15 Pictures Of Paige WWE Doesn't Want You To See

Paige has been quite the controversial figure in wrestling this year as her leaked private videos and photos totally ruined her reputation. Furthermore, things haven't been going that well for her since WWE fired her fiancé, Alberto Del Rio. Paige was once one of WWE's top divas at her early 20s is now looking like a complete train-wreck, as her disturbing fall from grace has been much to her own fault and because of some issues with WWE regarding Del Rio.

Ever since Del Rio left WWE and Paige got suspended for the second time for violating WWE's Wellness Policy, she hasn't been seen on WWE TV and has been taking time off because of recuperation from injuries and has been traveling all over the world with Del Rio as well as appearing in other promotions. She's been violating many of WWE's rules and is playing with fire right now, as the thinking suggests she's only been kept in the company because of an upcoming film on her life which is produced by The Rock.

Despite their topsy-turvy relations, WWE still wants to protect its former Divas Champion and there are some controversial images of her which WWE definitely wouldn't want to be seen by anybody.

18 Getting Frisky With AJ Lee

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Paige was quite the edgy character in her early days in the WWE, as her first feud on the main roster was against the "crazy" AJ Lee. After winning the Divas Championship from AJ on her first night on the main roster, Paige would feud with Lee during the next few months where she tried to beat her in her own crazy game. During some of the matches, Paige brought a rather erotic vibe to her character and even pulled some "Not So PG" moves on AJ during the matches. They also teamed and started having a "closer" relationship as rivals, which led to some weird interactions between them : hugs, kisses, and so on. This picture shows how Paige is getting a bit up close and personal with Lee, as this sexualized pose is something the WWE wouldn't want anyone to see because that's the last thing they would want the fans to remember after Paige's controversial year.

17 A Young Paige

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Paige was definitely one of the more attractive stars in the WWE before everything came crashing down for her, as WWE capitalized on her beautiful looks and made her a "Total Diva" as soon as she made the jump to the main roster. She looked absolutely stunning while coming to the ring and had been wooing many fans at the time. But she didn't always actually look this good, as she was still quite the punk, gothic kind of a girl when she was still training to become a wrestler and this picture before she entered WWE shows just that. She looks almost unrecognizable with her facial changes and brown hair as WWE wouldn't want the fans to see her like this because they value their precious transformation of Paige from this gothic girl to a hot WWE Superstar.

16 Drinking With Alicia Fox

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While Paige might not want to be aligned with many women in the WWE, she's actually quite the friendly person outside and loved to hang around with her colleagues before her career derailed in the past year. Paige is also a girl who loves to party hard as she loves to go drinking with her friends and loved one and have a great time whenever she is off to have fun. This picture shows Paige with Alicia Fox as the two had quite the friendship and loved to party a few years back, as Paige also had the reputation of being quite the drinker. This picture is something the WWE wouldn't want the fans to see right now because Paige already has a bad image this year and the last thing WWE would want is for her to be labeled as an alcoholic.

15 Licking Natalya

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Paige was quite the "Not-So PG" Character in a PG WWE during her early days with the company where she pulled off some stuff which came off as really erotic and surprising for many fans. She was given some freedom to pull off some weird stuff which could help to increase the "crazy" aspect of her character and she had a really unique in-ring style where she would pin her opponents in provocative poses. But what surprised many was when she actually licked Natalya on the face during a match as the whole thing was also caught on camera. This picture of Paige licking Natalya is something WWE wouldn't want anybody to see as it was too "Non-PG" when it aired and they wouldn't want fans to remember this erotic part of Paige right now.

14 With Xavier Woods

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Everything came crashing down for Paige earlier this year when her private pictures and videos were leaked by people who hacked and leaked the private pictures of many celebrities. There were some really personal pictures of the former Divas Champion which were leaked on the internet, but people were really shocked when it was discovered that there were videos of her getting intimate with her WWE colleagues. This included a member of The New Day, Xavier Woods, who appeared to have had a thing with Paige during their time in NXT. Woods was kept off TV for a while after the leak and while everything has cooled down now, WWE definitely wouldn't want the fans to see this picture of Paige and Woods together playing twister cause the wrong idea can pop into their minds.

13 Making Out With An Unknown Girl

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While Paige might try to over-do things inside a WWE ring at times to bring more of a "unique" aspect of her character, many would've probably thought that was to build her "different" character in WWE. But as it seems, Paige is actually quite the wild character in real life as well because of her careless attitude and she LOVES to party hard whenever she gets an opportunity to do so as well. This picture which shows Paige kissing a total stranger goes onto show just how crazy she is at parties but this photo is also something the WWE wouldn't want the fans to see. Paige's reputation has already been under scrutiny after the leak and WWE wouldn't want the fans to see this and get more ideas about her "wild nature".

12 Flipping Off The WWE

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Ever since the WWE suspended Alberto Del Rio and Paige for violating WWE's Wellness Policy last year, Del Rio has especially been extremely bitter about how he was handled in his second stint and has been pretty abusive towards the WWE. Now Paige's obsessive love for him has dragged her into going anywhere in the world with him and because she's with him all the time, she can't do anything but be dragged into his showcase of bitterness towards the WWE. In the past few months, Del Rio has been especially abusive and disrespectful towards his former employers and this picture of him flipping off WWE with Paige of his side emerged on the internet some months back. WWE would definitely not want the fans to see this picture as Paige has also been dragged into Del Rio's foolish bitterness and they wouldn't want fans to see her like this.

11 Domestic Assault Incident

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Alberto Del Rio and Paige have been displaying their undying love in every opportunity they get on social media or anywhere they go together, but it seems like there are cracks which are beginning to develop in their relations. There were some rumors floating that the couple had a fight recently and that they had apparently broken up, but those rumors were squashed by both of them. Just as it seems like everything was fine in their relation, they had an incident a few weeks ago where the two were involved in "Domestic Assault" at a hotel. A witness also stated the whole incident on social media as it seems like Paige could possibly face Battery Charges for the incident. This picture of her during the domestic incident is something WWE wouldn't want the fans to see, as they wouldn't want many to know about this awful incident.

10 In Santa's Little Helper

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Paige sky-rocketed to the top of the WWE when she debuted in 2014 on the main roster and while she was this "crazy" character, she also had the looks upon which WWE decided to capitalize on. She was put in many advertisements by the WWE and while she was still hot with the fans, they decided to put her in a WWE produced film called Santa's Little Helper in 2015. The film was a complete bust and did not gel well with the fans at all, as WWE released it straight to DVD and it was forgotten pretty quickly. They wouldn't want to relive that nightmare and wouldn't want the fans to see this picture of Paige acting the role in the film. WWE has the bad reputation of making some terrible films and this picture of her in that horrible film wouldn't do much good to their reputation.


8 Wearing NXT Title Belt

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Before Paige became a top diva in the WWE after making quite the impact by winning the Divas Championship in her debut match on RAW, she had to go through a lot of training in both FCW and NXT. She spent some years in FCW which then transitioned into Triple H's NXT where she would be pushed as a star. Paige was the inaugural NXT Women's Champion, holding the belt for many months before she was forced to forfeit it due to her main roster call. But WWE wouldn't want anyone to see this picture of her with the NXT Women's Championship belt because of the controversy surrounding it. One of Paige's private leaks showed her in a rather comprising situation with the belt around her waist and it even forced NXT to change their Women's Belt design and this is something WWE wouldn't want anyone to see.




6 Hanging Out With Del Rio At An Independent Event

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Paige has been on the fall ever since she fell in love with Alberto Del Rio after he returned to the WWE, as her love turned to obsession to the point that she didn't even care for her own career. She has been traveling everywhere with Del Rio ever since he left the WWE and rather than working on a return to WWE, she has been accompanying him to all sorts of wrestling promotions which WWE definitely wouldn't allow. This picture shows how she even traveled with him to Mexico and is posing with Del Rio and his father Dos Caras at an independent wrestling event. The WWE definitely wouldn't want its fans to know about how she's traveling all over the world rather than recovering to return to WWE and would want to keep this picture under wraps as it depicts her lack of passion for returning to wrestling.

5 With Brad Maddox

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Paige was one of the brightest female talents in the WWE before she went in a rather self-destruct mode from last year and her undying love for Alberto Del Rio is something which put her career to bed. But her reputation went from bad to worse earlier this year when a massive leak of her private pictures and videos revealed all her personal property for the whole world to see. But people were especially surprised when they saw her doing rather intimidating things with a certain Brad Maddox in all those videos. It seems like she had a fling with Maddox when she was still in NXT and some rather vulgar videos of them were leaked. So WWE wouldn't want anyone to see this picture of Paige and Maddox together a few years ago as that would only back all the memories and deter both their and Paige's reputation even more.


3 Proposing To Del Rio

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Paige's love for Alberto Del Rio is so obsessive is that she has literally sacrificed her own wrestling career to be with him and support him wherever he goes. Even her fans are confused at how she is letting her WWE career go to stay with him, but it seems like her love for Del Rio is very real and the two are extremely close to each other at this point. But Paige took things to another level when she actually proposed to Del Rio in the middle of a wrestling ring during an Independent show, shocking many. This picture of Paige proposing to Del Rio is something the WWE definitely wouldn't advertize because of their problems with Del Rio and wouldn't want the fans to see this because of how controversial their relationship and WWE not wanting to acknowledge it at all.

2 Periscope Rants With Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio and Paige have both seemingly boycotted the WWE ever since they were suspended for violating their Wellness Policy a year or so ago, but Del Rio has been especially bitter about his firing. He has been constantly hampering his relations with the company by abusing it whenever possible and insulting Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie whenever possible. Now Paige has obviously tried to distance herself in this because of her job in the WWE, but she couldn't really do much when Del Rio went on a drunken rant on Periscope. Many wrestling fans got to know about it where Del Rio abused WWE and Triple H while Paige tried to calm him down. This picture of them together on Periscope during the rant is something WWE wouldn't want anybody to see, as they wouldn't want fans to see Paige in this disgusting situation.

1 Looking Unhealthy

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Paige had one of the sexiest figures in the WWE a few years back when she was still one of the top divas in the division but ever since she has been traveling around with Alberto Del Rio, her physical appearance has changed for the worst. Paige has gone through some surgeries in the past year and although one can understand that she might've lost some of her physical attributes during the recovery period, she has been looking less than stellar recently. This very recent picture of her shows just how sickly and thin she looks like right now, as she almost looks like a corpse. WWE definitely wouldn't want the fans to see her like this as her regression in the looks department can be related to substance abuse (or worse, physical and psychological abuse), something which WWE wouldn't want anybody to find out if it is indeed true.

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