15 Pictures Finn Balor Doesn’t Want You To See Of Cathy Kelley

Wrestling since way back in 2000, Finn Balor has yet to scratch the surface on the main roster. Fans rejoiced when he was brought in by the WWE in 2014 and he would go on to dominate NXT. Because of his contributions, the WWE became more open than ever before to indie type performers, and it started a trend that’s still ongoing to this very day. Balor would go on to the main roster, becoming the first ever Universal Champion. His run was short-lived because of an injury, although fans remain intrigued on what the future has in store for this gem.

As for his personal love life, we haven’t gotten all that much till recently that is. Some speculated he was dating Bayley at one point, however that was all put to rest once Bayley’s boyfriend was unveiled as indie wrestler Aaron Solow. The rumor mill finally got something when Facebook leaked a picture of both Finn and Cathy Kelley holding hands in the NY area. The rumor mills and social media platform were a buzz following the picture, one that both sides really didn’t want us to see.

In this article, we give a little more insight on the female linked to Finn, and why he’s so lucky to have scored such a prize. We include some steamy pictures of Cathy, along with other shots Finn doesn’t want us to see of his new rumored girlfriend. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 pictures Finn Balor doesn’t want you to see of Cathy Kelley!

15 In Her Calvins

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We start the article off with a picture that shows just how lucky Finn Balor is as the stunning 28 year old poses in her Calvin Klein undergarments. Something about them Calvins that just fits a gal so gosh darn well, who can forget Noelle rocking a similar attire. So who rocked it better Sportster nation, Noelle or the lovely Cathy Kelley? We’ll say it’s a tie.

Nonetheless, Finn is a lucky man if the rumors are to be true. When she signed a deal back in February of 2016, the WWE Universe already began to buzz because of her look which was well documented through her other ventures before entering the pro wrestling field. Since debuting with the company down in NXT, she hasn’t disappointed one bit not only visually, but personality wise as well.

14 Date Night

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It was certainly light spirited but nonetheless, it's something Balor probably doesn’t want us to see. During her co-hosting days before the WWE, the beautiful Cathy Kelley was assigned to pick a date from members of The Schmoes. She ended up selecting some dude named Yodi, and the two enjoyed a chuckle about the situation through YouTube.

As for Finn, constant rumors swirled about a possible relationship with Bayley as the duo have posed in several pictures together in the past. However, it’s a lesser known fact that Bayley is in fact dating an indie wrestler, while Balor was linked to be living the bachelor life till his leaked paparazzi picture with Cathy Kelley was unveiled. Judging by Cathy’s look and vibrant personality, we applaud Balor for his taste. Well done Finn, well done.

13 Bikini Game

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Things Finn Balor doesn’t want you to see, pictures of his rumored girlfriend in a bikini top. Unless you have a weird type of mind, we only assume you won’t be too thrilled when your girl posts a bikini picture, and that’s double magnified when your dating a beauty like Cathy Kelley. The photo isn’t really that revealing but nonetheless the puppies seem to be out and about, something Finn would rather you didn’t see.

If you notice on her phone in the picture, Cathy is watching some AfterBuzz TV content. Before her WWE day, Kelley worked on the network as a host and panelist. The online network was owned by Maria Menounos, a big fan of the WWE product and the person that likely introduced Kelley to the world of sports and entertainment.

12 Finn Coverage Long Before

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It seems like Kelley was covering Finn quite some time ago as she’s seen in this picture discussing a bout that took place at TakeOver between Balor and Samoa Joe. When signing with the WWE in February of 2016, Cathy was put on NXT as a backstage correspondent along with working as a social media correspondent. It turns out that wasn't the first time the two met and we'll discuss why a little later.

Along with her NXT coverage with the WWE, Kelley was actually covering the world of sports and entertainment before she joined the company. She was working as a panelist on AfterBuzz TV covering WWE shows like Raw and even NXT. Both Finn and Kelley would eventually make the transition onto the main roster and we can safely say the future looks brighter than ever for both sides.

11 More Bikini

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Somebody call The Rock and tell him to re-shoot the Baywatch film with Cathy in it, good heavens does she ever look like fire while rocking a bikini and maintaining that sleek and slender look. She’s incredibly appealing from the front and as you’ll see a little later in the article, she has the same appeal from the back eating her Booty O’s on the regular.

For those of you that aren’t aware, Kelley is actually from Oak Park, Illinois. Believe it or not like Balor, Kelley has some Irish in her as she’s half Irish, half Austrian which is quite the mix. The 28 year old is a certified G...just kidding she’s a certified Mensa journalist and she continues to thrive as a major part of the WWE’s social media team.

10 Bringing The Heat At The ESPYS

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Some Finn Balor fan's might learn to hate him by the time this article’s done. If the rumors are in fact true, the Balor Club might be worried about where his head is at right now being with such a good looking human being. This picture only furthers that as Cathy looked like a Tye Dillinger "Perfect Ten" while she walked down the red carpet of the ESPYS.

Posted on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, Kelley documented her day in the July of 2016 as she attended the award ceremony while signed to the WWE. Her “I’m ready” photo was also something to behold, but this shot certainly takes the cake as she rocks the red carpet with her stunning red dress. Cathy made the claim she wanted to wear a jersey to the event, but we’re all pretty glad she chose this dress instead.

9 Eating Her Booty O’s

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We made this declaration earlier in the article and we are now showcasing the justification and judging by this picture, we seem to be right on the money when making the claim that Cathy’s been eating her Booty O’s on the regular. Rocking the red carpet, Kelley looks mouth-watering in her pink, tightly fitted dress. Judging by her physique, she’s not afraid to stay lean, while hitting them squats!

In Finn’s defense however, he’s no slouch either on the fitness side of things. Fans can’t believe that he’s set to turn 36 in only a couple of months and that’s truly because of his physique that keeps him looking young. It truly is something to think that Finn and Shinsuke are almost the same age, you wouldn’t think it looking at both of them physically, side by side.

8 Covering The Bachelor

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This is something not only Finn, but most probably even Cathy doesn’t want you to see and it pertains to her past working on AfterBuzz TV covering The Bachelor, yikes! As we stated earlier, she served as a panelist and host for the online channel covering WWE related content like Raw and NXT. However, she did have another show she covered and that was The Bachelor. Looking at her position nowadays, it’s more than likely she wants us to forget about those days.

It seems like Finn won the WWE’s bachelor sweepstakes scoring such a beauty. Looking at the single Superstars in WWE, it wasn’t much of a competition. He lost the Universal Title by default, but at least he added Cathy to his resume.

7 Working Together

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It seems like these two met even before Cathy’s WWE days. If you search the archives, the two actually have an interview dating back to October of 2015, before Kelley joined the WWE and before Finn was on the main roster. The interview was conducted for AfterBuzz TV during the Aftershock Music Festival. Now we don’t want to speculate too much, but it seems like the two couldn’t stop smiling throughout the interview. Even Kelley who’s always enthusiastic seemed extra excited to have sat down with the former NXT star.

Cathy’s knowledge for the business was exceptional during the interview and it was in all likelihood, a moment that really stood out for her future in the WWE. She was signed shortly after the interview, while Balor enjoyed a career year in 2015 becoming the NXT Champion and the face of the underground brand.

6 Halloween Hottie

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In terms of heat, this picture ranks right up there with any on the list. Dressed up as the Riddler, this picture further intensifies the fact that the Demon King is one lucky son of a gun. A picture likes this one has the male demographic wishing it was Halloween every day.

Thanks to beauties like Kelley, a lot of people circle October 31st on their calendars. Remember when that day was all about scaring people. Well, I think most of us feel a different kind of sentiment when looking at such a picture. Once again, it seems pretty evident that a box of Booty O’s was consumed before and after this picture. Cathy attended a Halloween party with her lady friends that night and we can safely assume that night club she visited bowed down while she was present.

5 Legs For Days

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The WWE Universe has been raving about Cathy not only physically, but even in terms of her on-air skills. However, in this article we highlight her physical beauty and one of the best parts about her physique is those long legs that seem to ride up for days. Wearing a stunning cut blue dress, Cathy’s legs are on full display in the picture and let’s just say Stacy Keibler needs to move over cause there seems to be a new Sheriff in town and her name is Cathy Kelley. Once again, damn you Balor, damn you Demon King.

So for those keeping score at home, we’ve praised Cathy’s behind, puppies, legs and facial features. So yup, she’s pretty much GLORIOUS (cue the Bobby Roode music somebody).

4 Insta Hottie

Her Instagram resume claims she likes bacon and long walks on the beach, rumor has it Finn converted to an all bacon diet while purchasing a beach front residence... okay cheap pop, but seriously though, Cathy has a great following via Instagram with over 150K followers, which is quite a bit for someone who recently joined the WWE. Her pictures are littered with goodness and usually of the light spirited nature.

The photo you see above comes from her WrestleMania weekend experience and man did she ever provide some stunning pictures. The WWE Universe was buzzing after seeing the photos; Kelley looked flawless in the pictures. She would take things a step further during the day of WrestleMania rocking an outstanding tightly fitted dress along with posing in front of that marvellous set. We still give the edge to Kelley in that one on one bout.

3 Juce TV Days

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Before the WWE, Kelley was trying to broaden her horizons with small scale gigs and one of them came in 2015 as the host of JUCE TV’s Hot Off The Press. She was a host for a plethora of other gigs including WTTW’s GenYTV, DSM Living and The Open House Television Show. As we stated earlier, her biggest gig came while working for AfterBuzz TV, that role would eventually lead to an opportunity of a lifetime with the WWE.

She’s now as the social media correspondent at the moment, but that will likely change as time moves on. The WWE loves her look and personality, and it seems like this is only the beginning of her rise. Expect something similar to Renee Young, as Young continues to climb up the WWE ladder as a lead panelist and host for multiple shows. You can expect the same from Kelley in the very near future.

2 Golden Globes

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Kelley posted this picture via Instagram, you’d think she was up for an award at the ceremony rocking such a fantastic look. This picture is actually from Cathy’s red carpet days at the Golden Globes serving as an interviewer for the show. On behalf of AfterBuzz TV, Cathy was chosen to interview the stars at the 'Globes while they walked down the red carpet. Rarely can interviewer overshadow an actual actor or actress, but it seems like Kelley did so looking absolutely stunning in her black dress.

Cathy posted the throwback picture claiming it was the first time in years she wasn't attending the event. She was relieved not to be wearing uncomfortable heels, however Cathy did miss the spectacle of it all. Not too worry though, she attended WrestleMania instead!

1 The Pic That Started It All

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Fans have been very intrigued when it comes to the personal life of Finn Balor. The guy is one of the very best inside of the squared circle, but when it comes to his personal life, he’s very tight lipped. Many of us wondered what his romantic situation was and for a brief amount of time, fans linked Balor to Bayley.

It seems like the two were pulling our legs as it was later revealed that Bayley was dating indie wrestler Aaron Solow. The speculation was finally laid to rest, however, when the internet recently broken when a picture of Finn and Cathy was posted, as the apparent couple were caught holding hands in the New York area. The image fueled speculation, and we truly believe it’s a picture both Finn and Cathy didn’t want us to see.

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