15 Pics Of The Four Horsewomen Stephanie McMahon Doesn’t Want You To See

The Four Horsewoman of NXT are the core reason for the change in women's wrestling in the WWE, with the amazing work of Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch encouraging the company to start a Women's Revolution, knowing how these competitors could take the division to another level. These four women grew as stunning characters in their years in NXT, and their work got them promoted to the main roster where they are top competitors right now.

These four women have been portrayed as wrestlers rather than divas in the WWE, who have been famous for using their female talent as eye-candy in the past. But with the solid work of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, WWE changed its way of handling women and let these amazing ladies lead the charge into a new era for Women's Wrestling. While the ladies themselves have been brilliant wrestlers in WWE, they have done some regrettable things during their time in the company and before it as well, which Stephanie McMahon would not approve of.

There are certain pictures which do not show these Four Horsewomen in the best light that WWE wants them to be seen in, as we have a look at 15 pictures of these stunning women which Stephanie McMahon does not want the fans to see!

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15 Becky Lynch Kissing Ric Flair

via mindofcarnage.com

The Four Horsewoman have generally been treated really well in the WWE, who have created interesting and captivating story-lines for them which focused on their wrestling only. But things turned around during Charlotte's feud with Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship some-time back when the booking was like the old days. Becky would constantly be screwed by Charlotte's dad Ric Flair, but people were really stunned during one match when Ric actually kissed Becky! This picture shows Ric actually going into smooch a girl who is his daughter's age, and it was all pretty disgusting as well. The WWE quickly deleted the footage and ignored that, and Stephanie McMahon wouldn't want the fans to see this creepy picture either. That segment was shoddy booking by WWE which really hurt the booming Women's Wrestling for a bit, and Stephanie wouldn't want anyone to remember that terrible moment.

14 Sasha Banks Making Izzy Cry

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Sasha Banks may have transitioned into a face on the main roster in WWE because of her growing popularity among the fans, but Banks was always a terrific heel in NXT when she started to portray the arrogant Boss-like character. "The Boss" had a great feud with Bayley towards the end of her NXT run, and in an Iron-Woman match, she took her heel antics to another level. Bayley's young fan Izzy was sitting at ringside, and Banks went to her and screamed at her about how Bayley wouldn't win. This actually made the little girl cry, which wasn't something WWE wanted to happen. This picture of Banks talking down on Izzy is something Stephanie McMahon wouldn't want the fans to see because it could hamper Banks' popularity as a face. WWE and Steph love to tend towards the younger fans, so she would want this picture to remain buried.

13 Bayley's Candid Assets 

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Bayley has been the ideal "face" character for the WWE in the past few years, with her antics and mannerism being loved by the fans, who also like that she doesn't try to act like "a diva" in the WWE. Bayley has been built like the underdog in the Women's Division and has played that role very well, and she doesn't even try to be sexy in WWE. Her in-ring attire is pretty basic which covers her really well and doesn't show her "assets" like some others divas attires do. Despite having her covered well, there are pictures of Bayley looking hot in an in-ring attire and incidents where he "assets" popped off. This particular picture shows Bayley's "asset" glaring out as she's standing on the apron, and it's something Stephanie McMahon wouldn't want the fans to see because how WWE doesn't want Bayley's character to seem sexualized at all.

12 Charlotte's Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

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Charlotte has been a brilliant in-ring worker for the WWE over the past few years, where she has shown the capability of having a good match with just about any woman on the roster. She has rarely botched any moves and has put on some stunning matches in the past to prove why she's considered as "The Queen" of WWE. But even Charlotte couldn't help her case when she wrestled against Lana on an episode of Smackdown Live! recently, when an awful botch took place. Lana was supposed to roll her down for a pin attempt, but by mistake pulled down her trunks and revealed it all for a second to the audience. This picture of that embarrassing wardrobe malfunction is something Stephanie McMahon definitely wouldn't want the fans to see, as it can cause WWE and Charlotte even more humiliation because of that unfortunate botch.

11 Becky Lynch As A Rosebud

via whatculture.com

Becky Lynch had quite the wild journey before making it big in the WWE, as we have already seen how the Lass-Kicker has traveled around the world before signing on with WWE. But while Lynch did impress in NXT, she was a late-bloomer of sorts and it took time for her to get over with the crowd. While she was working on her character in NXT, Lynch was also used on the main roster in a way nobody noticed her. She was actually a "Rosebud" who partied with Adam Rose and accompanied him to the ring, as it can be seen in this picture. This picture of Lynch as a rosebud is something Stephanie McMahon would not want the fans to see, because of how hilarious and embarrassing it is for Becky, who has come a long way from partying with Rose to becoming a top WWE superstar.

10 Bayley Hugging AJ Lee

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Bayley has been this lovable face in the WWE for the past few years now, as she's known for her "hugging" and finding a reason to like everyone. She has been adored by the fans for this reason, and as it goes, she's actually exactly like her character in real life as well. Bayley loves to hang around with her colleagues and when she was coming up in WWE, AJ Lee helped her get adapted well into WWE. The two have been great friends ever since, with this picture proving so as it shows Bayley joyfully hugging AJ Lee. But Stephanie McMahon wouldn't be too pleased watching this, and knowing WWE's "problems" with Lee and her husband CM Punk, Steph wouldn't want the huggable one to be seen so "close" to AJ and for fans to see this candid picture of them together.

9 Sasha Banks With A Fan

via reddit.com

Sasha Banks has been "The Boss" of WWE's Women's Division over the past few years and has done a great job in the ring and outside it as well. She has promoted WWE really well and been quite the ideal employee for them, but she sparked quite a lot of controversy some-time back after reports of her terrible ordeal with a fan came to light. Banks tweeted of her disgust of a creepy fan approaching her in an airport early in the morning, but things got worse when the fan posted images of him with other wrestlers and proved his innocence. This picture of Sasha looking extremely disinterested posing with the fan has made the rounds since and is something Stephanie wouldn't want anyone to see. This ordeal harms Banks' reputation as a "fan-serving" WWE wrestler and Stephanie wouldn't want her reputation ruined further with his picture being seen by other fans.

8 Becky Lynch Donning A Bullet Club T-Shirt

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Becky Lynch has been quite the asset for WWE over the past few years, with her hard-hitting style of wrestling matching well with her "Lass-Kicker" character. She has achieved some really great things on Smackdown Live! and has become a star in the brand, which she fully deserves after her years of hard work. But Becky has also done some stuff she probably regrets about doing in the past, with one such involving her donning a Bullet Club t-shirt when she was in NXT. Lynch can be seen posing while wearing a Bullet Club t-shirt in this picture, which Stephanie McMahon would never want to be seen by the fans. We all know how WWE and Stephanie despise the Bullet Club's success and jibes towards WWE, so they'll definitely be angry at Becky for posting this picture which proves her liking for the "Too Sweet" stable.

7 Charlotte In WCW

via officialwwe.wikia.com

Charlotte has been extremely faithful to the WWE ever since signing on with them in 2012 when she decided to be a professional wrestler like her father. "The Queen" of WWE has since gone on to achieve much success and looks to be the top woman of the company for the foreseeable future, but many wouldn't know that the first ever promotion she worked for wasn't WWE. Charlotte actually appeared in WCW back in 2000, when she was 13 years old! She was brought in to play a part in the Ric Flair-Vince Russo feud, and this picture proves her in WCW! Charlotte looks almost unrecognizable and very young in this picture, but it is indeed her and this picture is one Stephanie McMahon wouldn't want fans to see. She wants Charlotte to be recognized as a "WWE woman" and wouldn't want fans to know about this aspect of her past.

6 Bayley Looking Gorgeous In HOF Dress

via twitter.com

Bayley has been portrayed as this family-friendly, sweet woman who loves to be a superhero to the kids whenever she performs in the ring. She is absolutely adorable because of her antics inside and outside the ring, and the WWE never tries to portray her as "sexy" and wants her to remain as this likable woman who is loved for her character and not for her looks. But Bayley can look really stunning when she wants to, with this picture proving just how gorgeous she can look. Bayley is looking very different and quite sexy in this picture, which Stephanie McMahon would not want to be seen by the fans. She is pulling off this Hall of Fame dress perfectly and looks like a "diva" in this picture, which Stephanie doesn't want her to become and wouldn't want this side of Bayley to be seen by fans.

5 Charlotte & Sasha's Table Botch

via inquisitr.com

Charlotte and Sasha Banks have been the stars of the Four Horsewoman so far in the main roster, where they had an amazing feud for the Raw Women's Championship last year. The two swapped the titles from one another and put on some brilliant matches at that too, but one which was particularly brutal was the first ever Women's Hell in a Cell match last year. The two went into the monstrous structure and took some nasty bumps to make it look grueling, but one which was especially bad was when Charlotte threw Sasha through the table and it didn't break. It looked like an awful botch which was the only worrying spot of an otherwise great match, and Stephanie McMahon wouldn't want this picture of the incident to be seen. The picture depicts how painful it looked, and Steph wouldn't want that to be seen by fans at all.

4 Becky Lynch With Paige Before WWE

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Becky Lynch has asserted herself as one of the "top women" of Smackdown Live! over the past year, and she achieved a big thing in becoming the first ever Smackdown Women's Champion. Lynch may now be a star in WWE, but she was anything but that before she entered the company and was struggling to make a name for herself in the Independent circuit. She wrestled for many Indy promotions before making the jump to WWE, and one of those promotions was Shimmer Women's Athletes where she was close to Paige, who hadn't made it to WWE either. Lynch was actually the manager for Paige and her mom's team in the promotion, with this shocking picture showing them before WWE. Becky doesn't look "fiery" in this picture at all, and Stephanie wouldn't want the fans to see this hilarious version of her star in her Pre-WWE days.

3 Sasha Banks' Hair Malfunction

via botchamania.com

Sasha Banks has been part of some rather grueling matches in the WWE, most of which came during her brutal feud with Charlotte last year. She went back and forth with "The Queen" of WWE at the time and the two also had many matches in the PPV's. While most of the matches were great, one in particular, which was the Hell in a Cell match in the Hell in a Cell PPV pointed out one botch which Banks would ruin for the rest of her career. The camera panned into Banks' face at one point, showing her having a bald spot and possibly wearing a wig. This picture proves that, as it is something utterly humiliating for Banks and Stephanie McMahon, who'd want this to be deleted. This botch made Banks' reputation take a bad blow, and Steph wouldn't want her top female star to be ridiculed because of this.

2 Charlotte's Mugshot

via geekendgladiators.com

Charlotte has definitely been the most successful among the Four Horsewoman in the WWE, with the "Queen of WWE" earning her royal status by winning all the gold in WWE. She has achieved the amazing achievement of being the first ever female to earned the "Grand Slam" of female titles in WWE. While Charlotte may now be at the peak of her career, things weren't going so good for her prior to WWE. She was actually arrested in 2008 for a domestic violence incident after which she assaulted an officer as well. This mugshot is proof of that arrest and is something Stephanie McMahon would want to shove under the rug. This picture is a massive blow to her reputation and shows her dark past, which Stephanie doesn't want the fans to know as she wants the fans to love the Charlotte WWE brought to the limelight.

1 Bayley, Sasha & Charlotte Enjoying A Pool Party

via prowrestling.wikia.com

The WWE's Women's Division has come a long way in the past few years, with the "Women's Revolution" slowly pushing out the sexualizing elements of the female talent in the company. We get to see more wrestling than "eye-candy " stuff nowadays and the Four Horsewomen are definitely to be applauded for that. While none of the Four Horsewomen are sexualized and are mostly given attention for their wrestling, that wasn't the case a few years ago. The WWE hosted a "Pool party" for the women some years ago and some rather steamy pictures came through it. But this picture was particularly surprising, as it showed Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha Banks enjoying themselves in their swimsuits. Stephanie McMahon definitely wouldn't want the fans to see this shade of the Horsewomen, as she doesn't want to promote their "looks" and would want fans to appreciate their wrestling rather than their figures.

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