15 Pictures Of Paige And Alberto Del Rio WWE Doesn't Want You To See

Paige and Alberto Del Rio are the most controversial couple in sports entertainment right now. The big thing on everyone’s mind when it comes to these two is the obvious age gap that comes into play. While there are some that believe it a moot point, others really hone in on the fact that Del Rio is pretty much old enough to be her father. Well that’s exaggerating a little but the point isn’t too far off the mark. As the two are now engaged this looks like it’ll be a full on thing for the foreseeable future. But make no mistake, the WWE is not happy about what’s going on with one of their most promising stars.

Paige came into the WWE as a shining star for the company, with a bright career ahead of her. Now it seems as though everyone’s waiting for the WWE to cut her loose like an infected limb before it spreads. Nothing official has come up yet, but the whole Del Rio saga has left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouths. That’s not to say that the relationship can’t be salvaged, but as it stands they’ve got an estranged star out there doing whatever she wants to while still under their brand. You’ve got to imagine that it’s driving them crazy. So here are 15 pictures of Paige and Alberto Del Rio the WWE doesn’t want you to see.


15 Workout Warriors

Wrestlers like all athletes, need to stay fit in order to keep on with their careers. Keeping in shape is an important part of maintaining a career, so when it comes to a lot of athlete couples you wouldn’t have to look that much for pictures of them working out together. Here we see both Paige and Del Rio in their athletics attire as they’ve seemingly just wrapped up a session together. You can tell that there are other people in the back and it seems that this picture was taken after the two of them tried out a boxing course together. It looks as though Paige was going at it pretty hard regardless of the neck brace she was wearing. Hopefully she didn’t push herself too much.

14 Donair King and Queen


Outside of the spotlight these two just seem to be a pretty normal couple (for the most part). The scrutiny that surrounds their relationship probably won’t be going away in the near future, but these two don’t look like they care too much about that. Aside from some high profile events within the sports community, these two look like an average couple in their pictures together. Lots of fun and smiles, though some say that won’t last for very long. But hey, if they’re happy then why should people go out of their way to put these two down? Really they just look like your average goofy couple and for the most part look like they have fun with each other regardless of what they’re doing.

13 The It Couple

There have been plenty of real and kayfabe couples in the WWE over the years as romance is a key plot device that drives many of their storylines. While the writers have come up with some interesting and sometimes strange pairings, it seems that no fiction is as shocking as what reality throws at us on a daily basis. The Paige – Del Rio pairing came out of nowhere and was the recipient of some harsh criticisms (this trend continues among wrestling circles). Age was of course a factor in most of these critiques on their personal lives, but as the couple has shown time and time again, they just don’t care and are willing to ride the wave till the storm dies down.

12 One Big Happy Family


We seem to zoom in on the criticisms that follow Paige and Del Rio around the internet and various media publications. We’re all quite well versed in pretty much everyone’s opinions regarding the matter, but one thing we don’t tend to ask ourselves is “what about their families”? Really in the end the people with the most to say in these situations are the families themselves, and by the looks of it neither Paige nor Del Rio’s families seem to have that much of a problem with the relationship. In fact, we’ve only seen them get along in every picture. Now, yeah if there was some tension we doubt anyone would capture the moment on film and post it on their social media accounts – but this volume of friendly looking family fun seems like a good sign.

11 Hello from England

One thing that really sets Paige apart in the WWE is her look. She doesn’t go for the conventional look that most female stars go for. Instead her angle was that she’s pretty unorthodox and you could say that her real life romantics are reflecting that character trait right now. Her relationship with the WWE is a bit of a tricky map to navigate right now as rumors and speculation are a plenty. But it looks as though she’s winning regardless of how this whole sorted affair will end. With her recovery and hiatus giving her a ton of free time she’d usually never have, Paige and her boo look like they’ve been making the most of it. Here we see them getting close in Paige’s native England.

10 Date Night


Mostly everyone in the WWE community acknowledges the relationship between Paige and Alberto Del Rio, even though some may not like it. Be it about age, conflicts of interests or strange behaviour, everyone has something to say in regards to the romance. But nonetheless these two are a couple – as much as the WWE might not want you to think about it. Thus they’ll more than likely find themselves in situations normal couples find themselves in. Date nights are a pretty common one and we can tell that these two are no strangers to going out and partying. While he’s a good deal older than her, Del Rio has the stamina to keep up with Paige who, still being fairly young, looks like she enjoys her fair share of partying. Probably something the WWE would rather you not see.

9 Family Fun

Well we’ve already looked at how these two are getting on with their lives together and how each other’s families are becoming a big part of that. As their relationship moves forward it looks as though we’ll have to keep an eye on their professional lives – namely Paige’s as she’s seemingly been pre-emptively cast out of the WWE by onlookers and speculators. It seems that no matter who you talk to, when ever it’s about Paige it seems as though it’s a given that she’ll be given the boot. As that day potentially approaches, it’s good to see that Paige has been creating bonds with those outside of her WWE family. As much as they might not like it, it looks as though Paige might be ready for life after the WWE after all.


8 One Crazy Halloween


Every couple has their own little inside jokes. Some are more concealed than others and some take pride in letting these little personal traits and quirks define their relationships. You could assume that these two have no problems with whatever people are saying about them. Even if you think they’re insane it doesn’t seem as though they’d care – rather it looks as though they’d revel in it and get a bit of a laugh out of the whole thing. Everyone handles criticism differently we suppose. Some shrug it off, some over analyze and others just use it to feed their fire. You can tell by the way they’re going around together that neither is too worried about anything anyone on the outside looking in has to say.

7 Post Surgery

This is actually a really tender and sweet picture that seems to highlight an aspect of the relationship that these two have which most people forget about (they are, after all, simply two human beings). Due to the large age gap, the relationship between Paige and Del Rio has come into question countless times. But as this picture shows, there’s something genuine there that people either can’t see or choose to overlook. Let’s not forget that they’re both adults here. No matter how questionable their decisions are essentially it’s their call. While pictures of the couple posing for selfies are all around the internet, tender shots like this often go unnoticed and show a side to the relationship the WWE might just want to forget about altogether.

6 With the Competition


As every wrestling fan out there is painfully aware, Paige’s absence from WWE programming has been a long withstanding one. Injuries and suspensions aside (Paige has bene in violations of the WWE Wellness Policy twice), it may as well be a permanent one as even now her future in the company is up in the air. Some say she’ll return. Others though aren’t so sure and say that it looks as though the whole relationship with Del Rio along with the way in which they’ve handled the situation has left Paige in a bit of a bind. You can certainly bet that a competitive company like the WWE doesn’t like to see one of their biggest female stars with another promotion – even if it is MMA and not wrestling.

5 Looking Smug

One thing you can say about this couple is that they don’t give a damn about what people have to say about them (which is never really a bad thing). Maybe that kind of bravado is reserved for those in the entertainment industry or maybe it’s just something that these two have in common – but there’s no denying it’s true. Just look at their faces. The couple is flying pretty close to the sun right now. They look really happy and are making the most out of every opportunity they get together. You could kind of call this the honeymoon period, but just like every honeymoon period this one had to end sooner or later. For now though, it looks as though they’re going to keep enjoying themselves.

4 Disney


Whenever you set out do go out and do something with someone, there’s always a vast amount of possibilities for what you can do. But no matter how many things you do in-between in how many different countries, for some reason it all comes back to Disney land. That place is damn near unavoidable whether you’ve got kids or not. Though it’s probably better to go with children if you don’t want to look like some sort of weird adult who can’t come to terms with their actual age. It looks like the unavoidable void that is Disney Land managed to suck in Paige and Del Rio as well. The couple looks pretty laid back in this one and Del Rio looks to be holding onto a stroller. Hmmmm.

3 The Bird


Obviously, Alberto Del Rio is no longer with the WWE. But if he was this would be the kind of stuff they’d want him to avoid doing. In this new PG era, you can’t pull stuff like this too often, especially with kids following you on social media and whatnot. But seeing as he’s no longer associated with it, Del Rio gets a free pass. But he does have one connection to the WWE left. That’s right, Paige. It might not be that bad for Del Rio, but having Paige in these kinds of pictures can’t make the WWE too happy seeing as she’s still very popular among younger crowd. Its things like this that first started to draw criticism when the two began dating.

2 Indecent Proposal


Well these guys are a pretty unorthodox couple that’s for sure. It’s been that way with them since day one and it’s likely not going to change anytime soon. While it’s not uncommon or people to propose in public, it usually doesn’t happen when all eyes are on you. But Paige, being the free spirit that she is, did just that once she took the initiative to go ahead and pop the question. The proposal sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community as most people had probably assumed that thus thing would blow over eventually, Paige would go back to WWE and Del Rio would go on with his career. But as soon as this went down it was clear that these two were really serious.

1 Princess Party

As we’ve seen on this list before, these two have no qualms with getting to know each other’s families’ better and spending time in one another’s native country. They’re really trying to familiarize themselves with one another and it’s easy to see that these two are serious about each other. While her future in the WWE is up in the air, perhaps this picture serves as a definitive clue to the lingering question of Paige’s future. As these two get closer and better acquainted with each other’s family then it might just make more sense for Paige to move on. She looks pretty happy here and obviously gets along great with Del Rio’s kids. Her wrestling career can still thrive anywhere else and she can hope for a fresh start professionally while continuing her new life with Del Rio.


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