15 Pictures Of The WWE Women's Roster Looking Unrecognizable

These are 15 pictures of the WWE's revolutionary women that you may not recognize.

The women of the WWE are some of the most beautiful, unique and talented women in the world. Yet a lot of effort goes into making them look how they do on television. Whether it's the WWE's glam squad placing layer after layer of makeup on their face, to the WWE telling wrestlers to dye their hair, each woman on the WWE women's roster has a look special to them.

Not all women on the roster have looked the way that they do now. As a matter of fact, most - if not all - of the ladies look extremely different from before their time with the company. Whether it's a different physique, hair color or way of doing their makeup, the WWE has truly evolved the looks of its female performers.

Are you curious about what some of the WWE's women looked like before they stepped into a WWE ring? You're in the right place. What about what some of the women look like without makeup? You'll find that here, too. You likely won't recognize some of the women on this list, but, as you'll see, that's not necessarily a bad thing. You may even get a good laugh. Or you may be surprised at how someone went from having such a generic look to becoming an absolute boss.

When the ladies aren't busy having layers of makeup on top of their skin and dressed in sequin-covered spandex, they're living life. These are 15 pictures of the WWE's revolutionary women that you may not recognize.

15 Paige

The WWE's Anti-Diva most certainly did not look anything like she does today. Instead of her long black tresses with colored tips, Paige had a stereotypical scene girl haircut with even more stereotypical eyeliner. She also didn't have nearly as much muscle tone as she does today. Her usually black attire is instead replaced with a floral top. Would Paige get caught wearing a top like this today? Probably not.

Although Paige has had her lip pierced on the WWE main roster, she's never sported a hoop piercing as shown here. That's probably a good thing, because if that got bumped, it would likely hurt much more than the stud she has worn in the past. Perhaps it's the lighting, but Paige doesn't look nearly as pale as she does now. This was definitely taken before she was signed to the WWE, when she admitted she tried to change her look to fit the WWE's then diva-like standards. But we love how Paige is now!

14 Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks has not always looked like The Boss. Her trademark purple hair, boss earrings and overall swagger was not apparent during her time in the indies. Instead, her hair was a brownish color, and her ring attire was much more generic. There's no shades or lipstick. Sasha went for a very au natural look during her time as Mercedes KV.

She'd bring this look to her during NXT, but her initial character was just like her look: a generic babyface. When she turned heel by attacking Paige, we started to see The Boss add some flare to her ring gear, including that trademark leather jacket. Eventually, she'd dye her hair purple and become The Boss that we all know and love today.

13 Becky Lynch


Before Becky Lynch was Straight Fire, she was straight tiny! The Irish Lass Kicker didn't have her trademark orange hair when she first began her career on the indies. Instead, she opted for a shorter bob cut. It suited her well, but she's definitely found herself a lot more as Becky Lynch.

While Lynch looks muscular here, it doesn't look like she could lift the more than 300 pounds that she can lift now. Her conditioning has definitely improved, and her makeup doesn't make her look like the teenager that she once was. While the former Rebecca Knox didn't look bad in her earlier days, she also struggled with a generic look like her fellow Horsewoman, Sasha Banks. Luckily, that's all changed.

12 Mickie James


Before she was Mickie James, she was Alexis Laree. Far before the days of the Piggie James storyline where the days of Mickie James looking extremely tiny working the indies (and eventually TNA). This picture comes from a match in 2001 when Mickie was in early early 20s, wearing pigtails and interesting set of shoulder pads that looks to be inspired by The Road Warriors.

Mickie's present look has incorporated a lot of her Native heritage, and she looks to be in much better shape than she does here. Mickie may have a few more pounds these days, but weight is nothing more than a number. It's great that the WWE finally realizes that now, unlike seven years ago. Can we forget that storyline ever happened?

11 Stephanie McMahon


Despite playing a key role in the WWE's day-to-day operations, Stephanie McMahon still finds the time to sneak in a workout on a nearly daily basis. You could easily argue that she's one of the most fit women in WWE today. But you'd only know that if you regularly followed her on social media. The company's Chief Brand Officer and minority owner dresses rather conservatively on television, yet she did this photoshoot of her working out in a bikini a few years ago.

Say what you want about Stephanie, but you wouldn't always be able to tell how fit she truly is from watching her on TV. She proved that she could work a 10 minute match with Brie Bella as recently as 2014. With her current workouts, her fitness levels are arguably on level with many of WWE's top talent. But if you saw this photo, would you really believe it was Stephanie at first glance? Probably not.

10 Alicia Fox


Alicia Fox was signed to the WWE when she was a teenager. Her youth definitely shows here, and it's hard to recognize it's even her. This Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental poster shows Fox wearing what appears to be her natural hair (Alicia frequently wears wigs to the ring these days) and a wide smile. If we see Alicia Fox smiling on WWE programming these days, it's usually the beginning of one of her infamous meltdowns.

Ms. Foxy may have some of the best ring attire and makeup out of any of the women today, yet she just blends into the pack here. She just looks happy to be there. While that's a good thing (in the context of wrestling), it's far away from the character that Fox portrays today on WWE programming.

9 Charlotte Flair


Charlotte Flair is - obviously - the daughter of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Ric Flair. She also joined her for an appearance on a 1999 episode of WCW Monday Night Nitro. Charlotte was around 12 or 13 years of age at the time, and far away from the Queen that she is today. She obviously wasn't wrestling at this time, either.

Before Charlotte showcased herself as Genetically Superior, she had to do a bit of growing up, first. But that's alright! Not only has she aged gracefully, but she's truly begun to come out of her father's shadow. Also, we doubt we'll see Charlotte wearing any 90s teenage fashion anytime soon. She would be the last Flair sibling to make her in-ring debut, but she's undoubtedly been the most successful of them all.

8 Maryse


Maryse's trademark is undisputedly her bleach blonde hair that she has to dye at least every two weeks. But her hair hasn't always been that bright. As a matter of fact, she's a natural brunette! Finding pictures of her natural hair color isn't easy, since Maryse has always had relatively blonde hair since being in the spotlight. But occasionally, some older candid pictures will pop up of Maryse with a natural head of hair. posted a picture of Maryse years ago from high school with her natural locks. While Maryse certainly looks incredible either way, there's something special that's brought out of her when she is a blonde. Also, we never see Maryse dress so casual these days, especially as she brands herself the "It Couple" with her husband, The Miz.

7 Alexa Bliss


Before Alexa Bliss was the Harley Quinn-inspired queen of RBF, she was a cheerleader in high school. Ms. Five Feet of Fury was busy cheering on football teams without dyed tips of hair and a smile wider than the planet. Alexa Bliss would take her cheerleading career to college at the University of Akron, but her struggle with her eating disorder would lead her to leave the university. She would discover body building and significantly recover from her eating disorder after finding bodybuilding.

It wouldn't be too long before Bliss found her way into the WWE. Had she still retained her fairy gimmick, this photo likely wouldn't be on this list. But Alexa Bliss has truly transformed herself into more than just a novelty act, and her current character is a pure contrast to the happy-go-lucky cheerleader she once was.

6 Naomi


When Naomi first made her WWE main roster debut, she was a Funkadactyl. In a way, it was fitting, since Naomi was a dancer for the Orlando Magic prior to joining the WWE. Yet Naomi looks nothing like she did during her Magic days. Naomi's physique is more athletic these days from the dancer's body she's showing off here.

Naomi's no stranger to switching up her hairstyle, but this is a hairstyle that has seldom been worn by her in the WWE. Naomi's dyed her hair plenty of colors during her time in the WWE - purple, blue, green - but there's no sign of hair dye during her time with the Magic. While Naomi is shiny in glittery cheer attire, she is by no means Feeling The Glow.

5 Ruby Riot


Ruby Riot may have the most distinct look out of any WWE female today: her unique haircut, plethora of tattoos and unique ring attire are just a few of the ways she stands out on a visual level. However, NXT's favorite punk queen wasn't always dressed up in black and red, nor did she have tattoos all over her body like she does now. As shown from this still from Shine, the former Heidi Lovelace decked out in pastel-like colors, and she didn't have nearly as much ink on her body as she does today.

Riot has truly come into her own over the years. Looking back at this photo, however, it's hard to see any resemblance to the Ruby Riot that we know today. The haircut may be similar, but that's the only thing that roughly matches up with the Riot we see on NXT.

4 Lana


Lana, is that you? She looks like Carmen Electra's long lost twin sister here. Lana's done a wide range of acting and modeling inside and outside of the WWE, but the Ravishing Russian looks nothing like she does now. Lana's bright blonde locks are instead replaced with brunette waves, and she opts for much darker eye makeup.

At the same time, you can also argue that not much as changed. Lana's ring gear is arguably the most revealing out of any current female wrestler. She's not afraid to show off some skin, and she also knows how to work the camera. The best part about it all? She still looks Ravishing when she does all of it. And quite frankly, it's obvious she knows it, too.

3 Emma

via Sun

Prior to the days of heavy makeup and contouring, this is what Emma looked like. Wrestling on the indies as Tenille, she had the look that the WWE loved at the time. She was blonde, she was petite and she was cute. She was also far away from the Evil Emma that racks up like after like on Instagram.

While Emma has evolved a lot over the past seven years, there are also some things that are missing from her current appearance. Gone are both her snake bite and belly button piercings that she once had. Yet Emma was not afraid to show off her body in a bikini, and she most certainly is not afraid to continue to do so, especially as she continues to perfect its physique. Hopefully, the WWE soon realizes that she can wear a championship even better than a bikini.

2 Asuka


The Empress of Tomorrow has one of the most unique looks in the entire company, from her ring gear to her ring attire. Yet even if someone saw Asuka wearing this face paint, it's unlikely they would be able to recognize her. If anything, she looks like a certain Knockout from another company (but I'll let you all figure out who that is).

Asuka's hair color is also way different than anything we've seen in NXT. Her hair is usually split into two different colors on each side of her head. Here, we've got a pretty awesome red and black hair job. It'd be cool to see Asuka incorporate some of her look here into her current gimmick. If anything, it would make her more intimidating than she already is in the ring. She could truly be an impossible monster.

1 Natalya


Nattie's known for a lot of things: being the best in-ring technician in the WWE's women's division, a submission specialist and a lover of cats. A brunette is not one of them. As a matter of fact, it's hard to see her as a brunette. Yet that's how she was when she made her WWE main roster debut in early 2008. She's also dressed like a cop here, which is ironic, considering how DomiNattie is now her gimmick.

It's safe to say that Natalya has come a long way since her brunette days. I think we can say we prefer blonde Nattie in bodysuits compared to brunette Nattie dressed like a cop. She looks more powerful, in control and confident. In the WWE, that's everything.

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