15 Pics Of Stephanie McMahon Vince And Triple H Want Buried

Stephanie McMahon is a highly respected member of the WWE family, and as such she holds herself with a certain level of class and pride. Unfortunately, throughout the course of her tenure with the company, there have been a few images here and there that are less than satisfying – especially if you’re either her father or her husband.

Now before we get started we just want to say, on record, that Steph is great for the company. Her character work is phenomenal and behind the scenes, she does some wonderful things for the brand, but in terms of what we’re about to run down, we are honestly surprised that she even decided to go through with some of these.

Still, she's a strong and powerful woman which is always going to get her into the good books of fans, and as we move into the HHH & Steph era it’s safe to say that we’re in good hands moving forward.

With that being said, it’s time to uncover some not-so-hidden truths from the annals of WWE history concerning "daddy’s little princess."

15 The Kurt Kiss

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The Kurt Angle, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon love triangle from many moons ago was arguably one of the best storylines that all three characters were involved in. Every single week saw the story take a new and unique twist or turn, and the best part of it all was the chemistry that HHH, Kurt and Steph all shared when they were on screen together.

On numerous occasions it seemed as if Kurt and Steph would finally get it on and whilst this particular image is from a different time period, it certainly encapsulates all of that frustration within just one shot. Sure, it was all storyline-based, but we can’t imagine that Hunter will be sat at home with a picture of this on his wall anytime soon.

14 Eric Bischoff

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He’s back, and better than ever. Eric Bischoff stepped away from the limelight for quite some time in the aftermath of his TNA run, but thankfully he’s reappeared in the public eye with several appearances over the last 12 months. One of the topics that he’s probably been quizzed on quite a bit has been his extremely odd on-screen history with one Stephanie McMahon.

The two were at each other's throats for the better part of a few years, and in that time we saw the best and worst of both characters in terms of the circumstances that came out of their association with one another. A particular moment that stands out is shown in the above image when Eric actually kissed Steph against her will – and she seemed to enjoy it.

13 The Spanking

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John Cena is Mr Hustle, Loyalty & Respect. He is the 16-time world champion and a man who has granted more than 500 Make-A-Wishes. He was also the poster boy for the PG Era, with his many public appearances helping to paint WWE in a new light as they continued to move away from their supposedly rotten Attitude Era roots.

So then, we should probably all try and forget that he once spanked Stephanie McMahon on live television. We shan’t provide any context and we won’t even delve into the aftermath because all you really need to know is staring right in front of you. Who knows, perhaps there’s more to John Cena’s initial monster push than you think.

We’re just kidding – at least we hope so.

12 The Drugging

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When Stephanie and The Game sit down with their children in many years and tell them about what they did for a living, they’ll certainly have to think of some interesting excuses for some of the acts they committed on live television. One such example, in truth, would probably be when HHH drugged Steph and married her without consent.

It was a classic Attitude Era storyline, which may not always be a good thing, and to be honest it shouldn’t have ended up making Triple H a babyface and yet it did. The fans bought into it hook, line and sinker but as we move forward into this "New Era," Vince will likely be scrubbing this one from the record books as quickly as possible.

11 Test

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We all know and love Test, if only for how criminally underrated he was throughout his run with WWE. From being nothing more than an enforcer to becoming an intriguing singles star, it’s a massive shame that we didn’t get to see more from the man who always seemed to be the "other guy" in a variety of different tag teams.

Still, Vince must’ve thought a lot of him at once stage because he was actually on the verge of marrying his daughter Stephanie (kayfabe, of course). Although it may not have been life imitating art, we imagine Mr Levesque to have quite the ego behind him, and as such, seeing another man with his hands all over his wife probably won’t tickle his fancy.

10 Steph The Ref

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When Stephanie McMahon decided to get herself a boob job back in the day, it was something of a hot topic amongst the WWE Universe. Much like Chyna before her, the world couldn’t stop talking about her new physique, with many rumours flying around as to why she took it upon herself to make such a radical change to her body.

Whatever you may believe there’s no denying that she caught the eye of many men, and such was the case when she decided to don a referee’s outfit before entering the ring. As you can see her new "assets" stick out like a sore thumb, and we’d happily agree with both Vinnie Mac and The Game himself in destroying this portrait once and for all.


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We apologise in advance for this, but it turns out that this is something that actually happened. No seriously, it did. Going back to the Eric-Steph conundrum, the two were interlocked in a fierce rivalry in which many stipulations were put on the line throughout a variety of matches – and it turns out that Mr. Bischoff has quite the imagination.

Following a bizarre match in which Three Minute Warning defeated Billy & Chuck, the former WCW boss ordered Stephanie to stand there whilst she endured a round of seduction from a group known by the name "Hot Lesbian Action." The weirdest part of all was that there was probably quite a few children in the arena at the time, but nobody seemed to care all too much about that.

8 The AJ Tension

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AJ Lee vs Stephanie McMahon is a match that really should’ve happened in the aftermath of their many tense encounters, but for one reason or another, they always decided to go in a different direction. Still, you can’t deny that their brief moments onscreen together were always scintillating – and for some, in more ways than one.

Fan fiction is a big part of any sport and in particular WWE, and as you can imagine images such as these spawned quite a few "novels" of sorts. With that in mind, in addition to the taboo nature of mentioning AJ’s husband CM Punk, the best course of action would be to burn pictures like these and pretend that AJ never even existed. Unfortunately, they’re quite good at that.

7 Randy Orton

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In the present day, Randy Orton can be more accurately described as Randy Boreton, with his current exploits on WWE television being about as interesting as a snail race. Still, there was a time when The Viper was a fascinating part of the programming on a weekly basis, and his 2009 feud with Triple H was a big part of that.

Orton terrorised The Cerebral Assassin for months on end, with the final nail in the coffin being when he DDT-ed Stephanie just before sealing the deal with a kiss. Aside from being extremely frowned up this was an intriguing storyline that we all saw play out on Monday Night Raw, although given the current climate it’s probably best forgotten about. At least, for now that is.

6 Steph & Brie

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When we referenced a ‘different direction’ in the AJ Lee entry, this is what we were referring to. Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella engaged in a feud that originated over her husband Daniel Bryan back in 2014, and to be fair to both women, they built it up really well and then it paid off brilliantly with a solid match between the two at SummerSlam.

Of course, there were a few missteps, with one of them being this slightly awkward shot that was captured in the midst of one of their tussles on Raw. Many people won’t have a problem with this whatsoever and will probably even enjoy it, but the sloppy nature of the brawl in addition to the intonations aren’t going to please the man in charge.

5 The WWF Days

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We don’t know or understand the circumstances behind this photo, but at the end of the day, nobody is going to be wondering about the back story. This represents a more risqué period of Stephanie’s time with WWE, and to be honest, that isn’t a memory that many fans will want erasing from their minds anytime soon.

The same can’t be said of either Vince or Triple H though, especially given that Steph is in the public eye on a regular basis courtesy of her many media appearances. Still, you can’t help but appreciate the glory days and shots like this are going to be burned into the memories of Attitude Era fans for years and years to come. Sorry about your damn luck, Hunter.

4 WrestleMania 32

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WrestleMania 32 was almost definitely the final time that we’ll see Triple H main event the Showcase of the Immortals, and as such, it was a special occasion for the McMahon family. You can tell, too, because his entrance was even more ridiculous and extravagant than usual – and we all know that’s a hard feat to accomplish.

Steph, in particular, brought out the big guns with her attire, as her glamazon-esque outfit stole the show in many ways. All eyes were on her for the introduction as was the aim, but the same can be said of the entire match given that it was an absolute snoozefest. Still, at least Roman looked strong and walked away with the title, right? Oh, and speaking of which..

3 Roman Reigns

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As the chorus of virtual boos rings around this article from the many Roman Reigns haters out there, we have to question whether or not the management at WWE actually have ears. Seriously, we’re at the point of no return now with The Big Dog’s push, and it says a lot that this image was the most interesting thing about the WM32 main event.

Following a spear to Steph both herself and Roman lay prone on the canvas, which led to a variety of memes from the WWE Universe. Some were funny and some were just a little bit sad, but either way, we can’t have Triple H thinking that one of his main event appearances at WrestleMania was a dud. That’d just be ludicrous.

2 Mud Bath

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Poor old Vickie Guerrero was never truly appreciated as she should’ve been because she ended up being much more than just Eddie Guerrero’s widow. She came into her own as an extremely capable heel performer and the fact that she went out as a triumphant babyface made for a heartwarming moment for all.

Plus, better yet, her final appearance on Raw ended with Steph getting a face full of mud. It was a great segment and it served to give the Stephanie character the comeuppance that we’d been dying to see for so long, and in some ways, it was slightly disappointing that it wasn’t shown on pay per view. Still, we can’t complain all too much; and at least Vickie got to go out with her head held high.

1 She’s The Boss

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Nobody messes with Stephanie McMahon. Nobody. Not in the present day, and not back when she first introduced herself onto the world stage with her "mean yet sexy boss" persona. WWE was onto a winner back then and they still are today, with this picture perfectly illustrating just how seductive and intoxicating her character was and still is.

Obviously, there are flaws with this given that her manipulation of certain Superstars leads to a degree of "burying," but let’s not forget just how much Steph has done for the business. Much like her brother Shane, she didn’t need to do half of the things that she was told, and yet she wanted to give back to the industry that gave her family so much.

For that and so many other things, thank you, Stephanie.

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