15 Photos Of The Four Horsewomen The WWE Want Knocked Out Of Our Memory

With a pool of talent as deep as it has ever been, the WWE Women’s Division has undergone a major overhaul that has seen its competitors become big name stars for reasons other than their physical appearance. These women have spent years cutting their teeth the old-fashioned way, and their in-ring work has made for some incredible television. Females have long been a part of the WWE, and as time has gone on the women who reach the top of the company have been forced to sharpen their skills to provide fans with high-octane matches that are capable of anchoring major cards. With their development having come full circle, the women who make up the current WWE landscape have helped reshape and mold the company, and their work has been nothing short of revolutionary.

While the company is deep with female talent, some performers simply stand out among the pack and the Four Horsewomen are the cream of the crop in the WWE. Comprised of Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Becky Lynch, the Four Horsewomen have been instrumental in changing the public perception of female wrestling. Despite boasting the looks of Divas of old, these women also possess the ability to bring the house down with entertaining and technical matches. They have risen to the top of the WWE, and their exposure has been off the charts.

But, with fame and exposure comes the harsh reality that nothing is secret. Today, we have 15 photos of the 4 Horsewomen that they wish were kept a secret. These photos range from the bizarre to the hilarious, and we have them all for your viewing pleasure.

15 Charlotte's Angry Face

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It takes a lot of guts to step inside a WWE ring and perform for thousands of eager fans in the audience. Fans of the sport know that wrestling is all about storytelling. It's important for the audience to watch a story unfold before its climax, and matches are filled with many ups and downs in order to make the story more intriguing. Part of your job as a storyteller is to sell the action, and judging by this picture of Charlotte Flair, she's having a pretty rough go of things in the ring. Moments like this can often go by at a relatively quick pace, but the photographer responsible for capturing this picture did an excellent job of snapping Charlotte Flair looking angry. Her father Rick was the ultimate performer in his prime, and it looks like Charlotte has learned a thing or two from the old man.

14 Becky Lynch Before She Was Famous

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Performers you see in the WWE don't get to hop aboard and compete in front of large crowds immediately. These athletes spend years of their life training and perfecting their craft before they even get a call to perform in the minor leagues. Before she was conquering the WWE with her signature red hair, wrestler Becky Lynch was just a young woman in Ireland getting her start in the wrestling business. Pictured here without her signature hair and tan, you get a feel of what Becky Lynch went through as she was an up-and-coming talent. A performer needs to go through years of being at the bottom of the barrel before they can truly appreciate the great heights they can reach in the WWE.

13 Becky Lynch's Busted Eye

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Despite wrestling being scripted and the performers being as safe as possible while performing their death-defying stunts, accidents in the ring are bound to arise. Professional wrestling often gets a bad rap for being scripted, but pictures like this one of Becky Lynch with a busted eye should serve notice to the public that these performers really do lay it all on the line each time they step in the ring. The injury that you see pictured above was sustained during a Triple Threat match that took place at WrestleMania. Lynch would end up getting 7 stitches to take care of the cut, and fans were served a reminder that only the toughest can survive in the world of professional wrestling.

12 Sasha Banks Getting In Costume

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One aspect of being a WWE performer that fans rarely get the chance to see is behind the scenes footage of them getting ready to go to war. While the men are typically off lacing up their boots and getting their spray tans, the women that compete in the WWE usually sport a more exotic look filled with makeup and intriguing hairstyles to catch the eyes of audience members. What is even less common to see is a WWE performer getting ready to take part in a photo shoot that requires them to be dressed up like a zombie. Such is the case for Sasha Banks who was tasked with playing this role by the WWE. Banks is a performer who typically sports bright purple hair and flashy jewelry, and her style and presentation in the ring is unlike most others in the company. Seeing her getting ready to dress up as a zombie, however, is a pic that should have been kept private.

11 Becky Club

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Over the years, the WWE has found themselves in competition with a number of other wrestling promotions, and there has yet to be a promotion that has overthrown the WWE as the world leader in professional wrestling. One group of performers, however, has slowly taken the world by storm in recent years, and one could argue that the Bullet Club is just as popular a brand is the WWE. Despite a growing number of former Bullet Club members entering the WWE, the current stars that make up the Bullet Club have propelled the outfit to new heights. While it's completely fine to support your friends, we are sure that the WWE wishes Becky Lynch would have worn a different shirt to this signing. The WWE has recently engaged in a war against the Bullet Club, and we can't imagine a situation like this ever happening again.

10 Charlotte Flair's Childhood Photo

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Who doesn't love seeing a picture of a WWE star back when they were just a kid? Because her father is arguably the greatest wrestler who has ever walked the face of the planet, Charlotte Flair was raised around the professional wrestling industry, and expectations were incredibly high when she decided to become a professional wrestler. Needless to say, she has not disappointed, and she has since become arguably the best female wrestler not named Asuka. This snapshot of a young Charlotte Flair at a birthday party is easily one of the cutest pictures you'll see the youngster. Long before she was breaking hearts and winning belt inside the WWE, Charlotte Flair was just a little girl hanging out with her friends.

9 Bayley As A Youngster

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There's nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit of nostalgia, and this picture of Bayley back when she was just a kid growing up in the South Bay Area sporting a very 1990s choker will give us older people quite the laugh.Chokers have become popular in recent years, and we really cannot understand why. Nevertheless, this picture of a young Bayley is the perfect reminder of 1990s fashion. Her time spent in NXT helped catapult her to becoming one of the bigger stars in the promotion before being called up to the main roster. Her ring attire and entrance have helped her stand out from the other women in the division, and judging by this picture, Bayley used to fit in perfectly with the other girls that went to her school in the Bay Area. Let's hope she stopped wearing chokers a long time ago.

8 Sasha Banks Caught Photobombing

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Social media has given WWE stars the ability to share personal and candid photos with their fan base. These photos are usually of them getting ready to compete or in the gym sharpening their tools while looking good in the process. Occasionally, a WWE star will post a goofy picture of themselves and a friend, and the people in the background can usually be caught in the crossfire. She may be one of the hottest women who has ever competed in the WWE, but this photo of Sasha Banks is one of the most unflattering snapshots you will ever see of her. While we are sure that Sasha Banks would have preferred to take a much more attractive photo with her friends, this photo just goes to show you that Sasha Banks has a great sense of humour to go with her incredible looks.

7 Charlotte Flair's Mug Shot

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Long before she became a professional wrestler who helped change the landscape of the WWE, Charlotte Flair was just an everyday girl who found herself getting into a whole heap of trouble nearly a decade ago. Flair would be charged for assaulting a police officer and was originally sentenced to serve 45 days behind bars. She was just a young woman at the time, and her sentence would end up being changed to supervised probation and a small monetary fine. A person's past will never truly disappear, and those who seek a career of fame and fortune will have to stare at their mugshot for years to come. Instead of letting her past dictate her future, Charlotte Flair rose to the occasion, and she has since become one of the best wrestlers on the planet.

6 Bayley Caught Being A Fangirl

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Even before he made his way to NXT and eventually up to the main roster in the WWE, performer Shinsuke Nakamura was considered one of the premiere wrestling talents in the world. His call-up to the WWE main roster was met with an immense amount of fanfare, and his entrance music alone has helped catapult him into becoming one of the biggest superstars on the roster. Even though she is a professional wrestler, Bayley isn't immune to the charm and reputation that precedes Shinsuke Nakamura. Bayley just could not stop herself from having a fangirl moment while Nakamura was making his way backstage. Despite Sasha Banks' attempts to get Bayley to calm down for a second, she just couldn't help herself from sharing a moment with Nakamura.

5 Getting Some Flair

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The stylin' and profilin' Ric Flair has long been considered one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. His work inside the ring and on the microphone is nearly unrivalled by any other performer, and Flair was instrumental in the rise of professional wrestling. The legend continues to make appearances to this day, and his daughter Charlotte is one of the best women wrestlers in the world. Though they are both part of the Four Horsewomen, Ric Flair seized an opportunity to plant a kiss on Becky Lynch, much to the surprise of onlookers. The moment was shocking, and it caused a stir in the media after it occurred. The WWE has since edited out the footage from the taping that can be viewed on the WWE Network. Needless to say, this is a moment that Becky Lynch would rather forget about.

4 Pint-Sized Boss

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It may be hard to believe, but there was once a time when Sasha Banks wasn't sporting crazy purple hair and calling herself a boss. The beautiful Banks was once a cute kid who was far more concerned with pushing around a big wheel as opposed to wiping out her competition in the WWE. We have seen a number of WWE performers have their childhood photos make their way onto the internet, though few of these stars were as cute as Sasha Banks was when she was a pint-sized tyke. While we are sure that Banks would prefer to keep this photo a bit more private, she is fortunate enough to have been an adorable kid, lightening the embarrassment a bit.

3 Bayley's Shoulder Injury

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Not unlike Becky Lynch's eye being busted open during her Triple Threat match at WrestleMania, Bayley has also dealt with a serious injury that she sustained during a match. Initially scheduled to compete for the title at SummerSlam, Bayley looked like she could regain her title after becoming the number one contender. This would be short-lived after Bayley suffered a separated shoulder during a match with fellow WWE performer Nia Jax. People initially questioned the validity of the injury, and this is directly related to the fact that the WWE has had their athletes fake injuries to better tell a long-term story. The injury was devastating news to Bayley who was looking to get back on top with a win over Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. Bayley has since returned to competition, looking to get back into the title picture.

2 Sasha Banks Meeting John Cena

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Long before they become stars, WWE performers are fans just like the rest of us. They tune in each week to Raw and SmackDown, looking to stay up to date on all of the latest news and stories that are happening in the WWE. These kids harbour dreams of one day competing in the WWE, and for those hard-working and determined individuals that make it, their careers are the most important thing in their life. Before she was a champion and one of the biggest stars in the promotion, Sasha Banks was just a young woman who was a fan of the sport. This picture is of a young Sasha Banks getting to meet John Cena who has long been the biggest star in the company. Judging by the look on her face, Banks was ecstatic to meet Cena, and can you blame her? Love him or hate him, John Cena has been the face of the company for years, and he is a surefire Hall of Fame inductee.

1 Hitman Aspirations

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Fans of professional wrestling all have one performer who tops their list of favorites. For me, The Rock was my favorite wrestler thanks largely to his charisma on the microphone and his slew of phrases that resonated with the mainstream media. Many wrestlers have come and gone over the years, though few can truly lay claim to be a legend of the sport. Bret Hart, the man who helped carry the WWE through a dark period, is one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever competed professionally, and it appears as though Bayley was a fan of the Excellence of Execution. The photo here shows Bayley holding what appears to be a fresh autograph from the Hitman as well as a photo of them. There are fewer things in life that are as exciting as a kid getting to meet their hero, and we are truly jealous that Bayley got to meet Bret Hart.

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