15 Pictures Kevin Owens Doesn't Want You To See Of His Wife

Kevin Owens is a former Universal Champion in WWE and has held many other titles all over the world during his career before he was signed to WWE.

Despite this, Owens still regards his wife and his two children as his greatest accomplishments. With many of the WWE Universe stating that Karina Steen is one of the most attractive WWE WAGs at this precise moment and that Owens was definitely punching above his weight.

Owens has a special relationship with his family, something that he has used in many of his promos since coming to WWE. He is very close to his children and obviously close to his wife, so he wouldn't be impressed with many of the images that have been made public on Social Media when it comes to Karina.

Whilst she is a beautiful woman, you have to believe that Kevin would not be happy about other men looking ta his wife, well, no man would be, least of all Owens who comes across as one of the most protective.

Here are 15 images of Karina Steen that Kevin Owens would prefer that the WWE Universe didn't actually see.

16 Karina Steen

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Selfies are something that you're either good at or you aren't and it seems that Karina Steen knows how to take a good selfie. This is one that many of the WWE Universe have used when talking about Karina and the fact that she is apparently out of Owen's league. There is no denying that she is stunning, but there is more to someone than what she looks like and even Owens has stated many times that she is the

There is no denying that she is stunning, but there is more to someone than what she looks like and even Owens has stated many times that she is the best support network he has ever had and that she is the reason he has been able to accomplish his dreams. It seems that these two really are soul mates.

15 Instagram

Missing my red hair ❤

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Karina did once have an Instagram page but was forced to remove it back in October 2016 when internet trolls decided to target her son Owen after she put a video online of him watching his father wrestle.

Even though her Instagram page has closed, it seems that someone has managed to keep hold of most of the images that Karina posted and has maintained them on a different platform. Many of the WWE Universe are thankful that they did because these are some very beautiful pictures of Mrs Owens. It would be sad to have seen these deleted for good. Especially the one above, that proves that Karina doesn't need to be full on with her dress sense or makeup because she can look pretty in anything she wears.

14 Close-Up

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In a job where Owens is surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world, he must feel good knowing that he married someone who is just as beautiful and that she doesn't have to put on a lot of makeup to mix with the studio lights to look that way. As seen in the above picture Karina is naturally beautiful and she doesn't have to flaunt her beauty either.

Karina is actually not currently active on any Social Media platform, opting instead to not share her personal life with the world. Which is strange for a person who is connected to a WWE Superstar, but it seems that sometimes Karina would prefer for her life to be private when it needs to be. Something that Social Media doesn't allow.

13 Red Lips

My favourite, red lips. 💋

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There's an old saying about Red Lips and the art of seduction. But it seems that not many women can actually pull off bright red lips with their complexion. Once again Karina Steen is an example of a woman who could wear a bin bag and still look classy. She is the epitome of classy and this image proves that.

The combination of her fair tone, her white jumper, and her bring red lips allow the outfit to stand out much more than it should. If she wasn't thinking of a career as a makeup artist, it should definitely be on her list of things to try out at some point, judging by how well she manages to effortlessly throw things together.

12 Beauty And Grace

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Beauty and grace is one way that the internet is now describing Karina Steen and looking at many of the selfies she has taken ion her Instagram account, you have to agree. Karina does seem to be an incredible mix of both and the fact that she has grace makes her a great role model to many other wrestling WAGs who use the attention that they gain in the wrong way.

Karina doesn't seem to want any of the attention, she just wants to continue her life the way she planned with Kevin and realizes that Owens' wrestling is a bi-product of their life together now. She did have a lot of followers on Instagram before she decided to remove her account, which means she was obviously doing something right.

11 Black And White

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It seems that there really are a few images that are still online that Kevin Owens would rather the WWE Universe didn't see of his wife and the mother of his children. But the problem is, that these images were put online by Owens himself.

Nothing makes an image better than when it can be changed into black and white and still look just as effective. Leopard print may well be the calling card of Enzo and Cass right now, but it seems that Karina Steen was making it work for her long before the Certified G duo and she was taking much better photos wearing it, as can be seen from the above image. This definitely proves that Karina deserves her place in the list of most attractive wrestling wives.

10 Karina And Owen

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Together Kevin and Karina have two children Owen and Elodie. Owen is his eldest son and it seems that much of his time in WWE has been focused on Owen and his love of wrestling. Owen is also named after Owen Hart who was Kevin's favourite WWE star and is one of the reasons why Steen changed his name to Owens.

Owen is always watching Kevin's matches and sometimes his mother films them then shares them with Kevin online. They are the cutest videos of a little boy who is happily watching his father live his dream, which is the greatest example a parent can set. Even if it does mean that he is away from the family for much of the year and is forced to miss out on many of the biggest achievements in his children's lives.

9 Karina And Elodie 

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Owen may be the child that gains all the headlines in the family, but Karina also has a daughter who is much younger named Elodie. There is nothing cuter than a mother and daughter when it comes to the photos that they share together.

Elodie is much younger than Owen and obviously isn't old enough to be able to watch wrestling yet, or get excited about her father on TV like Owen can, but it seems that Elodie is still seen a lot of the time with her mother and the duo are quite close as a mother and daughter should be. As shown from the above picture, even when she's out and about with her children Karina still manages to look effortlessly incredible despite all of the stress of being a parent of two children who is on her own for the vast majority of the year.

8 Wedding Photo

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Karina and Kevin Owens married more than ten years ago back in 2007 and this is one of the images from their wedding. It's likely that Owens realised at this point that he had made a great decision because his wife looks absolutely stunning in this wedding dress.

Like many wrestlers, Owens would probably be quite private about his personal life and pictures about a personal day like his wedding. This is the only photo that is online that comes from the couple's wedding and looks like they are in a casino and Karina is throwing the dice, much like her life with Owens she is rolling with the luck and hoping that the day is lucky for both of them. But they look happy and Owens looks much younger and less hairier.

7 Flawless Mother

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As a mother Karina always looks perfect. Here she is with Elodie looking as stunning as ever. It can't be easy raising two young children, but it seems that Karina manages to do it without looking like the stress is effecting her.

Some women are able to step up and take motherhood as a challenge and it seems that Karina is one of these women and that is why she and Owens manage so well together. It is also reported that Owens and Karina have matching tattoos on their hands, hers says beauty and his says beast, which is absolutely perfect for their relationship and the way that the WWE Universe views them. Since the WWE Universe knows Owens much better than they know Karina, or at least they know the character that Owens portrays on TV.

6 Nikki Bella Baseball Cap

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It would be slightly odd for a woman to be married to a wrestler and not have an interest in sports. Karina also has her son Owen who is interested in wrestling and other sports. But, as seen above Karina even manages to make dressing like a Nikki Bella look cool.

It is unknown if Karina is as big a fan of wrestling as her son, but it is thought that Karina definitely makes a better looking Nikki Bella and is probably just as Fearless as Nikki is anyway. Nikki's baseball cap and famous t-shirt look so much better on Karina. This is definitely something that she could cosplay as in the future if she decides to go to any wrestling parties or she could be Nikki's stunt double since she does make a much better Nikki than the original one.

5 #SlaySteenSlay

This was the first image that Karina posted on Instagram when she decided to create an account and it seems that this was a great choice. Karina always looks great, but it seems that she made the best decision when it comes to breaking the internet with her arrival. It's just sad that she was forced to delete her entire account because of a few people who thought it was OK to make stupid comments about her and her son.

Karina deserves to be on social media and she is a great role model for women and other WAGS, there should be a way that she can come back to Social Media and be able to share more of these kinds of photos to prove just how naturally beautiful she really is.

4 School Girl

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Karina and Kevin Owens had been together for many years before Owens signed with WWE and even though he was well known on the Independent Circuit, he was much less wary about the things that he posted online.

As seen above, Kevin shared many much racier pictures of his wife on his old MySpace account, as well as many personal images of his son from when he was much younger. Obviously Owens hasn't accessed this account in a very long time, and like many other people probably forgot that his MySpace account still existed. But as they say, once it's put online, it can never be deleted and Kevin Owens will definitely want to delete some of the images that he willingly shared online of Karina a few years ago.

3 Younger Days

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Karina could well have become a model if she had decided to take that career path instead of becoming a mother to Kevin's two children. As the image above shows, Owens knew just how 'talented' his wife was as well, since this was an image he shared online himself.

This was obviously when Karina was much younger and perhaps before Owen was even born, Karina obviously hardly looks any different than she does right now, but this is still a picture that shows just how beautiful Owen's wife really is. This can be found along with many other images of Karina on Owen's old Myspace account from a long time before Owens was signed to WWE and before Karina, herself became a sex symbol when it comes to the WWE Universe.

1 Red And Gold

For WWE Superstars and their families, Christmas is the best time of the year. WWE decides to prerecord all of their shows for the week of Christmas and then allows their employees to have time off to see their families and to celebrate the holidays before reporting back ready for Monday Night Raw the following week, which is actually really nice of them.

Obviously, Karina takes full advantage of the holidays and as stated on the image above, she is spending time with her children indoors. Because of how cold it is, you only venture outside at Christmas if there is snow and you want to build a snowman, something that obviously didn't happen this past year. And even though it's Christmas Karina is still worried about looking incredible.

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