15 Photos These Female Wrestlers Wish They Could Take Back

For regular people like us, the mere thought of having a life like a celebrity seems to be the best thing that could happen in our lives. After all, celebrities have everything, don’t they? Celebrities get to make loads of money, have people screaming their names wherever they go, and they’re pretty much just loved everywhere. That is the life. Well, at least that is how it seems to be at first glance.

The reality is that being a celebrity is probably not as nice as most people would like to think. First and foremost, the main thing guys and gals who dream of the limelight forget while they are fantasizing about being famous is that, as soon as you reach a certain level of fame, you are going to have to start policing yourself on what you do in public because there will be paparazzi waiting for you to slip up at every corner. It might not sound bad at first, but it has to get annoying very quickly. And thanks to Vince McMahon building his empire to the size it is today, wrestlers have joined this fold of celebrities.

As many have probably realized by now, this kind of recognition doesn’t come without some consequences. The biggest of which is that once wrestlers become big-time, embarrassing things about them also do. Thankfully, we are here to remind you of a few of them. Sure, there are particular moments that these wrestlers and probably the WWE would like you to forget, but since the Internet is around, nothing is really gone forever, is it? Either way, here are 15 photos these female wrestlers wish they could take back.

15 Piggy James

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The WWE is notorious for some very controversial storylines, but holy moly this one was terrible. No one who was involved with the “Piggy James” saga of the WWE a few years back should be proud of what they did. Seriously, that entire thing was just messed up. First, the point of it was completely off since Mickie James is one fine woman. Her recent reappearance was enough to prove that. Nevertheless, even if she was chubby, that does not make it okay for Vince and the WWE to create an entire storyline fat-shaming a woman.

From someone using a fat pig suit to a photomontage that put Mickie James’s face on a real pig, the WWE did not pull any punches. Michelle McCool also really did seem to enjoy doing what she did to James.

14 Doggy Trish

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Following a similar line to the “Piggy James” storyline, Vince McMahon did something that might have been even worse to Trish Stratus than the bullying of Mickie James. Yes, we are talking about that time when Vince went into the ring with Trish and went a little bit overboard with his comments and what he told his employee to do.

Wrestlers do a lot of things for fame, but what Trish Stratus agreed to do in that live edition of Raw was not something the vast majority of women would agree to do, much less approve. You can still find videos of it online even though we firmly believe the WWE is keen on removing those. In those videos, you can see Vince McMahon yelling at Trish, telling her to kneel and crawl while barking like a dog. Oh yeah, he also proceeded to make her strip in front of thousands of people.

13 Cameron, The Paparazzi Seeker

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One thing that seems to be a rule of thumb for the majority of wrestlers is that they will do a lot for fame. That goes for all kinds of celebrities, but since our subject is wrestling, let’s talk about a wrestler who overdosed on trying to attain fame. The funny thing here is that while Cameron tried her hardest to become a celebrity, she never really exploded in the wrestling world nor the celebrity world. Hell, she even tried her hand at a singing career, which didn’t really pan out either.

The most ridiculous point of her fame-seeking antics happened when Cameron deliberately went to a place she knew there would be paparazzi, just to pose for them and get some attention. Funny enough, it seems like none of those pictures were actually featured in any publications.

12 Emma Likes Ipods

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How well do you think WWE superstars get paid? Our best guess would be that they get paid a boatload of money. We really thought all of these people were super rich, but it doesn’t seem like that is indeed the case. In reality, it turns out that some of them still have to deviate from social norms in order to get some of the things they want. Now, we are just kidding, we are sure wrestlers do get healthy paychecks after every show.

In case you don’t remember, Emma, one of the most recognizable faces of the women’s roster, was arrested for allegedly stealing an iPad case. It was chalked up to a simple case of Emma forgetting to scan the item at a self checkout line at Walmart. Kind of reminds you of Marge Simpson forgetting to pay for a bottle of bourbon at the Kwik-E-Mart.

11 Brie Bella Singing

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The worst thing you can hear from a family member is a big, fat “I told you so.” And, after watching Vince McMahon use the family card for entertainment for so many years, it was no surprise to see him try to pit the Bella Twins against each other for a change. Sisters fight, twins especially, but in one particular storyline for Total Divas, something surprised everyone.

The whole gimmick was that Brie Bella thought she could sing, and her sister Nikki was adamant in making fun of her and saying that she could never be a singer. What happened next? Brie Bella displayed her singing skills to the world in the reality show. And, let’s just say that for a change, Nikki was right. That was some terrible, terrible singing.

10 Young Sable

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This is one of the few topics in which not a single person in the world can escape being part of the norm. It doesn’t matter who you are or how good you look; it is always an embarrassing moment when other people see your high school pictures. That is just something that happens with time. We look funny when we are young, especially if we are looking at those pictures years later. WWE superstars are no different, and there are a bunch of them with hilarious high school pictures that they would probably want to hide from the Internet.

Out of that entire bunch, however, the most interesting picture we found for the women’s roster was this high school photo of Sable. Yes, this is Sable. We could barely recognize her when we first saw it.

9 A Bliss Announcer

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Alexa Bliss is arguably the most entertaining figure on the women’s roster today. It is funny how the tiniest woman in the WWE could reign supreme as Little Miss Bliss does. But what if we told you that there is a good chance Alexa’s career would not have gone this way?

If you remember the beginning of her tenure with NXT, the WWE people tried to push Alexa as a ring announcer instead of a wrestler for some time. And we should all thank the gods that she was so bad at it. If you want a good laugh, just search for those videos, there were countless times where she botched introductions. It even got to a point where she had to tag sticky notes to the microphone so she would remember what to say. Thankfully, Alexa eventually found her place as our champion.

8 Lana Ruining Storylines

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Being a wrestler takes a lot of dedication from these hard-working people. Take guys like The Undertaker for example. It might seem unfair, but Vince McMahon expects his wrestlers to act accordingly to their personas even while they are out in public. A lot of it has to do with keeping wrestlers from ruining storylines that are ongoing in the shows.

For a long time, we thought that was kind of inconsiderate of Vince. Hell, telling your employees what to do while they are living their lives off the clock seems like tyranny. Then something interesting happened on social media. A photo of Lana went viral after Rusev proposed to her in real life. The only problem was that the leaked photo ruined an ongoing WWE storyline. So maybe Vince does have a point.

7 Charlotte Mug Shot

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Charlotte Flair is one of the few kids of superstars who have really followed in her father’s footsteps. She is arguably one of the best women’s wrestlers we have seen in recent years. And whether you agree with it or not, this woman has the legion of followers to back up any claim she makes. Nevertheless, even someone who is as good as Charlotte and has as famous a family as she does has specific stains in her past.

Many people make fun of wrestlers because they think everything is scripted and none of the moves hurt or anything like that, but in a very drastic and terrible way, Charlotte proved some of them wrong. We are saying that because she was arrested for assaulting a police officer in 2008.

6 Cameron And Ray J

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Seriously, we cannot say this enough. No wrestler we have heard of, has tried to become famous as hard as Cameron did. This woman loved the cameras, and her dream was for the cameras to love her back. While she was a decent wrestler and could have probably been a better one if she had focused on the right things, Cameron became famous for the wrong stuff. One of them was that in order to get attention one time she called up her friend Ray J and went to a place where they knew there would be a lot of paparazzi. Then the two of them started taking very intimate photos purposely while the paparazzi were around.

It is not like she is the first person to use Ray J to get some exposure, but this is about as distasteful as it gets because she did have a boyfriend at the time.

5 Alexis Laree

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Does that name not ring a bell? Well, that might be because you know this woman better as Mickie James. Unlike many people would like to believe, the WWE is not the only place big time wrestlers have worked. The reality is that a lot of the superstars you see today had to grind their way to the top of the wrestling world, which means that they did a lot of indie gigs.

Mickie James was no different, as she bounced around several independent promotions during her early years trying to make it as a wrestler. During that time, she also used the stage name Alexis Laree. The interesting thing here is that while the indie circuit is a path to stardom, some bizarre stuff happens there. Oh yeah, and they use a lot of weird costumes, like this Mad Max style outfit.

4 Lilian Garcia And The Fall

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If Alexa Bliss failed miserably at being an announcer, and we thank the gods for that, here is a woman who became a master at the art. Sometimes people just fall in the right place (no pun intended) and we are glad for that. Lilian Garcia has made some sporadic appearances in recent years, but she has been by far one of the best ring announcers in the business for years.

The woman has everything, the voice, the looks, and the skill. We just wish we could see more of her these days. Nevertheless, there is one little incident in her career that she would probably like to forget. Yes, you hard-core wrestling fans totally remember when she tripped during a Smackdown episode back in 2012. Still, leave it to Lillian to recover from a fall with grace, which is what she did. At the same time, she doesn’t look so graceful in this shot a quick-fingered photographer snapped.

3 Charlotte And The Wardrobe Malfunction

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A very solid argument can be made that Charlotte is the biggest female star in the business today. She's certainly one of the most decorated and she moved up the WWE ladder fairly quickly despite getting into the company without much prior wrestling experience. However, a few months ago, Charlotte was caught in one of her more embarrassing moments when her tights fell down during a match, exposing her rear end to the audience. Fortunately for Charlotte, the mishap happened to be facing away from the TV camera so she avoided some serious embarrassment. With SmackDown now being a live show, TV audiences would have gotten a big glimpse as well. If you look closely you can see some very excited male fans paying close attention to the action.

2 Young Paige

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Wrestling is one of those professions in which people can start their careers very early. But then again, there are some people who start almost too young. A perfect example of that was Paige. She will always be on the record books as one of the youngest WWE champions ever, as she won the Diva’s title at the early age of 21, but that doesn’t mean the title came early in her career.

No, the truth is that Paige has been wrestling professionally since she was 13 years old. Yes, this is the family business for her, as her clan had their own promotion in Europe, where she was a young superstar from the get-go. That being said, there are a lot of pictures of a young Paige that the superstar of today might not be too keen on the fans looking at.

1 AJ Lee And The Poop

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Like we said a couple of times already in this article, there were some storylines in the WWE that caused a lot of controversies. A lot of them were entertaining, a few weren’t, but at the end of the day, the crowd will always stand by their favorite promotion. Nevertheless, there was one particular incident that seemed to go a little bit too far in terms of nastiness. No, we don’t think that John Cena literally dumped a bucket of wet feces on AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler while the on-screen couple was enjoying a lovely New Year’s Eve drink. But still, it was one of the nastiest things we have ever seen in a WWE event.

If you need any proof of that, just feast your eyes on this immortalized picture of AJ and Dolph scrambling to their feet and realizing what had just happened.

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