15 Pictures Of Nikki Bella With Other Men That John Cena Hates

Nikki Bella and John Cena are WWE's most recognizable "power couple" today, and they especially became so after this past WrestleMania pay-per-view which saw John Cena propose to Nikki in the middle of the ring for all of us fans to see (and yes, it was definitely a bit cringey). Regardless, they are the most talked about couple from the WWE, and they both have had successful pro-wrestling careers. However, their in-ring careers seem to be slowing down as of late, considering their careers in Hollywood are starting to take off.

Although John Cena has the "goody good" child superhero character on screen who's presented as an "angel" (at least most of the time), he's a far different guy behind the scenes away from the camera. Over the years, numerous Superstars have brought up their dislike for the "Cenation Leader" and his never ending need of being in the spotlight.

Whether or not Cena is the ego-maniac that many believe him to be, John still has a strong dislike for many talents, past and present, and some of those said wrestlers had their WWE careers derailed because of Cena. Although Nikki likes to support her future-husband Cena without even giving a thought, they've only been together for a couple years, which means that Nikki had associated with many of the guys on John's "hate list" before hand.

To add to this, even after Nikki got into a relationship with John, she still hung out with some of Cena's backstage "enemies" which I'm sure did NOT make John very happy at all. It's a fairly known fact that John comes across as over-bearing and over-protective, so some of these photos of Nikki posing alongside John's least favorite men would definitely rub him the wrong way. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 pictures of Nikki Bella posing with some of John Cena's most obvious enemies.

15   15. Snuggling Up With Dolph Ziggler

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It's definitely a widely known fact that Nikki Bella was previously in a relationship with "The Show Off" Dolph Ziggler prior to dating John Cena. They were together for a couple of years before deciding to break things off. If you've watched Total Divas, there's a good chance that you saw the clip in 2015 that saw Ziggler (real name Nick Nemeth) admit that he still had feelings for Nikki (this was when Nikki was already in her relationship with John).

Although Cena didn't seem all too phased by this news when Nikki confronted John about what had happened, I'm sure he livened up at least slightly when the cameras were off him. John's definitely a WWE politician, and you won't see him losing his cool or engaging in anything too controversial considering his status on camera. Regardless, off camera, John would definitely be getting a bit red (in anger) after seeing this photo.

14 Nikki Partying With Various Superstars Including Mr. Kennedy

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You may be asking why this picture of Nikki Bella partying with some WWE Superstars would be bothersome to John, but after taking a look at the fellow in the back raising his arms, you may start to understand why. That said man was none other than Mr. Kennedy, a guy who John Cena hated with a passion. Back in the day (almost seems like an eternity now) when Mr. Kennedy (TNA's Mr. Anderson) was rising through the ranks in the WWE, a couple WWE Superstars made Kennedy's time in the WWE difficult.

Two names in particular, Randy Orton and John Cena, both complained to Vince McMahon that Mr. Kennedy was dangerous and reckless in the ring and that they didn't like working with him. Considering Randy and Cena were Vince's "golden boys," Mr. Kennedy took the fall, and after a short amount of time, his chances of becoming a main eventer in the WWE were all but scrapped. In reality, two ego-maniacs that usually dislike each other (Cena and Orton) formed an alliance to take down a promising talent who could have potentially threatened their spots.

13 Nikki With Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett is definitely a wrestler on John Cena's "I hate you" list, and this hatred for Barrett started way back during his tenure as the leader of the popular Nexus stable. Barrett had all the traits to become a legitimate top star, so most fans imagined that it would've only been a matter of time before he captured the most coveted prize in Sport's Entertainment, the WWE Championship. However since we're here in 2017, we know that certainly never came to fruition and Wade isn't even employed by the WWE anymore (he wasn't happy with how he was treated and his crappy position on the card) and who could blame him?

Barrett started off his career as a future top star in the making, and ended his WWE career as a forgettable midcarder. Who's responsible? One of the first wrestlers one can pass the blame onto is John Cena. John refused to lose to the white-hot Nexus leader and as a result, Wade's career derailed from there. John protected his top spot over letting another bright young talent get some spotlight and this all comes back to Cena's never ending need to be "the guy." Regardless, Cena doesn't like Wade at all, so this picture would most certainly annoy him.

12 Fine-dining With Dolph Ziggler

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Here we have yet another picture of Nikki Bella with Dolph Jobbler (I mean Ziggler). I'm sure Dolph is kicking himself a bit now that he didn't do more to keep his relationship with Nikki alive considering his apparent and recent "feelings" for John Cena's soon to be wife, Nikki Bella. In all honesty, I really couldn't blame John for disliking Dolph after he confronted his girlfriend and planted the seed in her head that he still had feelings for her. Had Cena been a Titus O'Neil for example, Nikki may have dumped Titus for Ziggler. Obviously that didn't happen because Cena has a heck of a lot more to offer Nikki than the jobroni Dolph Ziggler.

If you didn't know, in multiple interviews, Dolph Ziggler has blatantly stated that he hates the "Cenation Leader." In an interview with Sam Roberts prior to WrestleMania 29, Ziggler went on to say that "I hate everything he (John Cena) stands for" and "I hate how awkwardly he runs." Basically, he despised John Cena for being in that top spot because he wanted to be in that spot. Regardless, despite having top star ambitions, Ziggler has found himself in a midcard position jobbing out to whoever needs a win (Nakamura at BackLash is the latest example). I'm sure backstage politics (partly due to Cena) have played a factor in why Dolph's so irrelevant now.

11  11. Nikki Posing Alongside Brie With The Long Island Iced-Z

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Whether John wants to admit it or not, he definitely does not like Zack Ryder all too much. Zack Ryder has had an incredibly up and down career with some great ups (like capturing the IC or United States Championship) but at the same time, Ryder's also had more than his fair share of downs (being buried on multiple occasions for example). When Zack was peaking in popularity, the WWE hot shot Ryder into a feud with John Cena which resulted in Zack being buried beyond comprehension.

Ryder's career derailed from that feud onward, and it wasn't until 2016 when we'd get to see a bit of a career resurgence for the "Long Island Iced Z." It was yet another incident of John Cena pulling his weight around backstage because he wasn't too fond of a talent. Regardless, when this picture was taken, Nikki had no problem posing for a pic with Zack. However, this photo was taken prior to Nikki's relationship with Cena had begun, so I'm certain her opinion about Ryder has changed since becoming involved with John.

10 Nikki Pictured With Both Ziggler And Ryder

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Here we have what many fans would consider to be a "double whammy" as far as a picture of Nikki with men John Cena hates is concerned, as Nikki's pictured here with both Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder. Prior to her relationship with "The Face That Runs The Place," Nikki seemed to have decent relationship with the majority of Superstars in the locker room. I guess she never felt "threatened" by them (why should she?) unlike Cena, who would quickly become threatened if any talent showed any remote potential of becoming a big star.

However now a days, Cena's working a part-time schedule and is focusing more of his time time on his budding Hollywood career, so Cena doesn't have a need to feel threatened since he's no longer spending most of his time with the WWE. It really wouldn't surprise me if Cena's friendly to guys like Ziggler and Ryder backstage now because A.) he barely works there anymore and B.) because they're both well below his status and position, and they pose absolutely no threat to him as a result.

9 Clinging Onto Carlito's Arm

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As you can probably see (although it's a bit grainy), Nikki is pictured clinging onto the arm of none other than Carlito. Both John Cena and Carlito came up through the ranks in the WWE around the same time (Carlito made his debut by confronting and later defeating Cena for the US Championship back in 2004). However as we look back now, John Cena has outshined Carlito by a million miles in every possible way. John Cena went on to become the franchise star in the WWE, where as Carlito became nothing more than a mere afterthought in pro-wrestling history.

At one point, Carlito had said in an interview that he had gotten into a drunken fight with Cena because John was telling him that he was not where he should be in the company. Sure, Carlito has made his fair share of mistakes (being suspended from the WWE due to a Wellness Policy violation for one thing), but that surely wasn't Cena's place to tell him so. Let's just say that these two Superstars are far from being "friends,"

8 Nikki Bella Partying With "The Best In The World"

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Here we have a picture of Nikki (and Brie) Bella, Maryse and the infamous "master of the mic" CM Punk taken during some sort of a party. As we all know, CM Punk is definitely a controversial former WWE employee that had his fair share of issues with certain Superstars while he was with the WWE. When you have the confidence and no-nonsense personality, it will most certainly rub people the wrong way. While in the WWE, CM Punk knew exactly what he wanted and figured out ways to achieve his goals.

Also, he sure as heck wasn't afraid of calling out some of the power-hungry talents backstage that rubbed him the wrong way, which included the likes of Triple H, The Rock and John Cena. During Punk's infamous pipe bomb, he claimed that he didn't hate Cena as a person at all, he hated John because of the countless stars (including himself of course) who were overlooked because of John. That pipe bomb shot Punk up to the top of the card, and Cena had to share that top spot with Punk and that would have definitely rubbed John the wrong way. CM Punk is far from being on John Cena's "friends list" that's for sure!

7 Nikki And Brie Posing Once Again With Zack Ryder

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Here we have the final picture of Nikki Bella posing with her sister Brie with Zack Ryder. Perhaps Cena's hatred for "The Long Island Iced-Z" stems from the fact that Nikki seems to have a very solid relationship with Ryder, as they've been pictured together countless times at various events. We all know John, and he's definitely the type of guy who would get jealous very easily, so seeing Zack posing with Nikki comfortably like this (almost too comfortably) would drive him nuts, no doubt!

Despite being buried on multiple occasions, it was great to witness Zack sort of dig his way out of the grave last year (perhaps by stealing Cena's golden shovel) and getting to have that real "WrestleMania moment" when he captured Kevin Owen's Intercontinental Championship at 'Mania 32 in a ladder match. Although Ryder's out with an injury at the moment, when he returns, I wish nothing but the best for Zack and I hope he gets utilized to his fullest potential (considering he's a solid talent with a great look).

6  6. Enjoying The Beach With "The Show Off"

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Dolph Ziggler sure liked to have lots of photos of him and Nikki taken judging by the amount of them that are out there on the Internet. Ziggler probably liked to "show off" (no pun intended) his hot girlfriend and can we really knock him for that? Well, maybe we can't, but I'm sure Cena could and would. Regardless, just like Zack Ryder, Dolph rubbing Cena the wrong way on multiple occasions (mainly from Ziggler's shoot interviews) were most certainly not worth the end result of becoming irrelevant versus staying closer to the top of the card.

Of course we can't put all the blame onto Cena for someone's lack of success, as both Triple H and Vince never regarded Dolph as a main eventer either. They looked at Ziggler and saw nothing more than a solid midcarder. If he could, I'm certain that John Cena would erase the connection between Nikki and Ziggler. Even Nikki isn't all too fond of Dolph anymore, and I'm sure Cena's attitude towards "The Show Off" is the main reason for the tension between Ziggler and Nikki.

5  5. Posing With The Controversial Alberto Del Rio

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This picture of Nikki and Brie Bella posing with the extremely opinionated and controversial Alberto Del Rio would definitely not be pleasing to John Cena's eyes. Although John Cena has never really expressed any real hatred for Del Rio (which he hasn't for almost everyone else he dislikes considering his position) he's still far from being Del Rio's friend. Alberto is the absolute last person that John would want Nikki to be associating with considering his constant rampages and controversial shoot interviews about the WWE and its employees.

Although Del Rio has never talked bad about Cena (he even had praised John's wrestling ability on an interview with WrestleTalkTV in 2014), John is still very much a company man, so whoever talks crap about the WWE is instantly placed into Cena's bad books. While Del Rio was in the WWE, there were absolutely no problems between the two. However since his release from the company, that's definitely a different story considering how much Del Rio sh-ts on the company, those in charge et cetera (plus his lash-outs leave little to be desired).

4 Getting "Wild" With CM Punk

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This picture of Nikki Bella with CM Punk is most definitely one that John Cena would like to forget existed (if he had even seen it before that is). By the looks of it, things were certainly getting a little rowdy (probably due to a few too many drinks). The last sight John Cena would want to witness is his soon to wife being held by CM Punk of all people. Not to mention, we have Mr. Carlito chilling with a beer in hand in the background along with Jeff Hardy.

I definitely feel that Nikki Bella is the one in the relationship who enjoys having a good time more than John Cena. John on the other hand comes across as a business first, pleasure second kind of guy. This is a great trait to have because it usually leads to someone achieving success, but having a good time to break things up is very important too. All that aside, two of the men in this picture with Nikki having a "good time" are on Cena's blacklist.

3 Having A Grand Old Time With Dolph

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Not only would Cena hate seeing this picture because Nikki's posed with her former boyfriend Dolph Ziggler (a guy who Cena dislikes in his own right), but he'd also hate it because Nikki's showing off her rebellious side by smoking a cigar. As most fans know, John definitely likes to maintain the "clean cut" look, and this picture of Nikki contradicts that image entirely.

Dolph comes across as the rebellious type, so there's little doubt that he would've brought out that wild and fun side of Nikki when they were a couple. However, with good ole John Cena, he brings out Nikki's more calm and mature side (most of the time that is). I think Dolph was a little too "wild" for Nikki, hence why their relationship didn't last all too long. I also see Ziggler as being someone who isn't too serious about his relationships either, and is rather just looking to have a good time.

2 Nikki Bella With Dave Bautista

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Back in the day, Batista and John Cena were the top stars on their respective brands (Batista on SmackDown and Cena on Raw). Although they've always had a decent working relationship, Batista was (and still is) definitely critical of John Cena and what he's about. Batista was a fan of the edgy "Attitude Era" style of wrestling, where as Cena was the clean cut PG Era leader which rubbed "The Animal" the wrong way. Another thing that pissed off Batista about John is the fact that Cena was given all the movie roles where as he wasn't offered very many (or any) acting opportunities.

Dave wanted to have some movie roles, but since the WWE weren't going to be giving him any, Batista decided to quit the WWE and pursue acting outside of the company. Although John likes to keep things professional, there's little doubt that he hates Batista not only because of the fact that Dave makes it obvious that he dislikes him, but also because of Batista's success as an actor outside of the WWE. I think John's a fairly jealous person, so seeing a guy like Batista outshining him in Hollywood would certainly annoy him (as well as Vince McMahon and Triple H).

1 Posing With John Cena's Replacement Roman Reigns

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Perhaps the most hated man in Cena's current "I hate you" list is none other than the guy who's being positioned to take over John Cena's top spot, Roman Reigns. If you didn't know, John and Roman definitely have tension, as they've both taken shots at each other on Twitter on numerous occasions. One tweet was from Roman in regards to "making fun of Kevin Owens earnings" by tweeting "I was laughing, at KO's merch check!! I made more splitting with The Shield. Imagine what it is now!"

John responded to this by tweeting "While @WWERomanReigns was making fun of what people earn I was at @GeorgiaTechFB to #EarnTheDay #recognize". This initiated Reigns to fire back at Cena by tweeting "What I #recognize is you have no clue whats going on here. So just power clean and make sure you clean your weights up. #GuestInMyHouse." As you can see, Roman and Cena are far from being friends (and in all honesty, why should Cena like Reigns for taking over his spot?) Regardless, I'm certain that John would've been a bit mad at Nikki for posing like a trader so comfortably with his WWE replacement.

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