15 Pictures Of Brie Bella That Would Drive Daniel Bryan Crazy

Brie Bella is a semi-retired professional wrestler, reality television star, and model. The 5-foot-6 native of San Diego, California had an outstanding career in World Wrestling Entertainment and was able to parlay the fame she achieved there into a successful career in reality televsion.

Brie Bella, alongside her twin sister Nikki, were often the focal point of the popular E! hit reality television show Total Divas. In fact, the sisters became such popular figures in the series, that the network even decided to give them their own spin-off show known as Total Bellas.

Outside of reality television, the 33-year-old brunette has also appeared on several award shows, in movies, and even the occasional music video.

There is no denying that Bella is an accomplished celebrity and a beautiful one at that. Despite working in professional wrestling, a business full of gorgeous women, the Total Divas star’s good looks still managed to stand out. In truth, one could make a strong argument that Brie Bella is one of the hottest females to ever set foot inside the squared circle.

While there were likely many would-be suitors over the years, it was ultimately former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan who wound up marrying the popular reality star.

After taking a gander at the 15 stunning photos you are about to see, which may very well drive Bryan crazy, it’s easy to see why Brie Bella is one of wrestling’s all-time great beauties.


15 Yoga Pants


It feels like yoga pants are everywhere these days, which makes sense, given that they are usually a fairly affordable and comfortable as well. Moreover, as we can see here, they can also be extremely figure flattering. This image shows us why so many women love yoga pants, while highlighting the WWE Superstar's toned lower half. Brie Bella's workout attire will likely receive plenty of attention and whatever gym the stunning brunette reality star decides to frequent.

Fun Fact: The Bella Twins have become quite the entrepreneurs as of late. In August of 2017, they launched their own wine label, Belle Radici in collaboration with Hill Family Estates. The pair also launched their own activewear brand called Birdiebee. The line features loungewear, intimates, and a variety of other garments.

14 All Class


This photo shows Brie Bella after having recently given birth to her first child. In the caption, the new mom states, “It really took me awhile to love my new curves.” She goes on to say that she eventually came to term with her new look. That being said, based on the number of likes this post received, it would appear that fans like the new curvier Brie Bella, who looks amazing in this photo. Moreover, the fashionable dress and glass of wine add a touch of class to this inspirational Instagram post.

Fun Fact: Wrestling fans may not be aware that the Bella Twins both tried out for WWE’s 2006 Diva Search contest, in an attempt to get signed by the company. However, they were surprisingly eliminated very early on in the competition.

13 The Gaze


The Bella Twin shows off her modeling chops in this photo, as she poses for the camera in her stylish undergarments. The slender brunette stares seductively into the camera in a photo that even someone who isn’t a wrestling fan would likely admire. The 120-pound celeb's all-natural figure shows that one doesn’t need enhancements to look like a perfect 10.

Fun Fact: Brie Bella’s birth name is actually Brianna Monique Garcia-Colace. Following her marriage to Bryan Danielson, who is better known by his ring name Daniel Bryan, she legally changed her name to Brianna Monique Danielson. For those who were wondering about her sister Nikki Bella, her given name given is Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, though that to may change, following her upcoming marriage to popular wrestler John Cena.

12 The Apocalypse


Based on the background in this photo, it looks like the apocalypse has arrived. Of course, being one of the last people on Earth very well might be worth it, if it provided one an opportunity to spend a little time with one of the hottest stars in WWE history. In this stunning photo, we see the Total Bellas star sporting a pair of tight-fitting short shorts and a rather revealing top. After seeing this impressive image, many folks might be saying to themselves, “the end of the world doesn’t look so bad after all.”

Fun Fact: While Bella was technically born in San Diego, California, she actually spent most of her childhood living on a farm in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, she would wind up returning to San Diego for college.

11 Rear View


The image here shows Brie Bella in her signature red wrestling attire. The fireworks in the background add a nice effect to photo that highlights many of the popular reality stars finer points. The gorgeous brunette exudes confidence with her less than subtle over the shoulder stare. After seeing this photo, it’s fair to say that one can expect sparks to fly when Brie Bella is around.

Fun Fact: Despite failing to win the 2006 WWE Divas Search, both Nikki and Brie Bella would end up signing a developmental contract with the company. They would debut in WWE’s developmental promotion as The Bella Twins. The Bella Twins' first feud was with Nattie Neidhart (aka Natalya) and Victoria Crawford (Alicia Fox). Brie and Nikki spend a little over a year in developmental before being called up to the main roster.

10 Birthday Girls


Wow! Here are two ladies that any man would love to see arrive at their birthday party. The Bella Twins look amazing wrapped in a bow, wearing provocative short dresses. While the photo shows the two sisters eating cupcakes, based on the shape they're in, it’s hard to believe that these ladies are eating a lot of sweets. Furthermore, the birthday boy may not need to make a wish at this particular party, because with these two gorgeous gals present, it likely already came true.

Fun Fact: In August of 2008, Brie Bella made her WWE main roster debut on SmackDown. Her first match was against veteran performer and former women’s champion, Victoria. This led to her first rivalry against both Victoria and her associate, Natalya.

9 Candid Swimsuit Shot


It’s always interesting to see what celebrities look like without the benefit of a makeup artist, in candid photos such as this one. After taking a gander at this shot, one might safely assume that Brie Bella looks flawless from the moment she rolls out of bed. The wrestling standout has a bikini bod that would make a Hawaiian Tropics model envious, even when she’s not posing for a professional photo shoot. The Bella Twin’s natural beauty is on full display in this breathtaking image.

Fun Fact: While Brie Bella debuted in August of 2008, the Bella Twins didn’t have their first match as a team until November of that year. The duo competed against their rivals Victoria and Natalya on an Episode of SmackDown and were even able to get the win.


8 Fire Truck Fun


It would appear that Brie Bella looked so hot in this photo that someone felt they needed to call the fire department. The 5-foot-6 model looks nothing short of amazing, as she poses for the camera, while sitting on the back of a fire truck. If your favorite color is red, then this photo is definitely for you. While there may be a fire truck on the scene in this instance, nothing will keep Brie Bella from making her fans heart’s sizzle.

Fun Fact: Brie Bella made her big screen debut in the 2014 comedy-drama, Confessions of a Womanizer. Both Nikki and Brie were featured in the film and played the role of Erica and Sally. The movie, which starred Gary Busey, was shown at numerous film festivals and won several awards.

7 Total Diva

This photo serves as a reminder that Brie Bella doesn’t need to be wearing a bikini or lingerie in order to turn heads. In this photo, the former camp looks radiant in her elegant black gown as she promotes her hit reality television series, Total Divas. With over 98,000 like on Instagram, it’s fair to say that her loyal social media fans base definitely appreciated the pop culture celebs keen fashion sense.

Fun Fact: Besides Total Divas and Total Bellas, Brie has appeared on several other popular television shows, including the USA Network’s detective drama, Psych. Back in 2014, both Bella Twins appeared in an episode of the series called “A Nightmare on State Street.” Brie Bella also appeared on the comedy clip show Ridiculousness in 2011.

6 Staredown


In this Instagram post, we see the lovely Bella Twins having a bit of a staredown, as they promote an upcoming episode of Total Divas. The episode features the two twins taking an IQ test to determine which one is smarter. (Spoiler Alert) Nikki ends up being the more intelligent Bella, if the test results are to believed. Brains aside, both ladies look equally fabulous in their revealing athletic attire. This is an image any fan of The Bella Twins is sure to love.

Fun Fact: Prior to meeting Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella previously dated musician Richie Kotzen. Kotzen is best known for being a member of the bands Poison and Mr. Big. The two were together for roughly five years from 2004 until 2009.

5 Twin Magic


This is a fun little throwback photo that shows the twins in the ring prior to their WWE main roster debut. One certainly won’t find the sister performing in front of crowds this small, these days. This pic was taken back when it was a little more difficult to tell the sisters apart, though Brie’s lower abdomen tattoo, when visible, made it somewhat easy to know who was who. Both ladies were pretty ripped back in those days, and with those abs, it’s fair to say they were doing crunches in bunches.

Fun Fact: The Bella Twins have been a mainstay in WWE video games for over eight years now. Their in-game debut was in WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2010, with their most recent appearance coming in WWE 2K18.

4 Black Heels


While Nikki Bella is often thought of as the curvier of the two Bella Twins, as we can see here, Brie Bella is more than capable of holding her own in that department. The WWE star shows off her extremely toned physique in form-fitting pants and a crop top. The flirtatious attire helps to showcase the budding business woman’s fun side. Brie Bella makes a strong case for being considered one of the most fashionable stars on television today with this shot.

Fun Fact: Back when she was dating musician Richie Kotzen, Brie Bella appeared in the video for his song, “Everything Good.” She has also appeared in three other videos for acts like Trey Songz, Sophia Grace, and Atreyu. Having Brie Bella in a video is sure to capture the audience's attention every time.

3 Red Tie


Despite the red tie, it’s unlikely many employers would consider this outfit to be business casual. That being said, it’s likely that millions of wrestling fans around the world approve of the outfit choice. With her brown hair blowing in the wind (or perhaps being blown by a fan in this instance) Brie Bella is modeling some revealing lingerie and looks like she could easily be featured in a Victoria’s Secret catalog. The Total Divas star makes looking good in lingerie seem simple in this photo.

Fun Fact: Brie Bella's final match in WWE, before she took time off due to pregnancy, was at WrestleMania 32 back in April of 2016. She was involved in 10-Diva tag match and ended up picking up the win for her team, by making one of her opponents submit.

2 Selfie Fun


Instagram selfies are becoming fairly common on most celebrity pages. That being said, there aren’t many famous folks out there who look as good as Brie Bella when taking them. The 5-foot-6 brunette looks to be in peak physical condition, as she poses in front of the mirror for this stunning photo. The spray tan she is promoting certainly doesn’t hurt her appearance, but Bella seems to always look great, regardless.

Fun Fact: In April of 2011, Brie Bella defeated Eve Torres to capture the Divas Championship for the first (and only) time in her career. She would go on and defend the title against Kelly Kelly at an Over The Limit pay-per-view; though Kelly would later go on to defeat Bella for the title on an episode Monday Night Raw.

1 Skater Chicks

@sk8mafia @birdiebeebrand #Birdiebee #TotalDivas ✨

A post shared by Brie Bella (@thebriebella) on

The Bella Twins looks like a skater boy’s dream in this fun Instagram post. The two ladies can be seen modeling attire from their new clothing line, Birdiebee. The starlets make counterculture wear look amazing in this fun shot, that her followers appear to have enjoyed. Pictures such as this one, remind us why Brie Bella is a must follow on social media. With just under 5.5 million followers on Instagram, it’s fair to say that Brie Bella is doing social media the right way.

Fun Fact: Brie Bella’s hit reality show Total Bellas premiered in October of 2016. The show focuses on both the twins and their famous significant others, Daniel Bryan and John Cena. The series was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in 2017.


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