15 Pictures Of Lana That Will Make Rusev More Of A Brute

Lana and Rusev seem as though they are quite a mismatched couple. Lana is a stunning former dancer and actress who every male member of the WWE Universe is attracted to, while Rusev is a brutish type man who many find it hard to understand.

Despite this, WWE decided to put them together whenΒ Lana failed to win the 2013Β Diva Search. She then became his manager in NXT and it seems that they have been inseparable ever since.

Lana had a modelling and dancing career before WWE and before she met Rusev. And a lot of these photos can still be found online.

The couple married on an episode of Total Divas last year, but they are the only WWE couple to actually have two weddings. One in Lana's home state of California and one in Bulgaria to recognize all of Rusev's home customs as well.

The couple has become regular cast members on Total Divas recently and sometimes Rusev can become slightly jealous of the male attention that Lana is getting. If that's the case then The Bulgarian Brute will not be happy about the following 15 photos of his wife being able to circulate online.

16 Poser

The LBD or Little Black Dress as it's also known is something that every woman has in their wardrobe and they save for the most professional of events. The Little Black Dress goes with every pair of shoes a woman owns and as seen in the image above, it allows her to be less stressed about what she looks like because all women look good in a black dress.

Lana's usual attire is a jacket and a skirt, so it is different for the WWE Universe to actually see her in a dress. Even though the dress is also about the same length as her usual attire. While WWE like for Lana to have her legs out, it seems she enjoys having them out herself.

15 WWE Diva In Training

It was announced last week on SmackDown (when Lana made her official debut as part of the Blue Brand) that the former dancer would be part of her first ever televised singles match when she takes on Naomi with the SmackDown Women's Championship on the line at Money in the Bank on Sunday night.

Lana has previously had just one match on WWE TV and that was when she competed as part of a 10-Diva Tag match on the Kick-Off show for WrestleMania 32. So Lana has been seen in the gym on a regular basis preparing for what could be a career-changing match against the two-time SmackDown Women's Champion. Looking at the above picture, she seems as though she's preparing well, despite it being highly unlikely that she will lift the title at Money in the Bank.

14 Beautiful In Blue

Lana made her SmackDown debut as part of the opening segment last week on the Tuesday night show. She looked absolutely stunning in a blue sequin dress that was split up to the thigh as she came out to interrupt Shane McMahon and the entire Women's Division of SmackDown Live.

It is being reported that since Eva Marie is all but done with WWE now, the company has decided to give the gimmick idea that was created for The Red Queen, to The Ravishing Russian instead. Judging by the way she looked last week in that figure hugging blue dress and the fact that she managed to secure herself a championship match on her first night, it appears this gimmick is going to be much better for Lana than it ever was for Eva Marie.

13 The Ravishing American

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That's right, your life has been a lie. The Ravishing Russian isn't actually Russian at all. She's an actress who has learned how to talk like a Russian woman and has been able to fool most of the world over the past few years.

Lana is in fact an American and images online like the one above were brought to light early in her career when Rusev and Lana were in the dog house for the insults they were slinging at America. Many of the WWE Universe thought it was even worse that Lana was American and she didn't mind much of what she was saying, while others realized that Lana was a character and it wasn't what CJ Perry herself actually thought of the country she had grown up in.

12 Figure Hugging Suit

As a former dancer, Lana came to WWE in fantastic shape and as expected she picked up wrestling very well from the beginning of her training because she was already used to the discipline of dance.

Thanks to her background as a dancer, Lana has an incredible figure. She could wear a sack and still look incredible. The above image proves that even when she's wearing a figure hugging suit that covers her entire body, she still looks amazing. If you weren't already convinced that Rusev was one of the luckiest men in the world, some of these photos should have definitely proved you wrong. Even Vince McMahon tried to split the couple up once because he thought that Lana was too good for Rusev. Luckily Lana isn't as small minded as that.

11 Β 10. Ravishing Rear-End

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Lana first came up to the main roster as a heel alongside Rusev when he was an undefeated Bulgarian Brute. Quickly Lana began being cheered by the WWE Universe and there is one huge reason why. Lana has an incredible asset, one which she doesn't mind using in order to gain attention.

The image above shows that somehow Lana is still able to look incredible even in a suit, but it shows off her toned thighs and a rear-end that has seemingly allowed her to progress so far in this business that she is now being pushed as a solo competitor. Lana is a smart woman, and she is aware of the attributes that will make her a star and she definitely knows how to use them to her advantage.

10 Lady In White

Lana is quite a lucky girl herself since she was able to have two weddings when she decided to marry The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev. Lana had her own dream wedding on the beach in Malibu, that was recorded by the Total Divas cameras before it was decided that Lana, Rusev and their friends would fly out to Bulgaria and have a traditional Bulgarian wedding with Rusev's family.

As part of the wedding festivities, Lana wore the above dress. Lucky for Rusev he already knew that she was going to marry him otherwise he perhaps would have been worried that she would be taken by someone else. Lets be honest, she does look absolutely incredible in the tight cut-out white dress that she had made what was a very special occasion.

9 Gym Queen

sneak peak..... #coming soon πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ€”πŸ“Έ

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As well as the fact that his wife is an accomplished dancer, Rusev also has the added benefit of Lana now training to become a WWE Superstar. Lana made her official in-ring debut as part of the pres-how at WrestleMania 32, but failed to feature at WrestleMania this year and has since been down at the Performance Center and NXT learning and plying her craft ahead of her SmackDown debut.

For Rusev, it means that he can join his wife in the gym and even help her to train as soon as he has properly recovered from his shoulder surgery which should be almost healed at this point. It will add a new dimension to their relationship when Lana is seen as a fully trained wrestler and they finally go their separate ways on WWE TV.


7 The Real Red Queen

Eva Marie may have taken the title as Red Queen in WWE circles because of the fact that she has bright red hair and often wears red outfits to coordinate with her hair colour. But if the nickname was all about who looked better in red, then it's quite obvious that Lana is the real Red Queen.

Obviously, Lana can't actually wear red like this anymore since she has now been made part of the SmackDown Roster and instead their colour is blue. It will be interesting to see what happens when Rusev returns and is part of the same roster as his wife. It was belived that he should have returned this weekend at Money in the Bank, but Β his rehab is currently much farther behind where it should be.

6 Soccer Star

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One of the biggest responsibilities as a female wrestler in WWE is to take part in a number of photo shoots that celebrate different holidays and big moments all over the world. The women of WWE supported the Copa America last year with Lana also taking part in the shoot with her fellow female wrestlers.

When the women are brought into the world of wrestling, they are then part of all different sports as well, with the photoshoots in the past supporting NFL, NBA, and now soccer. Lana obviously looks amazing supporting her team and they would have been happy to have them backing her. It's just an odd way to use the female wrestlers when the men are never allowed to have the same kind of photoshoots.

5 WrestleMania Splits

Even though Rusev's shoulder injury and subsequent surgery kept him out of this year's WrestleMania, Lana was still in attendance to see both NXT and WWE when the company descended on Orlando for the biggest event of the year at the beginning of April.

Lana was so happy during her trip to Orlando that she decided to remember the occasion in a way that only she can, but doing the splits in front of the Orlando sign. Lana is perhaps one of the most flexible female wrestlers that WWE has and over the past season of Total Divas was seen to have a dance off with Naomi. WWE could decide to create a storyline on-screen following their match at Money in the Bank if Lana impresses in her first match.

4 WrestleMania Attire

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Lana made her official in-ring debut back at WrestleMania 32 when she teamed up with fellow Total Divas Naomi, Tamina, Emma, and Summer Rae to take on the Total Divas of Eva Marie, Brie Bella, Natalya, Paige, and Alicia Fox on the pre-show. Lana's team were not successful as Brie managed to get the win in her final WWE match as she retired from the company, but there was a lot of talk about Lana after the show.

Lana's WrestleMania attire was one of the things that stole the show, as well as her ability when she actually stepped in the ring. Lana surprised a lot of fans that night in Texas and it seems quite likely that she could do the same thing this weekend in St Louis.

3 Dolph Ziggler's Lana

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A few short years ago, Vince McMahon was so jealous of the fact that Rusev had managed to turn the head of someone like Lana that he decided to split them up on WWE TV in the hope that Lana would then move on to someone else. Dolph Ziggler was the chosen "someone else" for Vince and Lana and Dolph then became an on-screen couple.

The above image shows that Lana changed her usual buttoned-up look that she had when she was with Rusev and somehow managed to look so much more attractive. Obviously, the plan didn't work and Lana and Rusev were actually punished by WWE a few months later when they ruined the entire storyline by becoming engaged and leaking it to the media part way through the on-screen storyline that also involved Summer Rae.

2 Laid Back

Red Carpet ready in my own ravishing way πŸ‘  #Glam by me πŸ˜ŽπŸ’„

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Somehow, despite her hectic schedule and the number of projects Lana has going on outside of WWE, she still finds the time to rest and show off her incredible legs in these ripped trousers.

As well as being The Ravishing Russian in WWE and on Total Divas, Lana continues to dances outside of the company and shares videos of her training on her Instagram page on a weekly basis. She has previously worked as an actress and was part of Pitch Perfect a few years ago, which means that no only can Lana, wrestle, perform, act, and dance, but she can also sing. Apparently, there here really is nothing that Lana can't do when she puts her mind to it, which she often tells her Instagram followers as a way to inspire them to go for their dreams too.

1 Selfie Queen

Selfies are seemingly the most popular form of images in the current era. And even though regular females take around thirty pictures before they can find the perfect one, Lana has proven that she is the queen when it comes to taking the perfect selfie.

Lana has shared many selfies on her Social Media pages and each one is just as perfect as the next. The above image proves this. Lana has no flaws at all and she knows how to show off her best assets. This must be why she is always capable of capturing the perfect image. The sparkly, short figure hugging dress and thigh-high black boot combination in the above image obviously help this selfie step above all the rest she has posted recently.

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