15 Photos That'll Make You Glad Paige Is Now Single

Paige is one of the most successful women to enter a WWE ring, especially when considering what she has accomplished at her very young age. The company clearly had a lot of faith in her at the beginning of her career, but injuries and suspensions have cost her over a year of action. That hasn't stopped fans from speculating on her return, and they still drool at the thought of seeing her back in a WWE ring.

And while she may be used to winning in the ring, she definitely did some serious losing over the last few months. Such as losing her privacy when photos, explicit texts, and videos leaked of her getting intimate with several superstars. Paige also recently announced her separation from Alberto Del Rio, including a video of a blurry couple making out in the background with her saying "This is why I'm single." It was probably for the best though, as the couple appeared to have their share of problems.

But if Paige wanted to find someone to make out with, we're sure she wouldn't have to look too hard. A point made all the more abundantly clear when you check out perhaps the 15 most enticing photos - spanning over 5 years -  ever taken of Paige (besides the explicit "private" ones of course). These include trips to the beach (alongside Summer Rae!), some of her most unforgettable in-ring outfits, professional photo shoots and perhaps the sexiest Harley Quinn you've ever seen.

15 Revealing In Ring Attire

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When it comes to the above photo, we don't know which of the two angles you are going to be able to stop staring at first. What we do know however is that you're probably going to be pretty ecstatic that the photo was able to make the cut. That couldn't be all too shocking though could it?

While we don't know why the photographer didn't ask Paige to look at the camera, perhaps it adds some extra mysterious edge to the photo. While we don't know how Paige is going to look when she makes her return to the ring, which is expected to happen any minute now, we're sure she won't be disappointing any fans with her awesome ring attire.

14 Dressing As Harley Quinn For Halloween

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There aren't many Halloween costumes out there that are more popular than Harley Quinn. While Margot Robbie is a pretty high standard to try and compete against in Suicide Squad, we're sure you love seeing women try their best. Especially your favourite female wrestlers!

We don't know if there is anyone that is a better candidate to dethrone Robbie than Paige. She elected to give her take on the DC character this past Halloween. It's perhaps not shocking that the photo, which she shared on Instagram, received over 1,500 comments and 200,000 likes. Perhaps it'll inspire her to take on other villainous antagonists like Poison Ivy for next year... Let's just hope her night wasn't full of illegal activities.

13 Showing Off Her Abs, You Won't Believe What Year It's In!

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Paige is definitely working hard in the gym right now to make sure she's ready to kick some butt again in the company. But she is definitely no stranger to the weight room, something she made evident when she captioned the above photo "Day 38 of gym. Slowly but surely!" Do you want to guess when she uploaded the photo? It may look somewhat recent, but it was actually way back on February 7th, 2012. That's literally over 2 years prior to her explosive debut in the WWE and was back when she was making a name for herself in the NXT. Unfortunately for Paige, adding to the embarrassment of her photo/video leak was the inclusion of the NXT championship belt in an incredibly graphic manner as one of her "sessions" came to an end.

12 Checking Herself Out

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Paige has had several different adjustments to her style in the ring over the years. But one of your favourites may have been the above attire which she was wearing around September 2014. In the photo, which Paige shared to her Instagram, it seems like she appears to be checking herself out. But who can blame her?!

She made sure to ask the Instagram universe what they thought of her outfit. Perhaps not shockingly, they were pretty unanimous in their approval. There will always be some haters out there, but we're sure it doesn't let Paige get her down. Especially because she has plenty of productive and healthy things that she can put her focus on now.

11 Showing Off Her Legs And Nerdy Side

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When it comes to our next amazing photo of Paige, we aren't too sure what book she's holding in her hand. If we're betting on it, it's probably something that they just threw in her hands as a prop. Perhaps it was like that famous scene from Talladega Nights when Ricky Bobby didn't know what to do with his hands, so they were like "Hey, grab a book and you'll increase the 'nerdy' element!".

While Paige is used to wearing short-shorts in the ring, she may look even more tremendous in them when posing for a professional photo shoot. The warm weather in the photo may be long gone as of now, but we're sure Paige will be around for plenty of tremendous photo opportunities in the near future.

10 Posing In The Mirror

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There are many downfalls that you may think of when it comes to being a wrestler. One of the biggest may be the constant time spent on the road. But for Paige it may be one of her favourite elements based on the fact that she captioned our next photo with: "Wanna get back already..Missing the road," which was uploaded back in April 2015. Paige has had several factors keep her out of the ring in the past, including injuries and violations of the WWE wellness policy. She recently received surgery on her neck on October 19th that was successful. Perhaps the fact that she's now single will mean she may enjoy partying it up a little bit more on the road. Let's just hope she does it responsibly.

9 Loving Her Professional Photo Shoot

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Paige must be a huge fan of the photos taken by Carlos Velez that we're sure you also can't stop staring at. After all, when you go to her Twitter page, she's promoting the photo shoot as her profile picture! But while the photo on Twitter may be small, you may be a lot more captivated by the larger and higher quality photo that we've included in our list.

While Paige may also not have as much time coming up to participate in photo shoots as she's going to be kicking butt as a wrestler, she did caption the above photo "Here's another bad boy from the amazing shoot with @carlosvelezfoto can't wait to work with him again." We're sure you also can't wait!

8 Embracing Her Love Of Roddy Piper

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The world lost one of their most iconic villains in 2015 when Roddy Piper passed away suddenly at the age of 61 years old. The company understandably paid tribute to the legacy that he left behind. It was abundantly clear how much influence he had on the company during his prime and beyond, including the impact he had on Paige.

On top of shaping her as a wrestler, Paige gave Piper some credit for her fashion sense with the above outfit that she shared on Instagram in 2014. Perhaps hauntingly, Paige wrote "Roddy piper inspired today for smackdown!" with the skull emoticon after. Hopefully she can continue to honour the legend when she returns to the ring in WWE.

7 You Want To Ask About Her T-Rex Shirt

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One of the best elements about Paige is that along with being a tremendous superstar, she also seems like a super fun person to hang out with. Especially because if what she is doing isn't leaving you entertained, she may also be wearing awesome T-Shirts like this one that are sure to be a great way to start up a conversation. Or if you're dating her, perhaps another activity.

There are a few different T-Shirts that follow this similar theme (of lifting it over your shirt to reveal the image), so let's hope the positive reception from this one will inspire Paige to purchase some more. Especially because you know she'll be sure to throw them up on Instagram. Blessed is the age of social media.

6 Looking Naughty For The Christmas Season

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There are many reasons to be excited that we are moving into Christmas. One of the reasons that the female superstars may be particularly stoked for is the fact that they get the opportunity to participate in a fun photo shoot with the company. It's an opportunity not only for them to embrace the Christmas spirit, but also to show off part of their personality (among other things).

After all, we find it hard to believe that it wasn't Paige's decision to stick her tongue out and throw a wink at the camera. A decision that may have definitely fallen more on the naughty side of the list. Hopefully Santa can find it in his heart to forgive her and gift her a championship soon!

5 At The Beach With Summer Rae

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We may be going a few years back for our next entry, but that definitely doesn't detract from the overall quality of the photo. Especially if you consider that standing alongside Paige in a swimsuit is Summer Rae, but we can forgive you for not recognizing her as she has been absent from TV for a long time. The unfortunate news that comes with this photo is that if these two women hang out in the future, they won't be able to bond about their experiences in the company. While Paige is gearing up for a return to the ring, Summer Rae was released by the company on October 29th. WWE has definitely re-hired superstars in the past, so perhaps the door isn't completely closed for Summer Rae.

4 Saying Her Gym Time Is Paying Off

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Paige may not have taken the above photo, which she does for many entries, but she still made sure to Tweet about it back in June; saying "Dunno buttt my gym time is paying off." with a winky face. It's definitely hard to argue with her when you have results like this! Back when the photo was taken it was still months away from her return, which means that she is probably in even better shape now than she was back then. Especially now that she is finished with surgeries and is able to give it her all. With an improved female roster, we're sure Paige is looking forward to the challenge of reclaiming her spot on the totem pole.

3 Amazing In Gym Pants

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When it comes to professions that require you to stay in shape, there aren't many that are more demanding than being a professional wrestler. Any time they hit up the ring it's an extensive workout, but then they need to make sure they're also taking care of their body on their own time.

That means eating right, plenty of dates with a personal trainer and even more days spent pumping iron or engaging in some cardio at the gym, the latter of which Paige indicated she was about to do with the next photo. And while Paige looks dynamite when she's in the ring, you may be even more allured to how she looks when she is in workout gear.

2 Reminder Of How Amazing She Looks In The Ring

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While Paige looks tremendous whenever she is not in the ring, as evidenced by multiple entries, it would only be fair to you to also make sure we include a photo of her in action. Or, y'know, at the very least in her wrestling attire and out in front of the audience! There aren't many rushes in life that you can experience that may be able to compare to hearing the crowd react to you. And while Paige's outfits may be what draw your eyes to her at times, it's her unbelievable skill in the ring that absolutely was what left people talking about her. We're sure she spent plenty of long hours in the past few months away from the ring to study the other elements of the business and is going to come back stronger than ever.

1 One Of Her Most Recent Instagram Photos

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Photos have spanned several years on our list, but none is more recent than our next entry. Captioned "I've never felt more ready to tackle my future. Can't wait for things to happen," Paige uploaded the photo back on November 8th.

It's a great sign that she's in such a positive headspace. The photo was uploaded two days before the world became aware of her split from Alberto Del Rio, but perhaps she knew it was coming (or it had happened and we didn't know yet) and just wanted to re-affirm her fans that she was doing well. With over 4 million followers on Instagram, we're sure Paige has plenty of fans that are going to be more than happy to shower her with support on what may be her tougher days.

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