15 Pictures Of Noelle Foley That Would Drive Her Dad Crazy

Noelle Foley has become an internet sensation due to her amazing looks. The daughter of Mick Foley used to be known for crying her eyes out in the Beyond the Mat documentary. It made sense that a very young child would cry witnessing her father get handcuffed and continuously bashed across the head by his opponent. Things have changed and Noelle is now known for being a bombshell. It didn’t take long for her to gain popularity as a social media figure that engages in wrestling chatter as well going to many shows.

Mick has witnessed his daughter’s popularity up close as she has shown up to his appearances and get asked to take pictures with fans as much as the legend himself. The duo ended up doing photo ops and autograph signings together. Vince McMahon was even impressed enough with Noelle to order a season of the Holy Foley reality show about the family. It was mostly meant to showcase the lives of Noelle and Mick with the others being background players. Noelle may not have made it as an actual wrestler but she still finds strong popularity in the wrestling circle. You'll find out why she is so popular in this post with these fifteen pictures of Noelle that Mick doesn’t want us seeing.

15 Twerking Beauty

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Twerking has become one of the hotter viral dance moves and any celebrity to take a picture or video doing it will see it blow up in popularity online. This was no different when Noelle Foley snapped a picture showing off her skills and posting it on social media. Mick Foley was known for his endearing dancing skills when portraying the humorous Dude Love character during the Attitude Era.

Noelle’s dancing is a bit different from Mick’s considering no one is laughing at her unless it is laughter in the form of happiness. The Holy Foley reality show saw Noelle stating her pride in her booty due to having curves. Her mother wanted her to watch her diet to improve her chances at modeling. Times have changed and the evolution of curves is only going to help one’s pictures.

14 Poison Ivy

Noelle Foley has expressed her love for dressing up in various interviews. The wrestling personality loves wearing elaborate costumes for Comic Con related conventions and Halloween. This picture from her Instagram page shows one of her sexiest costumes yet. Noelle is a fan of the superhero culture and chose to go with a very memorable Batman villain with this number.

Poison Ivy has never looked this good as Noelle did the character proud both with attention to detail in the costume and being smoking hot. The placement of the flowers showing tremendous cleavage is what most will take away from this picture. Mick likely hated seeing it and the anguish could rival taking another bump. New York Comic Con was the lucky host of Noelle sporting this costume likely being a huge hit at the event.

13 Be Careful Around Dolph Ziggler

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This looks like a harmless picture of Noelle Foley and Dolph Ziggler talking backstage at a WWE show for Holy Foley. However, Mick Foley has revealed that he had to keep Ziggler away from Noelle in the past. Ziggler is known for being a womanizer with no filter for whoever goes after. According to a Mick interview, Dolph asked how old Noelle was when her popularity started to blow up online with pictures appearing on social media.

Ziggler has dated multiple women in the wrestling business and other entertainment industries. The fact that he hooked up with Sunny proved that it didn’t matter how old the woman was. Noelle being significantly younger than him likely wouldn’t prevent him from ruining Mick’s life by going after his daughter. Mick may have to come back and hit Ziggler with a barbed wire baseball bat to have him say away for good.

12 Vegas

Most fathers have fears about their young daughters visiting clubs and going to Las Vegas separately. If you merge them together, it is not the place you want your kid going to if you are an overprotective father like Mick Foley is. Noelle Foley posted this gorgeous picture at a beach club in Las Vegas. The fact that Noelle was at a beach club in Vegas likely terrified Mick more than falling off the Hell in a Cell structure.

Noelle has many bikini pictures online and they are usually her more popular pictures on social media. There’s no doubt that she could clearly be a bikini model if that is the career route she wanted to go. Considering her mother tried to push her into modeling, the photogenic and impressive pictures of Noelle make perfect sense. The ability to look this good also helps.

11 Beyond the Mat

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As mentioned earlier, Noelle Foley’s first brush with notoriety actually came when she was a young child. The Beyond the Mat documentary crew followed Mick Foley trying to maneuver between his family life and being a top level wrestler. Noelle was in attendance with her mother and brother watching Mick face off the Rock in an I Quit Match at the 1999 Royal Rumble.

This happened to be one of the most brutal matches in WWE history as Rock hit Mick in the head 11 times with a chair. Noelle was seen in the documentary crying her eyes out at witnessing her dad destroyed. This picture shows them backstage with Mick being a bloody mess as Noelle watches with concern. Mick has expressed regret of his young children seeing this match up close and for good reason.

10 Rocking The Flower Pattern

Instagram pages are the worst place for fathers to look at their daughters most of the time. Most people want to post the most attractive pictures possible on their Instagram page. Noelle Foley being an extremely attractive woman and a public figure gives her even more incentive to post pictures that will get a lot of attention. Mick likely would be content with Noelle taking a casual picture wearing a playsuit in a flower design.

The usually cute outfit however looks sexier on Noelle than it does on the average person. It ranks up there with most of the steamiest pictures of Noelle doesn’t include her wearing a bikini. The combination of inherently possessing both adorable and sexy traits makes it impossible for her to post an innocent picture without looking hot as well. Sorry, Mick, but these are the breaks.

9 My Calvins

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Calvin Klein has perfected the art of making comfortable yet sexy bras and panties. These have become among the most popular today. Many influencers will post pictures in their new items with the hashtag of #MyCalvins. Noelle Foley decided to take this to the next level with a steamy photo shoot in them. This was one of the first scantily clad shoots that Noelle did during her time in the social media spotlight.

Most would agree this was the best picture from the shoot and is one of her most popular pictures. Anyone that searches Noelle on any online search engine will likely see this picture come up. Mick can’t be thrilled with this being an extremely accessible picture. Noelle however has to take pride in such a great shot showing her amazing beauty.

8 Bend the Knee

Another sexy Halloween related costume idea from Noelle Foley saw her dress up as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones recently. There’s no arguing that Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows in the world right now. Khaleesi is now one of the top Halloween costumes on the market due to it being topical, fun and sexy.

Noelle decided to start October off by showing off her good looks and the love of Halloween. This is clearly one of the more revealing Khaleesi costumes meant to showcase a more sexy intent than the average costume. Noelle excels greatly at her goal as it is definitely one of her hottest pictures. Game of Thrones is officially now on Mick’s hate list after this photo.

7 How You Doin'?

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This picture is from Holy Foley and shows one of the scenes where Noelle Foley was training to become a wrestler. Mick originally was adamant against his daughter trying to start a career in the wrestling ring. Along the way, he decides to help her learn in the safest and most productive way by talking to professionals. One of the wrestlers to give advice to Noelle is Enzo Amore as seen here.

Enzo is however one of the worst in-ring performers in WWE today. The attitude of Amore is also horrible according to his peers and he is the last person you should want to learn from. Noelle has seemed to quit on the dream of wrestling after a tough training schedule that never saw any progress. Mick just wants to forget his daughter almost learned to wrestle from one of the worst in the world.

6 Little Black Dress?

The outfit choices of Noelle Foley are consistently quite attractive. This dress is one of the sexiest outfits she has rocked on her Instagram picture. At almost 30,000 likes for a standard picture, Noelle promoted the Holy Foley show in the caption for it. The intelligence of marketing the show with the pictures that will catch attention on one’s timeline is a genius move.

Unfortunately, the show did not get picked up for a second season due to WWE Network looking to cut costs. Noelle may not be seen on the WWE Network anymore, but pictures like this have become common for her social media pages. We'll likely be lucky to witness Noelle’s greatness on social media platforms which is great for all, except Mick.

5 Yoga Pants

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The magic of yoga pants will make every woman look her best. Noelle Foley is no exception and takes it to another level with this picture. It takes a lot of sex appeal to take a picture in a changing room and have it look this good. Noelle likely put less effort into this picture than most of the others on the list so far yet it still stands out among the most enticing.

We can only hope Noelle gets an endorsement company from a yoga pants company in the near future to give us more pictures like this. Humorously enough, Mick Foley was made fun of for wearing sweatpants in his everyday life and in the ring at times. No one will ever make fun of Noelle for wearing these pants.

4 Bed Time Fun With Summer Rae

Noelle Foley and WWE star Summer Rae were both in Las Vegas at the same time for an e-sports event and decided to have some fun. Both ladies posed in the same bed for a social media picture that Noelle would post on her Instagram page. Summer and Noelle spent a lot of time together during this trip appearing to become friends.

There was some bad blood between Summer and Mick Foley last year when Mick was the Raw General Manger. A fan leaked a direct message from Mick saying Rae wasn’t on television because she didn’t have the talent of Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair. Summer took some shots on Twitter following this feeling disrespected by a co-worker. Noelle however was excluded from the wrath towards the Foley family.

3 Princess Leia

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Another smoking hot costume rocked by Noelle Foley is the Princess Leia bikini. This is an iconic costume worn by Carrie Fisher playing Princess Leia in the Return of the Jedi film of the Star Wars franchise. Noelle is clearly doing it justice as it became one of her more popular pictures when she started to blow up online.

Princess Leia’s bikini is among the most popular “sexy” costumes you will find in any era. It is timeless and many cosplayers will rock it. Considering Noelle has a passion for the cosplay world, it was only fitting that she wore this outfit to such success. You would be hard pressed to find anyone wearing the costume and looking as good as Noelle does. She has stated she is a hardcore Star Wars fan making it even more impressive.

2 Swimsuit Queen

We touched on it earlier but Noelle Foley loves wearing bikinis. Many of her hottest pictures on social media show her on the beach looking incredible. Noelle posted this specific picture on National Bikini Day to celebrate an outfit type that both she and her fans love. The picture was snapped when visiting Miami and spending time at the beach.

Noelle’s legs are on display in the flawless picture that showcases all of her other assets as well. The bikini is pretty standard but Noelle does a great job at making it look as impressive as any fancy option out there. Noelle’s love of the beach will always benefit the fans that enjoy seeing her in revealing outfits. Mick likely regrets ever taking his family on trips to the beach now.

1 Her Annoying Boyfriend

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One of the biggest mysteries in life is figuring out how the hell Frank the Clown ended up dating Noelle Foley. Frank dresses up like a literal clown and sits at WWE shows rocking the outfit. Both Noelle and Frank would attend shows all over the country making them friends after sitting near each other so often. For whatever reason, Noelle decided to date him and they look like the least likely couple ever.

Mick Foley has gone on the record many times that he doesn’t like Frank and understand why his daughter likes him. Frank and Noelle have been dating for many years now and appear to be in it for the long haul. This picture shows Frank sending a message to all his haters that can’t fathom why Noelle is dating him. Mick is one of the people along with countless other wrestling fans having to witness the shocking couple.

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