15 Pictures Of Renee Young That Would Drive Dean Ambrose Crazy

Despite The Miz and Maryse's claim of being the 'IT' couple of WWE, Dean Ambrose and his beautiful wife Renee Young will always be the power couple of the Sports Entertainment leaders in the world in the eyes of the fans. Dean Ambrose is one of the biggest superstars in the WWE, being one of the few pro-wrestlers to have the unique distinction of being a Grand Slam Champion. Renee Young too has won a lot of admirers, drawing praise for her work as a backstage interviewer and her many shows on the WWE Network.

The couple who tied the knot this year after being in a steady relationship for a few years have been fiercely private about the details of their relationship. Such was their urge for privacy that it was by a mere accident that the details of their marriage came out in the public. Ambrose being the fiercely private guy he is, hardly talks about his personal life in interviews and is an inactive member of the social media revolution which has gripped the WWE. His wife, on the other hand, has never shied away from using various social media platform, especially Instagram. She can be often seen posting smoking hot and smoldering pictures of herself in scantily clad clothes on the photo-sharing site.

Ambrose might be a chilled out and laidback guy in real-life, but here are some pictures of Renee Young which are sure to bring out the craziness of the wacky resident of the WWE universe, nicknamed the 'Lunatic Fringe'.

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15 A Cheeky View

#Raw o’clock 🐍

A post shared by Renee Paquette (@reneeyoungwwe) on

Renee Young is a fitness freak and can often be seen posting videos of her working out in the gym. Even though she isn't an in-ring talent, she takes her craft seriously and a part of that is having a voluptuous body which allows her to look at her very best whenever she is on screen.

In this cheeky little post she posted on her Instagram a few days back, her efforts in the gym are clearly visible in a well-toned butt. Her fans were full of admiration for the image which young posted and could be seen praising Renee Young's toned lower body. Something tells us her hubby Dean won't be too happy reading some of the comments.

14 May I Assist You With Something?

Via Pwpop.com

This smoking hot picture of Renee Young was taken in a magazine shoot earlier in her WWE career. In this shoot, Young gives off a sultry vibe, looking like an absolute seductress.

Her eyes in the photo-shoot oozes sex appeal and with the telephone in her hand, she recreates the perfect portrait of what a sexy office assistant would look like. Dean Ambrose is certainly a lucky man and would undoubtedly be appreciating the beauty of the Canadian stunner in this photoshoot.

Who wouldn't like to have an assistant like Renee Young in their office?

13 Too Hot To Handle In A Red Swimsuit!

Via Tumblr.com

Is there a better sight in the world than seeing the stunning blonde from Canada roaming around on the beach in a teeny-tiny red bikini? We certainly don't think there is!

With her introduction as a cast member on the reality show Total Divas, we got a much better gaze into the life of one of the hottest women in the WWE currently. Her relationship with Dean Ambrose and the other divas was explored and we also got a peek into her family.

And not to forget, we got to see the luscious sight of the magnificent Renee in a bikini many a time! It's a damn shame that she isn't a regular cast member in the show anymore. We certainly miss her presence and so do many fans.

12 Wait A Minute, Isn't That Traitor Face?!

Via pinterest.com

If there is one sight which is really bound to tick Dean Ambrose off, it is to see his lady with the man who he once considered his brother and then hated him the most.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins might have patched things up again and reformed The SHIELD with their third brother Roman Reigns,  but this photo of Renee Young and Seth Rollins was taken when The Architect called Ambrose his greatest enemy.

Watching the love of his life in matching white colored outfits with the traitor who broke up The SHIELD by stabbing his brothers in the back would have clearly put Ambrose over the edge.

11 She's Learned A Thing Or Two From Her Bestie Nikki Bella

Via Pinterest.com

If anyone has ever watched Total Divas, they would soon realize that Renee Young and Nikki Bella are the best of friends. They always hang out with each other and can also be seen taking trips with each other when they get some time off from their busy schedules.

It also seems that Renee has learned a thing or two from her bestie, who is known to be extremely bold and fearless when posting revealing pictures of herself on various social media platforms.

Renee too has gone the fearless road and over time, her pictures on Instagram have become more and more sexier!

10 Being At Her Goofy Best

Via Instagram.com

At heart, Renee Young is a goofy gal! She is often humorous and self-depreciating in nature. Through her Twitter account, she can be often seen poking fun at herself. What do they say, you can only enjoy life if you are capable of mocking yourself.

There isn't a better example of her sense of humor than an image she posted on her Instagram account, trying her luck in the men's toilet. Only a brave girl could have the guts to try such a stunt out and then post it on a social media platform for millions to see!

9 Not Afraid To Show Off On Social Media

Via Pinterest.com

Young belongs to a new generation of divas who is not afraid to flaunt their hauntingly good looks on social media. The new crop of divas know that they are sexy and are here to take over the world. The scenario is no different with Young.

She is never afraid to post candid images of herself on her Instagram profile which often shows off to her millions of fans than what her husband Dean Ambrose would want. Not that it is going to stop Renee and we certainly aren't complaining!

In this picture above, Young can be seen displaying her perfectly toned abs, which certainly are a sight to behold!

8 Red Has Never Looked Better On Anyone

Via Imgur.com

Speaking of revealing, this perhaps is the most revealing image that Renee has posted on her Instagram account. A close-up shot of her leaves almost nothing to the imagination, as her red top and red lips stand out and leave her Instagram followers in awe.

Has red honestly looked hotter on anyone else than Renee in this image? It certainly is a glorious sight for us to see but one believes Dean won't be too happy when he realizes that millions of men on the planet would be swooning looking at this image. Some might say he'd "see red" if his eyes ever fell upon this picture...

7 Going Dark Certainly Suits Her

Via Pinterest.com

Renee Young with her natural beauty is the kind of woman who could pull any sort of a look off with utter perfection and the utmost of grace.

The WWE certainly knows what talented and beautiful women they have in the form of Renee and have used her increasingly in a number of roles. She started as a backstage interviewer but has expanded her horizons to a number of shows on the WWE network as the host. She has also tried her hands on commentary, albeit unsuccessfully briefly in NXT.

And she has stunned on an innumerous number of occasions in a photoshoot for WWE.com. Here she can be seen paying tribute to one of the icons of the WWE, the Undertaker in a dark-themed outfit.

6 Casually Pulling Off The Bed Look

Via WWE.com

Renee Young got into journalism pretty early into her professional career. She started out taking courses in improvisational acting. All she dreamed of was becoming a comedic actress.

She had said in an interview on her brief acting career, "I always wanted to be an actor. Acting is really where everything started for me. As soon as I got out of high school, I went to The Second City and trained in improv comedy. I always wanted to be more of a comedic actress. That was the path I wanted to take. I fled to Los Angeles at 19 without having worked a day of my life as a performer. I came back to Toronto and auditioned for different films, music videos, and commercials... being in Canada, I got stuck not getting lead role auditions, so I switched gears and got into hosting. I just needed a camera and myself to do that."

But fate would have it the other way around and soon with her wit and charm, she started winning hearts of many people around the globe in the show, The Score as a broadcaster.

This brought her to the WWE's attention and it was here that she would meet the love of her life in Dean Ambrose. With this picture of Renee Young confidently pulling off the messy bed look, it is easy to see why Ambrose was immediately smitten by Renee.

5 Rocking The Chic Look With Vintage Cars

Mechanical crouch lurker. @vegasseven

A post shared by Renee Paquette (@reneeyoungwwe) on

If you were to ask any man about their ultimate fantasy, two things would certainly come up first. Cars and hot chicks! This photo of Renee Young here fulfills both of these fantasies of an adult man.

She can be seen crouching on a vintage Mercedes in an old garage donning the ultimate rebel look. She has a casual top on with a chain on her neck and rocks the hell out of red tight leather pants. Doesn't she come across as a cool chic who you would likely find on the back of a Harley-Davidson or see headbanging at a metal concert in a venue near you?

What more does a fully grown up man want from a woman? Renee Young is the ultimate girl-next-door!

4 Not Afraid To Try New Things

Via pinterest.com

Renee Young is an extremely confident woman in her abilities and her look, and is not afraid to try new things on. This is proven by her bold choice of outfits on various episodes of RAW and SmackDown.

In a Halloween special episode of SmackDown once, she surprised the world by donning an outrageous fairy-themed outfit. And to her credit, she owned the look! Even though she seems less than enthused, we're quite sure she's loving every second of it, getting a chance to be goofy on Halloween.

Wonder what Dean thought about her lady love in such a Halloween outfit?

3 Close Friends With Dolph Ziggler

Via Prowrestlingwikia.com

One close look at her various tweets and Instagram post would give us an idea that Dolph Ziggler and Renee Young are extremely close friends. Renee has often praised Dolph and has posted pictures of her hanging around with him on various occasions.

She can also be often seen indulging in banter with the show-off. While no one can question the legitimacy of their friendship, one can only wonder how Dean Ambrose would be feeling about this.

Dolph in his long tenure with the company has gained a bit of a notorious reputation for being a womanizer and one cannot help and believe that Dean would be wary of this fact.

2 The Bold Attitude Has Also Translated On-Screen!

Via wwe.com

This bold new attitude of Renee has also translated to the live broadcasts of the WWE. Over the course of time, one cannot help but notice that Renee's outfits on shows had become more revealing.

One such incident apparently occurred at Survivor Series in 2015. At the pre-show, Renee was wearing an outfit which revealed ample cleavage. The officials higher-up apparently did not think that the dress was PG-appropriate and she was asked to cover up according to reports.

When the PPV finally got underway, she was seen wearing a blazer over her dress, much to the disappointment of many fans.

1 Has A Tradition Of Posting Steamy Photos On Holidays

via pinterest.com

Holidays are generally a joyous time for people from all around the globe as they finally get to catch up with their families and enjoy the traditions. Renee Young is here to make it all the more better!

During the different holidays, Renee Young can be seen posting incredibly sext selfies of her on her social media account, like the one above. She is wearing an American-flag themed bikini top and it looks absolutely stunning on her.

Renee Young is on a mission to make our holidays, a one which we will always remember due to her activities on social media. Where will you find a better woman than this?

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