Stephanie McMahon has over the years become the top woman in the WWE  as she has been trying her best to make Women’s Wrestling equal to the men in the company and has had success in the past few years because of the “Women’s Revolution” in the WWE. The company is now known for its proper Women’s Wrestling rather than showing off their divas for eye-candy, which used to happen a few years ago when the women needed to look good rather than wrestle well.

Stephanie played a big part in bringing through all these talented ladies in the WWE and was a vital part of the “Women’s Revolution” in the company. The women are only getting better in the WWE, but there are certain shady pictures from their past which Stephanie McMahon wouldn’t want anyone to see and is probably ashamed of. These current female wrestlers have their own past and have taken some pictures which they’d probably regret later on.

15. Liv Morgan As A Hooters Waitress


Liv Morgan is an up and coming wrestler on NXT who has really impressed with her looks and improved in-ring work in the WWE. Morgan will probably need some time before she can wrestle with the best in NXT, but she’s definitely improving through some rigorous training in the company. Morgan didn’t really have any experience in wrestling prior to joining the WWE as she actually worked at Hooters before arriving at the company. This picture proves her past as a waitress at Hooters and that’s something which will irk Stephanie McMahon for sure. McMahon will probably be ashamed of Morgan having a history of working at a “Not So PG” restaurant like Hooters and wouldn’t want this picture to be circulated, as it could cause some embarrassment to the NXT’s Women’s Division.

14. Becky Lynch Donning A Bullet Club T-Shirt


Becky Lynch has been like a breath of fresh air in the WWE, as she is one of the real hard-hitting wrestlers in the company right now. The Irish Lass-Kicker has made a great impression on fans ever since arriving at the company and her terrific in-ring work has won her over with many fans. But Becky loves to play with fire at times in real life, as she made the ultimate sin of wearing a Bullet Club t-shirt. Now we all know how much tension is brewing between WWE and the Bullet Club, so Stephanie McMahon definitely won’t be happy to see one of her top women wearing their t-shirt! This picture is something which makes Stephanie ashamed of Becky, who definitely didn’t realize the mistake she was making when she posed with this cool Bullet Club t-shirt.

13. Nia Jax’s Modelling Days


Nia Jax’s theme song quite clearly indicates that “she isn’t like most girls” and one can definitely validate that, as Nia has to be one of the most destructive women to have ever stepped foot in the WWE. Jax has the build of a real monster heel in the Women’s Division and has used her power to plow through many wrestlers during her time. But the cousin of The Rock has quite the surprising past, as she was actually a model before joining the WWE! Jax modelled for a few years, with this picture showing how shockingly different she used to look. This aspect of Jax’s life is something which Stephanie may be ashamed of. She wouldn’t want fans to know her destructive heel was a former model, and will probably want these pictures of her modelling days to disappear.

12. Mickie James’ “Not So PG” Photoshoots


Mickie James’ WWE return has recently proved to be pretty good as she has gained some momentum and is slowly re-establishing herself as one of the top female wrestlers in the WWE yet again. The multi-time Women’s Champion is definitely one of the better female wrestlers in the WWE right now and brings a lot of experience with her as well. James may be a terrific wrestler who is mostly promoted for her wrestling above anything else, but she’s also a sexy diva who loves to flaunt her figure in revealing photoshoots. This picture is especially steamy as it reveals quite a lot of her body and is something which definitely won’t get the approval of Stephanie McMahon. She wouldn’t want a veteran like Mickie to be seen by fans like this and would be ashamed that a terrific wrestler like Mickie is exposing herself.

11. Carmella As A Cheerleader


Carmella has shown massive improvement in her character and in-ring skills ever since joining the main roster, with the Princess of Staten Island really embracing her heel character perfectly on Smackdown. The first ever Miss Money in the Bank is three counts away from becoming the Smackdown Women’s Champion and she has had to work really hard to make this a reality. Carmella was actually a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers and the New England Patriots before she joined the WWE. While her growth is remarkable, Stephanie McMahon probably wouldn’t want the fans to see Carmella shaking her pom-poms as it could be pretty embarrassing if people found out that WWE’s first ever Miss Money in the Bank winner was formerly a cheerleader.

10. Paige Looking Unhealthy With Alberto Del Rio


Paige is still one of the more talented divas in the company despite being out of action in the WWE for over a year, but her career looked dangerously close to being finished a few months ago. Things weren’t going well for the former Divas Champion at all, with her personal pictures being leaked and her relationship with wrestler Alberto Del Rio proving to be controversial. But fans were shocked to see her in absolutely awful shape, as she looks unhealthy in this picture. This is definitely something which Stephanie McMahon would be ashamed of, as she and WWE had to endure much embarrassment due to Paige’s antics and this picture of the former Divas Champion will cause more humiliation for Stephanie.

9. Natalya Revealing A Bit Too Much


Natalya has been WWE’s go-to female wrestler in the past few years when they wanted to have a proper wrestling match between the women in the company and has been rewarded for her work ethic with the Smackdown Women’s Championship recently. The Queen of Harts lets her work inside the ring do the talking for her as she rarely flaunts how good she looks nor does she wear any revealing outfits to the ring. But she does like to show-off at times in her social media account, with this picture of Natalya showing herself in lingerie is something which can tick off Stephanie McMahon, who wouldn’t want Natalya to be seen like this. This picture probably embarrasses Steph a lot as she wouldn’t have expected a humble talent like Natalya to post this and was probably ashamed of her at the time.

8. Lana’s Raunchy Career Before The WWE


Lana has asserted herself as quite the well-known manager in the WWE over the years and has portrayed her foreign-heel role perfectly over the years. While she may not be as dominant as she was when managing Rusev, she’s doing pretty well managing and wrestling in Smackdown Live! right now and is quite the asset for WWE. But she has a rather interesting past as Lana was not always in the wrestling business and was a model before joining WWE. She even took some “adult” photos and this picture of her in a photo-shoot before her WWE days is something which probably irks Stephanie McMahon. While Lana has done great for WWE, Stephanie will be ashamed of her posing nude for magazines in the past and hope that the fans don’t find out about her raunchy past anytime soon.

7. Charlotte Flair Showing Her Battle Wounds


Charlotte Flair has been one of the best female wrestlers to step foot in the WWE for a long time as she has been a central part of the “Women’s Revolution” and looks like the lady who will emulate her father Ric’s legacy in the WWE. The “Queen of WWE” has been part of some really hard-hitting matches in the WWE ever since joining the company, with her feud with Sasha Banks being especially good. Charlotte has also taken some nasty bumps and been part of some rather brutal matches to “legitimize” Women’s Wrestling, as she posted this picture of her with a black eye after a match. But Stephanie McMahon will not like this at all as she wouldn’t like the “beautiful Queen’s” bruised face being seen by everyone and was probably pretty ashamed of Charlotte after this picture was posted.

6. Alexa Bliss As A Ring Announcer


Alexa Bliss has quickly asserted herself as the “Goddess of WWE” and made quite the impression after being drafted to Smackdown Live! in the WWE brand extension last year. She has since gone onto enjoy a lot of success and won both the Smackdown and Raw Women’s Championship, as WWE seem to be very high on her. But that really wasn’t the case when she initially arrived in the company and didn’t really have much experience in the ring and was actually made to be a ring announcer in NXT for a period of time! This picture shows Alexa as a ring-announcer many years ago, as it’s something which won’t please Stephanie McMahon at all. Steph’s probably ashamed that WWE at one point made Alexa do ring-announcing duties and will hope the short amount of people who saw that forget about it.

5. Asuka’s Surprisingly Revealing Photoshoot

Asuka was already a huge star in Japan before she arrived at WWE, as she was lauded for her unique persona and amazing wrestling skills in the Japanese circuit. She was treated really well in NXT where she not only held the NXT Women’s Championship for a record number of days but also maintained an undefeated streak which surpassed that of Goldberg. “The Empress of Tomorrow” is now on the main roster and looking devastating as ever, but there are some secrets about her past not everyone know about. While Asuka is known as a hard-hitting wrestler, she also did a bit of modeling back in the day with this stunning picture proving it. This picture is something which will embarrass Stephanie McMahon who wouldn’t want her prime female athlete to be seen like this, probably wanting this shade of Asuka to remain a secret.

4. Emma’s Humiliating Mug Shot


Emma has been trying to make it big in the WWE for many years now, as she lacked a proper gimmick in her initial years in the company, but is looking pretty good right now. Emma is being given the proper attention on RAW recently, but to think that it was almost possible for her being gone from the WWE in 2014. Emma was arrested in 2014 for allegedly stealing an Ipad case from a local Walmart store and was actually fired from WWE because of it. But she was reinstated once WWE found out that it was all a mistake and Emma was let go by the police. But not before this mug shot of hers was taken and posted for everyone to see, as this is something which is extremely embarrassing for Stephanie McMahon, who would want the incident to be forgotten forever.

3. Paige Proposing To Alberto Del Rio 


Paige was a highly successful diva in the WWE in the past few years as she did some amazing work despite being much younger than most of the female wrestlers in WWE and even became the youngest Divas Champion on her first night on the main roster. But things would fall apart for her once she fell madly in love with Alberto Del Rio in the WWE and then went onto take a “leave of absence” with him when he left the company. She’s been travelling all around with Del Rio since and shocked everyone when she actually proposed to Del Rio(who was still legally married) in the middle of the ring in an Independent wrestling event. This picture of her proposing to Del Rio is something which Stephanie McMahon is absolutely ashamed off and rightfully so, as Paige is lucky to not get punished by her for it.

2. Naomi’s Pre-WWE Days


Naomi has turned herself into quite the electric character in the WWE over the years, as she’s making us “feel the glow” with a rather colorful look to herself recently. The former Smackdown Women’s Champion is one of the top female WWE wrestlers right now and has shown great development in the ring over the years. While she may be a big star right now, Naomi was still looking for a proper career before WWE and even served as a cheer-leader for the Orlando Magic basketball team for a while. This picture shows her in the attire and is something which Stephanie McMahon won’t be pleased to see, as it could maybe hamper WWE’s reputation if fans learn that a top female wrestler was once a cheerleader and this picture is one Steph’s probably ashamed to see.

1. Sasha Banks’ Botched Hair Job


Sasha Banks has to be one of the coolest characters to come out of WWE NXT as “The Boss” has been wooing fans with her terrific gimmick and in-ring work in the past few years. Banks also looks pretty good with her bossy demeanor and stunning figure, but she had to endure a lot of embarrassment at the Hell in a Cell PPV last year when she was wrestling Charlotte in the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell match. At one point of the match, the camera panned to a close-up of Banks’s face and it was noticed that she had a bald spot, as it can be seen in this picture. Banks probably wears fake hair with this picture proving it and Stephanie McMahon must’ve been really ashamed of Banks after this event, as this botch was something she did not want the fans to see of one of her top female stars.

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