15 Pictures Of JoJo That Prove She Is Hot AF

JoJo Offerman was introduced to the WWE Universe back in 2013 as part of the first season of Total Divas. She along with Eva Marie won the 2013 Diva Search for the right to be part of the show before deciding to give up her place so that she could go to NXT and train to be a wrestler.

JoJo didn't take to wrestling in the way she hoped so WWE allowed her to become part of their broadcast team instead. She then became their primary ring announcer when it was Lilian Garcia retired from the company to look after her father.

JoJo has been under the radar for the past few years whiet dating former WWE star and Vader's son , Jesse White. But she has been all over the headlines lately after Bray Wyatt's wife revealed that she has been having an affair with her husband, something that could have started as early as 2015.

Despite the fact that WWE no longer presents their ring announcers as members of the WWE Women's division, JoJo could easily fit in as one of the most beautiful women on TV and the following 15 photos will prove this.

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15 Black Lace

JoJo arrived in WWE when she was just 19-years-old. Unlike fellow Diva Search winner Eva Marie, JoJo wasn't given the spotlight straight away and has instead managed to stay under the radar which means that she doesn't get any of the heat that The Red Queen received when she tried to make her re-debut in WWE.

JoJo is quietly on WWE screens ever week and as you can see from the photo above, she always looks incredible. Lilian Garcia definitely set the bar when it comes to the ring announcers looking fantastic but JoJo has been forced to follow suit. But she is easily managing to stay at that level. As JoJo says in the above Instagram post, she is rocking that black look and it's pretty obvious that black is her colour.

14 Ringside Beauty

JoJo always ring announces in a short dress and thigh high black boots. And much like many of the female wrestlers in WWE right now, she has her own style and she rarely deviates from it.

JoJo is beautiful and she is well aware of it. She has dated the likes of Justin Gabriel, Randy Orton, and Jesse White while she has been part of WWE for the past four years. It was recently revealed that she had been part of an affair with former World Champion Bray Wyatt. This doesn't stop her being popular with the WWE Universe though, who still miss the former Total Divas star. There wasn't a lot happening with JoJo when she was first on Total Divas so it was right option for her to drop out and pursue a career in wrestling instead.

13 Empire State Of Mind

via wwe.com

As well as being part of every episode of Raw that all other female wrestlers are on, JoJo is also expected to take part in photoshoots like all other female wrestlers. WWE knows that one of the things that attract the WWE Universe to JoJo is that fact that she is beautiful and they attempt to capitalize on that as much as they can.

JoJo is seen above in a Tweet that she sent out back in September 2016 of a photoshoot that evidently took place somewhere in New York where JoJo is seen dressed in leather looking incredible. The spotlight is rarely on JoJo when she is ring announcing on Raw and so she is forced to be part of photoshoots so that she can promote herself on Social Media instead.

12 Behind The Voice

JoJo may have looked like a nervous 19-year-old when she was first cast on Total Divas four short years ago, but the truth is that JoJo should be used to the spotlight by now considering her father was a Major League Baseball player for almost 20 years. Jose Offerman played for the Dodgers, Royals, and Red Sox amongst others for almost two decades whilst JoJo was growing up.

Unlike many females like Charlotte, Tamina, and Natalya, JoJo had no actual link to WWE when she first started training and signed with the company. In fact, she managed to injure herself in one of her first training sessions and then made the decision to switch to announcing instead, something she has become famous for, ever since Lilian left and allowed JoJo to take over on Raw and pay-per-view events.

11 Ring Presence

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JoJo may only be seen as a ring announcer right now, but she is actually undefeated when it comes to in-ring competition. That being said, JoJo has only been part of three matches on WWE TV. JoJo made her WWE debut back in October 2013 when she was teamed with Natalya and Eva Marie in a match against Aksana, Alicia Fox, and Rosa Mendes in a winning effort. Even though JoJo was never tagged into the match.

JoJo was then part of the Five-on-Five Elimination match at Survivor Series where she was once again on the winning side. The Total Divas defeated The Real Divas the following night on Raw in a rematch as JoJo was finally given her chance in the ring when she pinned Tamina Snuka and eliminated her from the match.

10 Seeing Triple

Seeing triple βœ¨πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

A post shared by Joseann Offerman (@joseann_alexie) on

What's better than one JoJo? Three apparently. It appears that she feels the same way given this post that she shared on Instagram last year. JoJo probably wishes there was three of her given the reason she was dragged into the headlines over the past few weeks.

JoJo and Bray Wyatt have failed to comment on anything that Samantha Rotunda accused them of but the couple hasn't helped the rumours about them by turning up for Raw together in recent weeks. JoJo has been on Raw for the past few months and even though Bray Wyatt was on SmackDown following the draft last summer, the couple still found a way to spend time together. You have to give it to them, that's definite dedication to the cause.

9 Hall Of Fame

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Like every other member of the WWE Universe, when it comes to WrestleMania weekend, JoJo is allowed to dress up and attend the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The women of WWE always look absolutely stunning and wear some of the most incredible dresses to the ceremony that sees wrestling's legends take their place amongst the elite of the sport.

Back in 2016, JoJo decided to wear the above outfit to the ceremony and as always she looked beautiful as she decided to straighten her usually curled hair and wore an Egyptian-inspired dress. JoJo was joined by her longtime boyfriend Jesse White at the ceremony. He hasn't been seen with JoJo and she hasn't posted about him in a number of weeks, ever since the Bray Wyatt saga came to light.

8 Booty Queen Of The World

Charlotte may call herself The Queen and Eva Marie may have The Red Queen name all trademarked for herself, but when it comes to The Booty Queen, there will only ever be one winner in WWE and the above image shows why.

JoJo's small frame seems to be completely overpowered by the sheer size of the booty that her fans in the WWE Universe just can't get enough of. This is why tight short dresses and thigh high boots have become JoJo's thing. She is a smart 23-year-old who knows how to use her best assets to her advantage. as you can see from the above image, despite the fact that WWE has an entire team to help the women to look good, she is definitely doing a fantastic job of looking great all on her own.

7 That Pose

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JoJo likes to take selfies. She may well be one of the biggest selfie queens in WWE. But even though she takes hundreds of selfies on a weekly basis and shares them on Instagram, this does seem to be her favorite pose.

JoJo adopts this pose to not only show off her outfit which she definitely enjoys sharing with the WWE Universe on a daily basis, but she also wants to show off her main asset. That's right, The Booty Queen of the world actually knows that is her main asset. As you can see from the image above, she wears the tight dresses on purpose and she looks incredible. I suppose that if you've got it then you should definitely flaunt it. Right?

6 Legs For Days

JoJo doesn't have to go to the gym and eat healthy like all other female wrestlers who are part of the main roster. But despite the fact that she doesn't have to, JoJo obviously finds the time to put in the hours in the gym and watches what she eats.

She is still being seen by thousands of WWE fans and millions at home on WWE TV every week so it makes sense that she will care what she looks like. JoJo has an incredible pair of legs and she knows it. As seen from the image above JoJo likes to show them off, but if she's putting in the hours and working hard to look that way then she deserves to show them off whenever she gets the chance.

5 Carnival Photoshoot

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JoJo takes part in WWE photoshoots like all other female wrestlers. One of the favorites for WWE is their annual Halloween photoshoot where the women are able to dress up as creepy characters and be part of a professional shoot.

Last Halloween it was decided that there would be a Carnival photoshoot and this time JoJo was able to take part. As seen above, JoJo is not shy when it comes to the camera and she is able to still look amazing in her stripy tights. JoJo proves here that you don't have to wear skimpy outfits to have all eyes on you. She is naturally beautiful and knows how to use that to her advantage when it comes to her photoshoots.

4 Unlikely Superhero


A post shared by Joseann Offerman (@joseann_alexie) on

Who wouldn't want JoJo to be the real Batwoman and be there to save them when they needed a hero? Well, the above image shows that JoJo would make an incredible Batwoman as she shows off her custom made outfit that she obviously decided to wear for Halloween back in 2014.

Ever since then, JoJo has changed her mind about being a superhero since she decided to dress up as supervillain Harley Quinn for Halloween back in 2016 with her boyfriend Jesse White dressing up as The Joker as the duo enjoyed a couples night out. Despite her obvious change of heart, JoJo made a fantastic superhero while it lasted. But she was then seduced by the dark side and decided to act on her impulses.

3 Showing Off Her Assets

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JoJo is a talented singer. She's a talented dancer. And she knows what her real assets are. She knows that if she wants to remain in WWE without the wrestling skills that all other female wrestlers possess, then she needs to stand out for her own reasons.

As part of the official WWE Halloween photoshoot a few years ago JoJo decided to wear shorts and striped tights because the theme was decided to be a carnival-style one. JoJo is once again seen showing off her booty and making it blatantly obvious that she works hard to keep it looking that way and she wants to make sure it stands out. Let's be honest, JoJo looks amazing in everything so she doesn't have to try very hard to look good.

2 Flashdance

via thesmackdownhotel.com









JoJo isn't just a talented ring announcer, she is also an incredible singer. JoJo often sings the national anthem when needed on WWE TV another job that she has taken over from former ring announcer Lilian Garcia and she once sang the entrance theme for The Funkadactyls for an episode of Main Event and as part of a Total Divas storyline.

JoJo has been an incredible singer for most of her life and actually took lessons when she was much younger. It seems that her voice is one of the reasons she has been able to last so long in WWE despite giving up in-ring work, but fellow broadcaster Dasha Fuentes tried to wrestle in NXT before WWE decided that she was better suited as an interviewer for the wrestlers.

1 In-Ring Debut

JoJo's in-ring career in WWE may not have lasted very long, but there is no denying how incredible she looked when she donned her attire ahead of Survivor Series back in 2013. The Total Divas team were even on the winning side when it came to the Elimination match against The True Divas and it seems that JoJo played her part.

It is unknown if the injury JoJo suffered early in her in-ring career is the reason she no longer wants to wrestle, or if WWE prefers her to be on the mic instead. What is known is that if JoJo wants to pursue a career in the ring in the future then WWE would definitely support her through it and she would definitely be a star if her three matches back in 2013 are anything to go by.

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