15 Pictures Of Current WWE Women Looking Hot AF Before Joining The Company

It's hard to compare any WWE Diva to the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, and Torrie Wilson, especially if you grew up during the Attitude era, but there's no denying this current crop of Divas is equally as impressive in the looks department and certainly superior in terms of talent. In fact, you could probably make the argument that every single Diva on the WWE roster right now is a stunning beauty, although Facebook critics would wildly and stupidly disregard the notion of Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and others being hot. The truth is, while looks aren't the be-all, end-all for Divas in the WWE, it has been awhile since the company hired a woman wrestler we can all agree isn't winning any beauty contests.

There's honestly a Diva for everyone's particular tastes in the WWE. There's Becky Lynch, the Irish Lass Kicker whose fiery orange hair brings back memories of Lita; there's Charlotte, who can be best described as a hot, blonde, Chyna; there's Alexa Bliss, who's just a flat-out babe; and then there's the elder stateswomen of the roster such as Mickie James. They're all incredibly hot right now, but what did they look like before joining the WWE? (Hint: also incredibly hot).

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15 Alexa Bliss

via pintrest.com

Alexa Bliss has only been on the main roster since July 19, 2016, when she was drafted to SmackDown Live. However, in less than a year, she has become the first woman to win both the SmackDown and Raw Women's Championship. She's far from the most talented Diva in the ring, but on the mic she's notches above the rest of the roster, the whole "This is Your Life, Bayley" segment aside.

Little Miss Bliss has risen to superstardom with her egotistical, in-your-face attitude; it's as if she's the one Diva on the roster whose character is hardest to separate from who she really is: Alexis Kaufman, a 25-year-old beauty who looks even hotter without the colorful makeup. By just watching her in the ring, one might suggest it's the amount of makeup which accentuates her hotness, when in fact it's quite the opposite.

14 Eva Marie

via pinterest.com

We know Eva Marie as the not-so-talented-but-incredibly-hot redhead that spent some time on the main roster, in NXT, and as a cast member of Total Divas. She's currently on hiatus from the company after serving a 30-day suspension for violating the corporate Wellness Policy, but she has kept busy through her feature film debut in Inconceivable and has plans to take part in a four-person ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitation tournament alongside Shaquille O'Neal, Reggie Bush, and Lupe Fiasco. Her future is bright.

While she might have reached the level of fame where she no longer needs to do scantily-clad photo shoots, fortunately for you, that wasn't always the case. Before joining the WWE, Marie was a fitness model who branched out to take plenty of more revealing photos. We could have chosen from a bunch of different photos - some of which aren't exactly appropriate - so feel free to do some digging yourself.

13 Maryse

via imgur.com

Maryse Ouellet, or Mizanin, as she is now known since marrying The Miz, has a long and interesting history with the WWE, previously serving as Divas Champion and co-host of NXT. Upon her release from the company, she launched her own clothing line and began working as a realtor, only to return in 2016 to manage her husband and form the WWE's "It" couple.

The Canadian has been involved with the WWE since as early as 2006, but wasn't a regular on SmackDown until 2008. Because of that, it's hard to find any pre-2006 photos, although she did appear in Playboy's Girls of Canada issue in 2007, shortly after appearing on Diva Search. In that shoot, we find photos such as the one above, which truly proves Maryse is one of the hottest Divas in the WWE. In fact, a decade later and she might be even hotter.

12 Carmella

via wrestlingforum.com

Carmella is currently dating Big Cass, but, as part of the Welcoming Committee on SmackDown Live, has to pretend not to be mortified by being in the presence of her greasy manager, James Ellsworth. Fortunately, she likely has plenty of experience dealing with creeps as she was a former Laker Girl and New England Patriots cheerleader. The 29-year-old was hired by the WWE in 2013 and spent three years in NXT before making her main roster debut.

She's far from the most talented Diva on the roster, and we'd be lying if we said we were impressed by her matches, but she clearly knows how to entertain with her body. The Princess of Staten Island was featured in a story on Patriots.com and said of her character: "She actually is a lot like me. She's fun, high energy, and I don’t really take anything from anybody. I'm going to stand up for myself. She's fabulous. I love fashion, and I try to incorporate that." She may be hot as is, but we wouldn't be opposed to a cheerleader or Laker Girl look.

11 Charlotte Flair

via cagesideseats.com

Charlotte is in incredible shape, so much so that it almost seems as if it's intimidating to many of the men who claim she isn't hot. She's far from a dainty, slim and petite model, but she's got the body of a champion. A lot of the present-day photos that she posts on Instagram give an idea of just how good looking she is, especially when she smiles, as opposed to the intense stares she often displays in the ring.

However, the NXT Summer Vacation shoot showed Charlotte's softer side, and we're quite thankful for that. Among the other photos in the shoot, the four-time WWE Raw Women's Champion is seen showcasing her legs while laying back on a bed, folding bikini bottoms (because that's a thing), and, even, preparing a bath.

10 Dana Brooke

via zahthoughts.files.wordpress.com

There's something about Dana Brooke that just doesn't do it for a lot of people. She has all the physical assets for a traditional beauty, but her in-ring attire combined with her character and "meh" gimmick just doesn't push the needle in terms of her sex appeal. However, outside of the ring, she's in a whole other league and just might be one of the hottest and most underrated Divas.

Sure, she has the almost trashy Barbie look going on in the photo above, but find me one man who hasn't enjoyed that look at one point in his life and we'll show you a liar. If we're lucky, the former bodybuilder and fitness competitor will be featured on screen more in the near future (though it wouldn't hurt if she improved her in-ring ability).

9 Natalya

via Pinterest.com

It's a tad difficult to take Natalya serious in the WWE after that ridiculous farting gimmick. On the surface - even in the ring - the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Niedhart is surprisingly gorgeous considering the look of her father, but it's hard not to look at her and think of her in the nasty persona. We can't be the only ones. Yet, once you get past that - or maybe you didn't know and we ruined her for you - it's clear to see she's another incredibly hot Canadian. Seriously, is it something they put in the water up there?

She's also been around seemingly forever, so it's difficult to dig deep into her past, but she has plenty of sexy photos from her early days in the company's developmental territories and independent circuit.

8 Nia Jax

via twitter.com

Nia Jax isn't exactly given the sexiest in-ring attire, nor is her character really crafted to be a sex symbol. That's likely due to the fact she's not the traditional image of beauty, nor is she as slim as the majority of WWE divas, but you're kidding yourself if you don't believe she's beautiful; the 33-year-old Honolulu native is a former bodybuilder and plus-size model. She's a beautiful mix of German and Samoan ancestry and is actually a cousin of The Rock.

In fact, in 2014, just prior to debuting with NXT, Nia Jax and Ata Johnson, The Rock's mother, were struck head-on by a drunk driver but suffered minor injures. She posted a photo before the crash and later posted a hospital room photo with The Rock.

7 Alicia Fox

via staticflickr.com

Victoria Crawford was an aspiring model before being signed by the WWE in 2008. A former OVW Women's Champion and one-time WWE Divas Champion, she has been sparsely used in recent years and likely appears on her way out of the company sooner than later. If we're lucky, she'll return to modelling and give us more photos like the one above, not many would disapprove of such an idea.

She has various other photos that come up from her pre-WWE days that include her sporting a green bikini and showcasing her incredibly-toned body. She probably enjoys the WWE paycheque, but she lacks in-ring talent compared to the new wave of divas and has bounced around as a valet for Zack Ryder, Cedric Alexander, and Noam Dar, among others.

6 Cathy Kelley 

via pintrest.com

We really don't know all that much when it comes to WWE personality Cathy Kelley, however just looking at her once, we can safely say she's a smoke bomb. It seems like Finn Balor picked up on that as the two are said to be dating after a picture of the two emerged online. Finn you son-of-a-gun!

Cathy, who's still in her 20s, has looked perfect for quite some time now, even before her WWE days working as a host for After Buzz TV. Along with clips from her time on the network, Kelley also has a plethora of pictures online that prove her worth even before her WWE days. If she didn't join McMahon's company, one could argue she could have pursued a career as a Calvin Klein model.

5 Summer Rae

via twitter.com

We know what you're thinking and you're right. We definitely could find some sexier pre-WWE photos of Summer Rae. The blonde is a classic beauty, but the above photo combines two of the greatest passions for North American men: football and beautiful women. Before becoming Summer Rae, the dance partner of Fandango, Danielle Moinet was a cornerback with the Chicago Bliss of the Lingerie Football League and served as the team's captain.

The New York native was an All-Star in the Lingerie Football League and is an All-Star in our hearts. More than that, as hot as she has been in the ring, there's something undeniably hot about a woman playing one of the four major North American sports. Summer Rae took that one step further for a three-year period, playing football in minimal clothing.

4 Becky Lynch

via wikifeet.com

Eva Marie might have us all entranced by her long, fiery red hair, but there's something both sexy and charming about Becky Lynch and her orange locks. Maybe it's in part due to the Irish accent - OK, a lot of it is due to the Irish accent - but there certainly seems to be something about the Irish Lass that makes her seem like someone you might be able to settle down with and bring home to mom, as much of a dream as that might be.

Lynch, whose real name is Rebecca Knox, was brought in to the NXT in 2013 and quickly rose to prominence. However, she had been wrestling in various promotions, including in Japan, since 2002. The orange hair sets her apart from others, but even with her normal reddish-brown hair, as seen above, she's a damn fine looking woman.

3 Sasha Banks

via Twitter.com

Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, better known as Sasha Banks, has seemingly been around forever, so it's hard to believe the beautiful Diva is just 25-years-old. Her apparent longevity is owed to the fact that she is part of an impressive class of former NXT Superstars, which included Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and others. Beyond that, Banks was an NXT Women's Champion for over seven months in 2015 and has had success on the main roster, already winning the WWE Raw Women's Championship three times.

It seems in recent years the WWE hasn't exactly been encouraging of its stars to participate in photo shoots, and it certainly isn't eager as it once was during the Attitude era. Fortunately, we have the 2014 NXT Summer Vacation photo shoot, which gave us memorable photos of the entire Diva class, including Banks, who looks like heaven emerging from that swimming pool.

2 Mickie James

via flickr.com

Mickie James isn't a stunning blonde nor does she have a fiery red head of hair to set her apart as a WWE Diva; instead, she's just a damn fine brunette, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. From her debut as the super obsessive fan girl of Trish Stratus to her recent return to the WWE, she has always been one of the hottest divas in the WWE. As evidenced by her girl crush on Trish, she's not afraid to push the limits of her sexuality. That's also the case outside of the ring - at least, it was.

There's a certain set of photos we wish we could show you here, but they're a little too extreme, even for our liking. James did a penthouse-type photo shoot to make some extra money before joining the WWE, the results of which were both glorious and disturbing, depending on what you're into. Since we can't show you those, here's a young Mickie James looking sexy on a Harley.

1 Lana

via pintrest.com

It seems as though we've been waiting for the better part of a year for Lana to debut on SmackDown Live with her dancing gimmick or whatever the hell the WWE has been teasing. We're unsure if she will have much success in the unoriginal role, but one thing's clear is that she will have no trouble dancing as she has extensive experience in the field (she worked as a backup dancer for Nelly, Pink, Usher, Akon, and Keri Hilson, among others).

She also has a fairly extensive modeling resume, which she built up before coming to the WWE. In addition to the photo above, she did numerous shoots in which she was partially nude. The blonde Lana we know in the WWE is a stunner to say the least, but the brunette-blonde in those photos takes the cake.

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