15 Pictures Of Current WWE Divas That Would Drive Stephanie McMahon Crazy

Don't tick off the Billion Dollar Princess!

Back in the 90s, such pictures would have been embraced by the WWE - okay, not all of them cause some are pretty bad but for the most part, the ones that sell how good the women look would have been embraced during the edgy Attitude Era. Today, the same cannot be said as the company is in a different place. Particularly with the females, both Stephanie and Triple H have helped revolutionize the division turning it into a class strictly based on in-ring talent similar to the men.

Along with the revolution, the WWE steers way from controversy as a global brand. Both these factors would make such photos down below something Stephanie would not want us to see. From candid booty shots of both Bayley and Sasha to leaked images of current WWE female Superstars, these are photos that would drive Stephanie crazy.

From their days before the WWE to even images from a couple of days ago, these are 15 pictures of current WWE Divas that would drive Stephanie McMahon off the walls. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. We begin with the most PG Superstar on the roster showing off her “Not So PG” asset.

15 Bayley’s Backside


We start the list off with one of the most PG Superstars on the WWE roster showcasing her “Not So PG” assets during this creepy candid picture taken by a fan. Of course, given the PG nature of Bayley’s character and the fans she caters to, Stephanie would not approve of such a picture. She also has her own Twitter account made by fans dedicated to that very booty, once again, knowing such an account exists would likely drive Stephanie pretty nuts.

As for Bayley on-screen, she’s maintained a PG demeanor even before her days with the WWE. While wrestling with Big Time and Shimmer, Bayley maintained a family friendly persona. However, she has recently stated that she’s open to changing gimmicks which would allow her to push the envelope a little further. Does this mean more black leggings?

14 Charlotte’s Leaked Photos


Even if the WWE won’t admit to it, without a doubt, the female Superstar they’re most protective of is the daughter of the Nature Boy, Charlotte Flair. She’s been pushed to perfection thus far still relatively earlier on in her main roster career, we can expect that trend to continue as she’ll likely rival her dad’s championship title runs, already at five (plus a Divas Championship).

The WWE doesn’t have much to be ashamed of much when it comes to Charlotte aside from maybe a couple of divorces which they won’t mention. Unfortunately, an incident out of her control arose when pictures leaked online. The photos were of the “Not So PG” variety, and by all accounts were taken during her run down in NXT back in 2012.

13 Peyton’s Steamy Past


Take one look at the 25 year old Peyton Royce and you’d think she had a background in modelling before the WWE. Instead, at the age of nine, she was obsessed with professional wrestling admiring the work of Eddie Guerrero. By 2009, the Australian was already working the indie scene and by 2015, she’d sign her first deal with the WWE reporting to NXT.

She’s become one of the most over acts on the developmental brand and seems to be overdo for a call up given her obvious talent level. It also helps that she looks like an absolute star, you can even make the claim that she’s currently the steamiest WWE female Superstar in the entire company. Now she never did model permanently, however, she does have some smoking pictures from a couple of shoots pre-WWE. The photo above is one of them as she’s looking “Not So PG!”

12 Not So PG Sasha Candid


We took a “Not So PG” look at a candid booty picture featuring Bayley a little earlier on - we now turn our attention to her best friend who’s got quite the booty herself. Like Bayley, she’s got the butt worthy of a Twitter account. Perhaps in the Attitude Era the company would have showcased Sasha’s booty a little bit more but in this day and age, not so much. Yes, the Women’s Revolution is cool and all but hey, why not celebrate the beauty of these female Superstars every now and then?

Such a picture would drive Stephanie crazy for a couple of reasons, for one, it’s a creepy candid photo. Unfortunately for WWE Superstars, they’re accustomed to such pictures and for Sasha, often times that means getting a live photo taken of her booty.

11 Paige & The NXT Title


In April of 2011, Paige was signed to a WWE deal at the tender age of 18. The company saw massive potential in the young Superstar, though if they could go back and do it again, without a doubt she’d be given less of a push given how badly she’d spiral later on. Nowadays, the company is taking such measures with younger female talent, in large part because of Paige’s immaturity when in the spotlight.

She started off with FCW and would later join the developmental transition into NXT. Paige played a major role in NXT being pushed as one of the major new talents for the brand. Unfortunately, it seems like title run took a “Not So PG” twist behind the scenes, it’s a situation Stephanie will wants us to forget about, especially because it took place under the watch of her husband’s developmental brand. During the leaked images, a shocking picture and video showed Paige acting a little Rated R with the title, we’ll leave it at that....

10 Mandy Rose The Smoking Fitness Model


The WWE has made it very clear behind the scenes - they’ve got high hopes for the young Mandy Rose. Still only 26, Mandy basically skipped through NXT only making a couple of appearances during TV tapings - Rose fast-tracked to main roster due to her look and athleticism. Some compare her to Eva Marie, though such a label is unmerited given her decent work in the ring for someone with limited experience.

Unlike most of the current wave of WWE female Superstars, Rose was not dreaming of a career in pro wrestling. Instead, she was a smoking model being crowned the 2014 World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Bikini Champion. She also won other awards in the field of fitness. Make a quick search pertaining to her past and you’ll be salivating at the amount of “Not So PG” photos available. Don’t tell Stephanie....

9 Asuka “Not So PG” Inside Of The Ring


In 2015, Dave Meltzer made the claim that Asuka was the best male or female wrestler in the world. At that point, she had just signed a deal with the WWE. Asuka had a storied career on the indies and particularly in Japan. For those of you that actually sat down and watched her past work, you’re likely well aware her style was not WWE friendly.

Without a doubt, her NXT debut was delayed due to the fact that she had to learn the North American in-ring style. Her past skill-set was certainly not meant for the WWE as she often pushed boundaries as a cut-throat type of character, even engaging in “Not So PG” antics by touching her opponents’ inappropriately and licking them. The photo above is just a little snippet of her past, Stephanie’s face is likely blood shot red thinking about a similar Asuka pic being taken in a WWE ring.

8 Lana Baring It All


There’s a reason why WWE fans are skeptical when it comes to Lana’s commitment levels at making it as a WWE Superstar. Before she made the transition into WWE as a manager, she was doing nothing related to pro wrestling. Instead, she pursued various other avenues which includes dance, music and even acting. In one particular gig on an episode of Banshee, the WWE and especially Stephanie would want you to forget about the cameo altogether.

The timing of her appearance was just months before signing with the WWE. On the episode, Lana took it all off taking part in a steamy bathroom scene that was filled with drugs and nudity, making it something the WWE wants to know nothing about. Thankfully, it was a one-time appearance. Evidently, that day was not deemed Rusev Day....

7 Naomi’s Past & The Story Behind It


Okay, so a lot of you might be scratching your heads at this entry, yes the Funkadactyls gimmick was pretty awful but was it seriously something Stephanie wouldn’t want us to see? No, but the story behind it is truly forgettable and something the WWE wouldn’t want us to hear.

Bizarre that this incident took place just five years ago. While a member of the lackluster trio, Naomi was told to tone it down in the ring and stop wrestling like the men. Company officials told Naomi she was showcasing too much athleticism and wanted to see more "catfight" type qualities. Yikes! Naomi was forced to adjust, taking out springboard type manoeuvres out of her arsenal. Of course, Naomi was thrilled once the revolution took place as she was finally allowed to be herself in the ring.

6 Carmella’s Recent Instagram Photo

Living my best life

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For fans that followed WWE in the 90s, the landscape was quite different when it came to social media and following wrestlers outside of the company. When it came to meeting such demands, magazines were literally the only source. Who can forget the steamy pictorials featuring the likes of Sunny and Sable. The rarity of such pics helped add to their popularity back in the day.

Nowadays, things have changed and for the better. We now have access to lives of WWE Superstars via various social media platforms. Instagram is one of the preferred choices as it gives the fans visuals. Take this stunning picture above for example as Carmella showcases this professional shoot, looking incredible. Of course, such a photo wouldn’t make WWE TV but thanks to social media, female Superstars can still show off their Divalicous personalities – even if that translates to Stephanie cringing at the sight of Carmella’s breathtaking tan lines.

5 JoJo & Bray Wyatt Spotted


One of the most bizarre stories to come out of 2017 featured an affair between the 23 year old ring announcer JoJo Offerman and the leader of the Wyatt family, 30 year old Bray. A family friendly product, the news was terrible for the company especially given the fact that Wyatt was a married man and has two kids. His ex-wife Samantha would file for divorce and the document leaked linking Wyatt’s infidelity with JoJo as the major reason for the separation.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, rumors later circulated that the affair was going on for quite some time. Even worse, the relationship seems to be ongoing nowadays as the two have been spotted entering arenas together as you see in the picture above. Wyatt still with his home wrecker isn’t something Stephanie wants us to see, which is ironic when you think about it.... (cough, Chyna, cough)

4 Becky Before Her WWE Fame


Becky took the long road to the WWE. She wasn’t an overnight sensation or someone who got into the business by luck - as a matter of fact she began training way back in the early 2000s. It wasn’t until 2013 that she would be offered a WWE deal. Don’t quit on your dream folks.

Lynch has spoken about her past via various podcasts, she’s discussed that back in her earlier indie days, she was a bit of a wild child turning to alcohol on a regular basis. She was also touring the world making $50 bucks a night, yea wealth is guaranteed when you’re first starting off. In addition to her troubling times, Lynch took part in some steamy photo-shoots of the “Not So PG” variety. This picture above is an example of one of those shoots as she rocks a mini skirt along with a revealing white top. You won’t see this shoot duplicated with the WWE anytime soon.

3 Liv Morgan The Hooters Girl


Liv Morgan might be the first ever WWE performer to work for Hooters and get employed by the company. As a matter of fact to her credit, she signed at the very young age of 19. Enzo helped in getting her signed as did Triple H’s trainer Joe DeFranco. Unlike Paige who was pushed as a teen, the WWE has taken their time with Liv booking her quite carefully. At the age of 23, she’s now on the main roster and boy does she have quite the future if she continues to progress.

Her future looks bright but her past also looked pretty darn good for other reasons. Liv worked at Hooters both as a worker and model. Various photos are available online showing the beauty fully decked out in her Hooters uniform. By all accounts, she won’t be using her past on the main roster...

2 Paige During Her Darkest Times


Following the disturbing leak of Paige’s personal photos and videos, she basically went silent in utter shock at what had transpired. Many were concerned with her state and Paige recently revealed that she hit rock bottom during the time, even contemplating suicide. Paige barely ate at the time and was even suffering from anorexia which resulted in several episodes of fainting. The picture above is a disturbing reminder of Paige’s darkest hour looking brittle and frail.

Thankfully, she overcame the dark period and is now back on WWE TV once again looking happy and healthy. Though without a doubt, the WWE will hope that such images can be a thing of the past as they just remind us of Paige’s darkest hour with the company.

1 Alexa Bliss Pre-WWE


The likes of Sasha Banks have taken shots at Alexa Bliss for her passion in becoming a WWE Superstar. As much as we love Alexa, Sasha isn’t necessarily wrong. After all, Bliss had no prior experience in pro wrestling signing a deal with the company by applying for a job online believe it or not. Her prior skills included an athletic career as a cheerleader along with a career as a bodybuilder having competed at the Arnold Classic.

What WWE doesn’t tell us is that Bliss was also a model working several “Not So PG” photo-shoots. As the face of the Women’s Division, Stephanie would not want to showcase such revealing photos like the picture above. To her credit, Bliss has cleaned up her act with the steamy pics since being signed to the WWE. In fact, her Instagram account is one of the cleanest out of all the female Superstars. However, we’ll always have past pics as a reminder of her “Not So PG” days!

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15 Pictures Of Current WWE Divas That Would Drive Stephanie McMahon Crazy