15 Pictures Of Vince McMahon His Wife Linda Doesn't Want You To See

Professional wrestling is often one of the most bizarre industries around, and there’s one man fans can thank for that perception: Vince McMahon. The owner and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, McMahon sets the tone for everything that happens in his company, which in turn influences all other wrestling organizations around the world. Much of McMahon’s behavior has been described as strange and eccentric, yet through it all, the same woman has stood by his side, his wife of over 50 years, Linda.

In 2009, Linda stepped away from her post as the CEO of WWE to enter the world of politics, and has since ascended all the way to the Cabinet of the United States. The moment Linda set her eyes on Washington, her husband Vince did whatever he could to support her. Controversially, that included cleaning up some of his programming, and it might only get worse from here. Early this year, Linda was selected by family friend Donald Trump to be the Administrator of the Small Business Administration, and WWE is bound to get even more sanitized because of it.

There’s a lot WWE can do and has done to edit the company past and make the McMahon family appear more professional than they really are. Unfortunately, certain images will live on forever, still able to embarrass Linda, not to mention their kids Shane and Stephanie, should the wrong people happen to see them. Keep reading and check out 15 pictures of Vince McMahon his wife Linda doesn’t want you to see.

15 Linda’s Lowest Moments On Television

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Such is the nature of Vince McMahon that most of the photos his wife wouldn’t want you to see were taken from his own television programming. That will become abundantly clear as this list goes on, and it feels right to kick it off with an image that shows Linda getting involved in the mess, as well. Taken in early-2001, this screenshot shows Trish Stratus kissing a comatose Linda on the head while a vindictive Vince watches and gloats. A man’s mistress taunting his wife is insulting no matter how one looks at it, and the fact it was all scripted somehow makes things worse. Apparently, Linda was fine watching Vince and Trish grope one another in front of her at the time, though things are probably different now that she’s in Washington.

14 Vince Gives A Lecture On Women In The Workplace

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It’s bad enough that Vince McMahon likes to make out with half of his female employees. What he did to Trish Stratus when he had enough of her body was offensive to absolutely everybody, let alone his wife Linda. Around the same time the previous screenshot went down, McMahon called Stratus to the ring and forced her to strip down to her underwear, crawl around on all fours, and bark like a dog. The whole video is pretty disgusting to watch, and even this single picture from it calls to mind dark days in company history. This moment was so reviled it actually affected Linda’s Senatorial bids, as reporters asked her about it on the campaign trail. Her political aspirations may have ultimately turned towards her favor, but there’s a good bet Linda still doesn’t want people remembering this.

13 Locking Lips With Torrie Wilson

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To make it clear, Trish Stratus was far from the only employee Vince McMahon forced to make out with him. So let’s move along to another blonde bombshell who caught his eye. Almost instantly upon WCW going out of business, one of Torrie Wilson’s earliest segments in WWE was undressing and seducing Vince, all with Linda watching and wearing an angry glance. This was just the first of many times McMahon and Wilson would grope one another and/or make-out, as this screenshot merely one of many instances where they shared deep, passionate kisses. As one of the longer-tenured women in WWE, Wilson would actually have a number of relationships with McMahon start and stop, and it’s hard to imagine Linda looking back on any of them and having fond memories of the experience.

12 What’s Wrong With Going To The Doctor’s?

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If one was to take a quick glimpse at this picture, it could be easy to assume absolutely nothing wrong were happening in it. In it, Vince McMahon is standing next to Hulk Hogan, the top superstar in WWE at the time it was taken. Between them is a friendly neighborhood doctor, no doubt offering medical advice for the two men known for taking care of their bodies. Well, almost. In reality, the particular doctor in the photo happens to be one Dr. George Zahorian, the actions of whom nearly sent McMahon to prison in the early ‘90s. For the uninformed, Zahorian was the doctor accused of distributing steroids to a number of WWE superstars, a conspiracy authorities attempted to implicate Vince as being part of, as well. Obviously, neither Linda, Vince, nor anyone else in the company wants any reminders about Zahorian, and especially not evidence he and the McMahons were once quite friendly.

11 The Weapons Of Mass Seduction

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When WWE cameras are rolling, Vince McMahon can swap spit with whichever employee of his he pleases and use the excuse it was all just part of the show later on, should Linda get upset. That argument doesn’t work quite as well in photographs such as this one, where McMahon is groping Stacy Keibler’s legendary long legs with a lascivious look on his face. Throw in the fact Vince has on several occasions scripted Keibler to act extremely seductive around him and this picture almost looks like a dream come true for him. Obviously, some sort of cameras had to be rolling for this moment to be captured, so Vince might still try and argue this was nothing more than a fun photo opportunity. Even writing that out felt a little suspect, though, and thus it’s hard to picture Linda accepting it.

10 Vince Makes Stephanie Quit

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In addition to the various hats Linda McMahon has worn as a wrestling executive and politician, she has always spent a good deal of her life mastering the art of motherhood. More so than with their wrestling business, Linda has shared the responsibility of parenting with Vince every step of the way, and the success of their children must mean they did something right. Of course, when writing the McMahon guide to child rearing, they’ll probably have to leave out any memories related to this screenshot. Taken from No Mercy 2003, the picture documents the one and only father-daughter I Quit match in WWE history. Mere days before Stephanie was to get married, Vince beat the crap out of his daughter and ultimately choked her out with a steel pipe. Linda stood by and watched at ringside, but we’re betting 14 years later, the memories will mostly be negative, and not something any of them want to relive.

9 Stand Back!

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Hopefully, any women reading this list haven’t been put through the ringer by their significant others quite like Vince did to Linda McMahon. That said, certain problems faced by couples are less scandalous than a crazy billionaire stealing smooches with half of his employees. For example, plenty of men out there might think they have what it takes to be a rock star. The most delusional of the bunch could even piece together a cheap music video of them belting out a hit song. To these men’s girlfriends and wives, that video is simply stashed in a closet, never to be viewed again. Unfortunately for Linda, evidence of Vince McMahon’s mid-life musical crisis will live on forever thanks to the Internet, and wonderful pictures like this one. Titled “Stand Back,” McMahon’s one foray into songwriting was a mess from top to bottom, yet the bizarre video with him dancing around surrounded by scantily clad women is probably the part Linda tries hardest to forget.

8 She Was A Showgirl

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Back to the subject of how Vince McMahon loves canoodling with his female underlings, Linda can probably sweep most of these incidents under the rug by reminding herself it’s all just a show. Even if Vince did want to leave her for a woman half their age, the ladies he surrounds him with aren’t actually into him; they have their own husbands and boyfriends and simply pretend to like Vince for TV. Of course, this argument would fall apart immediately should Vince ever get romantic with a woman he doesn’t employee, and this picture proves he might not have too much difficulty finding that sort of willing partner. Considering this picture was taken in a wrestling ring, McMahon probably did pay that showgirl something so she would appear on Raw, but the shocked reactions make it look like the smooch was unscripted. Not that Vince should have pushed her away, but Linda probably didn’t like it, especially since it looks like he did.

7 In Memory Of… A Man WWE Wants Us To Forget

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To many sports entertainment fans, the week of June 24, 2007 was without a doubt the darkest in WWE history. It was on that day Chris Benoit took his own life, after systematically murdering his wife and young child. It was also the night of the semi-annual Vengeance Pay-Per-View, although that hardly mattered the next night on Raw. Not yet knowing the full details and only truly knowing that an employee died, WWE canceled all plans for the show to instead air a tribute in Benoit’s honor. By the next day, the full story had come out and the company has been scrambling to undo the damage of that tribute ever since. Rather than address Benoit directly, WWE chooses to never mention him in any way, especially not the fact they once broadcast a three-hour special in his honor.

6 What The Heck Is Vince Wearing?

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Once upon a time, if a man left his house wearing the bizarre outfit Vince McMahon has ensconced himself with in this picture, other men might comment, “I can’t believe she let you leave the house dressed like that.” In modern times, the idea of a wife picking out a husband’s clothing or even caring what he wore seems a bit sexist. And yet, certain get-ups as ridiculous as this one deserve at least an eye roll from the missus, if not a full slap upside the head for wearing something so silly. All right, we get that Zubaz were a thing back in the ‘90s, and plenty of people wore them while exercising. Vince isn’t exercising here, though, he’s calmly hosting a show with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. Luckily for Linda, the incredible put downs we’re sure The Brain sent Vince’s way aren’t visible in picture form.

5 Candice Michelle Works Her Magic

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Let’s take one last journey into Vince McMahon ogling and pining after his female employees before getting on to his lowest moments in general. Last but not least, in addition to Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, and Trish Stratus, Vince also forced Candice Michelle into a long-term televised romance with him (and that’s not mentioning Sable, Dawn Marie, or a few others it would have been redundant to screenshot). The moment Vince grabbed Michelle’s breasts to cure her “labiagytis” might have been a more succinct representation of what Linda might find objectionable about the whole thing, but this photo has plenty of merits on its own. The look on Vince’s face as he lusts after Candice feels all the more lascivious due to the fact they aren’t touching one another, and it’s all too easy to picture him making the same face at virtually every woman he sees.

4 Mocking A Loyal Employee’s Medical Condition

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Given how long Jim Ross worked for the WWE Universe, plus how respected he is amongst the fans, one might assume Vince and Linda McMahon would be forever thankful to their greatest announcer. Truth be told, we’re not quite sure how Linda feels about Good Ol' JR, although from an ethical standpoint, if she truly understands how important Ross has been to her company, she’d never let anyone mock the poor commentator the way her husband Vince has. Though we don’t have time to list the many ways Vince has mocked one of his most loyal employees, luckily this single picture sums it all up. As most fans know, JR suffers from Bell's palsy, a condition that paralyzes his facial muscles. Always sensitive to employee issues, McMahon openly made fun of Ross for his condition on an episode of Raw, a move no politician concerned with business could possibly support.

3 The McMahons Should Stick To “Small” Business

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To be entirely fair, there’s not anything about this particular picture that Linda or Vince McMahon want people to forget about. All the photo contains is Vince and former NBC Sports executive Dick Ebersol holding a ball used in their short-lived alternative to the NFL, the X Football League, or XFL. What the picture represents, however, is a loss somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 million. No businessperson would ever want a reminder of a venture like this one, and that includes people merely tangentially related to the affair. Seeing how excited and hopeful McMahon and Ebersol are only makes matters worse, as it’s clear both men saw the XFL as a great idea that could make, not cost, millions. The world may never know how Linda felt about the XFL at the time, but in retrospect, one could be pretty sure the whole affair was a huge embarrassment.

2 William Regal Starts The Club

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Extremely specific fetishists aside, no woman would be happy to hear her husband started something called the “Kiss My Ass” Club. That remains true whether he decides to broadcast it for millions or not, and considering this is Vince McMahon we’re talking about, you can rest assured he did just that. One night after “defeating his competition” at Survivor Series 2001, McMahon invited former Alliance Commissioner William Regal to the ring and offered him the chance to become the club’s inaugural member. Vince then dropped trou and Regal accepted his fate by hitting his knees and puckering up. No less than five more men would join the club in the coming years, including future Hall of Famers Jim Ross and Shawn Michaels. The status of the members hardly matters in the slightest to Linda, who was probably just embarrassed to see her husband keep mooning his talent.

1 Not The Best Family Portrait…

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The only thing worse than Vince McMahon’s “Kiss My Ass” Club is what can happen when forcing someone to join goes wrong. As Vince’s son-in-law, Triple H has probably been a solo member in his own version of the club from the day he asked Stephanie out on their first date, but the boss didn’t try and make things official for several years after that. It didn’t go quite as planned, however, with the original script seeing Shane McMahon drug Triple H into falling unconscious, making it an easy task. However, HHH switched their water bottles and got Shane to pass out, leaving Vince with his pants around his ankles live on television, about to get his naked butt kicked. In fairness, there’s not much worse about this than any of the other times Vince expanded club membership, except the fact Linda regularly gets reminded about it each time the whole family gets together.

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