15 Pictures Of Bayley That Prove She Is Hot AF

Bayley has always been a stand-out Women's wrestler. She has stuck to her principles and never allowed WWE to change her as a person.

Working for WWE is something that Bayley has always wanted to do. She even shared a letter with the WWE Universe that she wrote herself when she was 11-years-old where she talked about how she wanted to be a wrestler when she grew up.

Unlike many of the current crop of Women's Wrestlers, Bayley has never done the usual kind of photoshoots. Much like AJ Lee she always clung on to who she was before WWE and refused to allow the company to change her as a person.

No one has ever denied that Bayley belongs on the WWE roster and is a fantastic wrestler, she just isn't a WWE Diva. The Division has gone through a lot of changes over the past few years and it seems that Bayley is much more accepted now than she once was.

Even though Bayley doesn't do the usual sexy photoshoots that the WWE Universe have become accustomed to with the women in the company, there are still some very attractive pictures of Bayley online right now and here are some examples.


15 Bayley's Own Photoshoot

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Photoshoots in WWE have always been along the same lines. There is usually a female in lack of clothing and this is then the way the WWE Universe will see her despite what she manages to achieve in the middle of the WWE ring.

Many women who were part of the Divas and Women's Revolution over the past few years have taken part in these photoshoots, but interestingly Bayley hasn't. There are no photos of Bayley in revealing attire from any of her photoshoots. But it is unknown if this is her choice or WWE's choice that ties in with Bayley's character. Bayley is not like all other WWE women and these photos of her in dresses instead of her underwear prove this and will hopefully continue to prove it.

14 Yellow Bayley

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This is perhaps one of the most revealing photos that Bayley has online. Rather than follow suit and wear something that's inappropriate, Bayley decided to continue being the role model that she has always been and decided to wear clothes that you could get away with wearing in the street.

Bayley knows that there are a lot of women that look up to her and she continues to ensure that she is the role model that these women want to look up to. With so many young girls watching WWE right now, it makes sense that they need a role model like Bayley to look up to so that they know that sometimes it can be all about the wrestling and not what you look like or the little amount of clothing you wear.

13 Swimsuit Shoot

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Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte all came through the NXT ranks together. And while Sasha and Charlotte were promoted to the main roster in the summer of 2015 and Bayley wasn't called up until 2016, they were referred to as The Four Horsewomen along with Becky Lynch. Bayley was the final one of the four to be called up to the main roster.

Even though Sasha and Charlotte are happy to wander around in bikini's Bayley isn't that type of woman. There are no pictures of Bayley in a bikini online as part of any photo shoot because she prefers to remain covered up and somehow still manages to look amazing. Bayley has an effortless class about her and the way she decides to always be the different person within that group of women.

12 The IT Factor

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Bayley and Charlotte came through NXT together and have recently had a back and forth over the Women's Championship over on the Raw roster. This eventually ended with Bayley as Champion and Charlotte being shifted over to SmackDown.

Charlotte is a pure athlete and before WWE she was a personal trainer and a gymnast. The difference between Bayley and Charlotte can be seen above. Bayley has a quirk about her and a real person feel to her while Charlotte almost comes across as a superhuman entity. Bayley still manages to look beautiful next to someone of Charlotte's calibre, but at the same time, the difference between the two athletes can be seen so much more clearly here. Bayley's rear has always been something that the WWE Universe has talked about, maybe this is why she wants to hide it?

11 Bayley And Emma

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Bayley isn't afraid to dress up and look weird, that's the good thing about her. Many of the current and even some of the former women who were in the WWE locker room were all about the fact that they had to look beautiful all the time. But Bayley doesn't care about this.

It seems that Bayley is living her dream and she is having a lot of fun doing it. She has loved the wrestling business for so long that she just wants to stop and enjoy the time she has while she's part of it. Bayley doesn't need to change or be anyone else because she plays a version of herself on WWE TV, which allows her to do whatever she wants behind the scenes. Here she is having fun with Emma for Halloween back in 2015.

10 Bayley's Summer Shoot

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There are many images online from the photoshoot that all the women from WWE took part in back in the Summer of 2015. This is where the likes of Lana and Paige decided to add images to their growing rivalry and where Bayley was the only female wrestler who didn't put on a bikini.

Even though this picture is only of Bayley's face, it shows how attractive she actually is. Bayley has a girl next door look to her where she doesn't have to try too hard with makeup like many of the other women, she just naturally has a pretty look about her. Bayley doesn't try to push how pretty she is either since her entire character and attire is about her looks being down stated, which is actually quite cool.

9 NXT Friends

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This is another picture from the same photoshoot and actually includes Bayley's good friend and fellow Raw colleague Emma as well as former NXT backstage interviewer Devin Taylor.

Devin was released from the company last year, but at least she was able to be part of what looked like a fun photoshoot with all of the women on the WWE roster at the time. WWE Divas know how to celebrate the summer and it seems that WWE decided to make a whole occasion of it back in 2015 with all the women celebrating together. It might come across to the WWE Universe that these women don't actually like each other, but as you can see from the above image, they are all friends. Even Sasha who's in the background but can still clearly be seen.


8 Main Roster Bayley

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Bayley finally made her move to the main roster of WWE following Battleground back in 2016. Bayley was originally brought to Raw because it was believed that Sasha Banks had sustained an injury that would keep her out of action for a lengthy amount of time, so Bayley stepped into her place.

Sasha recovered much quicker than planned and it was then decided that the duo could work together. Sasha actually ended up helping Bayley to win her first Raw Women's Championship. Bayley was then able to walk into WrestleMania this year for the first time as champion and walk back out the same way. It's been an incredible year for Bayley on the main roster, but it seems that she's only just beginning to find the form she once had in NXT.

7 Bayley Before WWE

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It has already been mentioned that Bayley has wanted to be a professional wrestler for most of her life. So it probably comes as no surprise that she had an entire career on the Independent Circuit before she was signed to WWE's NXT brand.

Bayley worked for Shimmer (which is an all female wrestling promotion in America) for a long time as Davina Rose before WWE decided to change her name to Bayley because she was from the Bay Area of San Jose, California. As you can see, Bayley wore the same kind of attire when she was much younger as well. Which means that she has hardly even changed throughout the last few years, with much of Bayley and the character she portrays on screen being very similar to Bayley herself.

6 Bayley's New Look

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Bayley's legs are usually something that she seems to prefer to hide away, making the decision to wear ring attire with trousers instead of shorts like many of the other women on the main roster right now.

The above image was taken just after Bayley signed with WWE and was given the name Bayley. This was the first photo of Bayley that many of the WWE Universe saw and it's one that many of them still remember. Bayley stayed in NXT for much longer than many of the female wrestlers who were part of the promotion with her, but this wasn't because she had something to prove, it was because she was the Women's Champion and WWE wanted her to run the division until they decided that Asuka could take over for her.

5 The Future Of The WWE Women's Division

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It seems that days off are usually days of fun for the women of the WWE as they seem to often share selfies like this. Bayley was obviously taking this selfie which includes fellow WWE stars Carmella, Sasha Banks, and Emma when they were all in NXT.

Bayley doesn't dress this way for WWE photo shoots which means that this must have been a day off where Bayley was allowed to spend some time on her own in the sun at the beach. Obviously, Carmella, Sasha, and Emma decided to join in on the fun and all four women look like they were having a good time together. It's sad that Carmella was split from her friends during the WWE Draft, otherwise, this could probably have become a regular summer thing.

4 Styled Hair

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Bayley's attire is something that allows her to stand out above many other wrestlers on the roster. As one of many Superstars on a show at any point in time, wrestlers have to do something to stand out and one of the biggest things that the WWE Universe remembers about Bayley is her side ponytail and her bright orange headband.

There aren't many females who wrestle with their hair tied up. It's something that hasn't been done and Bayley decided to capitalize on that. Even though she is seen here looking beautiful with her hair at its wavy shoulder length, it is hard for many of the WWE Universe to identify this as Bayley because of how much her logo and her character depend on her and her side ponytail.

3 Bayley Autograph Signing

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Bayley is very fan orientated. There was an entire storyline in NXT based on the fact that Bayley and a fan named Izzy had become close friends after it was established that Bayley was Izzy's favourite NXT wrestler. At one point Izzy was even able to join Bayley in the ring to celebrate with her and was once forced to tears by Sasha Banks.

Because of her character, there are many of the younger generation of women who are fans of Bayley and actually look up to her. Bayley is aware of this and always goes above and beyond for her fans because she is seemingly a very nice person. And as already stated, she is living her dream and obviously loving every minute of it so she just wants the WWE Universe to feel the same way.

2 Bayley's Jacket


Bayley has become known as the only female wrestler who comes to the ring wearing an outdoor jacket that is as bright as her future. Bayley has perhaps the most merchandise when it comes to catering to the WWE Universe because she is so well liked.

As already stated, Bayley is the only female wrestler who doesn't care about making a fool of herself or dressing in a way that means that she isn't as attractive as the other female wrestlers. Bayley knows her place and she knows that despite what many people say when she's in the ring, she deserves to be there. She has worked to be there and now she deserves to be herself and act however she wants because Bayley has a natural beauty that many of the women in the locker room can only dream of.

1 Raw Women's Champion

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That's right, she made it. The girl who thought that she would only ever be a WWE fan. The woman who has been told throughout her career that she isn't good enough or that she was the weakest member of The Four Horsewomen. Bayley finally proved them all wrong earlier this year when she became the Raw Women's Champion for the first time.

Bayley was helped by Sasha Banks to defeat Charlotte, but it was a step on a path that Bayley has been walking for many years and it was the obvious turn that the WWE Universe were waiting for. Bayley may have lost her Championship recently, but allowing her to become champion sent out the right message to the WWE Universe and many of Bayley's fans all over the world.


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