15 Photos Of WWE Women You Won't Believe Are The Same Person

Fame changes people, and it is only right that becoming some of the most recognizable female wrestlers in the world has also changed the way the women of WWE dress and look. Many of these women came from a normal background and had regular jobs before they began turning heads with their wrestling ability. Being on national TV on a regular basis has meant that many of these women are forced to change their hair, wear make-up and dress differently than they are used to so that they are considerably different when they are on TV compared to real life.

With Instagram now making it a common and acceptable trend for women to upload images with filters, the WWE Universe doesn't actually know what their favourite female wrestlers look like. Filters have taken over all pictures that are now uploaded online, which makes it easier for celebrities and famous stars to be able to upload images with minimal effort. It's also funny to see images of these WWE women from before they had a style team and fame working to their advantage.

The following list looks at 15 photos of your favourite female wrestlers both past and present that have changed the most over the past few years. Many of these women have gone through a number of image adjustments en route to becoming some of the best-known female wrestlers in the world.

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15 Alicia Fox

via villians.wikia.com

Alicia Fox is a former Divas Champion and a woman who is considered to be a veteran in WWE after more than a decade with the company. Unlike many other women who came to WWE through Diva Search's during that time, Alicia was signed to WWE after she was spotted in a catalogue by John Laurinaitis.

Obviously, Alicia was going to change after a decade, but she has gone from being quite a plain woman to someone who has been forced to dye her hair to stand out. It seems that being natural isn't enough in WWE nowadays, with pretty much every female being forced to change their hair just so that they become memorable to the WWE Universe. It could be argued that Alicia looked much better before she tried to change her hair colour.

14 Carmella

via celebrityinside.com

Carmella came to WWE through the NXT roster a few years ago and became known as the manager of Enzo and Cass. Carmella is a second generation superstar in WWE after her father was part of the company back in the 1990s. Before she came to WWE she was a cheerleader and dancer and her image was obviously a lot different.

Carmella had dark brown hair which is a stark comparison to the blonde locks that she is currently sporting as part of SmackDown Live. The former NXT star is the current Women's Money in the Bank briefcase holder who could be set for a push on the SmackDown roster over the next few months, which means that her image change was definitely one of the best decisions that she made in her earlier career.

13 Stephanie McMahon

via talksport.com

Stephanie McMahon has been on WWE TV for so long now that she has literally been able to grow up in front of our eyes. Even though the daughter of Vince McMahon is one of the most hated women on WWE TV right now, she is also one of the hardest working and longest tenured employees.

Obviously, Stephanie isn't like all other wrestlers where she could be released from the company, but she could have left a long time ago like her brother Shane, Instead she's stuck at it and the transformation from the child that first appeared in WWE to the successful businesswoman who is both a wife and a mother as well is incredible to see. It's hard to believe that Stephanie was once that innocent child, considering the powerful woman that she's become.

12 Aksana

via reddit.com/wwe.com

Aksana was released from WWE back in 2014, but she was a woman who will always be remembered as WWE's only Lithuanian female wrestler. She was never a wrestler that the women's division focused on, but she was one who had a lot of raw talent hidden behind the gimmick she was given by Triple H.

Before she made her way to WWE, Aksana was a fitness model and a bodybuilder, which could be why images like the one on the left are still around online. When she was added to the NXT set up back in 2010 she changed her image completely and after she was promoted to the main roster she even dyed her hair to black which could be why the two women above don't even look like the same person.

11 Becky Lynch

via alsaisi.com

The Irish Lasskicker has become famous for having such bright orange hair, but it's her ability in the ring that has pushed her to the level she is currently at, as well as the fact that she has had to change her image completely as well.

Becky was once a pale, brown-haired Irish girl who was dreaming of becoming a professional wrestler one day, fast forward a few years and she has become one of WWE's brightest stars. When she came to WWE she decided to completely change her image by tanning and dying her hair, which isn't such a bad thing because it makes her stand out. While her facial features still remain somewhat the same, Becky has changed a heck of a lot since her stint on the Independent Circuit a few years ago.

10 Dana Brooke

via imgrum.org

It's well-known that before Dana Brooke made her debut as part of the NXT roster, she was a bodybuilder and was competing in competitions like The Arnold Classic. There are a number of images of Dana all over the internet looking much more muscular than she is now, but there aren't many of her showing off her feminine side.

Dana is not like all of the other women on the main roster. She seems to prefer to be judged on her wrestling ability rather than how attractive she is. The above is a rare photo of Dana actually showing that if she wanted to she can dress up like a model and be like all of the others, but she isn't that kind of woman and would prefer to be recognized in her own way.

9 Sonya Deville

via bleacherreport.com

Sonya Deville is another female wrestler who isn't ever going to be seen as a damsel in distress who needs to be saved from any potential danger. She is a former MMA fighter and someone who would definitely be able to save herself if the occasion ever arose, but every now and then Sonya does still like to dress in a feminine way and go out with her friends.

Mandy Rose and Sonya are best friends and when they are together she forces Sonya to dress differently. The WWE Universe has never seen Sonya dress up this way because the company wants her to be seen as a hard hitter, but underneath the plaited hair and the fighter attire, Sonya is just as beautiful as every other woman on the roster.

8 Jillian Hall

via reddit.com/pinterest.com

It's shocking to think that Jillian Hall is a former Divas Champion, even though she only held the title for two minutes, but still goes down in history as a winner. Jillian was one of the worst wrestlers that WWE employed for a long time and it wasn't exactly a sad day for the WWE Universe when her release was announced.

When Jillian first took up wrestling as a career, the image on the left was one of her first promo pictures. Fast forward a few years and surgery and dying her hair blonde meant that Jillian finally fitted in with what WWE expected their female wrestlers to look like, which is why she was finally hired by the company after a lengthy stint on the Independent circuit.

7 Natalya

via pinterest.co.uk

As a member of the famous Hart wrestling family, it was inevitable that Natalya would be part of WWE at some point, but when she first started wrestling she wasn't someone that WWE would sign based on her image.

Nattie had to have a complete makeover before WWE thought that she was someone who had potential to be part of their company a few years ago. Even though Nattie is one of the best female wrestlers that the company have ever signed, she has also had to ensure that she worked on her image and was attractive to the male demographic so that she could still be classed as a WWE Diva. The images above show the dramatic transformation that Natalya went through earlier in her career.

6 Emma

via tvtropes.org

Emma was the first Australian female wrestler to make her way to WWE and actually managed to work her way up through the business from the bottom down in NXT. Emma was unable to lift any Championships during her time in NXT and WWE but she was still a crowd favourite.

Emma was forced to change her image last year when she transformed into Emmalina, but it didn't work out for her because WWE decided to allow her to turn back into her former character. Emma looked completely different before she came to WWE and it could have been her decision to change up her look when she was surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in the world, but the changes in her appearance are definitely noticeable.

5 Sasha Banks

via theworldaccordingtozah.com

Sasha Banks hasn't always been The Boss, before WWE she seemed like a much more approachable regular woman. Compared to the way that Sasha looks now she has seen one of the biggest transformations of any female on the main roster.

When she first arrived in NXT she had different hair and was someone that could have been easily overlooked. Sasha, much like the other women on the roster decided to change her hair to make herself stand out. Ever since the colour change, Sasha has been one of WWE's biggest stars, which means that her decision was obviously an effective one. The images side by side above, show the incredible transformation that Sasha has been part of over the past few years that has turned her into WWE's Boss.

4 Paige

via wwe.com/wrestlingforum.com

Paige has been on the wrestling circuit ever since she was 13-years-old. Coming from a family of wrestlers meant that she was fully prepared to travel the world from a young age to earn her craft before WWE came knocking.

WWE was most interested in the fact that Paige stood out because of her pale skin. The company obviously thought that they could capitalize on this by telling her to dye her hair much darker and wear more make-up than usual so that she looks even paler than she did when she was a child. Paige is the first ever British female wrestler and as a former NXT Women's and Divas Champion, the changes she made earlier in her career have had a huge impact on her image ever since.

3 Ashley Massaro

via fanpop.com

Ashley Massaro was the winner of the 2005 Raw Diva Search which she obviously only won based on what she looked like. It's hard to imagine Ashley winning the competition if she still looked the way that she did in high school. Ashley obviously hadn't decided to start wearing makeup back then and had allowed her hair's roots to grow out.

Ashley's blonde hair had become her trademark before she left the company back in 2008, as well as the fact that Ashley always had colours in her hair and tanned skin. She was much more pale when she was younger as well which means that she obviously started tanning a while after this photo was taken and later became iconic for the person that she became on the above on the right.

2 Sarah Logan

via twitter.com

Sarah Logan recently made her debut on the main roster as part of The Riott Squad on SmackDown Live, but she was probably hard for many of the WWE Universe to recognise because she had changed so much over the past few years.

Logan was once known as Crazy Mary Dobson, the woman who was originally tipped to be Sister Abigail when the character was first used by The Wyatt Family. She was slimmer and had much lighter hair back then, but was signed to WWE even though she was never given the iconic role. Logan has since competed in the Mae Young Classic and become known as a much different character who dresses differently and looks like a completely different person when a comparison to her former character is made.

1 Nia Jax

via pinterest.co.uk

Nia Jax has taken the Women's Division by storm over the past few years, ever since she first made her debut in NXT. She has become the most dominant female wrestler that WWE has promoted since Chyna.

Her size is one of her main advantages, but Nia hasn't always been that way. Before she came to WWE she was an alternative model and would pose for many images like the one above, which show just how beautiful Nia really is. She has since pushed to become a dominant star with WWE and has changed her image completely. It's hard to believe that the two images above are the same woman, but this is the difference that a few years can make in this company.

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