1991 when her husband was in a drunk driving accident. A few years later Sable met WCW star Marc Mero who she later married in 1994 and followed to WWE after he left WCW following s dispute over payment. Sable's on-screen role caused the couple a number of issues and later led to their divorce in 2004, it was then that she met Brock Lesnar when she made her return to WWE.

5 Sable's Private Life

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Sable and Brock didn't exactly have an easy start to their relationship, the couple called off their engagement back in 2005 after a few problems but were later able to put the pieces back together to announced that their engagement was back on at the beginning of 2006 and finally married in May 2006.

Since then the couple has welcomed two sons over the past decade their first called Turk was born back in 2009 and their second who they called Duke was born the following year. Together Sable and Brock reside on a farm in  Maryfield, Saskatchewan. Sable isn't the only one in the relationship who has been in more than one relationship. Brock was once engaged to a woman called Nicole McClain and together the couple have twins called Mya and Luke.

4 Real Red Queen

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Given the images that can be found of Sable online from her career in the spotlight, it's a shock to know that she's now a mother of three children. While Sable was always a mother throughout her time in WWE, since her first daughter was born when she was still married to her first husband back in 1986. This marriage later came to a tragic end back in 1991.

Sable's daughter Mariah has inherited her mother's good looks but Sable has continued to add to her perfect family over the past few years and following her marriage to Brock Lesnar back in 2006, Sable gave birth to two sons called Duke and Turk. The couple has the perfect family now and at 50-years-old Sable seems to have fallen into the role as a mother quite well.

3 Rear View

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Sable's personal life and the fact that she once filed a lawsuit against WWE are the biggest things that WWE fans remember about the former Playboy cover girl when infact Sable should be remembered for more than just her antics outside of a WWE ring.

Even though she is seen as one of many other women who were only eye candy in WWE at that time. Sable was still a talented performer, she could talk on the mic when needed and even had her own catchphrase. More than once Sable also showed that she was able to step up in the ring when needed and was able to perform at WrestleMania a number of times as well. Sable wasn't just another forgettable woman passing through WWE, the former Women's Champion deserves to be recognised as more than that.

2 Sensual Sable

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There is currently a Women's Revolution going on in WWE where it sees the women of WWE taken much more seriously as athletes. Despite this, many of these women are still seen as models and take a number of bikini photoshoots for WWE's website.

This recent switch in WWE has led to many of the WWE Universe looking back at women like Sable and belittling their contribution to the company all those years ago. Of course, as a former Women's Champion Sable did help to pave the way for many of the women who came to the company following her departure. At the time WWE wasn't ready to accept the women as anything more than eye candy, so Sable was only able to do what she was allowed which is why she still deserves her place in history.

1 Playmate

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Who can forget that iconic moment in Sable's career when she appeared in the bikini contest at Full Loaded back in 1998 wearing nothing on her top half but two handprints that were painted on her breasts. Sable obviously won the contest after she received the best reaction from the crowd, but was disqualified from the contest the following night on Raw after Vince McMahon decided that it didn't count since she wasn't actually wearing a bikini.

This became one of the defining moments of her career and was something that went on to boost her popularity through the roof. Fellow Playboy cover girl Ashley Massaro attempted to recreate this moment a few years later when she showed up at No Way Out 2007 with nothing but painted on Playboy Bunnies covering her breasts, it was another memorable moment, but there is nothing like the original moment that Sable gave us almost 20 years ago.

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