15 Pictures Of Alexa Bliss That Would Drive Buddy Murphy Crazy

Alexa Bliss is the hottest thing going in the WWE Universe these days and all you savages out there know it. The former bodybuilder and fitness model would sign with the WWE in 2013. After going through a gimmick change, Bliss would start to turn heads as the manager of Blake and Murphy.

Not only did she perform as an excellent manager, similar to the "Sunny days", Bliss could also perform in the ring. She never won the Women’s Championship down in NXT but that didn’t stop WWE from promoting her to the big leagues in 2016. Since then, she has been on fire, winning both the SmackDown Live and Raw Championships. If she doesn’t leave the wrestling industry to pursue other dreams, prepare to see a lot of Bliss.

She’s being compared to the next Trish Stratus and it’s a fair argument. When it comes to looks, she and Trish are the cream of the crop. Her wrestling skills are legit but she still needs some improvements if she wants to get to the level that Stratus was at. So what about Blake Murphy? The two are engaged and have been a couple for some time now. Murphy could go crazy in two ways. He could go crazy because he’s jealous and angry about the hotness of his girl or, he could go crazy like the legendary cartoon character Pepe Le Pew. If some of us here on The Sportster go missing after this list is published, please question Blake Murphy. Enjoy.

15 Nightmare On Bliss Street


Bliss has a mean streak, everyone knows it, but how did she get that way? Maybe she watched too many horror movies growing up such as Nightmare on Elm Street. All those who watched the promo for WWE’s No Mercy has seen how weird Bliss can get and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If Bliss wants to be the Freddy Krueger of the WWE Universe, by all means, she should be. What person wouldn’t want her to visit their dreams? Murphy is one lucky guy but he has to get a little crazy knowing Krueger could sweep Bliss off her feet anytime he wants. Murphy versus Kruger in a Hell in a Cell match is the only way to resolve this epic conflict.

14 A Classy Outfit


We have a ton of images of Bliss showing off her skin but how about we show you a classy, take home to mom, look. Bliss is looking extremely wholesome in this photo. So wholesome, you wouldn’t think she can be such a psycho in the ring. Bliss is looking way too innocent in this image. The color scheme of the clothing mixes well with the furry pink blanket.

Bliss knows how sexy she is and can drive any man crazy, even if she’s wearing a ton of clothes. The best women don’t need to shed their clothes to get a guy boiling. Bliss is one of those women that can do this and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The only thing missing from this photo is that beautiful championship belt around her waist.

13 If You Could Be Any Set Of Stairs, Which Stairs Would You Be?


Sometimes less is more when it comes to art. As you can see, Bliss is showing off her assets while wearing minimal clothing and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re pretty sure that those stairs are uncomfortable, however, Bliss still looks like she’s enjoying herself. Whoever took this picture deserves a raise. The photographer got the right angle and pose on this one.

12 Working With Others


Woo Woo Woo! That’s Zach Ryder if you were too busy looking at another section of the image. As we mentioned in the intro, Murphy could go crazy in a good way or bad. This image will definitely make Murphy go crazy in a bad way. Why do you ask? Bliss is looking delicious as ever working with another man who’s half-naked. We’re not calling Murphy and Bliss the next Sunny and Chris Candido (too soon?) but you never know.

11 Hot Soup!


It feels like only yesterday when Bliss was making her debut in the NXT world as a glitter obsessed princess. A fitness model and former competitive cheerleader, Bliss quickly captured the hearts and minds of citizens across the WWE Universe. Not only did she wrestle in the developmental promotion, she also was a ring announcer and manager for Blake and Murphy.

10 Sleep Over Party


Emma knows what’s up. Bliss has taken her spot as the sexiest women in the WWE Universe. It was bound to happen eventually but we didn’t know it would be this soon. Bliss has only been in the company for a short amount of time and the trajectory of her career has skyrocketed. We can quibble about who’s hotter, Emma or Bliss, but one thing is for sure, Bliss has gotten the better of Emma in terms of achievements.

9 A Blissful Solo


Who would give an arm and a leg to be that guitar right now? Bliss knows how to get a man’s attention. The guitar might be an inanimate object, however, Murphy is still probably going crazy how much love it’s getting. This image is great on just so many levels.

Making her wrestling debut in 2013, it’s incredible how far Bliss has come in just four years.

8 Blissful Heaven


Five Feet of Fury, Little Miss Bliss, and The Goddess are some awesome nicknames and we wouldn’t have it any other way. No one can deny Bliss’ beauty, just take one look of this photo. She got into bodybuilding and you would think she would be all muscle but that just isn’t the case in this photo. Bliss is looking as scrumptious as cherry pie during The Rock’s Thanksgiving dinner.

7 A Helping Hand


A damsel in distress has been a plotline for centuries when it comes to storytelling. As we can see in this image, Bliss is having a hard time walking so two knights are jumping in to carry her wherever she wishes. If the Goddess doesn’t want to walk, she shouldn’t have to. Tyler Breeze and Fandango are the perfect servants to help out Miss Bliss.

6 Friends Like To Kiss Each Other


We already have one image of Lana and Bliss together but it doesn’t hurt to have another. This image is a screenshot from Total Divas. If you love Bliss and Lana, there’s no way this photo isn’t epic. One beautiful lady kissing another can definitely make a man go crazy. Murphy had to be jealous of Lana’s lips kissing his girl’s face.

5 Fatal Four-Way 


Yes! Yes! Yes! The only thing that beats three beautiful ladies in a photo is four beautiful ladies in a photo. Murphy must have gone super crazy when he saw this image. How could he not, Bliss is surrounded by the hottest Divas the company has to offer. As we mentioned before, bikinis are awesome. Whoever came out with the idea should be honored across the entire world.

4 Ménage à Trois 


Shall we say Bliss surrounded by beautiful women is blissful? Once again, the sexy lady hailing from Columbus, Ohio, is the centerpiece of an epic image. We love Bliss in a bikini and so does Murphy. Murphy may have gone crazy when he saw this photo, how could he not? Bliss is surrounded by gorgeous females in the photo.

3 Somebody Knows How To Work A Camera


This photo might take the cake, but if we had a choice between the food or Bliss, we believe everyone will choose Bliss. The fiery blonde was inspired by Trish Stratus growing up. The parallel features between the two are undeniable. If Bliss truly followed Stratus then she knows how to work a camera. Just check out this photo.

2 Who Isn't Jealous Of The Guard Rail?


Damn you Murphy, damn you straight to the darkest corner in the netherworld. If you could transform into any object at any moment in time, wouldn’t this guard rail during Bliss’ photo-shoot be one of those moments? This photo just screams hotness. It doesn’t even matter if the rail is dirty, Bliss make’s everything look magical and sweet.

1 The Goddess


Since she became a champion, Bliss has told anyone who would listen to her that she’s a Goddess. This image confirms that Bliss is the Goddess she claims to be. The photographer, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims he visited a different dimension and secretly covered a royal party. During the event, he witnessed many things but the blonde haired beauty next to the King of Kings caught his eye the most.

The photographer barely escaped with his life to give us this information and alleges, Alexa Bliss is the one in the photo. TheSportster sent out their best reporters to confirm the story. What we found is shocking. Not only is Bliss a Goddess she plans to rule the WWE Universe with a firm but iron grip. We kid, but Bliss running the universe might not be the worst thing right now.

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15 Pictures Of Alexa Bliss That Would Drive Buddy Murphy Crazy