15 Pictures Of Lana That Would Drive Rusev Crazy

For those on the outside looking in, Rusev and Lana are a classic case of Beauty and the Beast. For those who are a little more familiar with the personality of Rusev and not just his on-screen character that's portrayed within WWE you're likely more understanding as to how Lana fell for the "Bulgarian Brute." Rusev and Lana first appeared on the WWE main roster in January of 2014 with Rusev playing the stereotypical foreign heel that was loathed by American audiences and Lana playing his absolutely alluring manager/valet that would act as his mouthpiece.

But, little did everyone know that the onscreen pairing they witnessed in 2014 was more than an on screen pairing; they were a real life couple! Lana and Rusev tied the knot on July 29th, 2016 with the two having held separate ceremonies with one having taken place in Malibu, California and the other having taken place in Rusev's native Bulgaria.

When you have a woman as stunning as Lana you understand that you're going to have many onlookers take a look at your woman more often than not. But this doesn't mean Rusev wants you to see everything. In particular, here are 15 shots of Lana that Rusev doesn't want you to see!

15 Music City's Finest

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Residing in the city dubbed "Music City", Nashville, it's only right for Lana to make an appearance at the County Music Awards. Interestingly enough, Lana's not as much of an outsider to the music industry as it may appear on the surface. On the contrary, Lana actually released a single as part of the group No Means Yes in 2009 titled "Would You Like That." The group featured the forenamed Lana along with three other female talents, Kat, Shea and Tanu. While an album and preceding singles didn't follow suit, it isn't out of the question for Lana to reenter the recording booth down the road as a solo artist or with her former group. Let's just hope she doesn't record anything with former WWE talent Jillian Hall!

14 Lana Makes Out With Dolph Ziggler

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In the case of a terrible WWE storyline which did nothing to enhance the careers of anyone involved, WWE aligned Dolph Ziggler with the real life fiancee (at the time of Rusev) Lana, while having the "Bulgarian Brute" aligned with Summer Rae as his love interest. The storyline was nothing short of dismal and as bad as it was, the most difficult part for Rusev had to be seeing his woman, Lana, make out with Ziggler on numerous occasions. One of the funnier parts of the storyline was when Rusev tripped up and accidentally referred to Summer Rae as Lana. He quickly realized his mistake, but the damage had been done. Fortunately, that just hurt his promo, but in the case of the WWE they just hurt all parties (and the fans) with this unmemorable angle.

13 Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Bikini

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Okay, so it isn't quite an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini, but it surely is an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow bikini! Leaving little to the imagination, Lana's looking absolutely captivating as she stares directly into the camera with he rather tiny bikini. Sure, if you aren't Rusev and you see Lana dressed in this attire Lana's nothing short of a sight for sore eyes. But, if you're Rusev you're probably at the point where it's like can everyone (and I mean everyone) stop staring at my wife already? The blonde bombshell easily looks like one who could be in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue year in and year out. Rest easy "Ruru", it must be quite the treat to return home to Lana each and every night!

12 Well, Where Else Are We Supposed To Look?

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Can we all agree that Lana's been working diligently on her lats? Okay, now to address the elephant in the room (or better yet the "donkey" in the room); see what I did there? It's no secret that Lana's quite blessed in the backside and I think I can safely speak for the artist formerly known as Alexander Rusev that he's reaping the benefits of that! But, if you're Rusev and it's obviously gratifying that he reaps the benefits of Lana and her backside, it still has to be irritating to see onlookers consistently and constantly staring at his woman's backside. Any time you're upset about others looking at your wife, Rusev, just remember it could be worse; you could be a part of the failed faction known as The League of Nations again!

11 That Doesn't Look Like Boxing

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Something tells me that Lana's having a little bit of trouble getting this boxing thing down pat. But, let's give credit where credit is due- she has half of the equation down as she's entered the "squared circle". But, performing splits inside the boxing ring? To quote Gennady "Triple G" Golovkin, "this is boxing." With her luscious long blonde locks and a smile that brightens your day and the stretching capability that could compare to that of a gymnast, where else do you expect us to look, Rusev? On second thought, with a face that pretty she's better off simply sticking to doing splits in the ring as opposed to throwing on a pair of boxing gloves and throwing haymakers at opponents. That we can agree on, Rusev!

10 1o. Get Away From Her, Enzo!

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Sure, Enzo Amore's relationship with Lana on television was just that; it was only for television. But, regardless, this doesn't mean that Rusev could've been happy about their pairing, despite it being relatively short-lived. After all, reports indicate that Big Cass isn't all too happy that his love interest, Carmella, has been paired with James Ellsworth. With Enzo and Lana gazing into each other's eyes with "googly eyes", it's easy to see why Rusev wouldn't be happy with this picture. Above all, Rusev could be upset about the fact that if people saw this picture that they'd think Enzo and Lana weren't acting but were indeed a pair. But, hey Rusev, it had to have felt pretty good beating Enzo up after Lana lured him in!

9 Car Model

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While we aren't able to see the rear end of this car, we are able to see a rear end that's more flattering than the rear end of any car. The 32-year-old Gainesville, Florida born and Nashville, Tennessee residing Lana had one job- to model for this car. But she's failed miserably! No one is interested in this car whatsoever and is instead fixated on the beauty of Lana. With a smile on her face that oozes happiness Lana is staring directly at the camera with poise just as the majority of folks who are taking a look at this picture are staring directly at her with unparalleled focus.

A fun fact about Lana that many don't know is that she actually previously dated former NFL wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa who is best known for being the actor in the majority of the Old Spice commercials.

8 Go Broncos!

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Whether you're a Denver Broncos fan and/or a Peyton Manning fan, there's one thing we can all agree on and it's that we're all fans of the Broncos upon feasting our eyes on Lana in a jersey Broncos jersey that's clearly too small for her (not that anyone is complaining). Lana and her husband Rusev are supporters of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers and also are fans of soccer club Real Madrid. In regards to her football fandom it isn't clear as to whether or not Lana is indeed a Broncos fan and/or (perhaps she became a fan of the team during the Terrell Davis and John Elway Era) a Peyton Manning fan. However, what is clear is that she makes for one smoking hot Broncos fan!

7 U.S.A. Or Russia?

Wishing #America a #RAVISHING #4thofjuly !!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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When Lana was first introduced to the WWE audience she was introduced alongside her now real life husband, Rusev as a Russian manager/valet for the Bulgarian superstar who was also playing the role of one of Russian descent. Many fans have indeed gone on to believe that Lana is of Russian descent. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Lana is as American as apple pie! Born in Gainesville, Florida, Lana actually did spend a good chunk of her years overseas as she lived in the Latvian SSR from the age of 4 until 17 as her father worked as a Christian missionary in Latvia during that time period. She returned to the States after 13 years away from it, initially settling in New York City.

6 Lana Gets A Face Full Of Cake!

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For most women, their wedding day is the happiest day of their lives. This is the day they've dreamt of since childhood and have planned meticulously for ensuring everything is up to their standards. The wedding must include the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect date and so on and so forth. Let's just say while Lana's onscreen wedding looked nothing short of stunning, her date with wedding cake on August 8th, 2016 was a day she'd rather forget. Due to a scuffle that broke out between Rusev and Roman Reigns in the ring, it was Lana who suffered the most damage. During the scuffle, Rusev was pushed into Lana, and let's just say she got to sample a sizable amount of wedding cake! Lana's absolutely covered in wedding cake from head to toe!

5 We Envy You, Rusev

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Have you ever heard the phrase, "I hate to watch her go, but I love to see her leave"? The photograph of Lana's backside is the epitome of this phrase. But, for your viewing pleasure, not only have we found a sexy image of Lana from the backside, but an equally sexy image of the blonde bombshell from the frontside! Lana's rocking a rather unconventional bikini with it's pattern looking like it takes inspiration from a suit of all things. To Rusev's dismay, and to everyone else's pleasure, Lana isn't rocking a suit, rather just a bikini that resembles it's design. All I can say is, if she decided to show up to a wedding in this flimsy tuxedo, there'd be a plethora of accepting men and an equally large plethora of unaccepting women!

4 Sleeping Or Posing?

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I'm going to go with the latter (posing) over the former (sleeping), but that's just me! Poolside with a bikini and heels on (talk about a paradox!), Lana's eyes are closed, but is still as captivating as ever. With her long legs on full display (something Rusev cannot be happy about), Lana is showing that if WWE released her at this very second she'd be perfectly fine as she could make a comfortable living in the modeling world. Interestingly enough, while Lana has improved in the ring since debuting (she actually didn't wrestle in a WWE ring until 2017), the deck is stacked against her. In the "Women's Revolution" era, Lana is behind the likes of women such as Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks who are leaps and bounds ahead of her. Once again, she can always fall back on modeling!

3 I'm On A Boat!

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Yes, the water looks calm, cool and pleasing and I'm sure that the boat Lana is on is gorgeous as well, but there's something else in this photo that the majority of us have our eyes fixated on instead. What could it be? Here's a clue: "RUSEV CRUSHHH"! You guessed, it, Lana! Opting for a blue bikini, Lana looks like she's ready to give up her wrestling days and enjoy sailing the seas! Currently Lana hasn't been seeing much ring time in the WWE as it appears that she's shifted back into a managerial role. However, not for her husband and fellow SmackDown roster talent, Rusev, but for the imposing force in SmackDown's Women's Division that is Tamina. Lana's talent in a managerial role exceeds that of her talent in a wrestling role.

2 Where's Your Top?!

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It looks like Lana's a little undressed here (and when I say a little, I mean VERY undressed here). The 32-year-old blonde haired beauty with equally attractive hazel eyes attended Florida State University where she majored in dance and acting. Lana was also a big supporter of her alma mater's football team, the Florida State Seminoles. Lana would dress up as a cowgirl alongside popular fitness model Jenn Sterger and a number of other females. Unsurprisingly, the group was given the nickname of the "Florida State Cowgirls". The name became known at a national level when ESPN commentator Brent Musburger commented "1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State" when the group was shown on camera during a nationally televised game.

1 Excellence In Black

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Lana's been published a number of times, having appeared in RIDGID Tool Calendar and having worked as a spokesperson for two energy drink companies - the lesser known Matrix and the universally known Red Bull. Lana's also had her fair share of television and movie roles having appeared in Total DivasTotal BellasPitch Perfect 2, Banshee, The Game and Scooby-Doo and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon Interrogation. With looks like Lana's it's more likely than not that we will see her in future television and movie roles down the road.

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