15 Photos Of Wrestlers Wearing Their Favourite Sports Team's Gear

The majority of WWE Superstars and employees are devoted to nothing more but the company itself, working year-round to put on over five shows a week (two televised) along with multiple Pay-Per-View events. But just because their work lives are busier than almost anybody else, it doesn't mean these Superstars can't have fun. In fact, many wrestlers (unsurprisingly) are die-hard fans of certain sports teams. No matter how busy they are in their wrestling careers, they always find time to support their franchises. There's no excuse for the rest of us not to, either.

There isn't anything cooler than a celebrity sports fan, or a sports fan who happens to be a sports guy. More WWE Superstars than you think spend their free time to showcase their loyalty to their favourite teams.

Hey, Brock Lesnar almost made it to the NFL, and Roman Reigns once played in the Canadian Football League, so why wouldn't these WWE Superstars have teams to cheer for? Here are 15 epic photos of athletes donning their team's sporting gear.

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15 Eva Marie's Giant Love

via pinterest.com

The San Francisco Giants have been MLB's most dominant team in the past decade, winning the World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Yes, they have a trend for winning it in even years, so they'll legitimately probably win it again in 2016.  Eva Marie was born in Walnut Creek, around 25 miles away from San Francisco. Give her respect and loyalty for sticking to a team that struggled for most of the 2000s. She grew up supporting her home team.

Marie also attended California State University in Fullerton, so her heart stayed where home was. The one tie that Marie doesn't have with the Giants is that she's awaiting her first championship in the WWE. With her being promoted to the top a top spot on SmackDown Live, there's no reason to think she can't join her Giants as part of an elusive championship club. It's a matter of when, not if.

14 Daniel Bryan the 12th Man

via seahawks.com

Daniel Bryan was born in Aberdeen, Washington--fairly close to Seattle, home of the Super Bowl XLVII Champions. Obviously, Bryan has stuck to his hometown team his whole life, something we must applaud.

Bryan and the Seahawks had similar paths to success: He was a member of NXT (before it was cool) and immediately appealed to the fans and didn't need too long to make noise. For the Seahawks, after the Matt Hasselbeck Era ended, they needed just two years to start showing their elite skills in the NFL.

The Seahawks have been a playoff team over the past four years, with a pair of NFC Championships, but more famously that the Super Bowl title, Bryan won four WWE Championships, along with the Intercontinental and Tag Team titles. However, he never attempted a pass from the one-yard line during the final second of an Iron Man Match. He has a major advantage over the Seahawks already.

13 Stingray Cena

via cagesideseats.com

Hard to believe that Cena cheers for the Rays, given how he was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts. We have no idea why he's not a Boston Red Sox fan, also considering they're an elite team.

Cena has NOTHING in common with his favourite MLB team: He's likely to break Ric Flair's record of 16 World Championships at some point, and the Rays have been one of MLB's absolute worst teams since coming into the league two decades ago. Furthermore, the Rays have problems drawing fans, always ranking near the bottom of the standings. As for Cena? Well, his merchandise is always among the best-selling in WWE, and there's never been an empty arena with him wrestling. But hey, he's loyal to the company and his team.

We have to respect that, and who knows? Maybe he'll be the guy that convinces the Rays to keep their team in Tampa, amid rumours that they're looking to move.

12 The Three Horsemen Cavaliers

via wwe.com

Judging by this photo, I think I have an idea of what Ric Flair's reaction was when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship over the Golden State Warriors this year...


Here, you see him, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz donning their love for a franchise which was one of the most laughable ever, until their championship run of course.

Well, LeBron James is probably the one guy that Ric Flair will admit has more money than him. The Miz has been stuck in no man's land for a while, much like the Cavs before they drafted LeBron and after he left them for four years to be in Miami. We see that connection.

As for Ziggler? Well, he's finally being pushed to the top of the WWE main event card. Patience pays off, and Cavaliers fans learned that this year after going over five decades without a professional sports championship. Ziggler himself was born in Cleveland, and Miz was born in Ohio. As for Flair? He was born in Tennessee, so I'm a bit surprised we don't see him in Memphis Grizzlies gear.

11 Titus The Gator

via wwe.com

Titus O'Neil is seen posing here with the Florida Gators cheerleaders. He was born in in Boynton Beach, Florida. He stayed there growing up, playing football for the Gators. So you don't need to do long research into seeing why he loves this team.

The Gators won the National Championship in back-to-back years, taking it in 2006 and 2007. They're widely recognized as one of the best college basketball programs in the country. Ditto for football. We also don't forget O'Neil's tag team partnership with Heath Slater, where they went by "Slater-Gator." That's another great way to show how much you love your team. Why didn't John Cena do Cena-Ray? No Daniel Seahawk Bryan? Nevermind, those sound awful.

Florida pushed around their opponents for years, kind of like how O'Neil pushed the buttons of Vince McMahon which led to his suspension several months ago (and near firing) as well. Sorry, I had too.

10 Daniel The Giant

via pl.wwe.com

Well, this is actually very awkward. We warn Seahawks fans to look away before proceeding.

Daniel Bryan is a die-hard Seahawks fan, and everyone knows their arch enemy team is the San Francisco 49ers. I think the biggest mystery to mankind is how he's also a San Francisco Giants fan and not a Seattle Mariners guy. Imagine a Boston Red Sox fan loving the New York Jets as well. It doesn't add up.

Moving on from that pointless rant of mine, here's a picture that's worth 1,000 words: Bryan getting the Giants fans to go "YES! YES! YES!"

To be fair to Mr. Bryan, the Giants are in the National League while the Mariners play in the American League, so their rivalry isn't necessarily the strongest in baseball. It's a rather irrelevant one. But hey, Bryan was one of the biggest champions during his brief WWE career. There's another thing he has in common with the Giants.

9 CM Punk and the Blackhawks

via nhl.com2

Again, a picture is worth 1,000 words. Here's CM Punk donning his Blackhawks jersey during a game at the United Center (with his lovely wife A.J. Lee). Gotta once again admire the love this guy has for his sports team, because his busy WWE schedule must have deprived him from being able to follow his team consistently.

So basically, Punk was born in Chicago and won five WWE Championships cementing his own "dynasty" with the company. The Blackhawks have been the NHL's most successful team since 2009, qualifying for the playoffs each year while winning three Stanley Cups. So Punk got to see a winner who struggled for decades, but his impact in the WWE was strong right away. There's something he doesn't have in common with his team.

But given his ugly exit from the WWE as one of their top stars, we can only hope the Blackhawks don't get fed up with Gary Bettman (or the NHL as a whole) and shockingly leave the league. The Hawks, like Punk, are too great for their company. Please don't go.

8 Jim Ross...Too Soon(ers)?

via sbnation.com

The greatest wrestling announcer of all-time did everything we could have asked him to do...Except be the play-by-play guy for the Oklahoma Sooners, the team he supports most. Good ol' J.R. was born in California, but lives in Oklahoma. His grandparents also lived in Oklahoma. Essentially, Oklahoma is considered his home state by many.

Another tie to the state? Jim Ross opened up a barbecue joint in Oklahoma.

A well-known Sooners fan, J.R. is frequently a season ticket holder for the football squad. And hey, his own entrance music was the Sooners song. Does he really need to go any further in proving the love he has for his team? No, we didn't think so either.

Hey, lots of people wanted this guy to become the play-by-play guy for the Pittsburgh Pirates. That didn't quite work out, but we can't help but assume that the Sooners reached out to him at some point to do broadcast work for them. If a Sooners player lays out a big hit, you can imagine Ross screaming "HE IS BROKEN IN HALF!"

7 Super Charlotte

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Huh, this is funny.

Charlotte was born in...Charlotte, North Carolina. (Her real name is Ashley, by the way). Her beloved Carolina Panthers play in North (not South) Carolina. Like most Superstars on this list, it's easy to understand her supporting her hometown team. Though Charlotte hasn't quite nailed down the Flair Strut like her father, Ric sure knows how to showboat like Cam Newton, hence the undeserved hatred from many around the world.

It's been a tough year for Charlotte. Her Carolina Panthers were smashed by the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50, she got so mad at her father and kicked him out of her life (in storyline) and lost her championship to Sasha Banks.

Then again, Charlotte is getting her chance at redemption, much like the Panthers this upcoming season. The Panthers became a pretty despised team due to Newton's dabbing antics and Josh Norman's loud mouth. Flair has become the top female heel in WWE. She sure knows how to follow the footsteps of her NFL team.

6 The Celtic Warrior (And Rusev)

via thescottishsun.co.uk

Remember that Seinfeld episode where George catches Jerry  doing something that's not cool and he goes...."Ah-HAAA!" Well, that was my reaction when I found out Sheamus was a fan of Celtic, given how his nickname is "The Celtic Warrior." AH-HAAAA!

Oh yeah, and that Rusev guy is a fan of Celtic too, so that's pretty cool. It won't be long until he gets Lana to join that side, too.

Sheamus is also known for being a fan of Liverpool FC, but we don't know which team he loves more. My guess is Celtic, given how their green and white colours reflect the countries of his native land, Ireland.

Rusev and Sheamus were briefly together in the awesome League of Nations alliance that was underused and didn't get much attention. A pity, we know. Sheamus has won multiple championships in WWE, but didn't quite get to dominate consistently as much as his beloved Celtic squad.

5 CM Punk, Cubs Fan

via msstarsnews.musictimes.com

For CM Punk, being a Chicago Cubs fan hasn't been as easy as supporting the Blackhawks. But hey, he had to wait 30 years to see his favourite NHL team win a Stanley Cup; we're sure he can wait longer for his Cubs to win a World Series. It has been 108 years since they last won it, but the Cubs are the best team in baseball this year. For all we know, Punk could win his first UFC fight and see his Cubs win the World Series in the same year. How awesome would that be for Chicago?

Too bad for Punk that he didn't grow up as a White Sox fan, because they won their title back in 2005. Then again, the Cubs are set to dominate for a decade, but the White Sox have been irrelevant since winning their title. Odd how Punk was so loyal to the awful Hawks for years and to the Cubs, but couldn't stay loyal to the WWE.

4 King Grizzly

via cagesideseats.com

Jerry Lawler is seen donning two awesome things here: His iconic crown and the Memphis Grizzlies jersey. Though he's almost 67-years-old, he hasn't been able to support this NBA team that long. After all, they only relocated from Vancouver in 2001. The King was born in Memphis and grew up there, working as a DJ. He worked in multiple southern wrestling promotions, including in the NWA. He had an infamous match against Andy Kaufman in his home city as well.

Lawler and Hulk Hogan were even supposed to fight in a Memphis-based wrestling company back in 2007, but the King had to back out because of his commitment to the WWE. Fair enough.

Of course, the Grizzlies are still awaiting some success and their first trip to the NBA Finals. Lawler has already achieved everything he's had to in the WWE, so supporting his NBA team has had to be difficult for 15 years. If he ever leaves WWE, we'll only accept it if he's play-calling his hometown NBA team.

3 The Authority and the Patriots

via pinterest.com

This is an easy connection to explain.

Triple H was born in New Hampshire, one of the New England States, (hence the New England Patriots, of course.) Stephanie was born in Hartford, Connecticut. Given how the Patriots are the only NFL team based in the New England region, we won't blame them for supporting this squad...even though basically 90-something percent of football fans hate the Patriots. Many like to refer to Bill Belichick and his Pats as the Evil Empire, and Triple H and Stephanie have portrayed the WWE's evil empire for a few years now as "The Authority."

Another somewhat-related connection: Vince McMahon is friends with Donald Trump, who is a close friend to Tom Brady. We're sure that somehow makes McMahon a Patriots fan as well. Plus, Belichick has been as evil to the NFL as much as McMahon has to his fans, such as The Montreal Screwjob.

2 Edge Loving New Jersey

via cagesideseats.com

The Rated R Superstar was born in Orangeville, Ontario. So it's actually surprising to us that he doesn't support the Toronto Maple Leafs or Ottawa Senators. Then again, we're talking about two of the not-so-great franchises in recent memory, and Edge was a pure winner in the WWE.

He did grow up close with former NHL player Aaron Downey, who didn't even play for the Devils. So yes, more to the puzzle. But Edge's Devils did win a trio of Stanley Cups (in 1995, 2000, and 2003) while he won 31 championships in the WWE. Both dominated for years.  To be fair to Edge, not everyone grows up cheering for the team that's closest to them. In Vancouver, more people seem to be fans of the Original Six teams than the Canucks, for whatever that's worth.

Any who, this is a great photo of Edge, a fan, and his wife Beth phoenix donning their Devils gears at the 2012 Stanley Cup Final.

1 Bret Hart, Calgary Flames

via twitter.com

The Calgary Hitmen, who play in the WHL, were partly founded by Hart, and his nickname inspired their team name. So yeah, it's real simple to see why Hart has always stuck by his beloved Flames.

This photo here came from the Calgary Flames official Twitter page where the team wished Hart well while he fought prostate cancer, further showing how tight his relationship was with the team. Hart often wore his Hitmen jersey while he was with WWE. A 2013 Raw show also featured an episoded fully dedicated to Hart himself.

The Flames won the Stanley Cup in 1989, but haven't been relevant since. However, Hart saw plenty of success in the WWE, winning the World Heavyweight Championship five times. Hart was born in Calgary and has never deserted the city that made him, so his love for the Flames will never burn away--if you will.


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