15 Pictures Of Carmella Big Cass Doesn't Want You To See

Carmella is currently a member of the Women's Division on the Blue Brand, SmackDown Live. Although she hasn't been featured as a "key player" as of yet, you can expect that to change fairly soon as rumors report that Carmella is in line for a push to the top of the Blue Brand. Sure, Carmella isn't the most solid in-ring Women's Division wrestler in the WWE today (sometimes she comes across as a tad clumsy), but she's still solid enough to receive some sort of a push. She definitely has the "looks" that Vince looks for in a top Diva, so she'll have little trouble making it to the top (and staying there).

I'm sure most of you wrestling fans are well aware that Carmella is currently involved in a relationship with RAW Superstar Big Cass. They've been dating for a couple of years, although we don't see them together as a couple on WWE television considering they're on separate brands.

I'm also sure that most of you know that Carmella is currently involved in a weird relationship angle with the chinless James Ellsworth on SmackDown. Although Ellsworth is pretty harmless, I'm sure Big Cass isn't the most pleased with this story-line, and many fans have tried pitching the idea to WWE to do a Big Cass versus James Ellsworth match (even though we all know how disastrously that would end for Ellsworth).

Carmella is by far one of the hottest Women's Division wrestlers in the WWE currently, and there are plenty of hot pictures of her circling around on the Internet as a result. To me, Big Cass doesn't come across as a guy who's too insecure, but I'm sure he wouldn't want any of us to be starring at some of Carmella's most revealing photos. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 pictures of SmackDown's Carmella that Big Cass most definitely does NOT want any of us to see.

15  15. James Ellsworth Clinging Onto Carmella's Arm

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Lets be honest here, the very last sight Big Cass would want to see is James Ellsworth clinging onto his girlfriend Carmella, and that's exactly what was happening in the above photo. When James Ellsworth started to become an extreme annoyance by hogging up the main event scene (as insane as that sounds), back in January, Ellsworth started a relationship story-line with Carmella.

Many fans were relieved when James was finally removed from the top of the card because while it was funny for a week or two at the very most, it quickly became a total joke and it made main eventer's like AJ Styles look like geeks (considering Styles lost to Ellsworth on multiple occasions). Even though the Carmella/Ellsworth segments are fairly cringey, I think we can all agree that we'd prefer seeing those cringey Ellsworth segments in the midcard versus the main event.

14 A "Fabulous" Entrance

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Here we have a picture showcasing Carmella's "Fabulous" entrance to the ring. If I'm going to be totally honest here, Carmella's entrance with that moonwalk is probably more entertaining than her matches inside the ring considering the fact that she's still fairly green and clumsy. Hopefully she'll improve some over time, because if the rumors are true regarding a potential future Carmella push, we'd better be getting an improved version.

I think the best thing Carmella has going for her at this point is her looks, because she's definitely a "blond bombshell", and is one of the few truly "hot" Divas remaining in the WWE with the likes of Alexa Bliss, Nikki Bella, Maryse and Lana. Carmella definitely looked hot in this photo, so it's most definitely a pic that the 7 foot tall Big Cass wouldn't want any of us to see!

13 Carmella's Selfie

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Wow, Carmella certainly has a "chiseled" physique, especially for a Women's Division wrestler. This selfie showcases Carmella's incredibly toned body, all while looking extremely hot at the same time. I'd say that she has to be one of the fittest WWE Divas at the moment, and staying "ahead of the pack" is sure fire way of getting noticed by the man who loves a hard body, Vince McMahon. Similarly, a guy like Jinder Mahal who was absolutely nothing more than a mere jabroni jobber a couple of months ago got into tremendous shape and he caught the eye of Vince as a result.

Of course, the WWE were looking to expand into India and Jinder was an obvious choice for a representative, but had Jinder not been shredded like he is now, there's a good chance he would've been overlooked. In Carmella's case, hard work in the gym will pay off sooner rather than later, and we can expect to see Carmella as the SmackDown Women's Champion before the year comes to an end (that's my guess anyways).

12 Carmella As A Cheerleader

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Prior to becoming a WWE Superstar, Carmella used to be a cheerleader for the New England Patriots for a total of three seasons (ended in 2010), as well as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers for two years, 2010 and 2011. I think it's safe to say that most WWE stars want their pasts to be forgotten about considering they're now at the pinnacle of their careers (at least the WWE itself and it's commentator's like to).

Regardless of the fact that Big Cass would probably want us to think of Carmella as a WWE Superstar versus a former cheerleader, the other obvious reason for Cass not wanting us to see this photo is because of how incredibly hot Carmella looked in her cheer-leading uniform. Especially in the second photo, we definitely got a little bit of a"peak a boo" under her extremely short skirt.

11 Picture Of Carmella Following Eva Marie's Botched Kick

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Now this is one of those pictures of Carmella Big Cass doesn't want us to see that isn't hot or alluring at all. This photo showcases the aftermath of Eva Marie's botched kick on Carmella's head at an NXT live event in October of 2015, which resulted in Carmella taking a seriously awful looking bump and she ended up crying afterwards. Fittingly, Eva Marie was treated to "please retire!" chants from the NXT fans in attendance, and rightfully so. Eva basically won this match via botch instead of a legitimate finish.

Now to add to things, Big Cass was in attendance for this event and he was backstage watching the entire match when the botch happened. I believe this Carmella/Eva Marie situation was actually broadcasted on the WWE Network show titled Breaking Ground a while ago. Regardless, Big Cass was truly worried about his girlfriend, so I'm sure he'd like to forget this moment had ever happened, making this a photo Cass does not want us to see of Carmella.

10 Giving James Ellsworth Too Much Attention

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I'm sure Big Cass can sort of handle Carmella being in some weird relationship story-line with Mr. Ellsworth considering it's a pretty "friendly" relationship most of the time (Carmella basically ordering poor James around). However, the last thing Cass would want to see is Carmella petting James Ellworth's beard, and seeing the (hilarious) facial expression of James that is showcased in this photo. Even though the Ellsworth/Carmella story-line is just that, a story-line, I would willingly bet that Big Cass would not be against a one v one with the famous (and chinless) jabroni.

As we can all foresee, the match would probably end in 15 seconds flat after Ellsworth takes a huge boot right to the face (gosh it sounds so satisfying just thinking about it!) Sure I may sound like a bit of a James Ellsworth "hater", but I still like him, only when he's getting his a-- whooped by guys like Braun Strowman that is. James is definitely at his best in the "getting destroyed" role.

9  9. A Very Revealing Angle

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The NXT fans who were in attendance for this event certainly got a very revealing angle of Carmella while she had what looks to be Alexa Bliss in a headlock. Although Carmella does definitely seem to be the more "athletic looking" type, there's no denying that she's still incredibly hot as well. This picture looks like it was taken by a fan, and I'm sure more than one tried getting a photo of Carmella's exposed booty. Carmella definitely has the looks and curves, and all Carmella needs to do now is improve upon her in-ring skills.

Once she does, we'll have a well rounded Women's Division wrestler who possesses the looks, the mic skills and the ring ability which is certainly not too common now a days. The only other Diva who fits this description that comes to my mind is Alexa Bliss, and she's far surpassing most other RAW Divas at the moment, so the sky's the limit when it comes to Carmella. Let's cross our fingers that she can improve somewhat in the ring, otherwise Botchamania-worthy spots from her matches are imminent.

8 Carmella Goes For The Pin GIF

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This has got to be the hottest GIF of Carmella out there at the moment, and one Big Cass definitely doesn't want any of us to see for sure! Carmella looks to be going for the pin on Alexa Bliss, and the fans were treated to an extremely alluring and revealing angle of "The Princess of Staten Island" as a result. It's kind of ironic that Alexa Bliss and Carmella are in this GIF, because I'd say after looking at a couple of these Carmella booty photos, she's definitely giving Alexa Bliss a run for her money in terms of having an extremely hot set of glutes.

Carmella Fact: Carmella is the daughter of former Indie pro-wrestler and 90's WWE jobber Paul Van Dale. While growing up, Carmella has stated that two of her favorite WWE stars were Miss Elizabeth and Trish Stratus.

7 Carmella's Fabulous Chair Pose

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I think the only appropriate word or phrase that could be used to describe this Carmella picture is ironically "fabulous". She definitely looked hot in this photo, and it doesn't seem like Carmella even has to try to look that way. Carmella's ring gear in this picture almost reminds me of Nikki Bella's attire (maybe she got some apparel inspirations from Nikki?) Regardless, she looked fantastic here and ready for business. Big Cass is certainly a very lucky dude to be able to go home with Carmella every night. I bet Enzo is a bit jealous of Cass, but in reality, who isn't?

Carmella Fact: Carmella grew up in Spencer, Massachusetts and she later attended the University of Rhode Island before transferring to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth which is where Carmella graduated from with a bachelor's degree in marketing (pretty impressive right?) She's definitely no "dumb blonde" that's for sure.

6 An Alluring Pose

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To all those fans who claim Carmella isn't very hot and is rather "sporty," take a good look at this alluring and sensual photo of her and see if your opinion changes a bit. Carmella definitely proved in this picture that she's far from just being a sporty and fit kind of girl. She proved that she can go up against any current WWE Women's Division wrestler in the sexiness department. This is by far one of Carmella's sexiest pictures out there, and one for certain Big Cass would try to keep all to himself.

Carmella Fact: Carmella started off her WWE career back in 2013, and she was immediately assigned to the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Carmella would go onto make her official NXT debut the next year (2014), performing as Enzo Amore and Big Cass' manager.

5 Carmella's Revealing Selfie

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Here we have a selfie of Carmella posing extremely confidently rocking a tight white tank top, a spotted pair of black shorts, and some fancy looking white heels. Carmella definitely looked "fabulous" in this picture, and despite the photo quality not being too great, it still showcased Carmella's undeniable beauty as well as her sassy attitude. I think it's safe to say that Carmella is best suited with a heel gimmick, because it doesn't seem like it takes very much effort for her to have a "heelish" facial expression or attitude.

Perhaps if Big Cass turns heel in the future, the real-life couple can turn themselves into a powerful television duo with Carmella as the Women's Champion and Big Cass as the WWE or Universal Champion. The one thing I fear about the potential split of Enzo Amore and Big Cass is how Enzo would be treated moving forward. I'd have very little faith that the WWE would treat Amore like a star, and would rather utilize him as a comical jobber like an R-Truth for example.

4 Carmella's Alluring (Yet Slightly Weird) Facial Expression

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Whoever managed to snap this picture of Carmella needs an award! They captured a photo of Carmella with the most sensual (yet slightly strange) facial expression possible. If there's one picture of Carmella Big Cass doesn't want any of us to see, then this must be one of the candidates for that one photo. I bet it wouldn't take much out of Carmella to pull of a sensual fan-taunting heel character similar to a Sable before her.

Regardless of what kind of a heel character Carmella portrays, there's no reason at this point (or in the near future) to turn her babyface which seems to be something the WWE fails to realize. Some characters are meant to be heels and others are meant to be babyfaces. Carmella is a naturally born heel, and I believe she'll find more success if she remains so. However, there are definitely some Superstars who are saddled down with the wrong gimmick such as Roman Reigns (who should be a heel), but I won't get into that lengthy topic today.

3 Sensual GIF With Ellsworth

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I know I have already said "the last thing Big Cass would want to see" in regards to a Carmella/James Ellsworth picture, but this sensual GIF of Carmella with Mr. Ellsworth takes that cake by far. This GIF showcases Carmella looking extremely alluring towards her chin-less protegee Ellsworth. Regardless of how angry I'm sure Cass would've been after taking a good long look at this GIF, we cannot deny how incredibly hot Carmella looked here with such sexy facial expressions and her vibrant blue top.

Although the James Ellsworth/Carmella alliance is nothing more than an on-screen television gimmick, I'm sure most fans would agree that they're still somewhat jealous of James for all the time he gets to spend with Carmella. Despite no longer being a main eventer, I bet James Ellsworth isn't complaining all too much considering the hot Diva he's constantly surrounded by.

2 Chilling With Enzo Amore

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Now we all know full well that Enzo Amore and Big Cass are the "Certified G's and Bonafide Studs" of the WWE and that they're best friends, but as we all know, friendship only goes so far. Cass and Enzo have known each other for well over a decade now, and are very close. However, like most friends, if you catch your "bro" chilling with your girl, you can bet that regardless of being BFF's, Cass would likely want to squash Enzo like most other people would.

This picture showcases Carmella chilling out with and putting hands on "The Certified G" Enzo Amore. We can also see Bayley and Finn Balor at the same gathering. I'm 99% sure that Carmella and Mr. Amore are just good friends, but if Big Cass had seen the two hanging out, I'm sure he'd first get a tad jealous, and then quickly turn that jealousy into anger. This is definitely a picture Big Cass doesn't want any of us to see, no doubt!

1 Communicating With Mr. Ellsworth At Ringside

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Here we have a picture of the beautiful Carmella communicating with James Ellsworth at ringside before her SmackDown match. Although this is a bit of a step down for Ellsworth considering he's no longer pinning the likes of AJ Styles and fighting over the most coveted and prestigious title in Sport's Entertainment, the WWE World Championship, I bet he's still having a blast of a time portraying Carmella's personal "right-hand man" and the guy who follows her wherever she goes.

It most definitely doesn't hurt that Carmella's one of the hottest Women's Division wrestlers today, so Ellsworth is getting his "jollies" in that's for sure. Although many fans would argue that James isn't too happy with his current position considering he never wrestles anymore, but when you look back at where James started off as a jobber with no future in the WWE, you can start to see why he's nothing but smiles now a days despite being in a limited role.

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