15 Pictures Of Alexa Bliss That Prove She Is The Hottest Woman In WWE

Despite her status as a relative newcomer on WWE's main roster, having been drafted to SmackDown Live just over a year ago in July 2016, Alexa Bliss is already one of the promotions most respected names. We use the term "respected" rather than something like "beloved" because she's been written as a heel since her days in NXT, a role that initially gave her some anxiety, according to her own recollection. Of course, as we've all seen, she's excelled that the role and that is a major reason for her success.

In just over a year, she has managed to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships. As we mentioned, she was first drafted to SmackDown last year and by early December she had captured the Championship belt from Becky Lynch. She lost it briefly in February, but earned it back, defeating the Irish Lass Kicker once again. In April she was picked up by Raw at Superstar Shake-Up and by late April, she had won a fatal four-way to become the contender, and in the 30th, she defeated Bayley for the title belt, which she still holds.

She's the first Superstar to hold both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championship and there are no questions as to her quick route to success in WWE. She's a very capable performer in the ring, and works very well with the mic. We probably don't need to mention to any wrestling fans that Little Miss Bliss is easy on the eyes, which also helps. In fact, we are of the opinion that she's the best looking lady on the roster right now. Here are fifteen pictures that make a powerful case for that opinion.

15 She's Tiny

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We can all tell by watching her in the ring, that she is one of the smaller female Superstars. She's a very small woman for sure, and stands barely an inch taller than five feet, making her one of the tiniest women ever to make it into WWE, just behind Terri Runnels, who was five feet tall. That is a very cute dress, and it effectively shows off how thin she is and the fact that she is in brilliant shape.

Despite being short in stature, she's always been athletic and was a body builder for a number of years. Her choice to get into wrestling was initially not something her family (especially her mother) supported, but now that she has managed to make it to the top, and now they are her biggest fans.

14 That's a Great Look

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She may be "five feet of fury" inside the ring and when she has the mic in her hand, but if you check out her Instagram page, she's all smiles. It is a great contrast, as she is widely considered a pleasant person outside of the ring, but she has explained in an interview that she really enjoys playing a heel, even despite her prior concerns about being mean to people. To use her words from an interview with The Weekender "It’s so much easier to get people to hate you than to like you, and I kind of like to play with that a little bit. Not caring what the fans think and just kind of wanting them to hate me, even though I do kind of care what they think; it’s just so fun to portray this mean person, just to see how people react to it. It’s a lot of fun."

13 Football and Wrestling

Given that she's posting a picture of herself next to a pickup truck, with a plateful of food behind her, holding a football, we can't imagine why she's got such a sour look on her face. Then again, she's a heel, and had to take on Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella in a three on two handicap later that day with Carmella and Natalya. She lost, and maybe tailgating and football aren't her thing.

Regardless, a beautiful blonde tailgating on a Sunday afternoon, there really isn't much more anyone can ask for. That's about all you really need to "'Merica" the heck out of your day, regardless of whether the stunning woman looks angry or excited.

12 At The Gym

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Most fans know that fitness and time in the gym have been major parts of her life for the last ten years. While in her teens, she suffered from an eating disorder and getting in the gym and developing an interest in body building actually got her back on the right track to health.

She has opened up about her experience with anorexia, saying that she almost died and had to be hospitalized. She was under 80 lbs at one point, and while in hospital doctors told her she was about 24 hours from death, and suffering from bradycardia; a slower than healthy heart rate. After this experience, she decided she didn't want to go through anything like that again, and took up working out in order to get past her issues with her body. She wants to be a role model for other girls who have gone through and are going through what she did.

11 Harley Quinn Look

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In the past couple of years there have been few cosplay choices as hot as Harley Quinn. Ever since Margot Robbie portrayed the character in Suicide Squad, every amazing cosplayer out there has dressed up like the Joker's maniacal girlfriend. Alexa has said before that she is a bit of a comic book nerd and that she loves Disney, and has a fondness of dressing up like characters. She's incorporated gear from several characters into her ring apparel over the years and it started out with her, Buddy Murphy (her fiancee), and Wesley Blake, who dressed up like Iron Man and later a trio of Freddy Krueger in NXT. After the three of them got split up when she was drafted to WWE's main roster, she still wanted to dress up, and Murphy helped her put the Harley Quinn get-up together.

10 Absurdly Cute

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While we're fans of her newer persona, there is something undeniably cute about the earlier, innocent "pixie and glitter" gimmick she had in her early days with NXT. She was a division I cheerleader in her pre-wrestling years, and the way she pranced around in this persona is all the proof we need. These days she's completely content being the bad girl, using whatever means necessary to maintain her place at the top. While she loved being this innocent, adorable character, when asked if she misses it earlier this year, she said "I love what Alexa Bliss has turned into it's so much fun. Every time I get to go out there, I just have so much fun, and I wouldn't trade it for the pixie, glittery gimmick at all. I love it."

In terms of what we think, she can act nice, she can play the mean character, and she could probably wear a muddy tarp and still be gorgeous.

9 With the Raw Belt

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As we mentioned earlier, Alexa was brought over to Raw from Smackdown Live earlier this year, and quickly made an impact. Alexa managed to issue Bayley a powerful DDT and came away with the victory and the belt on April 30th, and people took notice of how calm, cool and confident she looked in the ring, and how well she and Bayley worked together during the match. She still holds the title today, and according to a recent interview, that Raw Championship belt actually had to be shortened because it was too big on her. Remember how we said earlier that she is tiny? Well, that's how tiny she is.  Regardless of the size of the girl and the belt, they do look good together.

8 Nice...Dress


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If most guys were to walk into their bedrooms and see something like this on Valentine's day...or any other day of the year for that matter, they'd probably get so excited that they faint. This shot makes her look nothing like a wrestler and far more like a high school cheerleader whose football player boyfriend recently gave her a piece of jewelry and told her it was expensive. Regardless of all this talk, the cute pose, amazing smile and gorgeous legs make this one of the hottest pics we've ever seen on her or any other WWE gal. This is the kind of beauty Instagram was created to document.

7 Why Is She Leaning on a UFC Bag?

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Given that she's one of the biggest names in WWE right now, it makes little sense that she is seductively leaning against a bag that has the letters UFC all over it, but we won't argue with a gorgeous pic like this. But the labeling of the bag has given us an idea. It's no secret that she is a gifted athlete, very strong, and has some kickboxing training in her athletic background, so imagine Alexa being the next WWE star heading over to the UFC for a scrap. She could compete in the women's Strawweight division, and her first fight should be against Joanne Calderwood, Paige VanZant or possibly even Felice Herrig. This is unlikely, and we wouldn't really want to see her get beaten up (those MMA girls are animals), but imagination is a powerful thing.

6 Fit Body

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Those camouflage short-shorts are most definitely not military issue, but we could care less. There are few bodies in all of sports that look this great. At just over five feet tall, she has a ton of power inside of a very small frame, and strikes a near flawless balance between being built for strength and power while keeping slim and attractive.

Combine the her solid, gorgeous body and cute pose with her stunning eyes and very slight smile, and this shot is something special. Everything in this photo is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication, as we already mentioned her diligent time in the gym that resulted from her battle with anorexia. If every dude had a girlfriend who looked like this, we'd all work out every day, rain or shine.

5 Great Pose

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There aren't many sexier poses than a beautiful woman playfully tugging at she top of her shorts. There is a reason so many Sports Illustrated swimsuit models do it, and that reason is that it drives dudes crazy. In our defense, it's not our fault, but the contents of women's clothing is the only thing permanently on our minds. It's always impressive when someone with this kind of strength and athleticism can rock a photo shoot and look like a model with years of experience. Seriously, plenty of former Divas and most of the ladies on the current roster couldn't look this natural posing like this for a camera.

4 Serious Face

"Threateningly good looking" is a seldom used phrase that is very accurate when used regarding Little Miss Bliss. Part of what makes her such an effective heel is that she has an intense pair of eyes that can convey intimidation, fury, and of course, just a little bit of intense craziness. This shot was taken a few hours before she took on Naomi at a Smackdown Live show in Denver, Colorado. We've said plenty about her cute body throughout this wonderful series of pictures but this one highlights how genuinely good looking she is. For those who don't remember, she won this match handily.

3 Eye Candy

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While the pic we just spoke of was one in which she looked like she was ready for battle and wanted to pummel someone, this is the polar opposite and we like it just as much. The label of "eye candy" is one that is perfect for some female Superstars, especially those from the past. Among those who were basically nothing but eye candy are Kelly Kelly, Ashley "I can't wrestle but take a look at these" Massaro, and more recently, Eva Marie.

In the case of Alexa however, like we said earlier, she's the full package as a female Superstar. She knows the moves, she knows how to handle her character, and of course, she can play the part of eye candy when needed, and as we're showing here, even if she isn't in the ring, she's a stunner.

2 Beautiful Bathroom Selfie

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This bathroom selfie fad, which may not even be a fad as it looks like it may be here to stay, is a confusing one. When did restrooms become places for amateur photo shoots? Oh well, once again, while we may not understand the minds of women, we won't argue with the results of these toilet selfies. Whether it is a female friend's Instagram posts from a weekend of partying, or Alexa Bliss' profile, gorgeous babes take amazing looking pictures in bathrooms. Whether you're a fan of nice legs, great assets, a cute smile or just love the look of an amazing looking lady in a tight little black dress, this shot proves with no equivocation or doubt that Alexa is the finest of the WWE's current female talent.

1 Great Body

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This has to be one of the hottest pictures ever taken of any of the women in the history of the WWE.  We've said it before but we feel like it has to be said again. Vince McMahon has a real gem here and he appears to be using her almost flawlessly. She works well in the ring and like way said, can talk with the best of them.

What adds to this is that she is a lifelong wrestling fan and has tried to mimic Rey Mysterio's style, and has said that he and Trish Stratus are her major influences in terms of her attire, methods in the ring, and attitude. Now, just a year into her work on the main roster, she has already managed to win both Women's titles and it seems difficult to figure out what will happen next for her, as it doesn't seem like the fans are getting tired of her yet.

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