15 Photos Of Your Favorite WWE Divas Looking Old AF

Pro wrestling will always have a place for female talents, whether they're there to look pretty or to provide fans with exciting in-ring clashes. Regardless of how women of Sports Entertainment are utilized, they're a crucial part of the business - even though some fans like to think otherwise. Back in the Attitude Era, the women were mainly utilized to give WWE's male audiences "eye candy" in between the men's matches, and judging by how hot some of the "Attitude Era women" were, I'd say they did their part/jobs quite well. Now a days, we are treated to females who are not only hot, but are women who can actually put on solid technical matches inside the squared circle with names such as Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss dominating the division.

However, looking back on some of the "female wrestlers of the past", it's clear that the wresting business took its toll on a large percentage of the Divas. Like the men of pro wresting, the women were battered and bruised week in and week out, and factor in some alcohol or drug usage, and you have yourself some women who look nothing like they did in their prime. The WWE specifically can be tough on talents, and you've probably noticed that some of their former employees look fairly "washed-up", ragged or just simply "old AF". This list consists of some of your favorite former WWE Divas looking old AF, and the reasons for these women looking so worn out could be resulting from drug or alcohol abuse, aging poorly, or quite simply - just getting older. Eventually age catches up with all of us, but for former WWE Superstars, it catches up a heck of a lot quicker.

16  15. Lita

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Lita can be defined as a "trailblazer" in women's wrestling history, and she has had an illustrious career in Sports Entertainment like few others (besides Trish Stratus of course). Lita's by far one of the greatest females to ever step foot inside a WWE ring, and her 2014 Hall Of Fame induction was rightfully deserved after all Lita has contributed to the business over the years. Lita was all for women becoming focal points of the show long before the phrase "women's revolution" ever came up into the equation. I'm sure Lita's pleased with how far the Women's Division has come since her retirement from wrestling. However, despite being a legend, pro wrestling has taken its toll on Lita, and she definitely has a few pictures out there that really highlight her age. The mugshot pictured above truly showcases Lita looking old AF, even though she looks extremely hot on most days (with a full face of makeup of course).


14 Madusa aka Alundra Blayze

Alundra Blayze can definitely be referred to as being a controversial woman. Few fans (or Vince McMahon specifically) will ever forget the time when Blayze threw the WWE Women's Championship into a trash can on live WCW television. It was an extremely shocking moment, and it has gone down in professional wrestling history as one of the most controversial wrestling segments of all time. However, despite disrespecting the Women's Title and pro-wrestling as a whole, the WWE made a mends with Alundra a while back, and she was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2015 (much to the surprise of most fans I might add). At 53 years old, Madusa is well past her in-ring wrestling days, and without a full face of makeup on, Blayze looks quite honestly older than she really is. You really couldn't find a picture of Madusa out there looking more old AF.

13 Sunny

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Sunny has had a very rough time following her retirement from pro-wrestling. Struggling with alcohol and drug addictions over the years, Sunny has found herself amidst the media continuously for her controversial and negative behavior. On top of things, Sunny's currently involved in the adult entertainment industry which is far from being positive (this shows that she's really struggling financially). However, despite being considered to be a bit of a "trainwreck" in recent years, Sunny still had a memorable WWE career back in the 90's, and Sunny was recognized for her time spent as a wrestling valet/manager following her induction into the Hall Of Fame in 2011. Pro-wrestling surely hasn't been too kind to Sunny's body over the years (alcohol/drugs don't help either), and she looks a heck of a lot older than she really is at just 44 years old. The photo above of Sunny in court is far from being pleasing to the eyes, and she honestly looks old AF if you ask me.

12 Jazz

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Despite being out of the limelight for quite some time, former WWE Superstar Jazz still performs on the Independent wrestling scene to this day. While in WWE, Jazz captured the Women's Championship on two occasions, and she feuded with the likes of Trish Stratus and a young Gail Kim. Speaking in terms of how Jazz has been holding up lately, I'd have to say that she's looking quite significantly older that she actually is. At just 43 years old, I think it's safe to say that Jazz somewhat fits under the "washed-up" category.

Jazz truly looked "old AF" in the photo showcased above, and quite shockingly, this picture was actually from 2014 when Jazz was just 40 years old. Judging by some of the photos of these former WWE Divas on the list, it's becoming painfully clear that pro-wrestling isn't the easiest job on ones body. Also taking into account the fact that drugs and alcohol are often consumed/taken by wrestlers as ways to "numb the pain" or escape from reality, the business is much harder on its talents then most fans would probably imagine.

11 Terri Runnels

Terri Runnels is remembered by wrestling fans for her tenure with the WWE throughout the '90s performing as a valet/wrestler manager. Terri was never renowned as being a great in-ring competitor, hence why she spent the majority of her time outside of the ring helping out other talents including her real-life husband at the time, Goldust. However, despite not being an accomplished performer, Terri Runnels still won championship gold in WWE - the Hardcore Championship.

Obviously the Hardcore Title wasn't very "prestigious" considering it was hocked around like a hot potato between talents, but at least Terri can say that she won a championship - something a Diva such as Torrie Wilson cannot say she accomplished. However as many of you are likely aware, she dropped the belt within 15 seconds hence why it wasn't a huge accomplishment. Despite being well removed from her wrestling years, Terri Runnels is still very much an active player on the wrestling scene, as you'll usually come across her at various meet and greets across the country. That being said, I'd say Terri looked slightly "old AF" in this Instagram picture.

10 Jacqueline Moore

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Jacqueline has been living a fairly quiet life following her retirement from the squared circle in 2013. The former WWE Women's Champion was last seen in TNA Impact Wrestling back in '13 facing off against ODB at Hardcore Justice 2 in a Hardcore match - though she came out on the losing end of this match and wasn't seen again in TNA since. The most recent high-profile appearance Jacqueline has made was at the 2016 WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony in which she was inducted into that years HOF by The Dudley Boyz.

Following her induction into the Hall Of Fame, Jacqueline became the first-ever African-American female to be inducted. Throughout her WWE career, Jacqueline had captured the Women's Championship on two occasions. As we've mentioned, she has kept a pretty low profile since her retirement, and the only way to really keep up with Jacqueline is by following her on Twitter. Though Jacqueline looks pretty good in most photos, the one showcased above definitely makes the 53 year old look old AF.

9 Debra

Debra had made her debut in pro-wrestling back in 1995 performing as a valet/wrestler manager for World Championship Wrestling. However it wasn't until Debra jump-shipped over to WWE when she would see real forms of success. Debra was fairly rapidly thrust into the spotlight in WWE, and she ended up capturing the Women's Championship from Sable in May 1999. However, I think it's safe to say that Debra is mainly remembered by fans for being a manager, as she managed many bright Superstars including the likes of Goldberg, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

If you have since forgotten, Debra actually had an off-screen relationship with Steve Austin lasting from '98 to '02. Sadly, this relationship ended in 2003 following forms of domestic abuse from Austin directed towards Debra. Since her retirement from wrestling, Debra hasn't been in the media's eye all too much, and she has rather been keeping a fairly low profile. At 57 years old, It's safe to say that age is starting to catch up with the former Women's Champ, as she definitely looked her age in this photo (slightly old AF if you ask me).

8 Ivory

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Ivory hasn't been seen very much (like many of the other former Divas on the list) since her retirement from professional wrestling back in 2006. If some of you have since forgotten, Ivory performed for WWE between '99 and '05, and she went on to capture the Women's Championship three times throughout her tenure. Ivory was never regarded as being one of the "hottest" Divas on the roster, though she was still pretty hot at the peak of her career. This is something that many fans would like to disagree with considering Ivory had portrayed the typical heel for the majority of her run with the WWE.

It isn't arguable that Ivory had a pretty solid run with the company, and a future Hall Of Fame induction isn't totally out of the question (considering the likes of Beth Phoenix and The Bushwhackers have been inducted). Ivory's now 55 years old, and she looks pretty "youthful" in the majority of her pictures. However, Ivory looked old AF in this photo (at least a heck of a lot older than most fans remember the former Women's Champ looking like back in the day).

7 Jillian Hall

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How could we possibly forget Jillian Hall? If you've conveniently wiped Jillian out of your memory, then allow me to refresh your memory. Jillian was that Diva who constantly sang horrifically every chance she got, and she annoyed not only her opponents, but pretty much every fan in the audiences and watching worldwide. I suppose you could place Jillian into Vickie Guerrero's category of annoying. Despite never being an in-ring technician, Jillian still managed to capture the Divas Championship on one occasion.

Speaking on terms of appearance, Jillian was never the hottest Diva around, as she looked completely "fake" (plastic surgery, enhancements/enlargements). Following her retirement from wrestling in 2014, Jillian has only gone downhill in the looks department (all of those cosmetic surgeries are starting to catch up with Hall). Surprisingly, Jillian is only 36 years old, though she looks way older than that in most pictures (she honestly looks old AF for being 36 years old by most standards).

6 Bull Nakano

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Like I've mentioned before, Bull Nakano was definitely a character ahead of her time. Nakano performed for both WCW and the WWE throughout the '90s as a dominant monster-like character, and while in WWE, she feuded with the likes of Alundra Blayze over the Women's Championship (which she won on one occasion). However, it's clear that Bull Nakano could've made a much larger impact on WWE had she stayed away from drugs (Nakano was fired quickly from the company in '95 following a drug bust).

Had she stayed clean, there's no doubt that Bull would've captured the Women's  Championship multiple times. However, that's all "in theory" considering Bull Nakano was forced to call it a career back in '97 due to injuries. Since leaving the world of professional wresting behind, Nakano has taken up golf and she appears to be pretty good at it taking into account the fact that Bull qualified for the LPGA in 2006. Although Bull Nakano's only 49 years old, wouldn't you agree with me that she looked old AF for her age in this picture?

5 Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle first made WWE appearances for the 2004 Diva Search (though she never won the competition, nor was she even among the top 10 contestants). However, the WWE saw something in Michelle hence why they signed her that same year. In 2005, Candice would be drafted over to SmackDown which is where some of Michelle's early successes stemmed from. Though Candice Michelle only captured the Women's Championship once throughout her run with the company, she still remained a focal point of WWE's Divas division up until her release in 2009. Candice was never an in-ring technician like some of the WWE's women of today, though Michelle still was ranked as the No. 10 0f the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 for 2008. Although Candice Michelle is only 38 years old, this picture gives off an "old AF" vibe, or at least a vibe of someone who's older than 38.

4 Vickie Guerrero

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If I'm going to be honest here, Vickie Guerrero has to be one of my favorite wrestling women of all time - she was someone that I loved to hate (yet secretly loved). Yes, it's probably unlikely that you could've found a more annoying woman in WWE with the screechiest nails-on-chalkboard voice around, but Vickie played her character extremely well, and she was loved by the fans despite the plethora of boos she garnered. Any reaction is a good reaction in this business, and Vickie certainly created buzz whenever she stepped foot inside the squared circle.

No, Guerrero was never a good in-ring wrestler, but her time spent as a valet and GM were absolutely entertaining. Fittingly, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter nominated Vickie in 2009 and 2010 as the Best Non-Wrestler. Though her time in the limelight is behind her, Vickie Guerrero will be remembered by wrestling fans for many years to come (her voice is what nightmares are made of). However, for being 49 years old, I'd have to say that Guerrero falls under the "looking like a granny category", and she looked quite honestly old AF for her age in this photo. I'm sure if Vickie read this, she would scream "Excuse Me!" at the top of her lungs.

3 Trish Stratus

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With Lita coming in second place, Trish Stratus is by far the greatest Diva in WWE history, no doubt. Right from her debut back in 2000, it was clear that Stratus was destined for super-stardom. As some had predicted, Trish did just that and she became a household name who went on to capture the WWE Women's Championship on seven occasions throughout her run with the company. It's hard to argue that Stratus' probably the hottest Diva of all time, and she still has a very large following to this day despite calling it a career years ago.

Now a days, Trish is focused on her yoga studio "Stratusphere" in Toronto, Canada. Stratus is one of the few WWE Superstars to find substantial success following retirement from wrestling, as the majority of ex WWE employees find themselves irrelevant within a couple of years. Now don't get me wrong, Trish Stratus looks amazing today at 41 years old, but the picture above definitely gives off some "old" vibes - let's just say that Trish Stratus looks a heck of a lot better (and more youthful) in most of her other photos.

2 Stacy Carter aka The Kat

Though she may not be classified as being one of most fans "favorite former WWE Divas", Stacy Carter still performed for the WWE between '99 and '01 - though the majority of this run was fairly forgettable. Despite having a short and forgettable run, Stacy Carter still managed to capture the Women's Championship once in early December '99 prior to losing the gold to Hervina. Stacy wasn't the greatest in-ring competitor nor was she one of the hottest Divas around, but she still served her purpose amidst the Women's Division. Following her departure from professional wrestling back in 2001, Carter has kept a pretty low profile, though she appears at various wrestling conventions/meet and greets every now and then. Stacy Carter is 46 years old as of this year, and some would say that she hasn't aged very gracefully. Instead, Stacy's looking every bit her age (older actually), and the Instagram photo above gives off that "old AF" vibe if you ask me.

1 Victoria

Victoria (also known as Tara) is remembered by WWE fans as being an intimidating Diva who went on a tear through much of the Women's Division at the time. Starting off her WWE career back in 2002 as Victoria, she would go onto find success amidst the division by capturing the Women's Championship twice throughout her run with the company spanning up until January 2009. Victoria would later join TNA Impact Wrestling in May 2009, where she achieved some success as well in the form of five Women's Knockouts Championship reigns.

In 2013 following her departure from TNA, Victoria had stated that she would never return to the company, and that this tenure in Impact Wrestling made her "appreciate WWE a lot". Victoria now wrestles on the Indies every so often, as well as partaking in various meet and greets with fans across the country. Victoria's now 46 years old, and although she looks quite amazing for her age in most of her photos, this picture with Chavo Guerrero and MVP showcases the former Women's Champ looking "old AF" by most standards.

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