15 Pictures Of Michelle McCool The Undertaker Doesn't Want You To See

Growing up, Michelle Leigh McCool-Calaway was an avid wrestling fan. By the age of seven she could pull off the Figure-Four Leg Lock. She was always the sporty type; playing baseball, volleyball and basketball. Michelle has been involved in kickboxing, gymnastics – and even taught seventh grade science for four years in her home state of Florida. But professional wrestling was always her passion.

In 2004, Michelle McCool participated in the WWE RAW Diva Search. While she finished seventh place, she was eventually signed to the WWE roster and made her debut on Smackdown in November of the same year. Since then, she’s been WWE Divas Champion, WWE Women’s Champion and the first and only WWE Unified Divas Champion. So yeah, Michelle McCool is one of the most successful Divas in the history of the WWE. OH, and she’s also married to The Undertaker.

Yes, Michelle McCool is also Mrs. Deadman. Michelle and Mark married in Texas in 2010, and had their first child in 2012.

Having a wife such as Michelle must be tough for Mr. Taker, as being in the public eye can result in embarrassing or scandalous photos released to the masses.

These are 15 Photos of Michelle McCool The Undertaker Doesn’t Want You To See.

15 Strategic Hand Placement


Now here’s a perfect example of some strategic hand placement. Sure, she’s got a bikini bottom on, but Michelle isn’t leaving much to the imagination here, which I’m sure The Deadman wouldn’t be entirely happy about. Sure, WWE Divas spend the majority of their time next to nude, but any normal husband certainly wouldn’t want the world gawking at their wife’s nether regions. But hey, her hands are in the way, right? She’s blonde, she’s beautiful, she’s athletic and dammit…she knows how to pose for a bikini pic. This photoshoot was taken before The Undertaker and Michelle was married, so what’s he got to be angry about? You do you Michelle. Go ahead, show off the goods! Dudes everywhere will be thanking you for it.

14 Hot Chick in a Little Coat


My goodness. In this picture, Michelle shows off her incredible body in nothing but a bikini bottom and a itsty-bitsy black leather jacket. If any picture in this post displays her stunning beauty, it’s this one. With some silver chains and spiky bracelets, Michelle plays off her rough and tough WWE Divas persona, and with a little tug on the equally tiny bottoms she’s wearing, this pic is all kinds of hot. Now, sorry Mr. Undertaker Sir, but this photo will forever be hanging on the walls of young WWE fans as they stare longingly at your wife. Keep up the good work, Michelle and keep these kinds of photos coming…no matter what your husband says. McCool certainly is one of the hottest divas to ever enter the ring.

13 The Look Back and the Tongue


Is there any better look a woman can give? Now, we’re not sure who Michelle is giving this look to. From her eye line, it looks to be some lucky fellow in the WWE audience. What we are certain about is this look certainly isn’t for The Undertaker, at least not on this night. The WWE Divas certainly are good at playing up their sexuality, and this picture proves it. However, in more recent years, the WWE are shying away from pushing the sexiness of the Divas and focusing more on their actual wrestling talent and putting on an entertaining performance, which is fantastic news for equality in the sport. That being said, Michelle certainly has perfected that ‘come hither’ look. That Undertaker certainly is a lucky guy.

12 I Do


Is nothing sacred anymore? In the modern era of every cellphone having a camera built in, there is no privacy in this day and age. And yes that includes the biggest day of your life; your wedding. Sure, The Undertaker had been married before, but that doesn’t put a damper on how important this day would have been to both The Undertaker himself and Michelle. She looks beautiful, all done-up in her gown, while The Undertaker looks trim and proper…with a braided ponytail! Adorable. The newlyweds certainly look happy as they say their ‘I Dos’, but that doesn’t stop somebody taking a snapshot and posting it on the internet for all to see. For shame. The look on the face of the priest is priceless, though. He looks as shocked as we are that The Undertaker could get somebody as hot as Michelle.

11 A Warrior In and Out of the Ring

It’s not all bikini pics and sunshine here at The Sportster. These are real people with real lives, of course, and in real life scary things happen. In August of 2016 Michelle posted the above pic to her Instagram account, with the caption “Hey kids! Wear yo sunscreen & you won't have to have holes cut out of your body due to skin cancer!” A fantastic message for young fans from an absolutely fearless, incredible woman who is battling a disease many have faced with a less positive attitude. It turns out Michelle is now only a warrior in the ring, but outside of it as well. It takes heart and determination to battle cancer, and we’re all hoping Michelle has rid herself of it for good. I can only imagine what The Undertaker must be feeling seeing a photo like this.

10 Twin Blondes


What’s better than one smoking hot blonde? TWO smoking hot blondes. At the peak of their careers, Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly were two of the hottest, most popular Divas on the WWE roster. They even united for a brief time, teaming up against the team of Melina and Layla. To be honest, these two ladies can team up any time they’d like if we continue getting photos like this one. Now, every dude out there would be over the moon with their hot wife teaming up with another hot blonde, but this photo is more than revealing, showing probably more skin than The Undertaker is comfortable with. However, if he were to squeeze himself in between these two beautiful ladies, well…that’d be an entirely different situation.

9 Pinned By Snooki


Now, this one is just embarrassing. Nobody wants to lose to a cast member of the Jersey Shore. Ugh. At WrestleMania XXVII, Trish Stratus, John Morrison and Snooki went up against Dolph Ziggler, Layla and Michelle McCool. It was ridiculous as it sounds, with Snooki delivering the final blow with a backflip and pin on McCool, as seen above. If we could only have seen Michelle’s face as the WWE writers told her she was to lose at WrestleMania to none other than Snooki…I’m sure it wasn’t pretty. Sorry, 'Taker, but your wife has been pinned by one of the most annoying TV personalities in the history of the medium. Hopefully none of that spray tan rubbed off on poor Michelle. Now that is the stuff of nightmares. Shudder.

8 Coming On To John


Back in 2004, way before Michelle and The Undertaker were a thing, John Cena was in the midst of his rise to WWE fame. He was the United States Champion, and Michelle was in the business for no more than a month. She wasn’t much more than eye candy at that point, with the WWE still riding the coattails of the Attitude Era, they got away with way more sexualized content. Like this segment pictured above. The segment shows three WWE Divas, including one Michelle McCool, coming on to the United States Champion, requesting to see ‘it’, touch ‘it’ and play with ‘it.’ ‘It’, of course being the United States Championship belt, but you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. The Undertaker surely doesn’t like looking back and watching his wife in such a situation with Cena.

7 Quite the View


In wrestling, wearing such skimpy clothing that leaves little to the imagination, there are bound to be countless photos taken of superstars in hilarious, revealing positions. This photo is one of those. Michelle McCool pins her opponent, leaving them both in a pose that is less than flattering. Body parts are in the air, other body parts are almost exposed, and the whole thing is a jumble of skin and awkwardness that’s almost impossible to look away from. Check out the segment: it includes water balloons, water guns and much more craziness. There are plenty of pictures of Michelle on the internet, but this one is sure to make The Undertaker cringe. This is an up-close and personal look at some sides of Michelle I’m sure The Undertaker would like to keep private. But hey, this is the internet. Sorry dude.

6 The Carter Brothers' Dance Off


Here’s another cringe-worthy segment that took place before the WWE Divas were taken seriously. This is a WWE Divas Dance-Off (yes for real), hosted by The Miz and The Carter Brothers (yes, also for real). This was a strange, random celebrity appearance in an embarrassing segment that was for nothing other than to show off how hot the WWE Divas are. No wrestling talent required. During the segment, Michelle McCool gets overly sexual with older Carter brother Nick, tossing her leg over his shoulder, dancing in a fairly inappropriate way. I’m sure all WWE Divas involved would like to forget this segment ever existed, but YouTube exists, so go watch it and try not to cringe. Sorry Undertaker, but there was a time where your wife was used by the WWE as nothing more than eye candy.

5 Under a Pig


In 2010 during the Royal Rumble, Michelle McCool and Mickie James were in the heat of a rivalry. McCool was the Women’s Champion, but not for long. Mickie James came in to the match on a mission and pinned McCool in under a minute of the bell. Let’s just call this photo gull on embarrassing, as McCool was in full heel-mode, and not only did she lose the belt, but the rest of the WWE Divas then came to the ring and proceeded to embarrass her in front of the sold out crowd. Let’s just say the whole thing involved pig costumes and a destroyed cake. Watch the segment for yourself. It must be difficult for a performer to go through such a mockery in the ring, but it must be even more difficult for The Undertaker to watch his wife be put through such ridicule.

4 Blowing a Bubble


So let’s switch up here and go from down-right embarrassing to down-right gorgeous. What is it about pigtails and bubblegum? Anyway, here’s Mrs. Undertaker in all her glory, sporting white underwear, some cute pigtails and blowing one delicious looking bubble. The knee-high socks certainly help the image. Just don’t get caught staring too long or the Deadman is going to find you and deliver a Tombstone Piledriver. Michelle shows off her incredible figure and beauty in this stunning photo, showing us exactly why she’s been one of the most popular and successful WWE Divas of all time. The Undertaker certainly is a lucky guy, going to bed with a beauty such as Michelle every night. 'Taker may get to fall asleep next to this lovely specimen every night, but at least we get photos like this.

3 All Over Ziggler


Here’s another example of The Undertaker having to watch his wife awkwardly hit on one of his WWE rivals. In a behind the scenes segment, Michelle, on crutches and the WWE Women’s Champion of the time, hits on Ziggler by ‘falling’ into him.' She uses the crutches as an excuse to get all over the WWE superstar, and while Ziggler rejects her advances, it was all a complicated plot to capture the moment on camera. Of course there’s some less than stellar acting from our WWE Divas here, and again the Divas use their sexual influence to sway the story. It certainly is a pleasure in recent years to see the WWE focus more on talent and wrestling with the Divas than sexual prowess, but at least there’s YouTube, so The Undertaker can go back and watch his wife hit on other WWE Superstars.

2 Best View in the House


The power of a camera phone, folks. Everybody has one, and it’s a good thing, because we get the privilege of looking at photos such as this one. Taken at a WWE event early in her career, this photo clearly shows Michelle’s ‘best side’…you know what I’m talking about. In a tiny white bikini she waves at the crowd, but the dudes in the audience isn’t looking at her hands, that’s for sure. This is another photo where we get to appreciate just how lucky The Undertaker is, but also, the commitment and work ethic Michelle has to ensure her body is in incredibly physical condition. To be a successful wrestler, it takes a lot of hard work and long hours in the gym. But with photos like these, you can clearly see the hard work paid off.

1 Three is Certainly NOT a Crowd


Here’s a fantastic pic of some WWE Divas showing off their assets. This is Brooke, Kelly and Michelle McCool posing for the camera, in a photo that can only be described as faaaaaaaantastic. Here’s Mrs. Undertaker getting cozy on a blanket with her two WWE Diva pals, in their tiny bikini bottoms, not leaving much to the imagination. Choosing between these three stunners would be way too difficult (and impossible) for a normal man, but lucky for The Undertaker he’s already chosen the beautiful blonde on the far left. While yes, it is nice to see the WWE focusing more on the talent and skill of the WWE Divas, it’s always nice to take a quiet moment and appreciate the beauty of these young ladies. Pool parties at The Undertaker’s house must be one hell of a good time.

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