15 Pictures Of JoJo That Would Drive Bray Wyatt Crazy

Bray Wyatt, the so-called "Eater of Worlds," and ring announcer JoJo are two people that appear to have nothing in common, making them seem like one of the least likely couples out there. After all, photos of Bray make him seem like someone that rolls out of bed and does nothing to himself before going out and about, while JoJo is about as put together as someone can be. Despite all that, when Bray’s wife filed for divorce from him, she dropped the accusation that he and the incredibly beautiful ring announcer were having an “on-going affair”. Realizing all of that inspired us to put together this list of 15 pictures of JoJo that drive Bray Wyatt crazy.

In order for an image to be considered for inclusion here, it first and foremost needs to relate to JoJo Offerman in an obvious way. As a result, any picture of her could be in the running, including those taken at events, photo shoots or anywhere else she may appear. On top of that, any screengrab of her taken from any of her media appearances, including wrestling events, interviews, and similar things she was included in could find their way here. Each image doesn’t necessarily need to have her in it to be included here as long as it seems as though her man Bray Wyatt would rather people forget it exists. The only other thing to keep in mind is that we could only go off of our instincts since we can’t say for certain how Bray feels about anything, as we don’t know him personally.

15 Booty O’s

via twitter.com

This is a photo of JoJo that was clearly taken backstage at a WWE event. In this shot, a certain part of her body is being used as a table of sorts for a box of The New Day’s signature cereal Booty O’s. It certainly seems as though they’ve used some manner of photographic tomfoolery in order to ensure the item remains in place, but her backside is so pronounced that it may just be able to hold it up. Either way, we can only imagine how we might feel about our significant other’s booty being used to sell cereal in this fashion, as it must be a really odd feeling. After all, Booty O’s are being marketed as children’s cereal and that rear end is anything but family friendly. We don’t know of too many people that want a bunch of people staring at their girl’s body.

14 In the City

via jojo-offerman.com

After looking over this list we are confident that people will come to some conclusions including that JoJo Offerman is a very photogenic person who knows that is the case and loves it too. As such, she oftentimes poses for pictures in which she is dressed to the nines and looks fantastic in any number of ways. Here's one such example of that; here we see an image of her from a photoshoot that was taken on the top of a building in the middle of a city. Looking as though she is in the midst of seducing the camera, she is fantastic at that and we can imagine why Bray may be jealous of this image. If we were in his place, we would prefer it if she saved those bedroom eyes for us, and seeing her direct them at the camera would be a disappointment.

13 Backless Dress

via wwe.com

If there is a body out there that is better suited to wearing a skintight little dress, we’re not sure of it. As this is shot from the side, we have to say that is one of the best angles a photo of a woman’s body can be taken from. We believe that is the case because it allows the viewer to appreciate how her figure rises and falls with her various lovely body parts. Making it better are the small patches of her skin that are exposed, including her back and the top of her legs; it makes this image even more salacious than it would have been otherwise. In short, this is a photo that draws attention to pretty much every aspect of JoJo’s body, and unless Bray is totally sure of himself he likely doesn’t want us looking that closely.

12 With Randy Orton

via wattpad.com

If you follow any WWE performer on social media, you are likely to be peppered with shots of them alongside their co-workers, which makes a lot of sense. After all, these people are nomads that crisscross the planet and spend their days and nights together so that leads to them building strong bonds with the only other people that understand. However, there is more going on here that would make Bray have a distaste for this shot of JoJo with Randy Orton in particular. This was a pair that was dogged by extensive rumors that they were a couple in the past, but as far as we know neither of them has ever confirmed that they were together. However, they look cozy enough here that it is easy to believe and it looks like they have a lot more in common in terms of style, at least.

11 Bathroom Selfie

Via pinterest.co.uk

As an employee of the biggest wrestling company in the world today, JoJo has had her career followed by millions of people that pay attention to the industry. As such, there are a lot of people that are aware that she is a very beautiful woman with a figure to die for and a derriere to write home about. That said, as much as she is lusted after that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any aspects of her body that are still underappreciated, sadly. Mainly, her chest doesn’t receive a whole lot of attention in comparison to the rest of her. Then you see a photo of her like this one and you quickly realize that is a major shame, which is a secret Bray likely would have enjoyed keeping to himself.

10 Swimsuit Fun

Via Pinterest.com

From one photo of JoJo that focuses on her bosom to another, let's move on to an image of her that was taken while she having fun in the sun. In this selfie that shows her from the chest up, there actually is a lot going on here. First off, there is the obvious stuff, that we get to enjoy a view of her cleavage, and beyond that, the proximity of the camera to her also means that it is a close-up. On top of that, we’re all looking at both her lips and eyes in the same intimate shot of her which is a wonderful thing. However, the thing that we love about this shot and we imagine Bray hates is what it causes our mind to do. While most of her isn’t seen here, it does make us envision all of her in a bikini and we’ve got to tell you, the view couldn’t be any more glorious than it looks in our heads.

9 Fan Cam?

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To say that she looks wonderful in that red dress has got to be one of the greatest understatements of all-time. The thing that we find interesting about this photo from a WWE event, though, is wondering who it was that took this shot, and what that must mean for Bray Wyatt. As we see it, there are two possibilities going on here. Either one of her co-workers took this image, or a fan that was seated ringside did, and in both cases, we’re sure they snapped away in order to capture how hot she is here. In one case, a pervy fan came out of the crowd in order to take this image and we can only imagine Bray wouldn’t want randoms doing that. Worse yet, however, if it was a co-worker he’s got to wonder what they want from their relationship with her.

8 Kissing Jesse White

via thecoli.com

JoJo is someone that clearly has a taste for dating wrestlers, as the rest of this list will also show. Here we see JoJo with a lesser-known former WWE wrestler. Jesse White went under the name Jake Carter while he was under a developmental contract, and trained under their eye for two years and won FCW tag team gold alongside his former partner Corey Graves. The son of wrestling legend Vader, his body type couldn’t be more different than his old man, but it seems like he has one thing in common with him, being a winner. He may not have made it to the main roster, but he had one of the most gorgeous women in the company on his arm for a time and we can imagine that getting under her current beau’s skin.

7 Side View

via ign.com

Earlier in this list, we touched on the idea that photographing a woman with a great body from the side is a wonderful thing, and here we have some of the best evidence of that we’ve ever seen. Shown here wearing an outrageously eye-grabbing outfit from head to toe, we’re not sure if she put together her look but whoever did was a genius. As JoJo is adorned in skin-tight clothing that shows off her incredible rump, it also goes further, however, as it draws attention to her chest and legs, the latter of which often is ignored. We’re guessing that has a lot to do with the high heels she has on but it hard to think about that when seeing this image of her as it clouds our minds in a way Bray likely wouldn’t be okay with.

6 Costume With Becky Lynch

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In this shot of JoJo with Becky Lynch which seems to have been taken at Halloween, you may be thinking to yourself that we’ve lost our mind. After all, who would be driven crazy by an image like this? Well, stick with us here. First off, Bray might be driven wild with desire by this image as it plays into his gothic style in a way that no other image of JoJo ever has and he may be into that. However, the opposite could hold true as well as the dude seems to be pretty committed to his look, and may be irritated that other people are pretenders to his crown at a certain time of the year. In either circumstance, it would elicit a response out of Bray that makes it qualify for this list.

5 Captivating 

via IGN.com

This is the final picture included here that draws the eye to how comely JoJo’s cleavage truly is. The others were impressive without a doubt, but we’ve never been more blown away by what she is packing. In this selfie in which she is posed perfectly to show off her chest, she also understands her figure enough that she has managed to give the camera a view of her rear end from the side that we adore. Finally, that little peek of skin at the top of her legs which we’ve now got a new appreciation for is drawing us in as well. All we can really say here is that she should be included in lists of the most attractive women alive in our view, and this shot is the perfect example of why, frankly, she could do better than Bray Wyatt. Especially considering the dude clearly is a cheater.

4 Kissing Justin Gabriel

via diva-dirt.com

Some fans may not be sure what they are looking at, as the man that JoJo is making out with here is barely visible, and his run in the WWE ended a while back, but Justin Gabriel was involved with her. Gabriel was a fellow member of The Nexus with Bray at one time, and we’re guessing nobody would have expected that both of them would be the guy in the life of the same young woman. This is the second shot of JoJo embracing a fellow former WWE employee, but this one is the worst of the two first off because Justin and Bray were once linked, but for a whole other reason as well. If you look close enough, the fact that their mouths are open and we can see tongues intertwined may be painful for Bray in a big way.

3 Rumor Coverage

Via wwerdlive.com

This is the closest there is to a shot of Bray and JoJo together that the world at large has seen as of yet. And this is one example of the combined images of the two of them that are circling around the internet. As this was put together in light of the media finding out that Bray’s wife alleged that the two of them were engaged in an “ongoing affair,” we can imagine how painful that coverage was for him. After all, it revealed to the world that he likely is a cheater in a big way, which is never a good look and also saw randoms poking their nose in his personal life. However, as a father, we’re guessing the worst part about an image like this being all over the place is that Bray’s kids are likely to become aware of it at some point. Letting your kids down in such a public fashion would be an awful thing.

2 Thirsty Big E

via thecoli.com

This is the second shot of JoJo with Big E on this list, but this time around Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are absent, and the reason for his interest may be something a little bit different. Sporting one of her tight dresses that we can never get used to since they look so incredible on her, this time around Big E has his eye on her assets in a big way and she seems to be enjoying that. Clearly, this is a shot with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek element to it. Both of them seem to be having fun, but it also seems as though there is real electricity flying between the two of them. Worse yet for Bray, as far as we know they’ve never actually dated in real life. If the chemistry they share is as dynamic when the camera is off, Bray may have some competition to fend off which wouldn’t be something he’d like in the slightest.

1 Swimsuit Back View

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We here at TheSportster like to leave our lists off on a high note, and we can’t think of any better way to go out when it comes to this list than a shot of JoJo in a bikini from behind. She's wearing a type of swimwear that seems as though it was designed to accentuate a body that is exactly like hers, and we get to see the fruits of that theoretical labor. She is sporting bottoms that are cut in a way to show off a good percentage of her rear end, but not anything scandalous in the least, and it seems as though she still could be breaking laws looking that good. At the very least, this is as far as she could have gone without breaking the rules of the PG version of WWE and we can’t get enough of that. At the same time, Bray must wish she pushed the envelope a lot less.

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