15 Pictures Of Renee Young That Will Push The Lunatic Fringe Over The Edge

Despite not being an in-ring Women's Division wrestler, Renee Young is undoubtedly one of the hottest women in the WWE today, regardless of who you compare her to. Since Renee's introduction into the WWE in March of 2013, she has interviewed her way into millions of WWE fans affections. I mean in all honesty, is there a guy (even a girl) out there, who could possibly say Renee isn't hot? Sure everyone has their own "type" so to speak, but I think most wrestling fans can appreciate just how stunning Renee Young truly is.

Renee started off her WWE career in 2013 as a relatively unknown backstage interviewer. Since then, she has really made a great career for herself, as Renee's on the pre-show panels, RAW Talk, Talking Smack, Unfiltered With Renee Young, Total Divas as well as doing countless interviews in the ring and backstage. I think it's pretty clear that she has done exceptionally well for herself in the WWE, and I'm happy for all her successes.

Also, if you didn't already know, Renee Young is currently in a relationship with current WWE superstar (and Lunatic Fringe) Dean Ambrose. They've been in a relationship for quite some time (since 2013), and they actually recently got married last month in Las Vegas. Now as we all know, Ambrose definitely comes across as a total lunatic most of the time, and he seems like a guy who could potentially be "possessive."

Now as we also all know, Renee Young is extremely hot, so there are TONS of pictures out there that Dean Ambrose would try to keep all to himself and away from our eyes. Well Ambrose, I'm sorry, but we all deserve to see them! Stay tuned, as this list divulges the 15 hottest pictures of Renee Young that Dean Ambrose doesn't want any of us to see.

16 Miss America

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Ah, the classic "American girl" patriotism. If there's a better model for the job, then let me know, because Renee Young is truly as beautiful as they get. Not only is she posing somewhat scantily, but her undeniable charm in her smile makes her truly irresistible. No wonder so many male WWE fans blabber on and on about her whenever she's on their television. It's funny because when she started out, few fans recognized her, but now? Every singe current member of the WWE Universe knows exactly who Renee Young is.

Renee Young Fact: Ironically, despite posing for this typical hot American patriotic picture, Renee Young was actually born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Renee later relocated to LA, California to pursue a comedic actress career.

15 Renee's Sensual Pose While Reading A Book

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What's not to like about this sexy picture of Renee Young? Not only is she posing extremely seductively, but she's also showing off her "smart" side, by reading what looks to be a novel of some sort. Although many men praise women for their looks and their physique, can you honestly tell me that there's a hotter woman than one who's not only sexy, but is smart too?

I know not all men care about what "brains" a girl has, but after a while, a girl who has "nothing up stairs" would definitely become pretty boring or tiring to be around, at least for me that is. I think looks are important, but being smart only adds attractiveness. Renee is definitely not your stereotypical "dumb blond" which in my opinion, only makes her hotter.

14 Renee Enjoying Her Time Off  From Work

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Here we have yet another picture of Renee which portrays her showing off her smart side, while taking a break from her grueling work schedule. You may be wondering how her job could be considered "grueling," considering she's not an in-ring talent and is mainly utilized in interview roles, but being on the road constantly regardless of what you're doing is definitely no easy feat.

Despite having it easier than say her husband Dean Ambrose (who travels constantly AND puts his body on the line nearly every day), Renee's still traveling State to State and all around the world. In this photo of Renee, she looks to be enjoying herself by taking time to enjoy her "me" time, which is very important when you have such a busy career. Her smile definitely looks genuine and sincere, that's for sure!

13 Try Not To Stare Pose

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Let's make this picture of Renee Young a "try not to stare" challenge, and by looking at this seducing photo of Young, that will be a fairly hard feat, I must say. I think a couple of the main reasons why so many fans love Renee is not only because of her looks, but it's also because of her intelligence, her positive and friendly vibe, and just seeming like a really nice and easy person to be around.

We all know that "The Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose seems like a pretty laid back dude, so Renee Young seems like the perfect match for him considering she's not too uptight or coming across like she's always in a hurry to do something or to go somewhere. Regardless, whether Ambrose appreciates us fans discussing positive things or attributes about his wife, this is still yet another picture of Renee that Dean wouldn't want any of us to see.

12 Renee's Pose After A Workout

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What's not to like about a woman who likes working out, especially if they're dressed as hotly as Renee Young is in this picture. In this photo, you definitely get the vibe that Renee is confident with who she is, how she looks, and how she dresses. (And it's hard not to imagine why that would be the case). Despite not being an in-ring talent, I would definitely say that Renee Young is one of the top 5 hottest women in the WWE today. I should also note that her physique looks absolutely incredible in the photo as well, and it almost hints that there could potentially be a future for Renee in the ring.

The WWE has teased the thought of Renee making an in-ring debut in the past after she had slapped The Miz during an interview on SmackDown Live. It seemed fitting that the slap could have led to a feud between The Miz and Maryse vs. Dean Ambrose and Renee Young (both who are real-life couples). However, WWE went with Cena/Nikki vs. Miz/Maryse at WrestleMania 33 this year, but I still think that the Dean/Renee vs. Miz/Maryse may happen in the future, so stay tuned for that one. Also, The Miz is embroiled now in a feud with Dean Ambrose on RAW, so this match may come sooner than later. Perhaps SummerSlam? Who knows.

11 Renee Showing Off Her Curves

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I don't think it's possible to find a more seducing and hot picture of Renee Young on the Internet. Renee is definitely showing off her curves as well as her phenomenal physique in this photo. I really don't think that there's an all-around hotter blond in the WWE right now. Sure Lana and Maryse are hot (especially Lana), but they don't seem to be nearly as intelligent and well-rounded as Renee.

Renee Young Fact: In season one of Total Divas, Renee Young was featured as a "guest star." Between season four and season five, Renee's role increased somewhat to "recurring", and in season six, Renee's position had increased to becoming a full fledged main cast member. I don't think the WWE Universe can get enough of Renee, hence why she's been featured in so many shows  and programs on the WWE Network.

10 Posing Alongside Brie Bella

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This flattering picture of Renee Young alongside Brie Bella, was taken on the same day as a picture of Renee posing alone in her bright and vibrant red bikini at the beach (that picture comes later in the article). I really don't think it's possible for Renee to have looked any more beautiful, flattering and sexy in this picture. She definitely looks like a true blond bombshell straight out of a movie.

I wonder if Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan get along as well as their wives Brie Bella and Renee Young? Probably not, and they were both likely arguing as to who has the hotter wife. In my opinion, Renee takes that prize without a doubt. When you first look at this picture, I'm almost certain that Renee Young was the first lady you looked at. Just a really great photo of her, enough said!

9 Renee's Beautiful Selfie

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Renee Young doesn't need any professionally taken pictures to prove just how gorgeous and beautiful she is, she can do that simply by taking a selfie with her phone, and boy did this one turn out really well! Her features are absolutely stunning and her hair and makeup in this photo looked on point, that's for sure. I ( as well as countless other fans) believe that Renee's beautiful inside and out, hence why so many fans adore her.

Renee Young Fact: Before Renee worked for the WWE, she used to work for The Score between '09-'12 on the program titled "Right After Wrestling", which was later retitled "Aftermath." Renee Young was one of the hosts of the show alongside Arda Ocal, Mauro Ronallo, and retired WWE ref. Jimmy Korderas.

8 Renee's Hot WrestleMania 32 Kickoff Outfit

via 411mania.com

Around a year and a half ago on the WrestleMania 32 kickoff show, Renee Young blessed the WWE Universe with an absolutely stunning all-white outfit with her hair pulled back, a very similar look to Lana's. Now look at this picture, and tell me who do you think does this look more justice, Renee or Lana? There's no doubt that Lana's incredibly hot in her own right, but Renee Young is super hot herself, which makes this a hard decision as to who looks better dressed this way. Regardless, this was a stunning and hot picture of Renee.

Renee Young Fact: In an interview, Renee Young had stated that she was a wrestling fan before her WWE job came into fruition, as she claims to have attended a few WWE events as well as WrestleMania VI. Renee also said that her dad, a guy who worked as a concert promoter, helped get her into these events and she even got to meet the likes of Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chyna and Trish Stratus as a child. Pretty neat stuff!

7 Her Beautiful Smile

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One of the main reasons as to why so many male WWE fans have fallen for Renee Young, has to be because of her irresistibly cute and genuine seeming smile. As you can see in this picture, not only is Renee smiling pleasantly, but she's also dressed extremely skimpily which would further drive any of Renee Young's secret admirer's crazy. No wonder the WWE have promoted Renee as basically the "face of the WWE interviewers". She's got the looks, the positive attitude, the brains, the confidence and the interviewing skills that most others lack, hence why she's so great at her job.

Renee Young Fact: In 2013, Renee Young alongside the greatest and most beloved commentator of all time Michael Cole (clearly sarcasm) and commentator JBL, won a Slammy Award for the "Favorite Web Show Of The Year" for the JBL and Cole Show.

6 Interviewing Sting In A Stunning Red Dress

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Stunning is the only word that be used to describe this super hot picture of Renee Young in a red dress, as she's interviewing the as well red dressed, Sting. By the look on Sting's face, there's little doubt that he was "checking" Renee out, and in all honesty, can any of us blame him? I don't think it's possible for Renee Young to have looked any hotter for this interview. I'm certain that the fans who were in attendance for this episode of RAW (mainly the male fans) and all those watching worldwide were very pleased by this eye-catching segment.

Renee Young Fact: Apparently, Renee Young has some sort of an issue with wearing shoes, and she feels more comfortable interviewing various WWE superstars barefoot.


4 Renee's Sexy Smile At The Beach

via reneeyoungisbae.tumblr.com

Here's yet another hot and flattering picture of Renee Young posing confidently and happily at the beach. Renee must love the beach and I can't blame her, she definitely looks great with the beach scenery! If there's a picture of Renee that Dean doesn't want any of us fans to see, then this must be the one (or at least one of the top three). She looks absolutely stunning, kind and beautiful all at the same, which is definitely not the easiest thing to pull off.

It's sort of funny that Renee, a WWE interviewer, gets more attention than half of the Women's Division wrestlers. If Renee became an in-ring Women's Division wrestler in the future, there's little doubt that she would quickly and easily become one of the most popular women's wrestlers, regardless of which show she would reside on. Renee definitely has the mic skills and the connection with the fans to be a star. The only thing she would need to prove to the WWE Universe is how good of an actual wrestler she would be.

3 Posing Alongside "Shield Brother" Seth Rollins

via wrestlingforum.com

Not only is this a picture of Renee Young that Dean Ambrose wouldn't want us to see just based off of how hot she looks in this photo, but also because she is posing confidently beside Ambrose's former "Shield Brother." Seth Rollins. Now in "kayfabe," Ambrose wouldn't want us to see this picture because let's be honest here, despite Rollins turning "good" recently, Dean definitely hasn't forgotten and forgiven Seth for backstabbing him and Roman.

However, in real-life, Dean Ambrose wouldn't want us to see this picture because of the fact that Seth Rollins comes across as a bit of a "player," as Rollins has had his fair share of controversy regarding relationships and hook-ups while in the WWE. Seth comes across as a decent guy, but one who is "looking for a good time," so I'm sure Dean probably tries to keep Seth at arms length when it comes to his now wife, Renee Young. Ambrose and Rollins are still friends though, but friendship only goes so far, as we all know.

2 Renee Looking Hot And Pleasant Backstage

via dailywrestlingnews.com

I doubt that there is a more pleasant and kind seeming person working for the WWE currently than Renee Young. In this photo, Renee's looking happy, confident as well as absolutely beautiful. Her dress is also quite striking and pretty to boot! I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but does Renee Young look a lot like Lana in this picture? To me she does, as her hair colour and style, as well as her face reminds of Lana's, at least in this picture. I would say that both Lana and Renee Young are two of the top 5 hottest women in the WWE at the moment, so it's quite fitting that they wish to share a similar look.

Renee Young Fact: Aside from her WWE career, Renee Young has also appeared in two music videos. One appearance was for a Tom Green music video, and the other appearance was for Kelly Clarkson's 2005 song titled "Behind These Hazel Eyes."

1 Renee In A Stunning Red Bikini

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Here we have a picture of Renee Young looking absolutely stunning and beautiful in a vibrant red bikini, and the picture looks to have been taken at the beach as well. It's hard not to admire Renee's undeniable beauty and attractiveness. I would definitely say that she's without a doubt, the definition of a "blond bombshell." Although Renee's great in her various WWE roles, it would be pretty hard not to assume that her looks played somewhat of a factor in her "rising through the ranks" so to speak. This is definitely a hot picture of Renee that Dean Ambrose would try to hide from our eyes, that's for sure!

Renee Young Fact: Renee Young made her on-screen WWE debut back on March 29th 2013, on an episode of SmackDown, by interviewing the likes of Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus.

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