15 Pictures Bret Hart Doesn’t Want You To See Of His Family

Arguably the greatest professional wrestling family on the planet, the Hart family began its legacy with Stu Hart at the helm, working as a wrestler, promoter and of course, trainer. Stampede Wrestling built a huge legacy while creating several stars. The one we remember the most is Bret Hart, who’s arguably the most successful out of the family tree. Other Hart family members include Smith Hart, Bruce Hart, Keith Hart, Wayne Hart, Dean Hart, Ross Hart, Diana Hart, Owen Hart, Teddy Hart, Natalya Neidhart, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Mike Hart and Matt Hart.

Other connected family members are Helen Hart, Martha Hart, J.J. Annis, Ben Bassarab, Davey Boy Smith, Jim Neidhart, Tom Billington, Tyson Kidd, Pete Wilson, Roddy Piper, Harry Smith and Donald Stewart.

Yup, now that’s one massive family. In this article, we’ll take a look at some photos Bret doesn’t want you to see of his illustrious family. Photos of the Harts include mugshots, pictures from prior relationships, the Harts looking “exposed" and various other shots you’ll surely want to see, like Bret dressed up as a genie.

Enjoy the article and, like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let us know your favorite picture from the list. Here are 15 pictures Bret Hart doesn’t want you to see of his family!

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15 Jim Niedhart’s Mugshot

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Marrying into the family, Jim “Anvil” Niedhart tied the knot with Stu Hart’s daughter, Ellie Hart. In the process, he became the brother-in-law to both Bret and Owen. Through his connection with the family, Jim would change fields, going from a pro football career to one in the pro wrestling industry. His biggest success came as a tag team wrestler, finding great chemistry with his family member Bret.

Outside of the ring, things weren’t so smooth for Jim and it led to several moments his family wants you to forget about. One of the very worst, comes from the picture you see above as the former WWE Superstar was arrested for two counts of possession with the intent to distribute. The charges just kept adding on with allegations of burglary and third degree theft. He was sentenced to nearly six months in jail back in March of 2012.

14 Bret & Julie

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The Hitman has undergone a couple of failed marriages throughout his life. The most notable one came from his relationship with Julie Hart. The two were married for nearly two decades and shared custody of four children. Despite the large family size, the two decided to separate and shots were fired by both following the divorce.

In his book, Bret made the claim that he questioned who he married, which shouldn't be the type of thing you question. As for Julie, she would fire back, writing a book of her own entitled, Hart Strings. She criticized Bret in the book for picking wrestling over his family and not being able to be himself outside of the ring. Whatever the case might be, Bret wants to forget about that part of his life.

13 Anything Teddy Hart

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The grandchild of Stu Hart, things were quite different for Teddy at one point in time. With youth and skill on his side, he became the youngest wrestler ever to be signed by the WWE in 1998. Many predicted big things for the Superstar, but nothing came of the signing as he was released years later due to attitude problems behind the scenes.

That theme would persist throughout the years as he toured the indie scene. He only added fuel to the fire with various podcast appearances where he bashed the higher ups in the WWE while praising himself. It became evident quickly that Teddy was the Hart family member that nobody wanted any part of. His problems continue to persist nowadays as he was recently on arrested on a new DUI charge.

12 British Bulldog & Diana

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Davey Boy Smith was another wrestler that married into the Hart family. While moving to Canada to train in the Hart Dungeon, Davey Boy met Stu’s youngest daughter, Diana. The couple would get married in 1984.

Although the marriage seemed perfect on the surface, it was quite different behind the scenes. According to the rumor mill, Bulldog had been hooking up with Sunny during the mid 90s while still being married to Diana. Eventually, the marriage would end as the two would be officially divorced by 2000. Things would only get rockier from there as Bulldog was signed to a rehab center by the WWE to treat his drug addiction. Sadly, the treatment wasn’t enough as Davey Boy would pass away in May of 2002 while on vacation with his girlfriend, ironically Bruce Hart’s estranged wife Andrea Redding. You can't make this stuff up folks.

11 Tyson Kidd & His Current Struggles

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The final graduate of the Hart Dungeon, Tyson Kidd grew very close to the Harts, marrying into the family when he tied the knot with current WWE Superstar Natalya. Kidd was very close to Bret, so much so that it was actually Kidd that managed to make HBK and The Hitman talk again.

In the ring, Tyson was extremely skilled, offering the WWE yet another tremendous in-ring technician, something the Harts have given the WWE time and time again. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Tyson suffered a career ending injury from Samoa Joe back in the summer of 2015 during a dark match. Although the result of the injury was really bad, many are shocked that Tyson survived the ordeal given the fact that he easily could have ended up in a quadriplegic state.

The likes of Ryback have ripped the WWE to shreds for their treatment of Kidd following the injury and it remains to be seen what the future holds for the talented Hart family member.

10 Bret Hart & Cinzia Rota

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This is one of Bret’s marriages that his fans tend to forget about. Following his divorce to Julie Hart, Bret re-married shortly after, tying the knot in 2004 with Cinzia Rota. It seems like the marriage was more of a rebound for Hart, as the two were divorced by 2007. With an Italian background, the two struggled on a permanent living location which ultimately caused the divorce between the two.

Three years later, Hart would make the headlines once again, marrying a younger girl in Stephanie Washington. Despite the age difference, this marriage seems to be sticking as the two are still going strong almost seven years later. At the age of 59, Hart has had three marriages, but the two we mentioned are certainly relationships he and his family want us to forget about.

9 Owen As The Blue Blazer

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He was a brilliant performer throughout his illustrious career, but this is a gimmick that Hart family will want you to forget for several reasons. For one, according to the rumor mill, the gimmick was given as a punishment to Owen for apparently turning down an affair storyline that he was pitched. The story involved Debra and Owen hooking up behind Jeff Jarrett’s back. After he declined, The Blue Blazer made his return.

The story was nothing more than a comedic angle meant to give the fans a good laugh. Sadly, while playing the gimmick, Hart fell to his shocking death as he was intended to make an entrance coming from the rafters like a superhero. The cord snapped leading to Owen’s death. Had it not been for the silly Blue Blazer gimmick, Owen would still be here today.

8 Nattie Doing Diva Things

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Becoming the first ever third-generation female Superstar in the world, the Hart family had high hopes for Natalya as she picked up the business rather quickly. After a lengthy run on the indie scene, Nattie moved to the WWE. In a perfect world, the Hart’s envisioned Natalya becoming something similar to Charlotte Flair, but that just hasn’t happened and it seems like the ship has sailed given the fact that Nattie’s set to turn 35 in May.

Her road has had quite a few bumps, including various forgettable gimmicks. At one point in time, she was known for her flatulence, which is a darn shame given her in-ring abilities. Nowadays, she remains in the spotlight via social media and on Total Divas. If the Hart’s could do it differently, they would love for Natalya to be remembered for her in-ring accomplishments and not for doing 'Diva' things.

7 Bret & Hogan

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Call it passion, call it ego or call it bitterness, but the Hart family hasn’t shied away in the past from bashing others in the pro wrestling business. Bret himself has been at the forefront of various attacks, even going after Triple H time and time again. He's said that Hunter “can’t even lace my f****** boots.” The family really has no filter, but you have to respect them for telling things like it is (at least from their view).

One wrestler Bret has constantly bashed is Hulk Hogan. This rare picture of the two together is one that Hart wants us to forget about, especially given the war of words between the two over the last decade. The heat began back in the 90s when Hogan refused to put Hart over. It would continue for decades and still today, Bret has nothing but bad things to say about The Hulkster.

6 Neidhart’s Weight Gain & Struggles

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For those of you that are relatively new to the wrestling business, it might be a bit of a surprise to learn that Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart was quite the performer in his heyday. The guy main evented two WWE PPVs throughout his career, including Survivor Series 1989 and In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede. He wrestled around the world for years, starting in the late 70s and going all the way until 2009 when he briefly appeared for TNA. Like so many long time performers, Anvil struggled with the realization of his career ending and he turned to alcohol to ease the pain.

In doing so, Neidhart gained a lot of weight throughout the years. If you’ve watched Total Divas, you’ve seen his struggle. Thankfully, he’s doing better nowadays, but he still has ways to go before getting back to full health.

5 Beans Hart

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Nicknamed Beans Hart, Alexandra Hart, the daughter of Bret, was yet another a story of a prestigious wrestling daughter making headlines. We’re not sure why, but daughters of popular WWE stars just always seem to be huge hits with the masses. It started with Brooke Hogan, who rose to massive fame alongside her father with the reality show Hogan Knows Best and continues today in our modern era with Noelle Foley, who also got her own reality show because of her fame, Holy Foley. Similar to Hulk’s reality show, the WWE program is centered on Noelle making the WWE.

Surprisingly, the WWE hasn’t gone after Beans in a similar manner. Back in 2013, many believed Beans would join the WWE, but that ship has now sailed. Nonetheless, fans have salivated over some lovely pics of her online, pictures that we believe Bret and the Hart family wish never made the light of day.

4 An Injured Bret & Owen

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This rare behind the scenes picture shows Owen and Bret during some tougher days, as both look to be nursing several injuries. For Bret, health issues took years of his career and that began with a terrible concussion from the hands of Bill Goldberg back in his WCW days. He even suffered a stroke in the summer of 2002 after a bike accident. The incident left Bret in temporary paralysis on his left side.

Health concerns continued for The Hitman when he announced that he’d been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thankfully, following surgery, it was deemed that the disease hadn’t spread and that Hart was likely to beat it out, making it one of the biggest victories of his entire career.

3 Bret “The Genie” Hart

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Arguably the greatest picture on this entire list, it’s kind of surreal to see Hart dressed up as a genie. Despite the hard-nosed demeanor wrestling fans have known him for, Hart agreed to play the role of the genie in a stage production of Aladdin back in 2004. Of course, Hart even put a spin on the character by adding in some wrestling moves. His role in the play was light hearted and despite the silly outfit, it was a project he enjoyed very much, so much so that he reprised his role in 2006.

As great as that all was, we doubt Bret wants us to remember him for his Broadway acting skills. Surely, he won’t mind if we forget about his days as a genie.

2 Montreal Aftermath

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Signing Bret to a 20 year deal in 1996, Vince had to go back on that commitment due to his financial constrains. He encouraged Bret to move to WCW instead, as the other company was willing to offer Bret more than the WWE. It seemed like it would be a gracious departure, but that wasn’t to be the case.

Instead, both sides could not work on an agreement for the match finish at Survivor Series 1997. Hart didn’t want to drop the WWE Championship in Canada, while the WWE did not want to see him leave with the title. In the end, Bret wasn’t told about the outcome and was screwed out of the championship.

His reaction was truly forgettable, Hart spit on Vince, as you can see in the picture above, and proceeded to break WWE equipment around the ring.

1 Owen’s Funeral

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The wrestling world was flipped upside-down on May 23rd, 1999 as Owen fell to his shocking death at the WWE’s Over the Edge PPV event. What followed was a tribute show to Owen, along with a funeral that was attended by various WWE Superstars and fans who paid their respects to the legendary Hart family member.

Despite the fact that the funeral was meant for Owen’s memory, it made headlines for the wrong reasons, as McMahon made a public statement on how repulsed he was by Bret talking to him about his own career as opposed to paying respect on the day of his brother’s passing. All that did was create more bad blood between the Harts and Vince, although, thankfully, years later things would finally settle down. Even Martha’s (Owen’s wife) lawsuit was finally settled by the WWE in 2013.

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