15 Pictures Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Don’t Want You To See

With the rise of reality television in sports and entertainment (Total Divas, Total Bellas, etc.), we’ve gotten the privilege of seeing Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella together outside of the WWE living their everyday lives. Total Divas has show us the ups and downs the couple has undergone throughout their journey in life together. One constant that stays the same despite their hardships is their constant love for one another.

In this article, we take a look at the not so loving moments in their respective careers. We label these picture as photos we believe the couple wants us to forget about. Starting with Brie, pictures range from her in the ring, her life before the WWE and even a previous relationship prior to meeting Daniel. As for Bryan, the pictures we feature mostly come from his in-ring days, as well as some emotional photos dealing with Bryan and his retirement.

So without further ado, let us dive into these pictures. Like always, be sure to share the article with a friend and let us know which photo you enjoyed the most out of this set. Here are 15 pictures Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella don’t want you to see, enjoy!

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15 Bryan’s Meltdown

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A great part about Total Divas is the fact that WWE fans get to see some of their favorite Superstars behind the scenes and that includes a couple of male performers. Two of those are high profile wrestlers John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

The show gave us a behind the scenes view on how Daniel was dealing with the end of his career and the sight wasn’t pretty. Coming to the reality that his boyhood dream was coming to an end, Bryan let loose in the arms of his wife in a moment that tugged on the heart strings of several wrestling fans. It was a moment he likely wants to forget about as he’s fitting in quite nicely nowadays in his new role as SmackDown Live’s General Manager. It seems like those darker days are a thing of the past.

14 Brie and Her Ex-Boyfriend

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By now, wrestling fans are accustomed to seeing Brie Bella alongside her husband Daniel Bryan. Looking at the connection the two have with one another, it’s hard to picture them with anybody else.

However, we hate to break it to you, but the sad truth is that Brie was in a previous relationship with a musician before she broke into the wrestling business and met Bryan. Brie dated a guitarist by the name of Richie Kotzen who performed for the band Poison. The two dated for a little while, but ultimately both would move on and Brie would eventually meet Bryan during her WWE run. The couple would go on to get engaged in September of 2013 and would wed on April 11th, 2014.

13 Brie’s Short-Lived Run On The Indie Scene

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The footage of both Bella Twins on the indie scene is pretty cringeworthy. Both Brie and sister Nikki parted ways with the WWE in 2012 and would go on to make their indie debuts for a promotion called CTWE Pro Wrestling. The wrestling company was out of Newburgh, New York and the twins would debut as managers, appearing at an event that looked like it took place in a high school gymnasium.

You can find the footage yourselves online, but the cameo was pretty awkward and the twins looked very out of place away from the WWE spotlight. It was a forgettable moment in both their careers, however, it wouldn't last very long as the two would rejoin the WWE in March of 2013. This time around, the twins were far more polished inside the ring and would make a huge impact outside of it as well, as they made their debut on the reality series Total Divas, which ended up turning out to be a giant success.

12 Daniel’s Initial WWE Run As An Enhancement Talent

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We've all got to start somewhere, but for Daniel Bryan, that somewhere was as an enhancement talent with the WWE. After graduating from Shawn Michaels’s academy, Bryan would sign with the WWE, joining one of the company’s territory at the time in Memphis. According to Daniel, he was close to being a call up as a member of the Cruiserweight Division, but it just wasn’t meant to be as he got released shortly after.

Daniel returned to the company as an enhancement talent in 2002, although he was not signed to an actual deal. Bryan took part in several loses on both Velocity and Sunday Night Heat shows. Those he lost against include Jamie Noble as you see in the picture above, Rico, Paul London, Brian Kendrick and a guy we’ll discuss a little later in the article.

11 Bryan & His NXT Days

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Thinking about Daniel Bryan down in NXT would sound like a dream to wrestling fans. However, the NXT Bryan took part in was an entirely different beast and one that wrestling fans want to forget about.

Re-signing with the WWE in 2009, Bryan finally got a call up in 2010 to work for the NXT angle. Instead of showcasing his in-ring abilities, Bryan was forced into some lame competitions which were about everything but wrestling. Having such a prestigious background in the world of professional wrestling, his stint was a dark cloud on an otherwise fantastic career. He would once again leave the WWE, for a reason we’ll discuss a little later, only to finally come back with a worthwhile gimmick and one that fans got on board with.

10 Brie’s Pre-WWE Days

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Before bursting onto the scene alongside her sister Nikki, Brie’s career plans were quite different. Moving out to LA in search of fame, Brie, along with Nikki, began to work as a waitress at the Mondrian Hotel. While they worked at the hotel, the twins looked for an agent who could book them gigs in platforms that included modelling or some type of acting.

Before the WWE, Brie booked several minor gigs on television. She also did some modelling, which includes the picture you see above for a company called SoCalBeaches. The photo-shoot seemed to be one of the amateur nature and pales in comparison to the type of shoots she does nowadays. Looking at how high her brand value has skyrocketed, we believe she wants us to forget about these images.

9 The Choking Incident

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As we discussed earlier in the article, Bryan’s second stint with the WWE was yet another nightmare. He wasn’t showcasing much of anything and instead was taking part in pointless skits.

It finally looked like there was light at the end of the tunnel when the NXT Superstars turned on the WWE. The segment was a master class which saw the group dismantle everything in sight, from the ring, to the commentators, to the face that runs the place, John Cena. However, things went a little too far on that night, as Bryan was released by the company for choking commentator Justin Roberts with his own tie. The company deemed the act way too violent for their program. It was a forgettable release, although the WWE would make things right shortly after by rehiring Daniel and apologizing for his dismissal.

8 Brie’s Wardrobe Malfunction

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In the world of pro wrestling, we’ve seen our fair share of wardrobe malfunctions, whether it be on the indie scene or inside a WWE ring. With such tight clothing, mixed in with some serious muscle tone, at times the unthinkable can occur, leading to the malfunctions.

This instance involving Brie was quite different in comparison to the ones we’ve seen in the past. This incident took place during a promo, as the Divas sat quietly and patiently in the ring. While the women sat there, the camera turned to Brie, only to see one her “puppies” exposed from a dress that was quite cleavage friendly. However, she wasn’t the only family member to suffer a wardrobe malfunction, as even sister Nikki underwent a couple of wardrobe malfunctions throughout her career. It seems like the Bella's “puppies” just don’t want to stay put.

7 Outshined By Cena

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We discussed Daniel Bryan’s 2002-2003 WWE stint earlier in the article, as he was used as an enhancement talent performing on the lower tier shows. Perhaps his most notable loss came to an up-and-comer at the time named John Cena. The two took part in a match on Velocity which featured Cena getting the upper hand. We all know what would happen next, as John would go on to dominate the WWE while Bryan was once again showed the door. It was a time period he likely wants us to forget about.

Following the loss, on the bright side, Bryan would find his footing on the wrestling scene working in Japan for several years and then making his name with Ring of Honor. His entire career trajectory changed at that point and he would move on to great things with the WWE. Cena would do the honors of losing to Bryan years later as the fan favorite would defeat the face that runs the place in a main event match at SummerSlam in 2013.

6 Bryan & AJ Lee

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2011 was finally the year where things started trending upwards for Bryan as a big time player for the company. He was in contention for the WWE Championship and he was also growing in popularity for various reasons, including his love arrangement on-screen with AJ Lee. By November of 2011, the two were romantically involved in what was truly a bizarre situation looking back, particularly when you assess that AJ Lee is with CM Punk, while Daniel is married to Brie.

Although the relationship was forgettable, it would lead to Bryan claiming his first World Title after he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against Big Show and Mark Henry at the TLC PPV. After losing the title at WrestleMania to Sheamus, the love affair would slowly subside and be forgotten about.

5 Brie’s Fairy Tattoo

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It’s a common theme in the world of sports and entertainment, as often some of our favorite performers get inked. However for Brie, her tattoos came before her WWE days and one of them was so bad that she needed to get it removed.

Documented on an episode of Total Divas, Brie underwent a laser-removal session alongside her sister Nikki who watched on. Entering motherhood, Brie felt that having a tattoo of a fairy on her backside was no longer appropriate. She claimed the tattoo was a mistake from her younger days.

She has another tattoo located just above her waistline that she instead chose to keep. That tattoo is of bear claws and has a deep meaning behind it, as the tattoo was seen as a source of inspiration for Brie who lost her boyfriend during her teen days.

4 Daniel’s Embarrassing WrestleMania Loss

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Holding the title for 105 days, fans were pumped to see Bryan finally getting pushed by the company. Along with riding the high of being a World Champion, Daniel was finally set to showcase his skills as the champ on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

Although fans and Bryan were hyped, the outcome was disastrous and one Bryan likely want us to forget about. Daniel lost his championship match to Sheamus in an 18 second World Title bout. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the match was second on the card for the night. It’s truly hard to believe that a tag match featuring Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos went longer and was also more competitive on the evening.

3 Brie’s Walk Botch

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Back when Brie was signed to a WWE deal in 2007, the company still emphasized the term “Diva” more so than anything else. In-ring competitiveness or skill wasn’t on the agenda as the main component, unlike today’s climate which views that as a necessary skill in order to make it in the female division.

You can say the Bellas were at the right place, at the right time, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t undergo some hardships. Brie had several in-ring blunders throughout her career. However, one her very worst took place during an entrance, as you see in the picture above during an episode of Raw. While making her way to the ring, poor Brie almost stumbled to the ground. Thankfully, she caught herself and proceeded to walk rather quickly, just trying to end the moment.

2 Daniel’s Neck Surgery

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As they say, what goes up most come down, but for Bryan, it came crashing down way too hard. After experiencing the highest high of winning the title in the main event of WrestleMania XXX, Daniel was forced relinquish the championship because of a neck injury. He dropped the title and also experienced another tragedy as his father would pass away. It was a dark time for Bryan.

He would eventually recover, but Daniel truly was never the same. In his final stint as an active wrestler, Bryan set his sights on the IC Title, trying to make it great again, but he was once again forced out of the ring and forced to drop yet another championship. Little did we know Bryan would end up announcing his retirement soon after.

1 Daniel’s Backstage Breakdown

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2016 was highlighted by an announcement nobody saw coming. On February 8th, Bryan announced his retirement via Twitter. He would then announce his appearance on Raw that very night which took place in Seattle, Washington, his home state, and the same place he won the epic WM XXX main event.

The night was filled with emotions both on and off screen. Fans sobbed during Bryan’s speech while wrestlers behind the scenes also got emotional with Daniel. Perhaps nobody felt it more than the man himself who was giving up what he loved to do since he was a kid. Bryan was a nervous wreck the entire day and proceeded to drop onto his knees following the heartfelt farewell speech. Brie consoled Bryan as he wept, overcome with emotions that his ride as an in-ring wrestler had come to an end.

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