15 Pictures Of Wrestlers Acting Like Total D-Bags

We’ve all known people in our lives that act like real d*cks from time to time. That doesn’t mean that they are always jerks but it can be really frustrating to spend your time with someone that can delve into obnoxious behavior at a moment’s notice. A business that is all about over the top personalities, wrestling attracts people that are larger than lives but there are times where they need to scale back their attitudes in our opinion. As such, it should come as no surprise to anyone that professional wrestlers aren’t always able to keep their more grandiose selves at bay which can result in moments of extreme behavior. Coming to the realization that this happens is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen pictures of wrestlers acting like total d-bags.

In order for a photo to be up for consideration for possible inclusion on this list, it first off needs to have someone from the wrestling industry in it. For our purposes, they don’t actually need to get in the ring on a regular basis or at all, as long as they are recognizable to fans of the industry as contributing to the business. Next, at least one of those people needs to seem like they are acting like total d-bags in the picture. We do want to make it clear that we consider screengrabs of media including public appearances or even social media posts qualify here as well. Aside from that, the only other thing that we want to make clear is that we are not saying that anyone involved is actually a d-bag. Instead, we are just putting out there that they certainly seem to be acting like one in the moment.

15 Enzo Amore’s MySpace Days


One of the most popular WWE performers among fans, many of the people that support the company most passionately anticipate his appearances on television each week. However, if you watch WWE Raw regularly you’ll have probably noticed that they aren’t getting their heart’s desire since he is treated more and more like a joke each week. As he often requires the aid of others to fight his battles for him, it seems like the powers that be have soured on him, which may be the case if rumors of him being hugely unpopular among some backstage are true.

Possible evidence of why he might not be liked, this image emanated from his MySpace page years prior to becoming the character we know today. Looking as though he still had an over the top personality from his spouting middle fingers, sticking out his tongue and just his overall vibe, we can see being put off by him.

14 CM Punk Punches Fan


In this incident that took place during the hottest time in CM Punk’s career in the WWE, the wrestler made his way into the crowd during a promo battle to end out an episode of Monday Night Raw. Surrounded by fans without any security in sight, Punk was pushed, punched and prodded by jerks that seemed to want to be part of the show. Looking around angrily and pushing arms around a number of times, it was clear that he’d had enough and turned around to strike someone in the stands right in the face. Twice. The problem was that the person who felt his anger had in no way touched him.

We totally understand the frustration that Punk was feeling in the moment and can even get behind him defending himself, but the way he went about it was not appropriate. He turned around and jumped to a conclusion striking someone that paid to see him and his co-workers work and did nothing at all to cross the line. While we can forgive his choice due to the confusion of the moment, if you are going to strike someone without being sure they are responsible for anything it, that's a crappy move.

13 Eric Bischoff’s All Too Real Anger


As the writer of a book called Controversy Creates Cash, Eric Bischoff has created a public persona that is associated with outrageous behavior and a joy for disrupting. It, therefore, seems only fair that he should be open to the same type of tactics coming back at him no matter the source. Someone that has had a well-established feud with Paul Heyman over the years, they have taken swipes at one another repeatedly during interviews.

When the WWE promoted an ECW reunion pay-per-view called One Night Stand in 2005 it was attended by the likes of JBL, Edge, and Mr. Bischoff, all of whom had harsh words slung at them by Mr. Heyman. In the case of the two wrestlers, they had over-the-top cartoonish expressions on their face as a result but Eric gave his longtime enemy the finger. In character at the time, it easily could be written off as scripted but if that is the case he is an incredible actor as there seemed to be real bile in his throat at the time.

12 Alberto El Patron Rant


A former four-time World Champion in the WWE, Alberto Del Rio as he was known at the time was at or near the top of the card for an extended period of time. Leaving their roster more than once, these exits were both under a cloud of controversy but the second time around most of that revolves around his behavior after the fact.

Rechristened Alberto El Patron, talk about him was at first focused on how he was lighting up the indie scene with his performances. Now, however, it is all about his relationship with Paige and his former WWE bosses. A screengrab from a rant video he streamed on Periscope when he and his love were in New York showed him making profane, vulgar rants about the company and Triple H in specific. He even went so far as to video his clothed crotch while saying Hunter lacked manhood. It was awkward to watch as even he seemed to realize when he asked Paige if she embarrassed by him.

11 Chris Jericho And Kelly Kelly


One of the best wrestlers of all time in our view, Chris Jericho has entertained us with his work so much over the years that seeing him pop back up makes us smile each and every time. In fact, we’d even go one step further and say that his character work has been some of the best in the history of the company, as epitomized by his feud with Shawn Michaels.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that he always does the right thing while offscreen. Married since the year 2000, if reports are true he hasn’t always been faithful to the woman that is the mother of his children. In fact, it seems like accepted fact that he and Kelly Kelly had an intimate relationship which is why this seemingly innocent image of them happily spending time together belongs on this list.

10 HBK’s Unprofessional Selling


Considered by many to be the greatest professional wrestlers of all-time, Shawn Michaels has given some of the best performances in the ring we’ve ever seen. That doesn’t mean that his career is without blemishes. Mostly seen as an all-around good guy these days, it has been acknowledged by all corners that he was previously greatly disliked backstage for his prima donna behavior. However, there is an incident from 2005 we find to be pretty remarkable.

Put into a match against Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam 2005, HBK proceeded to sell his opponent’s attacks in the most over-the-top manner possible, which took all realism out of the bout. His actions seem to be in response to Hogan’s backstage power grabs and unwillingness to lose a match to him despite agreeing to previously. It is understandable for him to have been upset by Hogan’s behavior but ruining a match that fans looked forward to was a d-bag move.

9 Randy Orton In The Gym


A wrestler that has always seemed to be completely unconcerned with the public’s view of him, Randy Orton is very open about his feelings most of the time. One such instance came in January of 2017 after he was working out in a gym and was approached by a fan wanting to take a picture with him. Evidently Randy gave the man a fist bump and then claimed he couldn’t hear him due to his earphones. When the fan then took his picture Randy lost his cool and screamed that he said no to taking a picture. Revealing that he was lying when he pretended to not hear the man, his rage also seems pretty out of hand as well.

We get that taking someone’s photo without permission is totally uncool but losing your cool in response when you are a star and the photo is this unremarkable, seems crazy to us. Responding to the incident on Twitter by saying he’d been telling people off for years, on the surface, it was a humorous way to handle the drama. However, we believe his statement to be true and the idea of him going around yelling at fans of his is a pretty unlikable vision.

8 Jeff Hardy Wasted


One of the most disgusting things we’ve ever seen in the history of the business took place when Jeff Hardy came to the ring at the pay-per-view at TNA Victory Road 2011, as his demeanor shocked everyone. Taking part in the main event of the night against Sting for their world championship, it quickly became clear that he was under the influence of something and had no business being there. This was particularly offensive since he was supposed to wrestle someone who would be trusting him to protect their health. Clearly in that moment he cared more about his desire to get high than taking care of Sting’s body. Fortunately, since then he has cleaned himself up and taken responsibility for what he did that night, but that doesn’t mean that his actions that night are any less revolting.

7 Vince McMahon’s Club


Vince McMahon has been the man at the wheel in the WWE ever since he and his wife bought it from his dad and his fellow investors. Taking the business to new heights, he likely never expected to be the company’s greatest villain for years on end but that is exactly what came to pass during the height of the Attitude Era.

As a result of his persona, he was seen onscreen several times doing extremely reprehensible things but it was all in the spirit of entertaining. However, considering that he has sole veto power and allowed scripts to move ahead where his real life employees were made to kiss his rear end, we are astonished at his actions. We understand that it was meant to captivate and the segments are memorable but the same result could have been achieved in any number of other ways. It really seems like he should have respected people that sacrificed their bodies for his company a great deal more than that.

6 Ultimate Warrior & Heath Ledger


As a wrestler that was once the favorite of many WWE fans, The Ultimate Warrior has been celebrated for his place in the childhoods of many. Continued to be held in high regard to this day as evidenced by the fact that the WWE gives out the Warrior Award annually at their Hall of Fame ceremony, it is an interesting move considering his life. WWE had once released a DVD decrying his backstage attitude and other antics, but they swept that under the rug. Still, Warrior said some awful things online that they can’t scrub away.

Remembered by some for uttering or writing words that included suggesting the tragedy in Hurricane Katrina was no big deal, he called the city a cesspool prior to the destruction. On top of that, when claiming that George Washington deserved a national holiday he claimed that perhaps Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t. Just prior to the video this image originated from, however, he had offended many by penning a blog seemingly celebrating the recent death of Heath Ledger. He even wrote that the only thing the actor did for his daughter was take the steps “to kill himself”. The least offensive of these three statements, we included this moment as he went further and defended his statements in the lengthy video we previously mentioned. If that doesn’t make him a d-bag we don’t know what does.

5 John Cena, Nexus Destroyer


John Cena has put together an impressive career over the years and deserves a great deal of respect for his staying power. That said, he has also done several things that are worthy of a great deal of anger from people that are passionate about wrestling. Long accused of holding the careers of other wrestlers down, he has worked diligently to reverse that perception over the last several years, including working with and putting over many talented wrestlers.

When it comes to his feud with The Nexus, it is still extremely difficult for us to swallow all of these years later. A group that was made up of a bunch of rookies, they were the hottest act in the company until they got tangled up with Cena and then were utterly dismantled and seen as a joke. Starting their downhill slide at SummerSlam 2010, at the end of the Team WWE vs. Team Nexus match, Cena beat their two biggest stars single handily. Made all the worse by the fact that he’d been DDTed onto the cement floor, Super Cena had to get the win starting his epic burial of the faction. Later it came out that both Chris Jericho and Edge argued vehemently against that ending, but John went ahead with it anyway which makes the moment all the worse.

4 Vince McMahon Mocks Jim Ross


Jim Ross is cited by many as the best wrestling announcer of all time for good reason. Providing the voice of some of the industry's most beloved moments, he had unparalleled credibility with the audience and hearing his excitement at a given moment made fans feel the same way. That is why it is so baffling that he has been the subject of so much ridicule on wrestling television despite working so hard to improve the industry.

While Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara are often the subject of anger for the character they created (Oklahoma) to mock the man and his bouts with Bell’s palsy, Vince McMahon arguably has gone further. As the man that employed Jim for years on end and the man whose company gained so much from his work both on the mic and in the back, he seems to relish ridiculing him, and publicly at that.

For instance, when Jim had to receive colon surgery Vince’s reaction was to star in a seven-minute “comedy” segment where his character did surgery on Jim’s butt, pulling his head out of it. An attempt to say that Ross had his head up his own rear end, we think he went even further when he opted to do an impression of Ross on screen in a segment from a different episode of WWE TV. Contorting his face in an attempt to mock his Bell’s palsy, it shows that he has zero respect for the real-life ailment that changed the life of his loyal employee.

3 Vince Russo’s “Margaritaville”


One of the most controversial figures in the history of the business, Vince Russo had a hand in the success of the WWE’s Attitude Era, but is also responsible for some hated wrestling storylines too. A lead writer for the WWE, WCW, and TNA in the past, these days he makes his living as the host of a podcast that has new episodes go up every weekday. A staple of his content, each week he puts a show called Castrating the Marks, where he listens to comments made by wrestling media and mocks them in a wide array of manners.

Stating that he is angry that people like Wade Keller and Dave Meltzer state their opinion as fact and report fallacies some of the time, he seems to relish knocking them down a few pegs. While we can understand that he might feel frustrated by reports he sees as inaccurate, the way he goes about responding makes him look like a total d-bag. Calling one wrestling media member "marble mouth" repeatedly in a particularly nasty joke about his manner of speaking, attacking someone’s voice is entirely unnecessary and mean. Then there is the stupid song he made up to the theme of Jimmy Buffett's song “Margaritaville” where the man looks extremely childish while awfully warbling insults to those that have risen his ire.

2 Scott Steiner’s Ric Flair Rant


For years on end, WCW was the second biggest wrestling company in all of North America until it was bought out by the WWE after years of mishandling. Renowned for being overrun with performers that had no respect for their bosses, from an on screen perspective the epitome of that aired on an episode of Monday Nitro from February 7th, 2000. Entering the ring while wearing over-the-top clothing, Scott Steiner then grabbed the microphone and proceeded to give an incredible promo.

Insulting the company as a whole and pointing out that the product put out by the WWE was better in part due to Stone Cold Steve Austin, that was more than enough to make the segment nuts. However, Scott wasn’t through and he began to run down Ric Flair who was one of their few remaining ratings draws, even calling him a backstabber and a** kisser, among other things. A terribly harmful thing to do, he came off like a total jerk and worst of all, his punishment was a suspension with pay, which is the equivalent of a paid vacation.

1 Hulk Hogan Victimhood


The face of professional wrestling for years on end, Hulk Hogan was beloved by millions of people around the world for playing the ultimate good guy in the WWE. By the year 2015 he was gainfully employed by the WWE as an ambassador for the brand, and was trotted out to the cheers of fans at several of their biggest events. Then a recording of him using the N-word repeatedly in a racist tirade was released to the public that year, and the world was deservedly disgusted by him.

Horrible in and of itself, it seemed like he couldn’t make things much worse, but observers of his Twitter account saw him retweet something truly revolting. Agreeing with someone that decried the disgust that Hulk was getting in comparison to the response then-President Obama received when he said the N-word, it amazed anyone that paid attention. The reason it is so horrific is that the President said the word publicly in a discussion of racism in the modern world and did nothing wrong. On the other hand, Hogan said the word in an effort to disrespect the man his daughter was dating in private, therefore making it seem like that is how he really feels about black people behind closed doors. The fact that he was trying to play the victim in a situation he brought on himself by being a horrible racist at the very least in that moment makes it cleat that he should be ashamed of his d-bag antics.

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