15 Pictures Of Retired Divas WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

Ever since the WWE revealed itself to be "scripted," they started to structure themselves as a "sports entertainment" product in which the entertainment bit would slowly trump the actual wrestling in the company. WWE started to establish itself as a "brand" of wrestling rather than an actual promotion, and like every self-conscious brand, the WWE also likes to keep its image clean as a whistle.

It's because of WWE's attempt to keep its reputation untarnished that we have seen them develop a Wellness Violation program to make sure their wrestlers are never under any bad influence. And as the company has grown over the years, Vince McMahon has become increasingly protective his company's image. It is because of this protective nature that WWE doesn't acknowledge many wrestlers after they've left the company, as the same can be said about the Divas who sometimes don't make it big in the company and have to go looking for work elsewhere.

These Divas often undergo a change after leaving the company, which makes them almost unrecognizable, and with social media becoming bigger with every passing year, these women don't shy away from posting pictures of their current state online. The self-conscious WWE obviously doesn't want to have anything to do with these shocking pictures of their former employees, as they most definitely don't advertize photos that can be threatening to their image, and try to make sure their fans don't see them, as well (even though everything is easily available on the internet these days).

Let's have a look at 15 such pictures of retired Divas WWE doesn't want us to see.

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15 Sable

via eyesonthering.com

Sable will always be remembered for being THE erotic element of the Attitude Era, as she would woo many fans with her stunning body and had this seductive mannerism to her character as well. So after getting over with the fans after debuting as Marc Mero's manager, she decided to up the notch and at Fully Loaded 1998 met Jacqueline in a bikini contest. She won the contest after stripping topless, with hand prints covering her breasts as she received much applause from the crowd because of it. She then went onto great heights, but the WWE wouldn't want the fans to remember her because of this incident, even though that is exactly how it is. They'd want newer fans to not see this picture of Sable as it would harm their Divas Division's image and with their PG nature at the moment, something revealing a woman's breasts would be disastrous for their reputation as the picture of a topless Sable is something the WWE (or Brock Lesnar) wouldn't want anyone to see or remember.

14 Candice Michelle

via pwmania.com

Candice Michelle was one of the Divas who was definitely hired for her looks, as she was quite the stunner with an amazing figure which had the ability to woo fans. She started out with the gimmick of a makeup artist, but found her prominence as part of "Vince's Devils" with Torrie Wilson and Victoria. She got her break when she won the Women's Championship for the first time, hence becoming the first Divas Search winner to do so. But injuries forced her to retire later on, and she has since been mothering her children and looks to have aged considerably with the injuries and everything taking a toll on her. This picture of her shows Candice after undergoing nose surgery; she looks beat up and worn out, something which the WWE definitely wouldn't want their fans to see as they like to protect their glamorous ladies.

13 Torrie Wilson

via iheart.com

Torrie Wilson was one of the sexiest divas of her time, as she was in the WWE moreso for eye candy rather than as a wrestler. Vince McMahon put her in erotic matches to get more eyes into his product and towards his Divas. Wilson might have not been a good wrestler, but her sensational figure not only made her a hit in the WWE but outside it was well as she was also on the cover of Playboy Magazine in May 2003. Wilson looks amazing in the cover as she is revealing quite a lot of herself and the WWE wouldn't want the fans to remember her for her revealing photoshoot.

Torrie was put into a horrible storyline surrounding her being on the cover. WWE would not want their fans to see this cover picture of Wilson almost baring it all in the cover, as they portray her as a sexy woman with limitations and wouldn't want their fans or anyone to see her by this cover. They could also be scared of this overtrumping her success in the WWE and wouldn't want fans to remember her as a model but a WWE wrestler and in their most perfect world, they'd make sure that this picture didn't exist at all.

12 Victoria

via caulifloweralleyclub.org

Victoria was another really talented wrestler who was unfortunate to land up in Trish and Lita's era, as she was often overshadowed by the two but inspite of that, had fruitful years in the WWE. That involved her winning the Women's Championship multiple times, before her character was ruined with the "Vince's Devils" storyline and she couldn't gain her relevance after that. She left the company in 2009 to train for MMA, before joining TNA where she had a great career and elevated their division amazingly. Now we all know how much the WWE despises TNA to the point that they never even mention them, and going by how much success Victoria got in TNA as "Tara", they won't want to mention her in the first place. Plus going by this picture where she has TNA written on her stomach, the WWE definitely won't want their multiple time Women's Champion to be seen in TNA's colors (literally) as they hate to see their product succeed in other promotions. Victoria might be not be retired but she's definitely retired in WWE's books who won't want their fans to see Victoria ushering their rival's colors, as they'll want her to remain as Victoria forever and even delete her TNA history if possible.

11 AJ Lee

via zimbio.com

AJ Lee was definitely one of the more eccentric divas of her time, as she had quite the unique personality which made her a success in the WWE. After failing to win the third season of NXT, AJ was drafted straight into the main roster where she was involved in some romantic story-lines in her first few years. But she finally got a break in 2013 and went onto hold it for 295 days which was a record at the time. But with tensions boiling up among her husband CM Punk and WWE, AJ decided to follow his footsteps and retire from the company in 2015 to help him with his UFC career. This picture shows them exercising together, and now that AJ is out of the company, the WWE definitely won't be wanting fans to see her and Punk together because of their dislike for Punk on how he quit on them. They continue to ignore Punk and wouldn't ideally want their fans to see this picture of them together because of their obsession with keeping Kayfabe alive and also because of them wanting to keep Punk and AJ in their ignored list for as much time as possible.

10 Jacqueline

via boards.ie

Jacqueline is definitely the most successful African-American woman in the history of the WWE, as she was one to really shine out with her powerful wrestling ability in the midst of the raunchiness of the Attitude Era. But she had an embarrassing moment the WWE will definitely want no-one to remember, as it happened when she was in a mixed-tag match against Sable and Christian with Marc Mero as her partner. They lost the match after Jacqueline got pinned by Sable, but she vented out her frustration on the referee by jumping up on his shoulders, but had a horrible wardrobe malfunction when Sable pulled out her top, revealing her breasts. It was covered and censored later on by the WWE, but they can't erase it from the Internet. The WWE wouldn't want the fans to remember their Hall of Famer like this and would ideally want to keep it off their fan's eyes, as this humiliating moment was a bad dent to Jacqueline's otherwise great career and was a moment the WWE wouldn't wants its PG fans to know about.

9 Lilian Garcia

via wwe.com

Lilian Garcia had been the voice of the WWE for almost two decades, as her soulful voice has been music to the ears of many fans who have been hearing her call out their favorite wrestler's name for a long time now. Even though she's now left the company for personal reasons, she'll definitely be remembered by everyone as THE ring announcer for the WWE but she had a rough period in 2012. In constantly occurring accidents, the most humiliating one took place on a taping of Smackdown in London when she tripped over the pyro instruments on the top of the stage and fell down to the ramp, landing on her knees. Though it didn't air live, pictures of it had definitely spread across the internet as this hilarious moment is something the WWE wouldn't want their prime ring announcer to be remembered for. Garcia herself wouldn't want to be remembered because of this, as the WWE has been trying to keep this moment under wraps but couldn't let it from slipping onto the internet and they'll hope people don't see it as it could dent the reputation of their stages and make Garcia look like a fool.

8 Lita

via pix-hd.com

Lita is one of the reasons why women's wrestling is such a revelation now, as she and Trish were the reason on why it found prominence with their legendary rivalry revolutionizing Women's Wrestling at the time. She started out her WWE career as an extreme diva, but soon became one of the top women wrestlers in the company as the Divas Division was ruled by her and Trish for years, with both winning the Women's Championship multiple times. Towards the end of her career she had been entangled in some romantic story-lines and had to retire in 2006, soon after Trish retired. She has since made sporadic appearances on WWE TV and is currently a panelist in the Raw Pre-show as well as covering the Divas Division boom for WWE. Lita is a Diva who the WWE keep in high regard, but they will not want this picture of her mugshot to make the rounds. The picture was taken after Lita was arrested in 2011 for speeding and driving with a suspended license, and a mugshot of one of their top divas of all time is the last thing the WWE wants their fans to see, as her arrest quickly went under the radar and thankfully for the WWE didn't circulate within their fans that much.

7 Trish Stratus

via cyberspaceandtime.com

Before Trish Stratus became a female icon in the WWE and ended up being one of the greatest Women's Champions of all time, she had it rough in her early days in the company as she tried to seduce her way to success by becoming Vince McMahon's mistress when he was feuding with his wife Linda. Trish and Vince would do some obscene stuff on TV while making Linda look at them doing it, but soon Trish found herself to be in a very bad situation. Vince revealed that she was only a "toy" for him and he had "grown tired of playing with it".

Later on he'd bring her to the ring and make her strip, as well as making her bark like a dog. Trish would part with Vince after WrestleMania X-Seven, but this humiliating segment of her on her knees barking is something the WWE definitely doesn't want their fans to remember. Pictures of Trish barking like a dog and stripping have been on the internet for a while now, but WWE will definitely want their fans to keep their eyes away from it as it was a disgusting segment which showed WWE in its most sadistic state and Vince McMahon wouldn't want fans to remember him commanding Trish to strip and bark like a dog.

6 Beth Phoenix

via wrestlenewz.com

"The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix was quite the specimen as she was one of the strongest women in her time and dominated the WWE in her time at the company. Debuting as the "ally" of Trish Stratus, she soon became the Glamazon who quickly won her first Women's Championship and she dominated the division from there onwards. She'd then form a team with Santino Marella named "Glamarella" to some hilarious moments before yet again building herself as the powerhouse diva in the division. She later went onto win the Divas Championship as well and left the company because of personal problems. Beth has since had children with Edge, as they live happily right now but this picture of her with a black eye will be something the WWE would not want the fans to remember her by. WWE built her like a dominant Diva who many couldn't put down, so this black eye (probably gotten from a match) would hamper her persona and WWE's image as well and the company will definitely make sure their fans don't get to see the strong Phoenix in a state like this.

5 Gail Kim

via WrestlingNewsBlog.com

Gail Kim's relationship with the WWE is pretty messed up, as she was signed by the company only after Jim Ross told Vince McMahon that "people of their ethnicity" are pretty famous in the "entertainment business". She debuted with a Matrix-like gimmick and won the Women's Championship in her first match in the WWE, but her stint in the company only lasted for around 2 years. She went on to perform for TNA, where she would elevate the level of competition and talent in their Knockouts division, becoming their greatest Knockout Champion of all time and was recently inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame as well. The WWE definitely won't want their fans to know about Kim's success in TNA, as she might be a forgotten figure in the WWE but the company still won't want their fans to know about her glory in a rival promotion. That includes this picture of her with the TNA Knockouts champion, as they'll want WWE fans to remember her time only in the WWE and not even pay any heed to her success in TNA who elevated her to the legend which she is right now.

4 Nicole Bass

via youtube.com

Many people might not remember Nicole Bass because of the short amount of time for which she was in the WWE, but she did make her impact in the company during her stay. Debuting as Sable's bodyguard, the muscular woman went on to destroy her opponents and was quite the imposing figure for whom Vince McMahon had big plans for. But she left the company amidst a storyline and filed a lawsuit against the WWE complaining that she was sexually assaulted by WWE employee Steve Lombardi. The court case formed a bitter relationship between Bass and the WWE as it was eventually closed soon after. Bass continued to work in the independent scene and as a personal trainer, before times got really tough for her.

Going by this picture, she looks in bad shape, with her steroid use having taken its toll on her looks and body. She has been arrested for shoplifting in the past and started a GoFundMe account last year, pleading fans to pay for her rent as she didn't want to be homeless. WWE definitely doesn't want to do anything with Bass, but wouldn't want fans to get news of her distress at the moment and see horrible pictures as she is still remembered as an ex-WWE Diva and the company will want to keep anything related to Bass in the dark and make sure the audience doesn't see it.

3 Alundra Blayze

via lasertimepodcast.com

Alundra Blayze was probably one of the better WWE Women's Champion of all time in spite of not remaining in the WWE for much time, as she revolutionized women's wrestling in the WWE with her amazing skills and is definitely an inspiration for many. In spite of pulling that infamous stunt of moving to WCW and throwing her Women's Championship into the trash, Blayze has since made amends with the WWE who even inducted her into the Hall of Fame last year. But this picture of Blayze shows what she's been doing since retiring, as she's now a professional Monster Truck driver and has won some tournaments as well. Now we all know how the WWE hates it when their superstars get fame elsewhere (unless its The Rock) and they definitely won't be wanting fans to watch their Hall of Famer riding Monster Truck in spite of it being really cool. Blayze has been hailed by WWE for being one of their greatest women champions of all time, and watching her in a monster truck could make them feel that it'll hurt their division's image and the company definitely won't be wanting fans to see her with a monster truck, as they want her to be remembered as a WWE Hall of Famer.

2 Sunny

via youtube.com

One of the greatest wrestling managers of all time, Sunny has recently become the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons when she decided to star in a pornographic film, shocking fans all around. Sunny was hot stuff in the 90s, as she started to manage The Bodydonnas and later with The Godwinns and in 1996 won Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Manager of the Year award. She also spent a short time managing Farooq, before she started to host many of WWE's shows at the time. She also managed The Legion of Doom for a bit before leaving because of problems with management, and went onto perform in ECW and WCW in the next years. She has since appeared in the Indy field various times, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011 as well. But things haven't gone great for her in recent times, forcing her to sign on with Vivid Entertainment to do a porno. WWE definitely wouldn't want this image of her face on Vivid Entertainment's poster do the rounds much as their Hall of Famer starring in an adult film will definitely hurt their image and reputation, as they will hope much of the fanbase doesn't know about this and try to make sure this isn't circulated, as this act by Sunny is quite disastrous for the WWE reputation, with this imaging turning out to be poison for the image of the company.

1 Jillian Hall

via 65.media.tumblr.com

Jillian Hall was extremely annoying when she was in the WWE, as she'd often sing songs(much to the fan's displeasure) and be that irritating heel no-one really liked. She started out by managing JBL as his "Image Consultant" before going on to wrestle, as she feuded with Ashley Massaro due to her jealousy of Massaro's Playboy appearance. Hall kept on wrestling as a mid-carder in the divas division, but got her break when she won the Divas Championship from Melina but quickly relinquished it as well. She would keep wrestling in her remainder of the days in the WWE, as she'd be released in 2010. She then wrestled in the Indy circuit for some years before retiring in 2014. But since then, Hall has had it tough as she has been arrested once and was in the receiving end of a disgusting prank called the "Knockout Game" which left her in this state shown in the picture. She was sucker punched in a parking lot which left her in this awful condition, but the WWE has shoved it under the rug. They didn't help her or even support her during her distressing situation as they probably didn't want their Divas Division's image being ruined by this distressing picture of Hall. The WWE wouldn't be wanting their fans to get to look at this terrible image either, as much sympathy for Jillian could be disastrous for them as poor Jillian is going through some tough times now outside the WWE.

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