15 Pictures Of Wrestling WAGs You HAVE To See

The life of a Professional Wrestler may be an extremely straining one because of how they have to travel almost 24x7 and train themselves to the limit every single day to perform at the highest level in the ring, but there are some perks of being a famous wrestler. While fan popularity and fortune are definitely part of the package, one of the best things about being a professional wrestler is that they can manage to woo ladies who are way above their pay grade because of their popularity in the wrestling circuit.

These superstars end up with some of the hottest women out there. While wrestlers don't get to spend that much time with their wives or girlfriends because of the hectic schedules, seeing how amazing these ladies look, one can feel why they want to finish their work quickly and go home to their women.

While some wrestlers' WAGs aren't really into showing off their figures, many of them love to display just how hot they are to their fans and end up posing in some rather revealing pictures. Here, we take a look at 15 "Not So PG" Pictures Of Wrestling WAGs You Need To See!

15 Carmella

"The Princess of Staten Island" Carmella is enjoying a lot of success in the WWE right now as the first ever Miss Money in the Bank, knowing that cashing it in can give her a first ever title in the WWE. Carmella is not only a very promising wrestler but has also got all the traits of a WWE Diva and something which shines out is how hot she manages to look every-time she comes to the ring. Carmella is in a relationship with WWE superstar Big Cass, who may be bummed out due to his injury right now but considering how sexy his girlfriend is, he won't really be feeling sad for long. This picture shows Carmella in a state we've never really seen her before, with her amazing figure and "assets" being revealed in this "Not So PG" picture which proves how much of a hottie she is.

14 Paige

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Paige may have had quite the controversial year because of the leaks and the whole Del Rio saga, but there's no denying that she's an absolutely stunning woman in real life. Paige portrayed quite the edgy character in the WWE and it was there she fell in love with Alberto Del Rio, who is quite the lucky man to be beside someone like Paige, as the sexy British diva has been part of some amazing photo shoots. This picture of Paige in a Halloween costume is definitely anything but PG, as it shows her terrific figure in an absolutely stunning manner. Paige manages to pull off any costume perfectly and it shows in this picture, which portrays Paige at her sexiest.

13 Catalina White

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Jack Swagger may not have had the best of departures from the WWE, as he was forced to leave the company and wrestle in the Independent Circuit after being reduced to becoming a jobber. While his fame might've been lost in the past few years, Swagger did get a big win in life when he got married to model Catalina White a few years ago. As a professional model, it's no surprise that White must look amazing as she manages to look absolutely jaw-dropping good in some pictures. Most of them are definitely not PG, as this "Not So PG" picture of Mrs. Swagger goes onto show just how smoking-hot she is. Catalina's curvy figure and stunning "assets" are perfectly shown in this raunchy picture, which definitely doesn't make you feel bad for Swagger who is an extremely lucky man to have someone as sizzling as Catalina to go home to.

12 Natalya

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Natalya has been having quite the successful year in the WWE so far as she won the Smackdown Women's Championship at SummerSlam and is looking dominant as ever. While she doesn't really flaunt herself in the WWE, Natalya has proven herself to be an extremely sexy individual outside the WWE where she manages to look smoking-hot in some pictures. This picture shows her flaunting her new bikini as her "assets" and an amazing figure is on full display in this picture which is anything but PG and a rather stunning look at the Smackdown Women's Champion. This amazing picture shows how amazing Natalya actually looks and even though Tyson Kidd cannot wrestle anymore because of a career-ending injury, at least he has someone as sexy as Natalya at his side.

11 Maryse

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Maryse is definitely one of the best-looking women to come out of WWE's Divas Search program years ago, as the blonde beauty is still looking as stunning as she did years ago. The former Divas Champion was quite the stunning model before being signed on by the WWE, as she posed for many magazines and it was because of her amazing looks that WWE decided to keep her. The French beauty has definitely been part of some raunchy photo shoots in the past, with this incredible picture showing how smoking hot Maryse can look when there are no restrictions of PG WWE. Maryse looks absolutely incredible in this picture which shows just how amazing her "assets" are and how lucky The Miz is, as we can expect Baby Miz to definitely get some good-looking genes.

10 Tessa Blanchard

The daughter of legendary wrestler Tully Blanchard, Tessa Blanchard is actually quite the sexy woman at only 22 years of age. She was part of the Mae Young Classic tournament and lost the first match against Kairi Sane, but going by how stunning she looks and her wrestling skills, she may get in the WWE soon enough. Blanchard is the girlfriend of Independent sensation Ricochet, with the two being together for years now. Ricochet may not get to spend that much time with Blanchard, but going by how hot she looks, he definitely makes use of whatever time he gets. This picture of Tessa goes onto show just how sexy she really is, as this revealing picture shows her perfect figure and "assets" in an amazing manner and proves why Ricochet is a lucky man to come home to someone like Blanchard.

9 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis recently made her return to the WWE along with her husband Mike Kanellis, with the two trying to show the "Power of Love" to the WWE fans. Maria is definitely one of the hottest women in wrestling right now and despite being in the industry for so long, she's only seemingly gotten more attractive with each passing year. She wears some rather PG outfits in the WWE because she's ordered to, but before she came to the WWE, she was pretty happy with revealing her sexy figure. This "Not so PG" picture of Maria shows just how much of an amazing figure she has maintained over the years, with her sexy "assets" also shining out in this picture. After seeing how amazing she looks, one can't really blame Mike for inheriting her name in WWE and following her all the way!

8 Zelina Vega

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Thea Trinidad has only recently been unveiled in the WWE as Zelina Vega, who has been key to the rise of Andrade "Cien" Almas on NXT. Trinidad has all the traits of an amazing manager, with her stunning looks and revealing dresses being the reason why she's over in NXT. The fiance of former WWE wrestler Austin Aries, Vega is definitely among the hottest women in NXT right now. This picture of Vega before she entered the WWE in a photo-shoot is anything but PG, as it shows off her curves in an amazing manner and shows just how stunning she looks when she decides to reveal her sexy figure. Vega does wear some slightly revealing costumes in WWE, but this picture is anything but PG and it proves just how lucky Aries is to be with this stunning woman.

7 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon has been the authority figure of the WWE for many years now, but she's also the sexy boss of the company because of how she has almost become sexier with each passing year. Stephanie has been married to Triple H for over a decade now, with WWE's power couple all set to inherit the keys to the empire. But Triple H is not only lucky to marry the Boss's daughter, but also a woman who is still one of the hottest ladies in the WWE. Stephanie has worn many "Not So PG" dresses in the past, but her wedding dress during her on-screen wedding in WWE is definitely anything but PG. This sexy picture of Stephanie shows just how stunning she and her "assets" really are, further proving how much of a lucky man Triple H really is.

6 Velvet Sky

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Velvet Sky may have never made it to the WWE, but she played a big role in TNA's success of their Knockouts Division as part of the Beautiful People. She won the TNA Knockouts Title multiple times and helped to elevate the division during her time in the company. The girlfriend of Bubba Ray Dudley may be retired right now, but she has posed in some extremely sexy pictures in the past. This picture of Velvet Sky shows just how much of a hottie she really is, as she looks absolutely amazing in this revealing outfit. This "Not So PG" picture shows how Sky isn't shy of revealing her figure and "assets" to everyone else, as she is almost baring it all in this stunning picture which proves why TNA trusted her to be their top knockout.

5 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss has had a dream run in the WWE ever since making the jump from NXT to the main roster last year, as she has since won both the Smackdown and Raw Women's Championship. One of the prime reasons for her success is her stunning appearance which has wooed many fans, who were especially shocked to learn that she's the girlfriend of Buddy Murphy. Bliss wears some really provocative outfits in the ring, but this stunning picture of her before she joined WWE showed just how amazing she has looked for a long time. Bliss' sexy figure and assets are on full display in this amazing, "Not So PG" picture which proves how much of a hot diva she has been even before signing for WWE and makes one really wonder how Murphy seduced her to be his girlfriend.

4 Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bellas has been "The Diva" of the WWE for the past few years now, as the former Divas Champion is highly advertized by the WWE because of her popularity and amazing looks. Nikki has the figure resembling that of a model, as the fiance of WWE superstar John Cena is definitely one of the hottest WWE divas of all time. Nikki does wear some rather raunchy outfits to the ring, but they are kept PG because of the WWE. But this picture of Nikki giving a treat to her fans on Independence Day is anything but "PG", as it shows just how stunning Nikki's figure is and just how incredible her "assets" are in real life as well. This revealing picture shows why Nikki is promoted so much by the WWE, as her sexy looks can easily get more eyes to the product.

3 Lana

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Lana has been ever-present in the WWE ever since debuting as the valet of Rusev, with the two dominating the scene at first. She then turned into a wrestler before retorting into a manager yet again, this time of Tamina. But something which has kept her over in the company is how sexy she looks everytime she's on screen and while she's been restricted to some PG outfits in WWE, there are no limits outside it. A former model herself, Lana definitely knows how to wow the fans and this picture shows just how amazing she looks when she really wants to "flaunt her body" to the fans. This "Not So PG" picture of Lana shows off her stunning "assets" and incredible looks perfectly as one can really get jealous of Rusev for having someone as stunning as Lana as his wife.

2 Reby Sky

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Reby Sky will most recently be remembered for her time as Matt Hardy's wife in TNA where she played a big part in the whole "Broken" angle and was at his side as well. Reby was herself a prominent wrestler before she settled in with Hardy and something which keeps her separated from the rest is her amazing looks. Reby isn't shy of showing off her stunning looks and figure as she's posed nude for magazines in the past, as well as in other raunchy pictures. This picture shows Reby in a very "Not So PG" picture where she almost reveals it all and shows off how amazing she looks. The smoking-hot Reby's figure is shining out in this sexy picture which proves how Matt Hardy has been right to stick with her and is blessed to have such a sexy wife at his side.

1 Brandi Rhodes

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Brandi Rhodes has been having a lot of fun with husband Cody Rhodes ever since they left the WWE to go wrestle in the Independent circuit. That was quite the bold decision on Brandi's part, as she was doing a great job as Eden Stiles in the WWE and was their primary ring-announcer as well. But she kept loyal to her husband and the two are without any restrictions right now, meaning they appear where-ever they want and have a great time on the road. Brandi's also gone onto appear for magazines after leaving the PG WWE, as this insane picture of her is anything but "PG". It shows her pose for Maxim magazine, as she's almost revealed it all in this incredible picture which proves how she's one of the hottest WAGs in wrestling right now and Cody's lucky to have her.

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