15 Pictures Of Noelle That Hurt Mick Foley More Than His Fall From The Cell

When wrestling marks talk hardcore wrestling there are a few names that must instantly be mentioned. Its likely that the names Terry Funk and Mick Foley will enter the conversation almost immediately, and for good reason. When the Monday Night War were in full swing and the WWE needed any and every leg-up on Ted Turner's rating dominating WCW, Mick Foley was an underdog secret weapon. It was Foley winning the WWE Championship on Monday Night RAW that helped to begin the turning of the tide in the ratings war. His epic fall off of the Hell in a Cell at the hands of The Undertaker is still regarded as one of the most insane moments in WWE history. Foley is the man, plain and simple.

Foley is God, plain and simple. The man gave us every bit of his body and his time for decades. Now, the new generation of Foleys are entering the business. His son Dewey, infamous subject of the "Cane Dewey" signs in the glory days of ECW, is working his way up to be a writer. Mick also has a daughter, a very lovely daughter named Noelle Margaret Foley. If you don't know who Noelle Foley is, you should check-out the Holy Foley reality series on the WWE Network. In the meantime, here is a great way to get to know her a little better. We love you Mick and we respect you so very much man, but we have to spotlight the gorgeous young woman that your daughter has blossomed into. Therefore, we have gathered the sexiest, most controversial and upsetting pictures of Noelle Foley...they're so bad to a dad that they'll hurt her famous father more than his vicious fall off of Hell in a Cell!

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17 Noelle Dates a Clown

via: Twitter.com

There's nothing a father hates more than any guy his daughter is dating. On top of that sin, Noelle's boyfriend Frank is also unemployed, or at least he was when the filmed the Holy Foley reality series for the WWE Network. Mick spent a lot of time lamenting their relationship and trying to goad Frank into getting a job, and understandably so. It's not awful enough that his gorgeous, vibrant woman is dating a clown, but he's a bum too? Not on Mick's watch. Thankfully, Frank did eventually land himself a job, although we don't know his current employment status. Hopefully, he's working hard at a new career and towards deserving a special girl like Noelle and the legacy her legendary family brings with it.

16 Noelle Anywhere Near Xavier Woods!

via: Pinterest.com

We don't mean to pick on Xavier Woods here, truly we don't. He's a good dude and a great wrestling talent in and out of the ring, but no father is going to want him anywhere near their daughter after the Paige sex tape scandal. The context of the leaked video, where Woods is seen engaging in a threesome with Paige and her then boyfriend Brad Maddox, now brings a new light to photos like this one, where The New Day is seen holding Noelle in the air. Xavier seems to be sporting a somewhat suggestive smile that says to any father, "C'mon, you know I'm going to try and sex-up your daughter."

15 A Sexy Young Woman

via twitter.com

If you find yourself on Noelle's Instagram page (@NoelleFoley), then you will find no shortage of sexy images of this gorgeous young woman. She has done a lot of modeling work, much like her beautiful mother before her. It's not a surprising revelation, considering her natural beauty and sex appeal. Noelle enjoys dressing-up in various revealing outfits and being photographed, interests that will serve her well as a Superstar in the WWE, if she is able to make her way through NXT that is! We all know that a huge part of being a WWE Superstar is being an entertainer and playing to a crowd and we don't think that the always smiling and warm Noelle will have any issues with that aspect. She always manages to wow and charm.

14 Noelle Cozying-Up to Wrestlers

via twitter.com

Mick has spent a lot of time in the business, and while he may be proud of his daughter for following in his footsteps, there are things about the industry that he probably isn't too crazy about. One thing that her father wouldn't be pleased about is her cozying up to the guys in the locker room. Seasoned talent like Seth Rollins, seen here getting very friendly with Noelle, aren't the type of guys Mick would probably want for her daughter. Its nothing personal, but that fact is that Mick has spent his life on the road and in the locker rooms with guys like this and wrestlers have a reputation for acting like animals. It's not the kind of mate that Foley would probably prefer for his daughter, but he might make an exception for a charmer like Sami Zayn.

13 Noelle: The Sexy Nerd

via Instagram.com

Bah Gawd that's a sexy woman! Noelle Foley can be seen her dressing-up in the Slave Leia outfit from the classic Star Wars saga. We don't know if she was going to a comic con, celebrating May the 4th (Star Wars Day) or just dressing up for fun. No matter what her reasons, we're just thankful that she decided to do it in the first place and then to share it with the world! We fans may be happy to see this kind of sexy and revealing outfit that shows off Noelle's amazing figure, but no father is really thrilled to see his daughter rocking the slave girl gear. Regardless of Mick's feelings on the subject, it's nice to see such a drop dead gorgeous girl let her geek flag fly!

12 Channeling Her Dark Side

via 4cornerwrestling.com

Okay, so you may be asking yourself why we have Noelle dressed-up in another geeky outfit on this list. I mean, we already covered her as the sexy geek, so what gives? This may be a cool Heath Ledger Joker cosplay outfit, but it's also a sign to a father like Mick that his daughter may be exploring her darker side. No one likes to see their daughter toying with the darker aspects of her personality and not only that, but her outfit is also full of sex appeal. It's one thing to cosplay, but maybe sticking to the lighter side of the force would be preferable. You have to hand it to Noelle, she is able to rock anything, even gothesque facepaint, and make it look good!


10 Noelle the Seductress

via: Instagram.com

It's not an easy thing to model and to try and exude confidence and sensuality in front of a camera, but Noelle seems to be a natural. She almost transforms when she does a shoot and what we see in the pictures is another side of her that exists underneath the goofy, silly, lovely girl that we normally see. It may show her talent, but we can see how images like this could be uncomfortable for her father. Mick may be proud of his little girl, but seeing her in a sexy outfit like this, posing and oozing erotic energy may not be exactly how he likes to think of his pride and joy. Mick may be happy that Noelle is leaving this aspect of her career aspirations behind her, as she's working on her pro-wrestling career.

9 Noelle Gets Physical

via: Twitter.com

This picture reflects a complicated emotion when it comes to Noelle pursuing her career in wrestling. We see here Noelle locking-up with Becky Lynch in the ring, trying to get a feel for the physicality that is involved in being a WWE Superstar. We saw this play out on the Holy Foley reality series on the WWE Network and during her time in the ring, not just with Becky, but with others as well, Noelle found herself in pain. Mick was visibly upset seeing his little girl hurting and he knows full well what toll the industry can take on your body. The future that Noelle faces may not include thumbtacks or Hell in a Cell dives, but it does hold a lot of risk for injury and that is hard for a parent to watch.

8 Noelle and Her Mom

via: Instagram.com

Here we see Noelle Foley in a picture with her lovely mother, and Mick's wife, Collette. Collette was a professional model and a gorgeous one at it. We think Mick would agree that this is where Noelle gets her good looks from, but it also creates a difficulty for her father. You see, his wife was a model when they met too...a beautiful young woman not that much older than Noelle is now and when you see these two beautiful women together, it sends home the hard reminder that your daughter is a grown and beautiful woman that other men sexualize. That's a hard pill to swallow for any dad, but especially for one whose daughter is such a beauty. There are times when being a father is a really cool and rewarding thing...and sometimes it's a huge bummer!

7 Oh, the Innuendos

via: 4CornerWrestling.com

Noelle Foley is a vibrant, outgoing and beautiful 23 year-old woman. She is in a serious long-term relationship with that clown fellow and she is no doubt a sexually active person. It's a part of being an adult that we take for granted. That all seems pretty standard to most of us, but to her own dad those are harsh facts that become glaring when you're faced with your daughter...your little princess...wearing a shirt with cute little sexual innuendo on it. Yeah, its a novel shirt and it certainly is smirk worthy, but for Mick it's just another reminder that his little girl is all grown-up, in all the ways that make a father cringe. You have to wonder what hurts him more, his hip or his daughter in this shirt.


5 Oh, Good Gravy!

via listal.com

We have to quote good 'ol J.R. yet again..."Bah Gawd"! Noelle shows off her unique blend of sex appeal and innocence with another fantastic picture. There is no shortage of sexy Noelle Foley pictures online, but this one is one of our favorites, subsequently making it one of Mick's least favorite. Dads will often still think of their daughters as innocent little girls, long after they no longer are. Clearly, Noelle is out of that phase of her life and thank goodness for that. Understandably, Mick won't be as thrilled as we are that she's comfortable with her sexuality. Her personality is so sweet and goofy and to be able to go from that to pictures like this one that are so  sultry and seductive is quite a transformation.

4 Bathrom Selfie Queen

via: Instagram.com

It's become a tradition in the world of the internet...the bathroom selfie. This one shows a younger Noelle posing in her Batman underwear, lifting her shirt for a sexy pose. It's a far cry from the professional modelling pictures that she will eventually take, but it's quite an accomplishment for anyone to look sexy with the toilet in the shot. Noelle Foley manages to pull it off. It isn't, however, the image that Mick would want out there for his little girl, especially since she is trying to be taken seriously as an athlete in the WWE. If she is ever going to make her way onto the roster, Noelle has to keep her game classy from now on.

3 Choose Your Friends Wisely

via dailywrestlingnews.com

If you look around online one can find a number of pictures of Noelle Foley with WWE Superstar Paige. The two have a lot in common, they're about the same age and come from wrestling families. It makes sense that Paige would want to pal around with the daughter of the Hardcore Legend, who wouldn't want to right? Noelle likely admires Paige's in-rig work and her success as a young woman in the WWE. If you look at pictures like this as a father, you might see things a little differently. If Noelle doesn't choose her friends and the company she chooses to keep wisely, that's going to be hard for her dad to see. Any parent wants their kid to be on a good path and to make good choices about their influences and the people hey hang out with and Paige hasn't exactly been on the WWE's good side this past year.

2 Noelle the Sexy Elf

via wordofwrestling.it

Mick Foley loves three things in life: his family, wrestling and Christmas. We have two of those things in one picture featured here. Mick loves Christmas more than your average bear. He has an entire room in his house dedicated to the holiday and he enjoys dressing up as Santa Claus whenever possible. If you doubt Mick's Christmas love go watch the documentary, I am Santa Claus. He even named his daughter Noelle for goodness sake. What dad doesn't like is to see his beloved holiday sexualized in his daughter. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a sexy elf costume. Noelle makes a really hot elf, bringing us lots of holiday cheer, but not so much for her father. Mick will have to rely on pictures of his daughter from childhood to see a more wholesome view of the holidays.

1 Mick In Stitches

via: WrestlingNewsWorld.com

This is a picture that is likely as hard to see for Noelle as it is for her father. Mick made a lot of decisions in his wrestling career that he still pays for today physically. He made himself a living legend, but with that came a high price. Here we see Mick getting much needed hip surgery, while his loving daughter tries to cheer him up by dressing as Buddy the Elf from the Will Farrell comedy classic Elf. No father wants his kids, certainly not his little girl, to see him weak. They want to appear in control, confident and strong for their families, as the rock (no pun intended) that they need to rely upon. Mick in this hospital bed isn't the image he wants his daughter to remember of him, so hopefully his surgery does him a world of good, coupled with his recent weight loss.


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