15 Pictures Of Wrestling WAGs That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Here is a popular tabloid topic: who are the hottest wives or girlfriends of celebrities. In our case for this exercise, the celebrities? They would be professional wrestlers. That’s right, boys and girls. We are going to examine 15 of the most attractive wives and girlfriends of your favorite pro wrestling (or, if you prefer, sports entertainment) superstars.

We will aim to be a tad bit different with this one, in the sense that we will do our best to not make it wrestler-heavy. What we mean by that is, yes, we are all well aware that John Cena bagged himself a Bella. So did Daniel Bryan. The Bellas are stunningly beautiful, but also way too obvious. The same goes for Triple H and Stephanie. I should probably count Maryse in there, too. None of those will be included in the list, though their exclusion is not meant as any form of disrespect. It’s mostly just because those women are such obvious examples (we all see them regularly, they aren’t hidden or secretive), and we are hoping to capture some of the more obscure or at least, lesser known women and put them front and center. This decision does not exclude every wrestler, or former wrestler, from being on the list, as you will soon find out. And, honestly, in a few cases here and there, these couples might not be current.

If someone was dating an absolute stunner, but they broke up recently, they may just still end up on the list… because hot is hot, no matter where you land on things. Who am I to deprive you, our wonderful readers, of some excellent eye candy? That just wouldn’t be nice, and we want to be nice. Because beauty is beauty, and let’s be honest. Big, muscular, famous (and rich) guys have a great time meeting some absolute bombshells. So, now it's our turn to enjoy them from a distance!

15 Michelle McCool

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Yes, we all know her. She was a former Diva. And while I was and am aiming for more obscure (or, really, more people who aren’t as famous), she has been relatively out of the limelight, all things considered, because that’s how her very famous, yet secretive, husband plays it. And if you missed that bit, her husband is, of course, The Undertaker. She’s not landing low on this list due to lack of hotness. No, I keep her low because she’s just such an obvious member of this list. And trust me, as we go through the rest of the list, you could honestly have any of them anywhere from 1 to 15, and you’d still have people debating it. And, I am not having a 15-way tie for first… that would just be messy!

14 Renee Young

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Yes, another one probably more obvious. Renee married Dean Ambrose not all that long ago, in a quiet and small ceremony (Viva Las Vegas!). She’s got roles on pre- and post-shows, as well as some other WWE network productions, She’s had some interesting interactions with some heels who have been feuding with her man, most notably Kevin Owens and The Miz. And if I hadn’t made this point abundantly clear yet, Renee Young is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Dean Ambrose may be a lunatic, but landing Young to be his lawfully wedded wife? That’s just crazy good luck right there! And, while she may eventually fade into obscurity, or take time off for a little lunatic or two, for now we get to enjoy her fairly regularly.

13 Sable

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Fine, I know I said we were going to steer clear of wrestlers and the like for the most part. And then the first three on the list? Wrestlers. Sue me. OK, seriously don’t, but when doing a top fifteen, I have to get a few current or former WWE independent contractors on here. And, I figure there are (scary to say) probably some people who will read this now, and NOT remember when Sable wrestled. Or stripped. But now, the gorgeous Sable is better known as Rena Lesnar. As in, Mrs. Beast Incarnate. And if Brock tells me to move her up the list? Consider it done! Maybe I should be thinking about that change now, eh? Well, in any case, enjoy her beauty and assets.

12 Kim Marie Kessler 

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Here she is, boys and girls. Mrs. Viper. She’s not his first choice as a wife (he had another), but let’s just say that the current Mrs. Randy Orton is a sensational choice. Maybe not the absolute hottest woman on this list (that’s pretty much confirmed by her “only” landing at eleven), but at the same time, I am willing to bet that any one of us reading this list would be lucky and happy to have Kim Marie accompanying us anywhere. Except that we can’t, because she’s married, and her husband would be likely to give us an RKO out of nowhere just for ogling his wife. Heck, maybe even for including her here (or, for not putting her high enough?). In any case, she’s a hottie.

11 Sarah Backman

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Bo Dallas may have not had the most successful start to his WWE career. Or even the best start in his family. And while his brother is apparently nailing a sexy WWE employee (which we got to find out about due to a messy divorce filing), Bo is doing pretty well for himself in the wives/girlfriends department. That is where his buff and beautiful wife, the former Sarah Backman, comes into play. Take one look at her, and tell me she’s not gorgeous? Or, better yet, try your luck and tell her she is not. Because she’s a wee bit of a fitness buff, and would probably tune you up worse than her husband could. And he’s kind of too busy with The Miz now anyways.

10 Sharmell

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Look, I know what my rules were. And, I am a firm believer that rules are made to be broken. OK, so maybe not really, but in this case, absolutely. Sharmell wasn’t really much of a wrestler. But, she did make a brief appearance as King Booker’s one and only Queen Sharmell. I say brief, because in the grand scheme of her husband’s career, there’s one woman I would more quickly associate him with, and that’s Sister Sheri. That’s not a knock on Sharmell, honestly. I wasn’t a fan of the King and Queen program, personally. But, in the role of Booker’s wife? She is outstanding. And that role is what gets her here. She’s an excellent selection for one of the hottest wives going.

9 Catalina Hager

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Jack Swagger will always be, in my mind, a really talented and physically gifted guy who, for whatever reason, never put it all together and really worked out. I mean, yes, he was a world champion…but that was so long ago, and so hard to believe now. But, we can all stop feeling bad for the professional wrestling failings of Jack Swagger…because of what Mrs. Swagger looks like. I mean, seriously, talk about punching above your weight class. Catalina Hager, my friends, is an absolute, one hundred percent, undeniable stone cold fox. Seriously, go ahead. Look. Stare. Drool. I am not here to judge you…I am only here to give you the goods on the hottest wives, and she is all that and then some.

8 Beulah McGillicutty

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Go ahead, yell at me. I did it again. If you watched wrestling in the nineties, or you’ve taken full advantage of your WWE Network subscription (in particular, the ECW collection), then of course you know who Beulah McGillicutty is. And, I did watch it then. I came back to wrestling during the nineties, when I was 16, 17, 18 years old. Watching on SportsNet Philadelphia and in the ECW Arena. And I had the hots for Beulah. Many guys did. And, if you were paying attention to some of those specials, or WWE.Com pieces, you know by now that Beulah, in ECW, was at times alongside, and other times at odds with, Tommy Dreamer… but present day, real life, they are husband and wife and have a couple of young daughters.

7 Jennifer McDaniel

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Hulk Hogan may not be an active wrestler anymore, and he may not even be discussed as an alumnus of WWE for the time being either. But, for the purposes of this list, that doesn’t mean jack. Yes, Hogan had married a bombshell with his ex-wife Linda, but she fleeced him and ditched him. And he bounced back and has landed this lovely woman in one Jennifer McDaniel. And after what was a tumultuous end to his run with Linda, his trouble with his son and his super-sexy daughter stealing headlines, someone far more low-key, yet every bit as attractive, like Jennifer? Just what the doctor ordered. So I don’t particularly blame Hulk Hogan if he’s laying low in purgatory. I would be too if I was him, with a fine wife by my side and some remaining wrestling riches to tide me over.

6 Jessica Lockhart

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Chris Jericho might just have it all figured out, folks. He calls himself the Greatest of All Time, which could be boastful, but it might be truthful. He’s got a successful and touring rock band. He is a multiple time world title holder. He’s pretty damn successful, all things considered. And I forgot to mention his hot selling books too. But, you know where he probably comes out ahead the most? In the wife department, he has quite possibly hit the jackpot. OK, not the biggest jackpot…I have his wife, Jessica Lockhart, as the fifth hottest wife or girlfriend. But, that’s still really good. Like, OK, fine, not quite GOAT good, but she’s incredibly gifted in her own ways, and he gets to spend all the time with her that he wants. Which is something we don’t have.

5 Galina Becker

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Roman Reigns is one of the two most hated babyfaces in World Wrestling Entertainment today. Turn on any episode of Monday Night RAW, and he’s more booed than cheered (sorry Vince). So, what does Roman need? How about us giving you another reason to hate him? So, with that, I give you his wife, the absolutely breathtaking Galina Becker. Yes, my fine male friends, the vehemently jeered Roman Reigns has married himself a ten. There’s no point in dwelling on it, I suppose. I mean, if it helps you get past it, imagine he and Galina at home. Doing whatever you’d like to imagine them doing. And imagine as he does it, she boos him at home as though it was us booing him in the arena. Feel a bit better? I hope so.

4 Jennifer Hudson

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Don’t adjust anything. Yes, THAT famous Jennifer Hudson is actually married to a WWE Superstar. OK, fine, maybe we won’t go so far as to call David Otunga a Superstar anymore… but he is a regular announcer, and he has been a Superstar on occasion. And a graduate of an Ivy League school, too. So, any way you slice it, he definitely married out of his weight class, so to speak, Hudson is a beautiful and world famous entertainer. Something her husband would like to say he is, but he’s not on her level (and, honestly, probably never will be.) But, when you think about it, how much abuse would you put up with at your day job, when you know Jennifer Hudson is who you get to go home to?

3 Lauryn Laine McBride

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Jerry “The King” Lawler has been well known as a bit of a ladies man. Back during the Attitude Era, he was always quick with one of a million different sexually charged lines used to describe the few Playboy-quality Divas WWE had at the time. He even managed to hook up with a few of them, or at least with women of similar stature. So, it should be no surprise that even now, Lawler is all about some top shelf, absolutely certifiably beautiful female form. And that form, in this case, is the lovely Lauryn Laine McBride. Take a good look, boys and girls. Look at how stunning she is. It’s OK, I don’t mind if you go look at the picture and stare. And as you do, just remember this: It’s good to be king.

2 Sarah Alesandrelli

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Let’s be honest. Seth Rollins has had a really good last few years in NXT and WWE. He was the first ever NXT champion. He has enjoyed a rapid rise to the top of WWE. He was the golden boy for Hunter, until he wasn’t. And he even became the first man to cash in a Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania, getting himself involved in the main event in order to win his first major world title. And that happened after he got caught up in a wee bit of a nude photo scandal with a hot, soon to be former NXT talent. But, he’s moved onward and upward from then. I give you his current lady friend, one Sarah Alesandrelli. She’s apparently perfect for him, as it seems she’s from Davenport, Iowa too. Maybe he’s had a thing for the girl next door all along… and if she’s it, can you blame him?

1 Lauren Hashian

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The Rock was the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. He’d say he still is. He was a massive draw, and arguably still is. He’s pretty much the biggest male movie star on the planet at the moment. Everything he does is money. He’s got a hit television show on HBO. He’s doing commercials for Apple. He’s even talking about running for President in 2020. So, it should pretty much go without saying-or showing-that he has an absolutely smoking hot woman by his side, right? But if it went without saying, then this whole list would be pointless, and we can’t have that. So, here she is folks, one Lauren Hashian. Yes, The Rock is one extremely lucky guy. It’s OK to be jealous in this case, I think.

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