15 Photos Of Trish Stratus' "Assets" Her Husband Doesn't Want You To See

Ron Fisico is a lucky man, unless you consider the fact that everyone is ogling his wife!

When you think of super hot former WWE women's wrestlers, the blonde bombshell known to the WWE Universe as Trish Stratus has to be one of the first names that comes to mind. Starting off her WWE career back in 2000, Trish quickly worked her way into many male fans' hearts with her stunning looks and incredible in-ring talent. I believe most fans would refer to Stratus as being the "total package" when it comes to what Vince McMahon was looking for in a top Diva at the time. Trish Stratus is arguably the greatest WWE Diva of all time, and she accomplished great things in her career that stretched from 2000 t0 2006, appearing sporadically since retiring. Trish is a 7-time Women's Champion, and few other women will ever be near as successful as Stratus was in her prime.

If you didn't know, Trish Stratus has been married to Ron Fisico (her high school sweetheart) since late September 2006. Together, Ron and Trish have two children - a son named Maximus who has born in September 2013, and a daughter named Madison who was born earlier this year in January. I'd say Stratus and Ron have kept a fairly low profile as a couple, and I'm sure Fisico is somewhat jealous of all the attention that Trish receives from her legions of fans. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to acknowledge the fact that Trish Stratus is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and throughout her career, many alluring and revealing photographs were taken of Stratus.

Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 photos of Trish Stratus' "assets" (her booty and "sets of twins") that her husband Ron definitely does NOT want you to see!

17 Stratus' "Set Of Glutes" On Full Display


As you can probably see, this alluring picture showcases Trish Stratus' undeniably attractive "set of glutes". Trish is photographed here doing her signature yoga. Trish's incredible phyique certainly added to the affect of the overall mood of this picture.

Imagine if you were at the gym and you saw Trish Stratus posing like. I'm sure most of you would be at a loss for words considering just how radiantly beautiful Stratus looked here. Though Trish has found success in the fitness industry since leaving professional wrestling behind, let's just say that modeling would definitely be an option for Stratus if things "went south" so to speak.

16 Trish In The Weight Room


This extremely alluring picture showcases Trish Stratus working out in the gym all while looking absolutely gorgeous. Few words can accurately describe just how beautiful Trish has looked in all of the photos included on this list so far, and I'm starting to struggle to find new words that can describe Stratus' shear hotness.

Let's just say that Trish was looking luscious in this pic, as her jaw-dropping profile glossy skin truly makes this picture stand out as being one of "Canada's Greatest Export's" absolute best. Although it's highly unlikely that Stratus was actually working out during this photoshoot, Trish's chiseled physique certainly shows that she trains incredibly hard in the gym to maintain her body.

15 Luscious Locker Room Pose


Here we have one of the WWE's many photoshoots involving the irresistibly gorgeous Trish Stratus during her reign as the Women's Champion - this time taking place in a locker room which featured Stratus rocking an alluring pink lace up with one of her belts that had her name engraved on it. Trish looked positively beautiful in this photograph, and her "sets of twins" were on full display.

I suppose when you "got it", you should flaunt it, as Trish definitely possesses attractive "assets" and she seems to have no problem showing them off. Although Trish was always regarded as being exceptionally gorgeous, her in-ring talent shouldn't be forgotten. Stratus was definitely ahead of her time, as she would probably fit better in with the talented "Women's Division" wrestlers of today versus the Divas of the past.

14 Trish's Revealing All-White Attire


This picture captures the luscious Trish Stratus posing backstage in an alluring all-white outfit that certainly accentuated her infamous "set of twins". Although it's almost guaranteed that Stratus had "enhancements" done at some point, there's no denying that Trish sported some of the hottest "assets" in all of professional wrestling during her time with WWE. Trish was most definitely a pioneer in the evolution of women's wrestling, as she possessed incredible in-ring talent that made the Divas of WWE more than just eye candy.

However, that's certainly not to say that Stratus wasn't drop-dead gorgeous because she was. But Trish was much more than just a pretty face. Although it's hard to determine if any of the WWE's current Women's Division wrestlers will ever match Trish's legacy in Sports Entertainment, I believe Alexa Bliss has one of the best chances as she is very reminiscent of Trish. Perhaps this is why the WWE have pushed Bliss to begin with.

13 Stratus Showing Off Her "Set Of Twins"


When you think of revealing pictures of Trish Stratus' "assets" that her husband doesn't want any of us to see, this photograph that showcases Trish showing off her "sets of twins" has to be at the forefront of that list. Stratus was posing here in a swimming pool rocking a vibrant orange bikini while making the most sensual facial expression possible. Of course Trish squeezing her "twins" together certainly added to the alluring affect of the picture as well.

Although we're just getting started with this list, it definitely isn't hard to see why so many fans rank Trish Stratus as being the hottest WWE Diva of all time. Though the WWE still has quite a few attractive women today, few of them can compete with the looks Trish possessed. Ironically (considering she's very similar) Alexa Bliss is perhaps the only current WWE female who could potentially rival Stratus in terms of hotness - though this is still highly debatable. Trish Stratus was in a league of her own, and her 7 Women's Championship reigns reflect that notion.

12 Trish's Workout Pose


Here we have one of Trish Stratus' more recent alluring photos, one that certainly showcased Trish's "assets" in all their glory while posing on some fitness equipment. As you may be able to see, if anything, Stratus has only gotten hotter with age as she's still looking gorgeous at 41 years old.

Trish is very vocal about living a healthy and active lifestyle, and she even owns a yoga studio in Toronto, Canada called Stratusphere which she has been running since 2008. Although Trish's time in the squared circle has ended, that hasn't stopped Stratus from making sure that she remains in top shape - even after becoming a mother of two. Trish definitely isn't shy in front of  a camera, as she has no problem posing in relatively skimpy clothing for her legions of fans.

11 An Eye Opening Angle


This photo of the gorgeous Trish Stratus definitely reveals Trish's "assets" in all their glory. This picture has become one of Stratus' most iconic photoshoot moments, as she couldn't have looked any hotter all while posing at an angle that truly highlighted her "assets".

As I've mentioned before, it's almost guaranteed that Trish had breast enhancements early on in her career to further her chances of becoming a star in the WWE, and luckily for Trish, it worked out as she became THE Diva. It's amazing to witness how much things have changed in terms of women's wrestling in WWE, as the blueprint for a top female performer has drastically evolved since the "Attitude Era" or the "Ruthless Aggression Era".


9 Try Not To Stare


Here we have an extraordinarily alluring photo of Trish Stratus posing very skimpily on the beach during a bright Summer's day. It's fairly easy to notice that Trish's "assets" were on full display, and I'm sure Stratus' husband Ron surely wouldn't want any of us to be staring at this revealing photograph of his wife. However, it's hard not to stare at a picture of Trish, as she quite simply looked breathtakingly beautiful.

The fact that Stratus was acting s revealing during this photoshoot only adds to the allure of the photo (especially when you observe the facial expression Trish was making). Whether you loved Trish Stratus or not, I doubt anyone could argue that she wasn't an absolute "blonde bombshell" during her blonde days. Now Trish rocks brown hair, and she still looks gorgeous regardless. Age is certainly just a number for Stratus, as she really has only gotten hotter with each passing year.

8 Trish Stratus At The Office


Imagine if this was the sight that greeted you when you arrived at the office for a hard days work. Trish Stratus is posing here rocking an extremely provocative "office" outfit while making an alluring facial expression that would surely drive any and all of her fans absolutely nuts. I think it's pretty clear that Trish was showing off her "sets of twins" on purpose in this picture, as there's no way her top was so low-cut and revealing for nothing.

As I've mentioned before, Trish certainly has a knack for modelling, and she'd have no trouble finding work in that industry if she desired. As we continue to work our way down this list, I'm sure you're starting to understand why Trish's husband Ron doesn't want you to be staring at these photos - they're far too revealing.

7 Trish Proving That She's Been Eating Her "Booty O's"


Trish Stratus has most definitely been eating her "Booty O's", as her "set of glutes" couldn't be any more robust and attractive. When you think of wrestling women (past or present) that sported attractive booty's, Trish has to be one of the first names that comes to mind along with other females such as Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Eva Marie.

Though Vince McMahon's criteria of a top women's wrestler has changed quite significantly over the years, it isn't hard to notice that most of his top women possess an attractive figure. Sure, other females such as Bayley and Sasha Banks aren't quite as hot as Stratus was (and still is), but they both have one thing in common with Trish - a robust posterior.

6 Trish's Vibrant Red Bikini Pose


Here we have a photograph that showcases Trish Stratus rocking a vibrant red bikini at the beach. Trish certainly ranks as being the most attractive blonde bombshell in WWE history, and that isn't arguable. Under Trish, attractive blondes such as Lana, Stacy Keibler, Kelly Kelly, Maryse and Alexa Bliss take the second places as blonde bombshells.

Though Stratus is by far the greatest Women's Division wrestler of all time, she only spent 6 years performing for the WWE before hanging up her boots in September 2006 following her win over Lita at the Unforgiven pay-per-view for the Women's Championship. It truly speaks volumes about how the WWE looked at Trish as a performer and Superstar, because there's no greater honour than retiring as the champion which is exactly what Trish Stratus did following her win at Unforgiven.


4 An Alluring Shot Of Stratus From Behind


When you look at this photo, I'm sure the first thing you noticed was Trish's attractive pose which was definitely the highlight of this picture. Stratus was posing here rocking an incredibly skimpy white dress that accentuated her body in the most flattering way possible.

Speaking in terms of WWE accomplishments, Trish Stratus is undoubtedly the most successful and decorated women's wrestler of all time considering she won the Women's Championship 7 times, the Babe Of The Year award 3 times, the Diva Of The Decade award (the only recipient), the Hardcore Championship once, and a Hall Of Fame induction in 2013. Pro Wrestling Illustrated also nominated Trish as being the Woman Of The Year for 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006. Stratus' accomplishments truly speak for themselves, and they represent why Trish is such a monumental figure in women's wrestling history.

3 A True Blonde Bombshell


Here we have a photograph that showcases Trish Stratus looking absolutely gorgeous (surprise surprise right?) If there's two things that are becoming clear as we make our way down to the bottom of this list, it's the fact that A) Trish Stratus is gorgeous, and B) Trish Stratus sports extraordinarily attractive "assets". I'm sure that many of Trish's fans wish they were in her husbands shoes, and it's quite obvious that Ron Fisico is one lucky dude!

Though many fans would probably argue that Stratus' way out of Ron's league, the fact remains that he was Trish's high school sweetheart - a bond that will never be broken. Ron was with Trish through thick and thin, and I'm sure that he's proud of how far Stratus has come since her early wrestling days. Trish Stratus is one of very few former WWE Superstars who have found real success outside of the company along with the likes of The Rock and Dave Bautista.

2 Stratus Enjoying The Beach


Although the scenery of this Trish Stratus picture was absolutely spectacular, I think it's safe to say that Trish's "assets" were the first thing we all looked at. Stratus was definitely teasing her fans in this photo, and her golden complexion certainly looked radiant in the bright Summer's day sunlight. I suppose that's what the photographer was going for.

Though it's highly probable that Trish's husband Ron is thankful for all of his wife's fans and supporters (these are the people responsible for Trish's fat paycheque), I'm sure he wouldn't want any of us to be staring at these revealing pictures that accentuate Stratus' "assets" in the most eye-pleasing way. Just as a fun fact (if you hadn't already known) Trish is of Polish and Greek descent, and she's the eldest daughter of her parents John and Alice.

1 Time To Play Pool


As we approach the final alluring photo of Trish Stratus on the list, I think it has become clear that Trish Stratus' "assets" are second to none. This picture showcases Stratus posing by a pool table while rocking a revealing yellow-golden dress that absolutely accentuated her "set of twins". I doubt Trish could've flaunted her "assets" any more without them falling completely out of her dress, so this is as "revealing" as you could possibly get without Trish posing "au naturel".

I'm sure that Trish Stratus' husband Ron is a nice and down to earth fellow, but even the most down to earth people don't particularly want strangers staring at their partner while they pose in such skimpy outfits that truly showcase their undeniably attractive "assets". I'm sure Ron has gained a few extra wrinkles from this list, and I'm sure most of you are "stratisfied" with these alluring photos that probably helped you remember the attractive performer Trish Stratus truly was.

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