15 Photos That Prove These Female Wrestlers Are 'Meh'

They don't quite pop out as you as much in these pics... 15 Photos That Prove These Female Wrestlers Are 'Meh'.

Things have changed a lot on the WWE roster. The female members of the roster were known as “Divas” and the ideal image of a female WWE wrestler was that of a supermodel with great wrestling abilities. They wanted another Trish Stratus. It didn’t pan out, as Trish Stratuses don’t come around everyday, and as it turns out, training supermodels into wrestlers isn’t something that can be taught overnight. Thankfully, the WWE is moving away from this philosophy.

Even though WWE is focusing less on looks and more on talent, that doesn’t mean sexy is a bad thing. There are plenty of female wrestlers and personalities that are absolutely breathtaking and natural beauties. Even without all the makeup, many of these ladies are stunning. With makeup, lipstick, long lashes, perfect hair and proper lighting, their beauty is only enhanced on already gorgeous looking women. However, this enhancing also tends to overrate a lot of the good looks of many WWE female wrestlers.

While no WWE female athlete is unattractive, there are plenty that aren’t as stunning as they claim to be. The transformation some of the ladies go through is amazing. The makeup artists and hair stylists turn an average woman into a complete bombshell. So, let’s be honest. It is easy to overrate some of these woman because of their awesome workrate, intense training and beauty enhancements. Still, the truth is some of these overrated superstar simply aren’t as hot as people claim they are, and I have proof! Here are 15 pictures that prove these female wrestlers are just “meh.”

15 Beth Phoenix


It's amazing what a little makeup can do. Or in this case, a lack thereof. Beth Phoenix is the “Glamazon!” She’s a three time WWE Women’s Champion, a one time WWE Divas Champion, WWE Hall of Famer, and now… mom.

Beth Phoenix wasn’t the typical supermodel diva. She was built like an Amazon, and I’m sure many out there found that bulky, bodybuilder physique a total turn-on. She was the exact opposite of the Kelly Kelly type of diva, and there definitely was a certain charm to that anti-diva look. Unfortunately, currently, that Amazonian build is gone, and without makeup she looks more like a soccer mom than a “Diva of Doom.”Beth Phoenix is a the moment retired from wrestling and switching careers and this picture above is proof of that. Beth Phoenix has dropped the Amazonian alter ego and become suzy homemaker.

14 Nia Jax


Nia Jax is a tough case. She’s definitely a plus-sized woman, and I’m happy she’s comfortable in her own skin as she should be. Not to mention that plus-sized models are also getting a lot of love these days. We’re starting to see more and more people shying away from the ultra-thin look and the curvy, voluptuous body types are getting more attention.

I don’t want to rain on this parade, but Nia Jax still leaves me feeling "meh." Natalya is a “bigger girl” and comes from a "big" family, but she is still quick in the ring and looks great. Ashley Graham is a plus-size model and still looks more than great. Nia's theme says she’s “not like most girls, but Nia Jax just isn’t all that remarkable either. She’s a lot more on the “meh” side than not.

13 Stephanie McMahon


I’m not saying Stephanie McMahon isn’t a desirable woman, but she is very overrated in the looks department. Now, back in the day, she was an absolute fox, especially after “the boobies hit the floor” and as SmackDown’s general manager. Who could forget the witch costume?

However, now, Stephanie McMahon is a mom, business woman and heiress to the WWE, and I’m just not seeing that billion dollar princess bod anymore. I know she’s going for that respectable, modest image, but the same appeal just isn’t there. Yet, people continue to act like it is, and I don’t get it. During the latter days of the "Attitude Era" or "Ruthless Aggression Era," Stephanie had sex symbol written all over her, but sadly that time has passed her by.

12 Paige


Truth be told, there is something about Paige that is kind of appealing. Maybe, it’s the grunge style or the anti-diva look about her, but there is an attractive nature about her. At the same time, Paige isn’t all that much to write home about either.

She’s uber skinny and not in a good way, from training. She looks more like she’s starving than fit. Her pale skin looks exotic and goes well with her gothic, grungy archetype, but with everything else going on with her, her looks just don’t measure up. If this is her house, she can have it. There are lots of fair skinned female wrestlers out there, and they look far better looking than Paige. Taeler Hendrix anyone? Then again, to each their own.

11 Shayna Baszler


Shayna Baszler is a former UFC fighter and has currently signed on with WWE. Fans got their first look at Baszler in the Mae Young Classic tournament, making it all the way to the finals. Baszler is like a lesser known Ronda Rousey, which is good because Baszler’s looks aren’t overrated. However, Baszler doesn’t have that sexy supermodel look either. Unlike Rousey, if you were expecting her to look like a crazed tomboyish street fighter, you wouldn’t be far off. Baszler is in phenomenal shape but there is nothing girly about Shayna Baszler. Ronda Rousey can dress it up but there is no sign of that with Baszler.

It would seem WWE is interested in doing a Four Horsewomen vs Horsewomen angle so expect to see Baszler soon. Though if you are hoping to see “The Queen of Spades” clean up nicely, you’re going to be sadly mistaken.

10 Charlotte


When Charlotte Flair is caked in makeup and glitter, she is strikingly stunning. She looks like an absolute queen when she comes down to the ring. However, without the makeup, her hotness takes a hit. To be fair, that could be said about anyone. Clearly, Charlotte didn’t wake up looking like she does when she walks down the ramp, and she still has a killer body, one of the best smiles and can bring it in the ring better than anyone.

Still, without her makeup, she look less like Charlotte "The Queen" and more like plain and simple Ashley. Don’t take that the wrong way, Ashley is cute, but she isn’t royalty like Charlotte. If Charlotte looked the same without makeup as she does with, she’s be one of the hottest divas ever, but that’s not the case.  There’s a drastic difference between the two. Charlotte is nuclear hot, but Ashley is unfortunately “meh.”

9 Brie Bella


There really isn't much that's as unattractive as grocery shopping, and Brie is no exception.  Brie Bella is no doubt a cute girl, and it’s awesome how the Bella Twins are at least trying to be good wrestlers. However, we need to be honest. Brie is a very average looking woman.

Unlike her sister, Brie has nothing extraordinary going for her. Nikki has an amazing body and has "enhanced" her good looks. Brie has not. If Nikki is any indication, we know Brie can be a smoking hot diva and a lot less of the "meh" she is now. Brie has indicated she wants to return to the ring in 2018 after some time away on maternity leave, so we'll see how she can hang with the current crop soon enough.

8 Angelina Love


My JBL, what in the world happened to Angelina Love. She was one of the hottest TNA knockouts ever but certainly not anymore. With Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich, no one denied that Angelina Love belonged with The Beautiful People. Now, Angeline Love would be one of the many to be “cleansed.”

Even when Angelina Love looked absolutely perfect, there was still a lot of speculation that she had an eating disorder. She was always extremely skinny, and Angelina Love herself, brushed off the rumors. Then, for whatever reason, she decided to get all of these surgeries done. She remains overtly skinny, and as Love has gotten older the plastic surgery has only made her look worse. Currently, she's looking far more ghoulish than a former “knockout.” It’s such a shame her need for her plastic surgeries ruined her once perfectly natural good looks.

7 Ruby Riot


Everyone is really high on Ruby Riot right now, and I can understand that. She’s been wrestling for a while now and is an excellent wrestler. She’s paid her dues in the Independent Circuit, won some gold, and now she’s in NXT to do the same. She has high expectations and with those expectation come overrated looks.

Ruby Riot has a killer bod, but she’s really quite “meh.” Ruby has lot of photos on her social media where she is smiling and acting normal, but there are others photos where she’s actually trying to look hideous and very much succeeding. The gross, random tattoos don’t help either, and any hope of appeal is pretty much curb stomped. I suppose there are some out there that find her attitude and tats and anti-diva persona attractive, but I’m calling "meh" on this one.

6 Jessica Havok


I feel like the 90s are trying to make a comeback because this grunge style keeps popping up. I supposed the red, or green or purple hair dye, dark clothes and mesh leggings can have a certain appeal, especially with the overdone “Diva” look, but it’s not doing anything for me on Jessica Havok. I don’t mean to take anything away from Jessica Havok, she’s one of the best female wrestlers on the planet. However, once again, I think her terrific ring work is exaggerating her looks.

There are other female wrestlers that used and are currently using that gothic, grungy kind of look, and it works for them. It works well of Taeler Hendrix. It worked well for Ashley Massaro. It worked well for Lita. All those women have used the grunge look and looked fantastic doing it. While the that look may be appropriate for Jessica Havok’s character, Jessica Havok herself, looks “meh” at best. Though her weight is a lot more under control, she still has some work to do in that area. Her Mad Max ring attire doesn't help her appearance either making her look even worse than it really is.

5 Mercedes Martinez


Mercedes Martinez is an widely decorated champion throughout the Independent Circuit. She’s one of the greatest women’s wrestlers out there right now and competed in the Mae Young Classic tournament. By all means, Mercedes Martinez should be in WWE. She’s smart and powerful sure, but I don’t think we need to pretend that she’s sexy. As seen in the picture above (she’s the one on the left), her repulsive tattoos, lean body, lack of makeup and tomboy attire disqualify her from being anything other than “meh.”

That shouldn’t disqualify her from a career in WWE however. WWE is moving away from the supermodel, girly-girl, “diva” of the women’s wrestlers, making “The Latina Sensation” a perfect fit to the roster.

4 Renee Young


Renee Young definitely has a lovely face for TV. The WWE interviewer, smiles and looks and acts charming in front of the camera, and so it pains me to say this. Renee Young is “meh.” But, hey, that’s okay. She’s not a model or a wrestler. She actually looks pretty good all things considered, but without makeup and hitting the gym all day every day, Renee's looks are very average.

Again, Renee is still very cute, and it’s unfair to compare her to the supermodels on Total Divas. She also totally makes up for her “meh” looks with her bubbly, spunky personality. Maybe that’s why her looks can be sometimes overrated. Her charm totally adds to the attractive factor and is definitely Renee’s strong suit. Still, if I’m being honest, and didn’t know about the Renee Young’s personality, I’d have to say she looks cute but nothing special.

3 Jillian Hall


Jillian Hall went from a below average looking indy wrestler, to smoking hot WWE diva seemingly overnight. Jillian joined WWE, had some plastic surgery done, and she looked totally different and absolutely riveting. Not much came from Jillian’s WWE run unfortunately, but she was always easy on the eyes (not on the ears - remember her singing gimmick?). Jillian retired from wrestling, and she’s still in great shape but all the plastic surgery has started to take its toll.

Without makeup, Jillian doesn’t even look like the same person. Jillian went from smoking hot to currently "meh" or below. We’ve seen what happens to those who have these surgeries, and how those surgeries affect people down the road. Jillian is just another one of these unfortunate victims.

2 Bea Priestley


Bea Priestley hasn’t been wrestling long, but you’d never know it watching her perform. You would think she’s been wrestling all her life with the perfection of her spots, moves and mannerisms in the ring. Coming from the U.K. hopefully won’t keep her off WWE’s radar. She looks like a natural WWE superstar already.

However, and there’s no nice way to say this, Bea Priestley is a text book example of a “butterface.” Her body is aces from neck down, but her face… I love the Melina from Mortal Kombat look, but Bea Priestley is too similar to the character in the looks department. Maybe she should leave the mask on? All jokes aside, Bea Priestley has an awesome look, great character and let me just repeat, a perfect 10 body. If only everything matched up, she’d be way more mesmerizing and much less “meh.”

1 Mickie James


Mickie James was at one point the hottest diva in WWE. She was popular and getting great reactions. When Trish Status left WWE, Trish passed the torch to her, and Mickie took the helm for the Women’s Division for the company. Mickie, in her awesome skirts, was on the verge of sex symbol when Creative, in their infinite wisdom, got rid of her skirts and then just stopped pushing her altogether. Now, Mickie is back, and she’s just not the same.

Despite the dumb storyline, it’s not Mickie James’ age. Maybe it’s just because of how hot she used to be, but currently momma Mickie is just “meh.” She’s not unattractive by any means, but comparing her to the current divas, she’s just not measuring up. Maybe she needs a makeover or something to bring out a fresh look.

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15 Photos That Prove These Female Wrestlers Are 'Meh'