15 Photos Of Women John Cena Hooked Up With

John Cena may have passed the torch to Roman Reigns as the "Face of the WWE" at No Mercy, but every single person who has any sort of interest in wrestling knows his name because of everything he has done in the WWE. Cena was a loyal employee for WWE and helped them reach new heights as the face of the company for many years; he's now looking towards a career outside WWE and into Hollywood, following the footsteps of The Rock, who has been extremely successful with his change in career.

The 16-time World Champion is now a part-timer in the WWE, but we all remember how hard he worked over the years to reach where he is now. While he did push himself to the limit as the top guy, Cena also had some perks which came along with his position. That included many hot women giving him attention that he just couldn't resist, as he hooked up with many women over the years, which mainly consisted of the hottest WWE Divas.

15 Nikki Bella's Revealing Black Costume

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Nikki Bella finally got John Cena to propose to her at WrestleMania 33 when the two got engaged in the middle of the ring after defeating The Miz and Maryse. Nikki has been dating Cena for the past few years now as they have quickly become WWE's power couple. One can really be jealous of how Cena has been able to seduce someone as sexy as Nikki. The former Divas Champion has not only been a top diva in WWE but also attained mainstream attention in the past few years. This "Not So PG" picture shows Nikki pulling off an amazing, revealing black dress which shows off her "assets" perfectly as well as her amazing figure, proving how amazingly well she pulls off these kinds of dresses.

14 AJ Lee Stunning In Red... And Skulls

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AJ Lee didn't really want to be seen as a "diva" in the WWE as she considered herself above the average WWE female performer in terms of wrestling. Her memorable WWE Divas title reign made her a fan-favorite but way before she was wrestling, she was actually involved in multiple romantic angles in WWE. One of those included an angle with John Cena, as it is rumored that the two had a fling in real life during that angle. Cena definitely got lucky by hooking up with someone like AJ, as she's actually a really pretty woman. This picture shows just how hot she is, as she's looking absolutely stunning in this gorgeous red shirt and black pants. AJ's amazing figure is shining out in this picture which shows just how attractive she really is.

13 Elizabeth Huberdeau's Beautiful... Smile

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John Cena was WWE's most eligible bachelor for many years during his rise as the top guy in the company, but he finally decided to settle down in 2009 when he got married to a woman named Elizabeth. She was apparently Cena's childhood love and the two looked really happy, as they often went wild during parties. Elizabeth had quite the stunning looks, as it can be seen in this rather revealing picture of her. Elizabeth's facial features are really glowing, which also gives a rather "Not So PG" look into her assets. Cena did marry a sexy woman a few years back, but it's still a surprise to many why he broke up with her three years into the marriage, especially considering how much of a hottie Elizabeth was.

12 Mickie James In A Winter Mood

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Mickie James and John Cena had a fling many years ago, before Cena got married to Elizabeth as the two dated for a few months after James had cheated on Kenny from the Spirit Squad in real life. James was obviously a top diva for the WWE back then as she held the Women's Championship and was involved in big matches, and having Cena as her beau obviously helped her. John was also a lucky man to date someone like James, who was quite stunning. This picture shows off just how much of a hottie Mickie really is, as it shows her figure in a revealing manner, and how amazingly well she does photoshoots where she has to tease the audience by wearing sexy attire.

11 Kelly Kelly Melting Our Hearts

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Kelly Kelly was definitely one of the prettier faces of WWE as she started off with a rather kinky character who used to strip every week on ECW in a segment called "Kelly's Expose". She would eventually be moved to the main roster later on, where she was used as eye-candy for the fans before getting the main event push years later. While Kelly was a pretty face in the WWE, she was also pretty "close" to wrestlers outside it as she apparently hooked up with John Cena. If this is true, then Cena is quite the lucky man as Kelly was definitely one of the hottest women in WWE at the time. This picture shows just how much of an incredible figure she had, as she's sizzling in this "Not So PG" picture.

10 Victoria Brandishing The TNA Logo 

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Victoria was quite the crazy character in the WWE during her success in the company but while she was mostly remembered for her wrestling, she was also a very attractive woman. The former Women's Champion apparently dated John Cena for a month or so back when she was in WWE and it can be said that Cena was quite the lucky man to have a fling with a more experienced, sexier woman like Victoria. This "Not So PG" picture shows Victoria brandishing the TNA logo on her stomach, as it was taken when she was in TNA after leaving the WWE. She looks absolutely smashing in this picture which reveals her "assets" quite vividly and TNA definitely chose the right woman to advertize their brand as nobody could resist this picture of Victoria at her sexiest.

9 Maria Kanellis' Stunning Photo Shoot

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Maria Kanellis returned to the WWE a few months back and boy, were we glad to see her back in the company. Although she isn't going to be around for a few months as she's expecting a child with husband Mike, memories of her stunning looks will never fade away from wrestling fans' minds. Before Maria was married and during her earlier stint in WWE, there were rumors that she hooked up with John Cena. Cena was definitely riding his luck if he did hook-up with Maria, who has to be one of the hottest divas of her time. She's got an incredible figure as this "Not So PG" picture shows. Maria has the body of a model and has some incredible "assets" as well, as her stunning looks are shining out in this picture where she's proving why many fans drool over her.

8 AJ Lee Pulling Off The Swimsuit Look

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AJ Lee didn't normally wear provocative clothes in the WWE, as she didn't act as eye-candy as many other divas did and focused on becoming the best female wrestler in the company. AJ apparently hooked up with John Cena during their storyline many years ago, as one can expect that Cena probably had a blast at the time. AJ didn't normally show off her figure in the WWE, but she did some sexy photoshoots outside of it as this picture shows. This "Not so PG" picture of AJ donning a bikini shows just how much of an amazing body she has. Her curvy figure is standing out in this along with her "assets", as this proves that the crazy AJ actually developed herself into a sexy woman in WWE.

7 Hold On To That Braid, Mickie!

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Mickie James was quite the deal in WWE back in her first stint, as she won the Women's Championship multiple times and was in a powerful position when she started to date John Cena in around early 2008. She dated the 16 time World Champion for a few months before he broke up with her, but one can expect that Cena had quite the time with her in those months. Mickie is actually a stunning woman despite not flaunting her body, as she's been part of some sexy photo-shoots in the past. Nothing probably gets sexier than this "Not So PG" picture of Mickie posing for WWE in a photoshoot as she looks absolutely amazing in it.

6 Nikki Bella's American Treat

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Nikki Bella has really transformed into one of the hottest women in the WWE in the past few years as she didn't really look as good when she initially came to the WWE. She changed up her look and that obviously caught the eye of John Cena, who began dating her after getting a divorce from his wife Elizabeth. The two have been together for almost 5 years now and one can figure out why Cena can't get enough of Nikki. The former Divas Champion is quite the beautiful lady and she loves to treat her fans to pictures on social media, as she did on American Independence day by posting this ''Not So PG" picture. Nikki's amazing figure is standing out in her tribute to the USA in this sizzling picture which proves just how sexy Nikki can look when flaunting her body.

5 Kelly Kelly With The Cowgirl Look

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Kelly Kelly was never really the best wrestler in the WWE and she wasn't hired for her wrestling skills either. Kelly was hired for her looks which swooned the audiences like no other and she played the perfect role of an eye-candy for them for many years before getting her big break. She wasn't only influential in the ring but in the back as well, as Kelly hooked-up with John Cena for a while many years ago. One can guess why Cena couldn't resist the urge to hook-up with Kelly, with a stunning picture like this one proving why. Kelly's donning this outfit amazingly well as she's looking extremely hot in this picture. She's not only gorgeous but hot as well, with her "assets" and stunning looks standing out in this amazing picture.

4 Maria Kanellis' Sizzling Selfie

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Maria Kanellis was definitely one of the sexiest WWE divas during her initial run in the company, but after she was let go off by the company, it seems like she picked up her sexy game. Maria has seemingly become sexier with each passing year and used to look absolutely smashing in the Independent shows she used to travel to with Mike. She allegedly hooked up with John Cena during her first stint in WWE and it's rather obvious why Cena wanted to hook-up with her. This amazing selfie shows exactly why, as this is definitely not as "PG" as one would want it to be. Maria's amazing assets are popping off in this stunning picture which shows just how much of a hottie Maria is and how superbly she's maintained herself to keep looking this gorgeous over all these years.

3 Victoria Posing In The Water

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Victoria may have been an unpredictable character in the WWE, but beyond her "craziness", there was also a lot of sexiness in her. While she didn't really flaunt her figure that much in the WWE, Victoria did have quite the stunning looks which is what attracted John Cena towards her many years ago. Victoria and Cena dated for a month or so in around 2002 before both made their entry to WWE. Victoria actually cheated on her husband to date Cena for a month and one can be for sure that Cena was a lucky guy to get someone like Victoria to himself. Victoria is showing her hotness in this "Not So PG" picture where she's half-divulged under water and looked absolutely stunning in her wet look. Her "assets" and amazing figure is standing out in this sexy picture which proves how hot Victoria can look when she wants to.

2 Mickie James Dresses Like A Schoolgirl

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Mickie James may have been "shamed" by the WWE recently as the "Old Lady" in the Women's Division right now, but she still manages to look hotter than a lot of divas in the company right now. Mickie doesn't quite have the momentum right now which she did during her first stint in the WWE, where she was a top diva. James dated John Cena for a while which definitely helped to increase her reputation in the company, as Cena was also lucky to date this stunning woman for some-time. Mickie may not flaunt her figure in the WWE, but she definitely loves to treat her fans in photo-shoots as she's looking especially sexy in this "Not So PG" picture of her dressed as a school-girl. She's pulled off this school-girl looked amazingly and looks absolutely smashing which proves how she's still one of the hottest women around.

1 Nikki's Swimsuit

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Nikki Bella and John Cena have definitely been WWE's power couple for the past few years as the two made it official at the grandest stage of them all, with Cena proposing to Nikki in the middle of the ring. While Cena was initially hesitant at tying the knot with Nikki, he finally gave in to the demands this year. In terms of sexiness, Nikki is quite the catch for Cena as this picture of her in the beach shows just how much of a hottie Nikki really is. This "Not So PG" picture shows her in a costume for playing beach volleyball, as her "assets" and amazing figure stand out in this picture and proves why she's considered as one of the hottest WWE divas of all time and why Cena is absolutely in love with her.

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