WWE is under going an overhaul as of right now when it comes to how the company perceives women. No longer are its females hired for their looks and modelling backgrounds, but instead they are brought in based on their technical abilities and how well they can perform inside of a ring. It’s refreshing and has really opened up fans’ eyes to what the female side of the business can do. It’s also a very recent occurrence. Less than ten years ago women were competing in bra and panties matches and being thrown into paddling pools filled with pudding. It was a different time in WWE but one thing that is undeniable, it led to some extremely gorgeous females competing in the company.

Two of those very attractive women were Trish Stratus and Kelly Kelly. Both competitors were hired without having any wrestling experience at the time and had to learn on the job. Although both would later become better in ring competitors, especially Trish, you sometimes got the feeling that WWE would have found something for them whether they took to wrestling or not. Outside of in ring work both Trish and Kelly had various different roles, all based around how incredibly good looking they were. They both came from the world of modelling so had no issues showing off what they had to offer and WWE flaunted that side of them. There are countless photos of the two of them worth seeking out online, but thanks to us you don’t have to.

We’ve picked out 15 of the very best for you to peruse and decide who was hotter, Trish Stratus or Kelly Kelly?

15. Trish In A White Swimsuit

via wwe.com

Trish Stratus truly was the perfect balance between model and professional wrestler. The former Women’s Champion looked just as at home in a swimsuit like in this photo as she did in the ring competing on Monday Night Raw. The reason she looked so good, and still does to this day, right from the off was because before stepping foot in a ring she was a fitness model. No great surprise there, I know. While modelling, Trish caught the eye of WWE and they signed her. As was the case back then it didn’t really matter if a female Superstar could wrestle or not. Stratus had the look and WWE tackled the wrestling training aspect of things after they had her sign a contract.

14. Kelly Kelly Playing Lifeguard

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Trish Stratus is not the only woman in WWE who can rock a one piece swimsuit, and her adversary for the purposes of this list, Kelly Kelly, looks pretty darn good in one too. Posing as a lifeguard for this photo, that wasn’t the only hat she would have to wear while with WWE. Kelly also couldn’t wrestle when WWE signed her. With that in mind they thought they would have her be a dancer instead. It turns out Kelly couldn’t really dance either. Their last resort was to make her an “exotic” dancer. Yes it was a different time in WWE when Kelly Kelly was in her prime and that really truly did happen, but more on that later.

13. Trish As The World’s Greatest Cheer Leader

via wwe.com

As Stratus needed to be trained before she could perform inside the ring, WWE needed to find ways to get her in the public eye before she could actually compete. Naturally as you can tell from the above photo, a lot of her early exposure came in the form of wearing not a lot during photo shoots. We the fans certainly appreciated that, especially the cheer leader type get up Trish has on in this particular pic, but it wasn’t enough to simply dole out photos of Trish. Instead they had the new female Superstar act as a valet to the tag team Test and Albert. Stratus would accompany them to the ring as a heel and it was only a little more than a month after her debut that she took her first bump through a table via The Dudley Boyz.

12. Kelly Kelly Relaxing At Ringside

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Kelly Kelly left a lot of the WWE Universe with their jaws on the floor when she debuted for WWE. She became the youngest woman on the roster making her first appearance at the age of just 19. As mentioned previously Kelly’s first gimmick was that of an “exotic dancer” since she couldn’t dance or wrestle. No complaints here. The diva was a part of the company’s reboot of ECW and her weekly “burlesque” segment was dubbed Extreme Expose. Now we know WWE can push the boundaries of good taste, but even they didn’t have a 19 year old woman strip naked live on television. Each week her on-screen boyfriend, Mike Knox, would put a stop to the shenanigans just in the nick of time, much to the disappointment of the fans at home.

11. Trish Wearing Not A Lot At All

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I did make the argument just a couple of entries ago that Trish Stratus may look better now at the age of 41 than she did during her heyday for WWE. She’s a keen fitness model and looks after herself, so she’ll look good for years. However after stumbling across this photo I may have to take that statement back. Where and when this was taken exactly is unclear. Whatever the details, it’s hard not to be envious of whoever is behind that camera. Back to Trish’s career though. Eventually Stratus not only learned to wrestle, but she became pretty darn good at it. Trish actually started to segue away from T&A (see what they did there) during a story line that involved her having an affair with Vince McMahon. So now we know the real reason behind the boss signing her.

10. Kelly Kelly Knocking Out The Competiton

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Kelly Kelly not being able to wrestle certainly didn’t slow WWE down in their exposure of her, in many definitions of the word. As you might have guessed the former Divas’ Champion wasn’t exactly an avid boxer either, but that didn’t stop her from donning some gloves and posing for the above photo. Eventually though fans were going to tire of seeing Mike Knox foil Kelly’s attempts to strip for them every week, and the female wrestler was going to actually have to do some wrestling at some point. The company eased her into things by making her first few matches mixed tags alongside Knox. The pair would part ways shortly after following a story line where Kelly became increasingly obsessed with CM Punk.

9. The Classic Stratus Look

via wwe.com

Many of you reading this will have fond memories of Trish Stratus. Most of the non wrestling ones will likely involve her wearing very little clothing, as she has been up until this point in this list. Someone like Stratus doesn’t necessarily need to be almost naked to catch the eye of fans and viewers however. A great many of you who watched WWE during the tail end of the Attitude Era will probably automatically picture Trish wearing the above. It was an outfit synonymous with the Hall of Famer and one she wore while working as a valet. Soon after though Trish would become much more comfortable in ring gear and begin chasing Women’s Championships with her most famous opponent, Lita.

8. Kelly Kelly Looking Primed For A Night Out

via youtube.com

As is quickly being demonstrated via this list anything Trish can do Kelly can do equally as well, at least when it comes to physical attractiveness. Yes Vince McMahon may have seen how gorgeous she was and resorted to having her disrobe on his programming, but like Stratus, Kelly had enough wow factor about her that it didn’t matter what she was wearing, she could still grab people’s attention. Once the Extreme Expose stink had worn off and Kelly’s wrestling training actually started to kick in WWE took her more seriously. Her character was allowed to develop and she wrestled more and more, eventually earning a Women’s Title shot against Beth Phoenix. Kelly would lose that one, but it was a sign of things to come for the still young competitor.

7. Sandy Stratus

via wwe.com

WWE loves taking photos of beautiful women with the beach as a back drop. To this day photo shoots of the company’s female Superstars regularly take place at the beach. It makes a lot of sense. Taking photos of hot women in bikinis in a studio setting is all well and good, but it doesn’t have that natural feel to it. Women on the beach in their bikinis, now that makes sense. Back to Trish’s career though, no matter how good she looks with sea and sand as her back drop, and in late 2001 she won her first Women’s Championship. After being sidelined through injury for a while Trish returned and competed in a six pack challenge for the championship at Survivor Series that year. She would hold the title for around three months before losing it to Jazz in February 2002.

6. Kelly Kelly Looking Pretty In Pink

via wwe.com

Sorry, what was I just saying about WWE photo shoots of female Superstars in bikinis looking better when they’re in a natural setting? Scratch that, because this picture of Kelly Kelly in an extremely revealing bikini disproves anything that was just said about beach photos being better than studio photos. In terms of similarities between these last two entries however, on to Kelly Kelly’s first and only championship reign. Brie Bella was Divas’ Champion at the time, and after unsuccessfully challenging the twin the first time Kelly got another shot a month later. That time though she won and at the age of just 24 became WWE Divas’ Champion. Kelly managed to hold on to the belt for an impressive 104 days, finally dropping it to Beth Phoenix on the third time of asking by The Glamazon.

5. Trish Looks Even Better In Blue

via wwe.com

Okay completely forget everything I previously said about the setting of WWE Diva photo shoots making all the difference. Clearly Trish Stratus can make any back drop work as she is neither on a beach nor in a studio for this one. She seems to be in front of an old bank vault, but there will likely be nobody trying to figure out what’s behind her. Instead all eyes will be focused on her and that bikini, which leaves very little to the imagination. While this list is dedicated to Trish and Kelly Kelly, it would be remiss to not bring up Lita. Lita was Stratus’s greatest foe and to this day the pair are best friends. Together they paved the way for the women of today in WWE, and years before the term women’s revolution was coined they headlined Raw together in a Women’s Championship match.

4. Kelly Ready For A Slumber Party

via wwe.com

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we’ve reached a point in this list where we’ve established that Kelly Kelly looks incredible in just about anything. I could mock up a photo of the former WWE Superstar wearing a garbage bag and she would still look amazing. I won’t do that to you though, and instead here’s a pic of the gorgeous Kelly looking all set for a slumber party. Following Kelly’s Divas’ Championship reign she tried to gain he belt back from Beth, but to no avail. It wasn’t long after that Kelly started to depart WWE. The young Superstar performed at WrestleMania XXVIII and was released from her contract later that year. Kelly revealed shortly after that the release came following on from a neck injury she had suffered.

3. Just Add Water

via wwe.com

As I’ve been sifting through these photos and wondering which ones to share with you, it struck me that Trish Stratus couldn’t really get any hotter. She may very well be the epitome of what WWE wanted from their Divas during her peak. Then this photo emerged and the realization hit me that one way to make Trish look even hotter is to throw water over here. Look at the photo, it’s undeniable. What’s also undeniable was how influential she was in the ring. All good things must come to an end though, and her retirement could not have been more perfect. It took place at Unforgiven 2006, in her home town of Toronto, defeating her greatest rival Lita with a sharp shooter to become a seven time Women’s Champion. If you’re going to go out, then that is most certainly the way to do it.

2. Kelly Kelly Really Does Look Good In Pink

via magazin.sk

Saved the best pic for last when it comes to the Kelly Kelly side of this gallery. Wearing the same bikini as a previous entry in this article, but that was just a taster of what was to come. This full length photo gives you Kelly Kelly in all her glory. Speaking of which, Kelly Kelly in all her glory may be something we get on WWE television once again some time soon. The former Divas’ Champion has been working with WWE throughout 2017 as an ambassador for the company. She has been backstage for episodes of Raw, was at WrestleMania Axxess, and even appeared on an edition of the WWE Network show Table For 3. Despite her first foray into the squared circle feeling like a long time ago, Kelly is still only 30 so if she wants to wrestle again she has a lot of years left in the tank.

1. Saved The Best Beach Shot For Last

via wwe.com

Back to the beach theme again, and I simply couldn’t resist putting this breath taking shot of Trish at number one in this list. Argue the choice if you like, but I can’t imagine many of you will. While Kelly Kelly is back in the fold with WWE, Trish isn’t quite yet. There has been the odd rumor that she may make an in ring return, but that dream is seeming less and less likely to come true as time goes by. Honestly when you had a retirement as perfect as hers, why would you want to come back? Similarly to Shawn Michaels, Trish must think that her final in ring moments went so perfectly that there’s no point in spoiling it. Plus Stratus seems very focused on her family nowadays, and who can blame her for that?

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